Flights from Toronto, CA (YYZ) to Moncton, CA (YQM)

List of all flights from Toronto, CA (YYZ) to Moncton, CA (YQM), list of airlines operating on the route from Toronto, CA (YYZ) to Moncton, CA (YQM), departures from YYZ and arrivals to YQM. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 61 flights on this route. The distance from Toronto, CA (YYZ) to Moncton, CA (YQM) is 1,206 km (750 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Lester B. Pearson International Airport - is GMT-04:00. The current time is Friday 2018-10-19 01:46 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Greater Moncton International Airport - is GMT-03:00, The current time is Friday 2018-10-19 02:46 AM.

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List of 61 flights operating on the route from Toronto, CA (YYZ) to Moncton, CA (YQM).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
AC 8932Air Canada10:05 AM2018-10-18
AC 8934Air Canada8:35 AM2018-10-18
AC 8936Air Canada12:05 PM3:20 PM2017-10-31
AC 8938Air Canada2:40 PM5:59 PM2018-10-18
AC 8940Air Canada4:40 PM2018-10-18
AC 8942Air Canada8:25 PM2018-10-19
AC 8944Air Canada10:55 PM2018-09-02
AF 6578Air France1:45 PM2017-07-15
AF 7281Air France9:45 PM1:10 AM2018-10-19
AM 7332Aeromexico8:30 AM2018-10-18
DL 7158Delta Air Lines9:45 PM1:10 AM2018-10-19
EK 4681Emirates3:15 PM2018-10-17
JJ 4240LATAM Airlines Brasil4:30 PM2016-10-21
JV 7411Bearskin Airlines10:00 AM2016-10-05
KL 9566KLM9:10 AM2017-10-27
KL 9716KLM9:45 PM1:10 AM2018-10-19
KL 9780KLM9:35 PM11:19 PM2016-10-22
KL 9800KLM3:15 PM2018-10-18
LA 5184LATAM Airlines6:30 AM7:51 AM2017-07-16
LA 5187LATAM Airlines5:00 AM8:21 AM2018-03-08
LA 5190LATAM Airlines6:30 PM2017-06-24
LA 5197LATAM Airlines12:30 PM2018-04-29
LA 5204LATAM Airlines2:30 PM3:04 PM2017-10-31
LA 5208LATAM Airlines7:30 AM8:42 AM2018-04-26
LA 5209LATAM Airlines6:20 PM7:12 PM2017-06-26
LA 5213LATAM Airlines12:30 PM1:00 PM2018-02-25
LA 5217LATAM Airlines6:45 PM8:01 PM2018-09-29
LA 5219LATAM Airlines6:30 PM7:00 PM2018-04-15
LA 5223LATAM Airlines10:00 AM12:23 PM2017-08-31
LA 5224LATAM Airlines8:30 AM2018-10-18
MAL 8062Morningstar Air Express12:29 AM2018-10-19
QK 7076Jazz7:30 PM2016-10-17
QK 8772Jazz6:30 AM7:19 AM2017-12-18
QK 8774Jazz5:40 PM2017-01-05
QK 8934Jazz8:30 AM2017-05-30
QK 8936Jazz12:05 PM2017-05-30
QK 8940Jazz4:40 PM2017-05-30
QK 8942Jazz9:15 PM2017-05-30
QK 8944Jazz10:20 PM2017-05-30
SWG 9009Sunwing6:20 PM2018-02-11
SWG 9010Sunwing7:45 AM2017-02-08
SWG 9040Sunwing6:16 AM2018-04-28
TS 75Air Transat4:00 PM2017-03-09
WEN 3456WestJet Encore9:10 AM2017-05-30
WEN 4700WestJet Encore12:30 PM2018-04-17
WEN 4701WestJet Encore1:50 PM2018-03-09
WEN 4704WestJet Encore9:03 AM2018-03-14
WEN 4718WestJet Encore5:00 PM2017-08-05
WEN 4726WestJet Encore7:15 AM2018-08-08
WEN 4740WestJet Encore7:20 AM2018-04-16
WEN 8989WestJet Encore10:00 AM2018-02-05
WS 262WestJet11:55 AM1:01 PM2016-10-22
WS 3436WestJet3:15 PM2018-10-18
WS 3440WestJet9:45 PM1:10 AM2018-10-19
WS 3456WestJet8:30 AM2018-10-18
WS 3870WestJet10:15 AM2018-08-11
WS 4179WestJet11:00 AM2:00 PM2016-12-30
WS 4240WestJet8:00 AM2017-02-17
WS 4280WestJet1:50 PM6:12 PM2017-02-14
WS 4480WestJet8:50 PM11:48 PM2018-03-11
WS 480WestJet10:25 PM2017-07-15
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