Flights from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Calgary, CA (YYC)

List of all flights from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Calgary, CA (YYC), list of airlines operating on the route from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Calgary, CA (YYC), departures from YVR and arrivals to YYC. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 454 flights on this route. The distance from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Calgary, CA (YYC) is 686 km (426 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Vancouver International Airport - is GMT-07:00. The current time is Sunday 2018-05-27 08:31 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Calgary International Airport - is GMT-06:00, The current time is Sunday 2018-05-27 09:31 PM.

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List of 454 flights operating on the route from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Calgary, CA (YYC).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 148NetJets Aviation11:00 AM2017-07-28
1I 152NetJets Aviation8:00 AM11:42 AM2018-04-11
1I 280NetJets Aviation1:00 PM2:24 PM2016-09-23
1I 349NetJets Aviation1:15 PM1:33 PM2016-10-09
4N 500Air North10:00 AM2016-10-08
4N 7011Air North10:00 AM2017-08-17
4N 7081Air North7:35 AM2017-08-29
4N 7381Air North12:30 PM2017-09-15
4N 7511Air North11:30 AM2017-11-10
5T 4453Canadian North8:25 PM2017-05-07
5T 9081Canadian North7:00 PM2017-08-19
5T 9111Canadian North7:00 PM9:20 PM2018-04-09
5T 9361Canadian North10:00 PM12:20 AM2017-08-14
5Y 7619Atlas Air10:30 PM2017-03-17
8P 121Pacific Coastal Airlines2:25 PM2016-10-16
9M 1002Central Mountain Air6:30 PM2017-03-11
9M 1005Central Mountain Air8:10 AM2017-06-06
9M 1007Central Mountain Air4:15 PM2018-02-21
9M 1020Central Mountain Air7:30 AM2017-02-27
9M 1030Central Mountain Air10:20 AM2017-02-20
9M 1031Central Mountain Air6:10 AM2017-07-25
9M 1040Central Mountain Air2:00 PM2017-02-21
9M 1050Central Mountain Air4:10 PM2017-03-30
9M 1060Central Mountain Air8:00 AM2017-03-21
9M 1090Central Mountain Air6:30 PM2017-02-11
9M 1196Central Mountain Air7:25 PM2018-02-24
9M 1758Central Mountain Air6:10 PM2018-03-17
9M 1807Central Mountain Air6:30 PM2017-06-05
9M 1912Central Mountain Air3:10 PM2017-09-28
9M 1922Central Mountain Air3:20 PM2018-05-05
9M 1925Central Mountain Air9:05 AM2017-09-15
9M 1933Central Mountain Air9:30 AM2018-04-28
9M 9009Central Mountain Air11:00 AM2017-01-04
9M 9010Central Mountain Air12:30 PM2017-01-19
9M 9050Central Mountain Air9:45 AM2017-02-02
9M 9077Central Mountain Air3:50 PM2017-03-16
9M 9105Central Mountain Air1:10 AM2017-04-13
9M 9162Central Mountain Air1:35 PM2017-05-25
9M 9177Central Mountain Air3:15 PM2017-04-27
9M 9215Central Mountain Air1:35 PM2017-06-22
9M 9278Central Mountain Air1:35 PM2017-08-03
9M 9279Central Mountain Air11:00 AM2017-08-17
9M 9280Central Mountain Air3:15 PM2016-09-01
9M 9284Central Mountain Air1:35 PM2017-08-31
9M 9325Central Mountain Air12:30 PM2016-09-29
9M 9377Central Mountain Air5:30 PM2016-10-27
9M 9400Central Mountain Air1:35 PM2017-09-14
9M 9421Central Mountain Air10:15 AM2016-11-23
9M 9457Central Mountain Air1:20 PM2017-10-11
9M 9465Central Mountain Air2:20 PM2016-12-07
9M 9466Central Mountain Air5:45 PM2016-12-21
9M 950Central Mountain Air10:20 AM2017-02-03
9M 951Central Mountain Air7:25 AM2016-12-24
9M 957Central Mountain Air12:50 PM2:10 PM2017-02-06
9M 961Central Mountain Air12:20 PM2016-12-10
9M 970Central Mountain Air4:10 PM2017-01-09
9M 981Central Mountain Air2:25 PM2016-12-24
AA 8124American Airlines2:00 PM4:22 PM2018-01-15
AA 8125American Airlines10:00 AM12:22 PM2018-01-15
AA 8138American Airlines5:00 AM8:28 AM2017-10-12
AA 8150American Airlines10:00 PM12:22 AM2018-01-16
AA 8154American Airlines7:30 AM9:43 AM2017-10-23
AA 8156American Airlines10:00 PM12:21 AM2017-10-29
AA 8173American Airlines4:15 PM6:43 PM2016-09-08
AA 8176American Airlines8:00 AM10:20 AM2016-10-17
AC 1177Air Canada6:20 PM9:05 PM2016-10-09
AC 1366Air Canada10:05 AM12:30 PM2017-01-01
AC 1368Air Canada9:35 PM11:58 PM2016-12-29
AC 1370Air Canada3:15 PM5:40 PM2016-12-30
AC 200Air Canada6:10 AM8:33 AM2017-10-27
AC 202Air Canada6:45 AM9:08 AM2018-05-27
AC 204Air Canada8:15 AM10:38 AM2018-05-26
AC 206Air Canada9:20 AM11:43 AM2018-05-27
AC 208Air Canada10:30 AM12:53 PM2018-05-27
AC 210Air Canada11:40 AM2:03 PM2018-05-27
AC 212Air Canada12:15 PM2:38 PM2018-05-27
AC 214Air Canada1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
AC 216Air Canada2:55 PM5:18 PM2018-04-30
AC 218Air Canada4:00 PM6:23 PM2018-05-01
AC 220Air Canada3:30 PM5:53 PM2017-10-29
AC 222Air Canada4:35 PM6:58 PM2018-05-28
AC 224Air Canada6:05 PM8:28 PM2018-05-28
AC 226Air Canada7:25 PM9:48 PM2018-05-28
AC 228Air Canada8:30 PM10:53 PM2018-05-28
AC 230Air Canada10:05 PM12:28 AM2018-05-27
AC 238Air Canada10:30 PM12:53 AM2018-05-27
AC 254Air Canada9:55 PM12:25 AM2016-10-30
AC 7015Air Canada1:00 PM2:35 PM2017-01-03
AC 7035Air Canada11:30 PM3:27 AM2017-02-19
AC 7036Air Canada2:00 PM4:50 PM2017-10-15
AC 7037Air Canada11:00 PM12:40 AM2017-12-08
AC 7038Air Canada1:30 PM4:00 PM2016-12-23
AC 7040Air Canada11:00 PM2018-03-30
AC 7042Air Canada11:00 PM12:10 AM2017-12-20
AC 7047Air Canada11:00 PM12:25 AM2016-10-27
AC 7048Air Canada11:00 PM2017-10-12
AC 7052Air Canada6:30 AM7:27 AM2017-12-01
AC 7060Air Canada11:00 AM2018-03-26
AC 7061Air Canada5:30 PM2018-03-23
AC 7062Air Canada7:00 PM8:40 PM2018-02-17
AC 7064Air Canada10:30 AM2018-01-31
AC 7066Air Canada11:00 AM12:14 PM2018-04-08
AC 7068Air Canada4:15 PM2017-12-19
AC 7070Air Canada9:30 PM2017-11-25
AC 7071Air Canada7:05 AM8:07 AM2018-01-02
AC 7072Air Canada3:40 PM7:20 PM2018-01-29
AC 7074Air Canada4:30 PM5:31 PM2017-12-02
AC 7080Air Canada7:00 PM2017-01-14
AC 7083Air Canada11:00 AM12:03 PM2016-11-14
AC 7084Air Canada4:30 PM6:15 PM2017-12-23
AC 7085Air Canada4:15 PM5:31 PM2017-02-17
AC 8178Air Canada9:30 PM11:52 PM2018-05-03
AC 8302Air Canada12:20 PM3:13 PM2017-12-30
AC 8304Air Canada11:50 AM2:00 PM2018-01-08
AC 8521Air Canada8:40 PM9:56 PM2016-11-13
AC 8523Air Canada3:40 PM5:33 PM2016-11-14
AC 8543Air Canada4:55 PM2016-12-27
AC 8627Air Canada5:25 PM6:12 PM2017-03-13
AC 8683Air Canada10:25 AM11:36 AM2017-01-05
AC 8689Air Canada6:55 AM9:55 AM2017-04-30
AC 8691Air Canada1:50 PM4:51 PM2017-03-31
AC 8692Air Canada4:15 PM7:50 PM2018-03-18
AC 8694Air Canada11:10 AM1:32 PM2018-02-20
AC 8695Air Canada4:45 PM7:09 PM2017-05-01
AF 3001Air France5:05 PM2016-11-05
AF 3007Air France11:30 AM11:59 AM2018-04-27
AF 3010Air France2:00 PM4:26 PM2017-03-25
AF 3011Air France2:00 PM4:23 PM2018-05-27
AF 3012Air France12:30 PM3:53 PM2017-03-19
AF 3016Air France2:00 PM4:23 PM2018-05-25
AF 3755Air France7:15 PM8:35 PM2017-04-28
AF 3756Air France1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
AM 7348Aeromexico8:00 AM10:23 AM2018-05-27
AM 7350Aeromexico7:00 AM9:23 AM2018-05-27
BR 3082EVA Air10:30 PM12:53 AM2018-05-27
BR 3084EVA Air10:05 PM12:28 AM2018-05-27
BSK 392Miami Air International11:00 AM2017-03-12
CA 7479Air China1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
CA 7481Air China10:30 AM12:53 PM2017-09-29
CA 7483Air China10:05 PM12:28 AM2018-05-27
CI 9314China Airlines8:00 PM10:20 PM2018-03-11
CI 9334China Airlines6:15 PM8:37 PM2017-01-24
CI 9338China Airlines8:30 PM10:50 PM2017-03-11
CI 9344China Airlines10:00 PM12:23 AM2018-05-27
CNK 274Sunwest Aviation1:40 PM2:11 PM2018-01-06
CNK 297Sunwest Aviation5:12 PM5:47 PM2018-04-01
CNK 366Sunwest Aviation12:00 PM2016-09-27
CNK 425Sunwest Aviation3:20 PM2016-09-10
CNK 622Sunwest Aviation11:30 AM11:52 AM2018-03-14
CNK 633Sunwest Aviation12:30 PM2:22 PM2018-04-18
CNK 645Sunwest Aviation8:00 AM10:10 AM2018-05-03
CNK 657Sunwest Aviation9:00 AM10:54 AM2018-04-17
CNK 678Sunwest Aviation7:00 AM8:30 AM2018-05-23
CNK 715Sunwest Aviation11:30 AM12:26 PM2017-12-11
CNK 735Sunwest Aviation2:30 PM3:19 PM2018-05-12
CNK 762Sunwest Aviation4:00 PM5:51 PM2017-08-28
CNK 771Sunwest Aviation11:00 AM12:16 PM2018-01-26
CNK 800Sunwest Aviation12:30 PM2017-05-26
CNK 811Sunwest Aviation3:30 PM2018-05-17
CNK 821Sunwest Aviation7:15 AM2018-04-25
CNK 869Sunwest Aviation2:45 PM2018-03-08
CNK 900Sunwest Aviation3:30 PM2017-01-09
CX 1512Cathay Pacific5:40 PM8:03 PM2018-05-01
CX 1514Cathay Pacific4:35 PM6:58 PM2018-05-28
CX 1516Cathay Pacific10:40 PM1:03 AM2017-03-05
CX 7030Cathay Pacific11:00 AM1:23 PM2018-05-26
CX 7032Cathay Pacific10:00 AM12:23 PM2018-05-26
CX 7034Cathay Pacific4:00 PM6:23 PM2018-05-28
CX 7038Cathay Pacific11:30 AM1:50 PM2017-10-28
CX 7044Cathay Pacific10:00 PM12:20 AM2018-03-10
CZ 7505China Southern Airlines2:00 PM4:23 PM2018-05-27
CZ 7507China Southern Airlines1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
CZ 7534China Southern Airlines2:40 PM5:00 PM2017-04-28
CZ 7540China Southern Airlines1:00 PM3:20 PM2017-10-28
DL 7098Delta Air Lines11:00 AM1:23 PM2018-05-27
DL 7204Delta Air Lines10:00 PM12:23 AM2018-05-27
DL 7635Delta Air Lines8:00 PM10:20 PM2018-04-29
DL 8948Delta Air Lines10:30 PM11:36 PM2018-01-24
DL 8949Delta Air Lines10:00 PM11:14 PM2016-11-30
DL 8950Delta Air Lines10:30 PM2018-03-02
DL 8952Delta Air Lines2:30 PM4:32 PM2016-10-30
F8* 4351Flair Airlines10:05 PM2017-01-08
F8* 5451Flair Airlines10:05 PM12:30 AM2017-03-12
F8* 700Flair Airlines7:30 AM2016-09-05
HU 8886Hainan Airlines11:00 AM1:23 PM2018-05-26
HU 8888Hainan Airlines10:00 AM12:23 PM2018-05-26
HX 3600Hong Kong Airlines1:00 PM3:20 PM2017-10-28
HX 3606Hong Kong Airlines11:00 AM1:20 PM2018-03-09
HX 3624Hong Kong Airlines12:00 PM2:21 PM2017-11-21
HX 3626Hong Kong Airlines1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
HX 3628Hong Kong Airlines2:00 PM4:23 PM2018-05-27
JL 5722JAL5:00 PM7:21 PM2017-10-29
JL 5800JAL1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
KE 6501Korean Air4:00 PM6:23 PM2018-05-28
KE 6505Korean Air4:00 PM6:20 PM2018-04-29
KFA 274Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter6:15 PM6:40 PM2018-04-19
KFA 574Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter6:10 PM6:39 PM2018-03-05
KL 9643KLM6:30 PM2016-12-22
KL 9666KLM6:30 PM2017-01-01
KL 9679KLM12:00 PM2:21 PM2017-11-21
KL 9681KLM1:00 PM3:20 PM2018-03-23
KL 9712KLM8:00 PM2017-02-06
KL 9720KLM5:00 PM7:20 PM2018-03-23
LA 5185LATAM Airlines6:30 AM7:43 AM2017-12-11
LA 5186LATAM Airlines12:15 PM12:50 PM2017-11-15
LA 5188LATAM Airlines10:00 AM2017-11-22
LA 5190LATAM Airlines6:50 PM2017-11-29
LA 5191LATAM Airlines6:10 AM8:10 AM2017-12-13
LA 5192LATAM Airlines2:00 PM4:30 PM2017-07-27
LA 5193LATAM Airlines7:00 PM9:30 PM2017-11-09
LA 5194LATAM Airlines5:00 PM2018-05-21
LA 5195LATAM Airlines6:25 AM8:11 AM2017-10-28
LA 5196LATAM Airlines7:20 PM7:49 PM2018-04-25
LA 5198LATAM Airlines4:20 PM2018-04-28
LA 5200LATAM Airlines1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-26
LA 5201LATAM Airlines5:00 PM7:23 PM2018-05-28
LA 5206LATAM Airlines8:40 PM2017-07-31
LA 5214LATAM Airlines11:35 AM12:03 PM2017-10-28
LA 5223LATAM Airlines10:00 AM12:23 PM2018-05-26
LA 5423LATAM Airlines7:55 PM10:15 PM2017-01-25
LA 5436LATAM Airlines3:30 PM4:50 PM2017-03-26
LA 5437LATAM Airlines12:55 PM3:15 PM2017-03-22
LA 5438LATAM Airlines6:30 PM7:55 PM2017-03-24
LH 6552Lufthansa1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
MAL 7062Morningstar Air Express10:03 PM2018-05-25
MAL 7063Morningstar Air Express7:10 PM2018-05-26
MAL 7989Morningstar Air Express10:22 PM2017-11-11
MU 8007China Eastern Airlines10:00 PM12:23 AM2018-05-27
MU 8009China Eastern Airlines10:00 PM12:20 AM2018-04-28
MU 8041China Eastern Airlines11:00 AM1:23 PM2018-05-27
MU 8043China Eastern Airlines10:00 PM12:21 AM2017-10-28
NCB 1002North Cariboo Air1:40 PM2016-09-18
NCB 101North Cariboo Air3:00 PM2017-02-13
NCB 1014North Cariboo Air10:30 AM2017-04-29
NCB 1080North Cariboo Air12:30 PM2018-02-06
NCB 1081North Cariboo Air5:00 PM2017-03-04
NCB 1083North Cariboo Air1:20 PM2016-11-17
NCB 1084North Cariboo Air3:30 PM2017-01-19
NCB 1085North Cariboo Air5:00 AM2018-04-17
NCB 1086North Cariboo Air1:15 PM2018-04-15
NCB 1087North Cariboo Air6:30 PM2018-04-13
NCB 1088North Cariboo Air10:30 AM2018-03-13
NCB 1089North Cariboo Air7:00 PM2017-03-30
NCB 1090North Cariboo Air12:40 PM2017-11-09
NCB 1097North Cariboo Air1:15 PM2017-11-21
NCB 1201North Cariboo Air7:05 PM2017-12-23
NCB 2009North Cariboo Air1:00 PM2017-03-26
NCB 2211North Cariboo Air8:30 AM2018-01-26
NCB 4058North Cariboo Air8:15 PM2017-12-15
NCB 5109North Cariboo Air5:00 PM2018-05-26
NCB 6320North Cariboo Air10:30 AM2016-11-11
NCB 805North Cariboo Air9:55 AM2017-12-15
NCB 8101North Cariboo Air8:15 PM2018-04-10
NCB 8903North Cariboo Air10:00 AM2017-11-13
NCB 908North Cariboo Air7:00 PM2017-10-06
NH 6810ANA4:35 PM6:58 PM2018-05-28
NZ 4500Air New Zealand6:45 AM9:10 AM2016-10-29
NZ 4502Air New Zealand4:35 PM6:58 PM2018-05-28
NZ 4504Air New Zealand8:30 PM10:53 PM2018-05-28
NZ 4506Air New Zealand7:15 PM9:38 PM2017-12-31
NZ 4508Air New Zealand7:25 PM9:48 PM2018-05-28
NZ 4510Air New Zealand10:40 PM1:05 AM2016-10-30
NZ 4512Air New Zealand10:05 PM12:28 AM2018-05-27
NZ 4568Air New Zealand9:50 PM12:15 AM2016-09-29
NZ 4702Air New Zealand8:30 AM10:49 AM2016-10-30
NZ 4706Air New Zealand7:15 AM9:38 AM2017-09-23
NZ 4708Air New Zealand10:40 AM1:05 PM2016-10-29
NZ 4710Air New Zealand11:00 AM1:25 PM2016-10-29
NZ 4762Air New Zealand6:05 PM8:28 PM2018-05-28
NZ 4768Air New Zealand3:30 PM5:53 PM2017-10-29
NZ 4784Air New Zealand12:40 PM3:03 PM2017-10-26
NZ 4786Air New Zealand8:15 AM10:38 AM2017-09-24
ORK 2Orca Airways3:15 PM2017-02-27
ORK 222Orca Airways9:45 AM2017-10-15
ORK 396Orca Airways4:45 AM2016-10-26
ORK 604Orca Airways4:45 PM2017-06-05
ORK 902Orca Airways1:30 PM2016-10-06
ORK 99Orca Airways10:45 AM2016-11-27
OZ 6110Asiana Airlines1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
PB 600Provincial Airlines8:00 PM2017-11-30
PR 1910Philippine Airlines2:00 PM4:23 PM2018-05-26
PR 1912Philippine Airlines7:00 PM9:23 PM2018-05-28
PR 1914Philippine Airlines8:30 PM10:51 PM2017-09-15
PR 1916Philippine Airlines5:00 PM7:22 PM2017-12-13
QF 3417Qantas1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
QF 3596Qantas4:00 PM6:23 PM2018-05-28
QF 3984Qantas5:00 PM7:23 PM2018-05-28
QK 7050Jazz3:00 AM2016-11-19
QK 7051Jazz11:45 AM12:28 PM2017-11-03
QK 7052Jazz6:15 AM2016-12-26
QK 7053Jazz12:35 PM3:05 PM2018-01-08
QK 7055Jazz10:35 PM2017-05-29
QK 7056Jazz1:15 PM2018-01-03
QK 7058Jazz6:45 AM2016-12-27
QK 7059Jazz4:00 PM6:35 PM2017-10-17
QK 7061Jazz10:45 AM11:49 AM2016-11-01
QK 7075Jazz1:00 PM4:44 PM2017-12-08
QK 7076Jazz7:30 PM2017-08-05
QK 7078Jazz7:15 AM2017-08-15
QK 7080Jazz8:30 AM2017-02-09
QK 7085Jazz7:30 AM10:00 AM2017-06-11
QK 7086Jazz5:00 PM8:28 PM2017-08-05
QK 7090Jazz5:45 AM5:13 PM2017-08-31
QK 7091Jazz6:05 PM7:03 PM2017-05-03
QK 7094Jazz5:00 AM5:33 AM2017-11-29
QK 7096Jazz7:15 AM2017-10-28
QK 8558Jazz8:20 PM10:54 PM2017-04-25
QK 8689Jazz6:55 AM9:55 AM2017-03-11
QK 8691Jazz9:20 AM11:39 AM2017-03-11
QK 8695Jazz4:45 PM7:04 PM2017-03-12
QK 8770Jazz9:15 AM10:54 AM2017-04-19
QK 8772Jazz6:30 AM7:19 AM2017-02-17
RV* 7086Air Canada Rouge6:30 AM2018-03-09
RV* 7088Air Canada rouge3:30 PM2018-03-02
RV* 7092Air Canada Rouge1:00 PM2017-11-23
RV* 7094Air Canada Rouge6:30 AM2018-03-14
RV* 7096Air Canada Rouge10:40 PM2018-05-13
SWG 290Sunwing9:05 PM11:35 PM2017-04-20
SWG 481Sunwing7:00 AM2:30 PM2017-04-13
SWG 482Sunwing9:25 PM9:50 PM2017-01-06
SWG 567Sunwing11:10 AM5:05 PM2016-10-28
SWG 585Sunwing8:00 AM3:55 PM2016-12-29
SWG 597Sunwing8:00 AM3:55 PM2017-05-03
SWG 598Sunwing2:50 PM7:20 PM2017-05-11
SWG 9107Sunwing10:45 PM2018-05-01
SWG 9331Sunwing8:00 PM2018-05-05
SWQ 2151Swift Air11:00 PM2018-02-18
SWQ 2163Swift Air10:30 PM2017-03-14
SWQ 2551Swift Air10:30 PM2018-02-02
SWQ 2735Swift Air10:30 PM2017-01-18
SWQ 2946Swift Air10:30 PM2018-02-15
TGO 998Transport Canada1:00 PM2017-07-26
TS 205Air Transat4:05 PM11:35 PM2017-05-07
TS 274Air Transat3:30 PM7:20 AM2018-05-23
TS 334Air Transat6:20 PM11:15 AM2016-09-26
TS 346Air Transat7:50 AM12:45 PM2016-08-31
TS 4351Air Transat10:05 PM12:30 AM2017-01-08
TS 4453Air Transat8:25 PM10:50 PM2017-05-21
TS 450Air Transat6:45 AM10:05 AM2017-04-22
TS 451Air Transat11:05 AM2:15 PM2017-04-23
TS 4954Air Transat9:50 PM12:25 AM2018-04-30
TS 4980Air Transat10:55 PM1:20 AM2017-11-05
TS 5000Air Transat11:30 AM2017-01-22
TS 5205Air Transat8:30 PM11:00 PM2017-10-29
TS 54Air Transat5:15 PM2016-09-07
TS 5450Air Transat10:55 AM2016-12-17
TS 5451Air Transat10:05 PM12:30 AM2017-04-30
TS 576Air Transat3:10 PM8:45 AM2016-09-10
TS 676Air Transat3:35 PM9:05 AM2017-10-22
TS 708Air Transat12:35 PM2016-10-10
TS 756Air Transat8:00 AM3:40 PM2018-03-26
TS 766Air Transat9:55 AM5:35 PM2017-01-08
TS 790Air Transat4:05 PM2018-04-27
TS 848Air Transat12:45 PM6:30 PM2018-05-01
TS 8788Air Transat9:15 AM11:45 AM2017-10-28
TS 8882Air Transat9:10 AM11:45 AM2018-05-14
TS 90Air Transat6:45 AM2017-12-02
TS 946Air Transat10:45 AM6:15 PM2017-12-13
TS 948Air Transat1:45 PM4:10 PM2018-05-25
TS 950Air Transat2:50 PM5:15 PM2017-09-06
TS 954Air Transat2:45 PM5:10 PM2018-05-21
TS 967Air Transat7:55 PM10:10 PM2016-10-31
W8 1566Cargojet5:05 AM2016-12-23
W8 1571Cargojet2016-09-27
W8 1583Cargojet4:30 PM2016-12-18
W8 1792Cargojet4:20 AM2016-10-29
W8 550Cargojet11:00 PM1:45 AM2018-05-26
W8 566Cargojet9:35 PM12:20 AM2018-05-18
W8 571Cargojet3:15 AM4:10 AM2016-09-09
W8 572Cargojet10:55 PM2018-05-25
W8 579Cargojet2:00 AM2016-10-28
WEN 3156WestJet Encore2:30 PM5:15 PM2017-03-11
WEN 3812WestJet Encore7:00 PM9:46 PM2017-03-12
WEN 4702WestJet Encore1:55 PM2018-02-23
WEN 4766WestJet Encore2:40 PM2017-03-17
WEN 4786WestJet Encore11:45 AM2017-01-28
WEN 4788WestJet Encore7:30 PM2017-10-07
WEN 8985WestJet Encore4:35 PM2017-10-17
WEN 8986WestJet Encore8:00 AM2018-01-16
WEN 8987WestJet Encore8:28 PM2017-12-24
WEN 8988WestJet Encore12:45 PM2018-04-04
WEN 8989WestJet Encore9:00 AM2018-04-13
WS 105WestJet7:05 PM2017-02-28
WS 110WestJet8:00 AM10:23 AM2018-05-27
WS 112WestJet10:00 AM12:21 PM2017-10-28
WS 114WestJet7:00 AM9:23 AM2018-05-27
WS 118WestJet10:00 AM12:23 PM2018-05-27
WS 120WestJet11:00 AM1:23 PM2018-05-27
WS 122WestJet12:00 PM2:21 PM2017-11-21
WS 124WestJet1:00 PM3:23 PM2018-05-27
WS 126WestJet2:00 PM4:23 PM2018-05-27
WS 130WestJet4:00 PM6:23 PM2018-05-28
WS 132WestJet5:00 PM7:23 PM2018-05-28
WS 136WestJet7:00 PM9:23 PM2018-05-28
WS 138WestJet8:00 PM10:23 PM2018-05-28
WS 142WestJet10:00 PM12:23 AM2018-05-27
WS 146WestJet5:00 PM7:21 PM2017-10-29
WS 152WestJet1:40 PM2:39 PM2016-10-22
WS 167WestJet7:10 AM9:13 AM2017-09-03
WS 170WestJet7:30 PM2017-04-28
WS 174WestJet11:05 AM1:04 PM2017-10-28
WS 176WestJet12:25 PM2:36 PM2016-11-01
WS 206WestJet11:30 AM12:21 PM2016-10-22
WS 208WestJet4:00 PM6:20 PM2017-10-29
WS 212WestJet9:20 AM3:29 PM2017-04-30
WS 246WestJet7:30 AM2017-10-29
WS 286WestJet1:00 PM3:20 PM2017-10-28
WS 3110WestJet8:00 AM10:27 AM2018-04-28
WS 3140WestJet11:00 AM1:39 PM2017-02-19
WS 3148WestJet6:25 PM7:19 PM2017-02-26
WS 3156WestJet9:50 AM12:15 PM2017-04-29
WS 3160WestJet9:05 AM11:13 AM2017-02-12
WS 3200WestJet1:10 PM2:14 PM2017-01-12
WS 3236WestJet6:45 AM7:49 AM2017-01-13
WS 388WestJet5:05 PM7:38 PM2017-10-28
WS 3882WestJet10:45 AM1:18 PM2017-01-06
WS 3888WestJet6:37 PM9:12 PM2017-04-29
WS 4151WestJet10:00 AM3:44 PM2016-12-27
WS 4153WestJet12:45 PM3:15 PM2016-12-28
WS 4186WestJet2:45 PM5:12 PM2018-02-23
WS 4206WestJet1:00 PM3:53 PM2017-12-30
WS 4290WestJet11:00 PM1:31 AM2017-12-30
WS 528WestJet3:30 PM5:51 PM2016-10-20
WS 544WestJet8:00 AM10:20 AM2017-10-28
WS 552WestJet6:30 PM2017-04-29
WS 560WestJet6:15 AM8:36 AM2017-10-28
WS 566WestJet2:40 PM5:00 PM2017-04-28
WS 568WestJet7:35 PM9:55 PM2017-04-28
WS 604WestJet10:00 PM12:21 AM2017-10-29
WS 830WestJet2:00 PM4:22 PM2016-12-30
WS 832WestJet4:45 PM7:07 PM2016-12-29
WS 834WestJet10:50 AM1:45 PM2017-01-05
WS 880WestJet6:00 AM8:23 AM2017-09-06
WS 881WestJet8:30 PM9:01 PM2016-10-04
WS 884WestJet9:05 AM11:04 AM2018-01-01
WS 890WestJet7:00 PM9:10 PM2016-12-17
WS 892WestJet9:30 AM11:52 AM2018-01-01
WS 8975WestJet5:20 PM2017-10-11
WS 8976WestJet12:30 AM2018-03-26
WS 8977WestJet1:45 PM2018-03-28
WS 8978WestJet1:00 PM3:50 PM2018-04-12
WS 8979WestJet12:50 AM2016-11-04
WS 8980WestJet12:50 AM2017-10-19
WS 8982WestJet2:30 AM2016-12-09
WS 8983WestJet9:15 PM2017-12-29
WS 8984WestJet11:15 PM2018-02-18
WS 8985WestJet9:30 PM2017-01-19
WS 8990WestJet3:15 PM2016-09-07
WS 904WestJet8:15 PM9:03 PM2017-01-31
WS 926WestJet8:00 AM8:49 AM2017-03-04
WS 928WestJet9:30 PM11:50 PM2017-04-22
WS 932WestJet3:30 PM5:50 PM2018-05-16
WS 9503WestJet10:00 PM10:48 PM2017-12-15
WS 968WestJet4:15 PM6:35 PM2017-03-13
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