Flights from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Phoenix, US (PHX)

List of all flights from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Phoenix, US (PHX), list of airlines operating on the route from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Phoenix, US (PHX), departures from YVR and arrivals to PHX. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Canada to United States). There are 48 flights on this route. The distance from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Phoenix, US (PHX) is 1,980 km (1,231 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Vancouver International Airport - is GMT-08:00. The current time is Tuesday 2018-11-20 06:52 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport - is GMT-07:00, The current time is Tuesday 2018-11-20 07:52 PM.


List of 48 flights operating on the route from Vancouver, CA (YVR) to Phoenix, US (PHX).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 262NetJets Aviation9:12 AM2017-06-19
1I 525NetJets Aviation3:48 PM5:54 PM2017-03-18
1I 730NetJets Aviation8:00 AM2017-03-21
AA 1168American Airlines1:25 PM3:49 PM2017-01-08
AA 1175American Airlines4:55 PM6:47 PM2017-08-19
AA 1203American Airlines4:43 PM2018-06-06
AA 1380American Airlines1:22 PM5:25 PM2017-06-01
AA 1465American Airlines8:20 AM12:29 PM2018-11-20
AA 1804American Airlines8:46 AM12:15 PM2018-04-03
AA 2029American Airlines11:57 AM3:34 PM2018-06-05
AA 2189American Airlines8:15 PM2017-08-21
AA 2480American Airlines7:10 PM2018-05-03
AA 2733American Airlines5:05 PM2017-10-05
AA 354American Airlines6:20 PM9:14 PM2017-02-15
AA 409American Airlines7:55 AM9:42 AM2016-11-19
AA 411American Airlines6:45 AM9:34 AM2016-10-01
AA 440American Airlines5:45 PM8:02 PM2018-04-02
AA 475American Airlines7:05 AM10:07 AM2018-10-04
AA 477American Airlines6:48 AM8:52 AM2018-01-07
AA 483American Airlines10:55 PM2018-04-02
AA 500American Airlines2:45 PM6:33 PM2017-08-21
AA 548American Airlines3:43 PM5:14 PM2016-10-05
AA 5789American Airlines12:30 PM1:58 PM2017-12-15
AA 5975American Airlines6:53 AM9:20 AM2017-12-14
AA 612American Airlines10:21 AM1:31 PM2016-10-05
AA 796American Airlines10:59 PM2:03 AM2018-01-07
AC 1054Air Canada11:50 AM3:53 PM2018-11-19
AC 1840Air Canada9:05 AM11:55 AM2017-04-29
AC 7038Air Canada1:30 PM4:14 PM2018-03-10
AC 7081Air Canada12:30 PM8:04 PM2018-02-16
AC 7083Air Canada9:30 AM2018-02-23
AC 8228Air Canada9:40 AM12:40 PM2018-10-27
AF 3004Air France11:45 AM12:55 PM2017-12-28
AF 3005Air France6:15 PM2017-10-28
AF 3012Air France6:00 AM7:25 AM2018-09-30
BSK 582Miami Air International4:55 PM2017-03-11
DL 7658Delta Air Lines9:10 AM1:13 PM2018-11-20
EAL 5243Eastern Air Lines10:30 PM2017-01-21
QK 8228Jazz8:00 AM11:00 AM2017-05-30
RV* 1994Air Canada Rouge10:00 AM2017-12-20
UA 8022United Airlines7:30 AM3:04 PM2017-04-29
UA 8166United Airlines11:50 AM3:53 PM2018-11-19
WS 1022WestJet8:00 AM11:23 AM2017-12-28
WS 1682WestJet1:41 PM4:40 PM2018-10-25
WS 1770WestJet9:10 AM1:13 PM2018-11-20
WS 4270WestJet1:51 PM5:50 PM2018-02-24
WS 4370WestJet3:54 PM7:28 PM2017-12-21
YV 9820Mesa Airlines11:45 AM2017-12-05

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