Flights from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Edmonton, CA (YEG)

List of all flights from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Edmonton, CA (YEG), list of airlines operating on the route from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Edmonton, CA (YEG), departures from YVR and arrivals to YEG. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 270 flights on this route. The distance from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Edmonton, CA (YEG) is 809 km (503 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Vancouver International Airport - is GMT-08:00. The current time is Tuesday 2018-11-20 06:52 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Edmonton International Airport - is GMT-07:00, The current time is Tuesday 2018-11-20 07:52 PM.

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List of 270 flights operating on the route from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Edmonton, CA (YEG).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 685NetJets Aviation4:51 PM6:57 PM2018-09-10
3H 355Air Inuit8:00 PM2016-12-14
4N 100Air North2:00 PM2017-09-12
4N 200Air North4:00 PM2016-10-29
4N 300Air North6:40 AM2018-06-15
4N 3600Air North2:45 PM2018-02-10
4N 7011Air North7:30 AM2017-06-22
4N 7380Air North9:40 PM12:03 AM2018-06-30
4N 7381Air North10:00 AM2017-07-27
5T 9031Canadian North10:00 AM12:20 PM2018-06-28
5T 9071Canadian North12:01 AM2:20 AM2018-10-20
5T 9101Canadian North7:45 PM10:05 PM2018-04-09
5T 9711Canadian North6:30 PM2018-10-21
5T 9861Canadian North2:35 AM2018-01-01
7Q* 661Elite Airways1:30 PM2017-10-26
9M 1337Central Mountain Air2017-10-02
9M 1793Central Mountain Air8:25 AM9:05 AM2018-02-28
AA 8111American Airlines5:00 PM7:29 PM2018-01-08
AA 8137American Airlines10:00 PM2018-01-16
AA 8154American Airlines7:30 AM9:43 AM2017-07-27
AC 1350Air Canada10:20 PM12:52 AM2016-12-30
AC 1364Air Canada2:40 PM2017-01-01
AC 165Air Canada10:25 AM2018-11-02
AC 169Air Canada2:40 PM4:57 PM2017-05-25
AC 232Air Canada6:25 AM2018-11-20
AC 234Air Canada8:50 AM11:19 AM2018-11-20
AC 236Air Canada10:25 AM2018-11-20
AC 240Air Canada12:30 PM2018-11-20
AC 242Air Canada1:35 PM4:04 PM2018-11-20
AC 244Air Canada4:20 PM6:49 PM2018-11-21
AC 246Air Canada6:35 PM2018-11-21
AC 248Air Canada8:55 PM2018-11-21
AC 250Air Canada8:35 PM11:03 PM2018-10-28
AC 252Air Canada10:30 PM2018-10-28
AC 254Air Canada9:55 PM12:25 AM2017-05-01
AC 7015Air Canada11:30 PM2:03 AM2018-02-21
AC 7037Air Canada11:00 PM1:10 AM2017-09-22
AC 7038Air Canada1:30 PM4:14 PM2018-04-06
AC 7039Air Canada2:00 PM1:35 PM2017-04-09
AC 7040Air Canada11:59 PM2018-09-19
AC 7060Air Canada6:30 AM8:00 AM2018-10-13
AC 7062Air Canada8:30 AM11:05 AM2018-10-29
AC 7064Air Canada7:00 PM7:51 PM2017-05-06
AC 7065Air Canada7:45 PM10:25 PM2016-12-01
AC 7066Air Canada8:05 PM2017-03-20
AC 7073Air Canada2:00 PM4:30 PM2018-10-18
AC 7082Air Canada3:20 PM7:40 PM2017-01-02
AC 7083Air Canada9:30 AM2018-11-02
AC 7084Air Canada5:00 PM4:57 PM2018-04-08
AC 7087Air Canada5:30 PM6:55 PM2018-11-16
AC 7088Air Canada8:00 AM2017-12-01
AC 7098Air Canada8:00 AM2018-10-16
AC 8018Air Canada8:30 PM12:26 AM2017-04-30
AC 8028Air Canada12:05 PM2017-04-28
AC 8036Air Canada5:15 PM6:07 PM2016-12-27
AC 8162Air Canada1:15 PM3:43 PM2018-05-06
AC 8166Air Canada10:05 PM12:29 AM2018-09-10
AC 8174Air Canada6:45 PM8:30 PM2017-04-30
AC 8694Air Canada11:10 AM1:32 PM2016-09-06
AF 3010Air France7:00 PM2018-03-23
AF 6579Air France2:00 PM4:30 PM2018-10-26
AF 6580Air France7:00 PM2018-11-19
AF 6581Air France5:00 PM7:29 PM2018-11-21
AF 6582Air France2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-20
AF 7251Air France7:05 PM9:47 PM2017-09-04
AF 7255Air France10:00 PM12:26 AM2017-10-28
AF 7278Air France9:30 PM12:17 AM2017-04-10
AM 7108Aeromexico8:00 AM2018-11-19
AM 7352Aeromexico10:00 AM11:26 AM2018-03-30
AM 7354Aeromexico7:00 AM9:31 AM2018-11-20
BA 6470British Airways12:40 PM2:35 PM2016-10-16
BR 3086EVA Air10:30 PM2018-10-28
BR 3088EVA Air8:55 PM2018-11-21
BSK 395Miami Air International11:00 PM2018-02-04
BSK 399Miami Air International4:30 PM2017-11-02
BSK 528Miami Air International7:40 PM2017-11-04
CA 7485Air China1:35 PM4:04 PM2018-11-20
CA 7487Air China12:30 PM2018-11-20
CA 7489Air China4:20 PM2018-11-18
CI 9316China Airlines10:00 PM2018-11-18
CI 9348China Airlines5:20 PM2017-01-24
CNK 274Sunwest Aviation1:30 PM2:05 PM2018-08-26
CNK 433Sunwest Aviation6:45 AM7:40 AM2017-11-25
CNK 440Sunwest Aviation6:30 AM2017-11-12
CNK 622Sunwest Aviation7:00 AM2017-10-15
CNK 633Sunwest Aviation8:30 AM10:55 AM2018-04-28
CNK 645Sunwest Aviation8:00 AM2018-10-13
CNK 657Sunwest Aviation8:00 AM8:34 AM2018-09-06
CNK 678Sunwest Aviation9:30 AM11:34 AM2018-07-08
CNK 715Sunwest Aviation1:00 PM2017-06-07
CNK 735Sunwest Aviation11:45 AM1:42 PM2018-03-12
CNK 762Sunwest Aviation1:00 PM3:02 PM2018-05-01
CNK 771Sunwest Aviation1:00 PM2:58 PM2017-08-27
CNK 800Sunwest Aviation12:30 PM2016-10-07
CNK 811Sunwest Aviation1:50 PM4:03 PM2017-07-26
CNK 869Sunwest Aviation9:45 AM12:22 PM2018-08-08
CX 1500Cathay Pacific1:35 PM4:04 PM2018-11-19
CX 1502Cathay Pacific4:20 PM6:49 PM2018-11-20
CX 7000Cathay Pacific2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-19
CX 7002Cathay Pacific7:00 PM5:29 PM2018-10-29
CX 7018Cathay Pacific5:00 PM7:29 PM2018-11-19
CX 7020Cathay Pacific10:00 AM2018-11-20
CX 7026Cathay Pacific7:00 PM9:45 PM2018-11-18
CZ 7502China Southern Airlines7:00 PM9:30 PM2018-10-28
CZ 7504China Southern Airlines2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-19
DL 7068Delta Air Lines2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-20
DL 7219Delta Air Lines10:00 AM12:29 PM2018-10-31
DL 8946Delta Air Lines11:00 PM12:05 AM2018-01-03
DL 8948Delta Air Lines10:30 PM12:34 AM2018-01-01
DL 8949Delta Air Lines8:30 PM9:46 PM2018-10-30
DL 8952Delta Air Lines11:00 PM12:36 AM2018-10-24
EJM 223Executive Jet Management4:30 PM6:30 PM2018-02-05
F8* 100Flair Airlines1:30 PM2017-05-27
F8* 134Flair Airlines5:55 PM2018-10-13
F8* 138Flair Airlines3:15 PM2018-10-27
F8* 1381Flair Airlines10:15 AM2018-09-13
F8* 210Flair Airlines7:30 AM2018-03-06
F8* 310Flair Airlines3:37 PM9:15 PM2018-06-14
F8* 416Flair Airlines1:25 PM2018-11-20
F8* 840Flair Airlines2:20 PM4:49 PM2018-11-17
FI 8696Icelandair7:00 PM9:15 AM2017-04-21
HX 3608Hong Kong Airlines5:00 PM7:27 PM2018-04-23
HX 3610Hong Kong Airlines12:00 PM2:27 PM2017-11-21
HX 3612Hong Kong Airlines2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-20
JL 5802JAL2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-03
KAI 525Kaiser Air10:30 PM2017-12-16
KE 6509Korean Air2:00 PM5:29 PM2018-11-18
KE 6511Korean Air2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-20
KL 9580KLM7:50 AM2017-03-19
KL 9638KLM7:00 PM9:45 PM2018-11-18
KL 9652KLM9:30 PM11:01 PM2017-02-28
KL 9750KLM5:00 PM7:29 PM2018-11-20
KL 9770KLM5:45 PM7:46 PM2016-12-09
KL 9788KLM6:45 AM9:15 AM2017-02-06
KL 9818KLM2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-20
LA 5183LATAM Airlines8:25 PM10:35 PM2018-11-01
LA 5186LATAM Airlines5:00 PM6:13 PM2018-09-03
LA 5188LATAM Airlines5:00 PM6:13 PM2018-11-18
LA 5190LATAM Airlines10:30 AM11:30 AM2018-10-29
LA 5191LATAM Airlines2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-19
LA 5192LATAM Airlines1:45 PM2018-09-22
LA 5193LATAM Airlines5:00 PM7:29 PM2018-11-20
LA 5194LATAM Airlines5:00 PM7:29 PM2018-11-21
LA 5198LATAM Airlines2:40 PM2018-11-17
LA 5200LATAM Airlines5:00 AM8:26 AM2018-08-30
LA 5204LATAM Airlines7:15 PM7:50 PM2018-11-10
LA 5431LATAM Airlines9:30 AM10:50 AM2017-03-26
LA 5432LATAM Airlines11:55 AM1:55 PM2017-03-23
LA 5433LATAM Airlines2:40 PM4:35 PM2017-03-22
LXJ 576Flexjet4:52 PM2018-03-01
LXJ 584Flexjet11:26 AM2018-08-03
MAL 8989Morningstar Air Express2:30 PM2016-11-04
MU 8011China Eastern Airlines10:00 AM12:29 PM2018-11-19
MU 8037China Eastern Airlines10:00 AM2018-11-20
MU 8055China Eastern Airlines10:00 PM2:29 PM2018-11-04
MU 8057China Eastern Airlines6:45 AM9:15 AM2018-10-27
NCB 1020North Cariboo Air7:30 AM2018-02-13
NCB 1022North Cariboo Air6:30 AM2018-04-09
NCB 1037North Cariboo Air7:10 AM2017-04-10
NCB 1080North Cariboo Air11:30 AM2016-08-31
NCB 1081North Cariboo Air8:00 PM2016-09-07
NCB 1083North Cariboo Air7:00 AM2016-11-24
NCB 1087North Cariboo Air7:45 AM2017-08-31
NCB 1089North Cariboo Air1:00 PM2017-03-21
NCB 438North Cariboo Air11:30 PM2018-02-18
NCB 5102North Cariboo Air8:00 AM2017-04-06
NH 6836ANA4:20 PM6:49 PM2018-11-21
NZ 4590Air New Zealand2:55 PM5:23 PM2017-10-10
NZ 4714Air New Zealand6:35 PM2018-11-21
NZ 4716Air New Zealand4:20 PM6:49 PM2018-11-21
NZ 4830Air New Zealand11:25 AM7:02 PM2016-10-27
NZ 4832Air New Zealand8:50 AM11:19 AM2018-11-20
NZ 4836Air New Zealand6:25 AM2018-11-20
NZ 4838Air New Zealand9:20 AM11:50 AM2017-05-27
NZ 4840Air New Zealand9:05 PM2:20 PM2017-10-26
NZ 4842Air New Zealand2:55 PM5:23 PM2017-10-28
NZ 4844Air New Zealand8:55 PM2018-11-21
PR 1900Philippine Airlines10:00 PM2018-11-18
PR 1902Philippine Airlines7:00 PM9:45 PM2018-11-18
PR 1904Philippine Airlines9:45 PM2018-11-17
PR 1906Philippine Airlines7:00 PM2018-11-21
QF 3435Qantas5:00 PM7:29 PM2018-11-21
QF 3459Qantas2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-20
QK 7050Jazz3:00 AM2017-12-15
QK 7052Jazz6:15 AM2016-12-27
QK 7053Jazz12:35 PM3:05 PM2017-06-25
QK 7075Jazz1:00 PM4:44 PM2017-06-30
QK 7085Jazz7:30 AM10:00 AM2017-12-30
QK 7089Jazz7:15 AM7:51 AM2017-01-13
QK 8028Jazz12:05 PM2017-03-11
QK 8772Jazz6:30 AM7:19 AM2016-10-30
QK 8779Jazz10:05 PM11:38 PM2016-11-19
SWG 211Sunwing8:00 AM2:55 PM2018-10-24
SWG 212Sunwing4:00 PM7:15 PM2018-11-01
SWG 246Sunwing4:15 PM8:30 PM2017-05-20
SWG 330Sunwing7:00 AM2016-11-09
SWG 488Sunwing3:50 PM8:10 PM2016-11-03
SWG 489Sunwing10:00 AM2017-11-02
SWG 508Sunwing4:50 PM9:05 PM2018-11-07
SWG 527Sunwing7:00 AM2017-10-25
SWG 528Sunwing9:25 PM11:59 PM2017-10-26
SWG 576Sunwing8:10 PM2018-05-06
SWG 9103Sunwing5:30 PM2016-12-24
SWG 9331Sunwing7:15 PM11:20 PM2017-05-18
SWG 9586Sunwing10:45 PM2017-11-01
SWG 9598Sunwing10:45 PM2018-05-10
SWG 9675Sunwing2017-06-03
SWQ 2210Swift Air2:00 PM2016-10-17
SWQ 2316Swift Air11:00 PM2016-10-19
SWQ 2518Swift Air10:30 PM2018-11-01
SWQ 2522Swift Air10:30 PM2016-11-20
SWQ 2541Swift Air10:30 PM2017-12-29
SWQ 2653Swift Air9:30 AM2018-03-07
SWQ 2726Swift Air10:30 PM2017-12-14
SWQ 2860Swift Air11:00 PM2018-04-04
TGO 998Transport Canada10:35 AM2018-01-19
TS 26Air Transat7:00 AM2018-11-01
TS 263Air Transat6:45 PM10:55 PM2017-11-12
TS 30Air Transat6:30 PM2017-06-07
TS 790Air Transat4:05 PM2017-04-28
TS 83Air Transat6:45 PM2018-06-05
VTE 207Contour Aviation4:00 PM2017-09-26
VTE 209Contour Aviation3:00 PM2017-10-14
W8 554Cargojet2:55 AM6:15 AM2018-11-17
W8 574Cargojet9:45 PM2018-11-20
WEN 3166WestJet Encore5:20 PM2017-03-12
WEN 3386WestJet Encore9:15 AM2017-03-11
WEN 3390WestJet Encore10:00 PM2017-03-12
WEN 4726WestJet Encore7:15 AM2017-12-29
WEN 8985WestJet Encore7:15 PM2017-12-30
WEN 8986WestJet Encore6:45 AM2018-05-15
WEN 8987WestJet Encore12:45 PM2017-02-11
WEN 8989WestJet Encore1:00 PM2018-03-15
WS 108WestJet7:30 AM2017-10-28
WS 140WestJet10:40 AM12:59 PM2017-04-28
WS 150WestJet3:25 PM5:56 PM2017-04-12
WS 162WestJet12:00 PM2:27 PM2017-11-21
WS 166WestJet5:00 PM7:29 PM2018-11-21
WS 170WestJet7:30 PM2017-10-28
WS 176WestJet1:00 PM3:10 PM2017-10-28
WS 178WestJet6:10 AM8:13 AM2018-01-03
WS 180WestJet2:00 PM4:29 PM2018-11-20
WS 186WestJet7:00 PM2018-11-21
WS 3164WestJet8:10 AM9:19 AM2017-04-23
WS 3166WestJet10:00 PM2018-11-18
WS 3170WestJet7:00 PM9:45 PM2018-11-18
WS 320WestJet10:00 AM2018-11-20
WS 3238WestJet6:30 AM7:39 AM2017-01-18
WS 3360WestJet6:45 AM2018-10-20
WS 3386WestJet10:25 AM1:10 PM2017-10-28
WS 3390WestJet3:20 PM5:47 PM2017-04-23
WS 376WestJet9:45 PM2018-11-17
WS 3890WestJet2:30 PM3:25 PM2017-10-29
WS 408WestJet8:00 AM2016-09-05
WS 412WestJet10:00 PM2018-08-05
WS 4296WestJet11:15 PM1:00 AM2017-12-30
WS 454WestJet7:00 AM9:31 AM2018-11-20
WS 816WestJet7:30 AM2018-03-26
WS 844WestJet3:00 PM2017-02-24
WS 882WestJet10:30 AM4:15 PM2016-11-01
WS 886WestJet10:00 PM12:10 AM2017-10-24
WS 8975WestJet9:00 AM2018-09-16
WS 8977WestJet4:40 PM2016-12-11
WS 8978WestJet7:00 AM2016-12-09
WS 8980WestJet7:00 AM2018-02-15
WS 8981WestJet9:15 PM2016-12-09
WS 902WestJet8:00 AM9:01 AM2017-07-27
WS 908WestJet8:00 AM2018-11-19
WS 910WestJet3:20 PM5:41 PM2018-01-06
WS 916WestJet10:30 AM4:14 PM2017-01-24
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