Flights from Montréal, CA (YUL) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL)

List of all flights from Montréal, CA (YUL) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL), list of airlines operating on the route from Montréal, CA (YUL) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL), departures from YUL and arrivals to FLL. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Canada to United States). There are 48 flights on this route. The distance from Montréal, CA (YUL) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL) is 2,231 km (1,386 miles). Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-05:00). The current time on both airports is Saturday 2018-02-17 06:37 PM.


List of 48 flights operating on the route from Montréal, CA (YUL) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 219NetJets Aviation1:57 PM2:57 PM2017-03-22
1I 337NetJets Aviation8:06 AM2018-01-31
1I 342NetJets Aviation6:12 AM8:54 AM2018-01-19
1I 523NetJets Aviation1:00 PM2018-01-19
AC 1600Air Canada6:40 AM10:19 AM2018-02-17
AC 1602Air Canada4:00 PM7:39 PM2018-02-17
AC 1604Air Canada1:45 PM5:09 PM2017-10-28
AC 1606Air Canada5:10 PM8:49 PM2018-02-17
AC 1608Air Canada7:55 PM11:27 PM2017-04-17
AC 2060Air Canada5:00 AM6:17 AM2016-11-18
AC 7082Air Canada6:30 PM7:29 PM2017-03-14
AC 7083Air Canada6:30 PM7:39 PM2017-12-09
AC 900Air Canada6:45 AM10:33 AM2017-03-07
AF 3733Air France2:00 PM3:38 PM2016-10-29
AF 7271Air France8:00 AM11:37 AM2017-11-27
LXJ 450Flexjet4:23 PM2017-09-18
LXJ 549Flexjet9:30 AM2017-02-10
LXJ 583Flexjet2:00 PM2017-12-20
LXJ 584Flexjet12:43 PM2017-12-18
RV* 1600Air Canada Rouge2:15 PM2017-05-30
RV* 1604Air Canada Rouge1:40 PM2017-05-25
RV* 1994Air Canada Rouge10:00 AM2017-11-11
RV* 7088Air Canada Rouge9:00 PM2017-09-06
RV* 7094Air Canada Rouge6:25 AM2017-06-08
RV* 7096Air Canada Rouge7:00 AM2017-09-07
SN 9643Brussels Airlines5:10 PM8:49 PM2018-02-17
SWG 2070Sunwing11:00 AM2018-02-03
SWG 24Sunwing8:00 AM11:50 AM2018-02-17
SWG 62Sunwing7:15 AM11:05 AM2018-02-11
SWG 9064Sunwing6:30 PM2017-03-19
SWQ 2906Swift Air10:30 PM2017-09-30
SWQ 2914Swift Air11:00 PM2017-10-25
TS 43Air Transat7:00 AM2017-09-08
TS 508Air Transat8:40 AM12:40 PM2017-04-19
TS 570Air Transat9:15 AM12:30 PM2017-04-21
TS 842Air Transat6:45 AM10:20 AM2017-10-28
TS 934Air Transat6:30 AM10:20 AM2018-02-11
TS 942Air Transat6:45 AM10:35 AM2018-02-17
TS 944Air Transat6:30 AM10:20 AM2018-02-16
UA 8032United Airlines9:40 AM5:49 PM2017-05-29
UA 8035United Airlines5:10 PM8:49 PM2018-02-17
UA 8084United Airlines1:45 PM5:09 PM2017-10-28
UA 8088United Airlines4:00 PM7:39 PM2018-02-17
UA 8090United Airlines11:30 PM7:11 AM2017-04-01
UA 8092United Airlines3:10 PM4:50 PM2017-04-17
UA 8126United Airlines1:35 PM2:47 PM2017-04-15
WS 1054WestJet8:00 AM11:55 AM2018-02-17
WS 1058WestJet4:20 PM7:56 PM2017-04-29

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