Flights from Edmonton, CA (YEG) to Vancouver, CA (YVR)

List of all flights from Edmonton, CA (YEG) to Vancouver, CA (YVR), list of airlines operating on the route from Edmonton, CA (YEG) to Vancouver, CA (YVR), departures from YEG and arrivals to YVR. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 268 flights on this route. The distance from Edmonton, CA (YEG) to Vancouver, CA (YVR) is 809 km (503 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Edmonton International Airport - is GMT-06:00. The current time is Wednesday 2019-07-17 05:28 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Vancouver International Airport - is GMT-07:00, The current time is Wednesday 2019-07-17 04:28 PM.

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Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 566NetJets Aviation6:39 PM2018-02-07
1I 629NetJets Aviation4:00 AM4:24 AM2017-05-16
1I 775NetJets Aviation4:30 PM5:35 PM2017-04-21
3H 354Air Inuit12:00 PM2016-12-14
4N 100Air North2:00 PM2016-09-06
4N 559Air North6:55 PM2018-06-25
4N 7382Air North12:30 AM2017-07-29
5T 9070Canadian North1:25 PM2:00 PM2018-08-08
5T 9100Canadian North12:01 AM2018-04-06
5Y 7619Atlas Air10:30 PM2017-03-15
9M 1772Central Mountain Air6:30 PM7:25 PM2018-07-03
AA 8113American Airlines10:15 AM10:54 AM2018-01-15
AA 8177American Airlines6:20 PM9:30 PM2017-08-22
AC 1335Air Canada8:30 PM9:11 PM2018-12-27
AC 1351Air Canada6:20 PM9:30 PM2016-12-30
AC 1363Air Canada12:05 PM3:06 PM2017-01-01
AC 2037Air Canada9:45 AM6:57 PM2016-10-29
AC 233Air Canada6:45 AM7:18 AM2019-04-01
AC 235Air Canada6:30 AM7:02 AM2019-07-17
AC 237Air Canada8:00 AM8:32 AM2019-07-17
AC 239Air Canada10:25 AM10:58 AM2019-06-14
AC 241Air Canada12:20 PM12:52 PM2019-07-17
AC 243Air Canada2:20 PM2:52 PM2019-07-17
AC 247Air Canada3:45 PM4:18 PM2019-04-30
AC 249Air Canada3:25 PM3:58 PM2019-06-14
AC 251Air Canada5:30 PM6:02 PM2019-07-17
AC 253Air Canada7:00 PM7:32 PM2019-07-17
AC 255Air Canada8:00 PM8:32 PM2019-07-17
AC 257Air Canada9:35 PM10:07 PM2019-07-16
AC 7017Air Canada10:00 PM2017-10-10
AC 7027Air Canada8:30 PM11:00 PM2016-11-14
AC 7037Air Canada11:00 PM2018-09-26
AC 7038Air Canada7:00 PM9:24 PM2017-04-10
AC 7039Air Canada11:59 PM12:53 AM2018-03-28
AC 7040Air Canada2:00 PM2:52 PM2019-01-15
AC 7046Air Canada11:00 PM12:29 AM2017-12-01
AC 7051Air Canada6:20 AM8:02 AM2019-01-09
AC 7053Air Canada4:40 PM4:55 PM2019-02-23
AC 7055Air Canada2:40 PM2:54 PM2018-11-01
AC 7061Air Canada1:30 PM2018-09-06
AC 7063Air Canada7:00 PM7:23 PM2019-05-30
AC 7065Air Canada8:30 PM1:36 AM2017-11-09
AC 7066Air Canada9:30 PM10:20 PM2018-01-31
AC 7067Air Canada1:00 PM3:29 PM2017-04-18
AC 7069Air Canada7:15 PM2017-11-09
AC 7071Air Canada11:00 AM11:53 AM2018-09-19
AC 7073Air Canada8:30 AM3:37 PM2019-03-04
AC 7081Air Canada10:30 AM5:22 PM2019-04-03
AC 7083Air Canada8:30 PM11:24 PM2017-03-01
AC 7087Air Canada7:10 AM2017-05-03
AC 7088Air Canada5:00 PM2018-12-27
AC 7093Air Canada2:00 PM2:56 PM2019-02-22
AC 8019Air Canada6:15 AM8:13 AM2017-04-23
AC 8029Air Canada7:50 PM11:15 PM2017-04-29
AC 8037Air Canada3:10 PM4:04 PM2016-12-28
AC 8167Air Canada3:40 PM4:35 PM2018-09-10
AC 8175Air Canada8:55 AM10:40 AM2017-04-29
AC 8491Air Canada10:00 AM10:32 AM2019-07-16
AC 8495Air Canada3:25 PM3:57 PM2019-07-17
AC 8619Air Canada6:45 AM7:20 AM2019-05-01
ADN 47Aero Dienst5:15 PM2018-12-05
AF 3000Air France6:15 PM7:47 PM2019-04-21
AF 3002Air France6:15 PM8:25 PM2018-12-28
AF 3004Air France3:59 PM5:27 PM2019-03-24
AF 3009Air France6:45 PM7:47 PM2019-07-13
AF 3011Air France1:00 PM3:24 PM2017-12-01
AF 3016Air France2:00 PM4:24 PM2017-04-28
AF 3734Air France7:00 AM7:34 AM2019-07-17
AF 5129Air France7:05 PM9:33 PM2019-03-17
AF 5130Air France1:45 PM5:00 PM2019-03-29
AF 5131Air France10:15 AM11:11 AM2019-07-15
AF 6560Air France11:30 PM6:35 AM2017-04-16
AF 6587Air France9:45 PM12:49 AM2017-11-19
AM 7101Aeromexico12:15 PM12:49 PM2019-07-14
AM 7103Aeromexico10:15 AM10:49 AM2019-07-14
AM 7353Aeromexico8:45 PM9:19 PM2019-07-17
AM 7355Aeromexico5:15 PM5:49 PM2019-07-17
ASP 511AirSprint9:45 AM2019-07-05
ASP 519AirSprint4:00 PM2019-04-24
ASP 524AirSprint12:45 PM2:12 PM2019-04-16
ASP 812AirSprint3:20 PM5:19 PM2019-04-23
ASP 822AirSprint7:30 PM2019-06-13
BA 6450British Airways8:15 AM2016-10-14
BA 6452British Airways9:25 AM2016-10-16
BR 3085EVA Air9:35 PM10:07 PM2019-07-16
BR 3087EVA Air8:00 PM8:32 PM2019-07-17
BSK 392Miami Air International2:00 PM2017-03-11
CA 7486Air China7:45 AM8:26 AM2019-03-09
CA 7488Air China12:20 PM12:52 PM2019-07-17
CA 7490Air China10:00 AM10:32 AM2019-07-16
CI 9317China Airlines10:15 PM10:48 PM2019-05-13
CI 9325China Airlines8:45 PM9:19 PM2019-07-17
CI 9347China Airlines4:00 PM4:40 PM2017-01-24
CNK 297Sunwest Aviation6:45 AM7:39 AM2018-03-30
CNK 350Sunwest Aviation9:10 AM2019-01-21
CNK 440Sunwest Aviation7:00 AM7:50 AM2017-08-19
CNK 622Sunwest Aviation7:00 AM2017-10-14
CNK 633Sunwest Aviation7:22 AM7:49 AM2019-02-07
CNK 645Sunwest Aviation4:00 PM2017-01-14
CNK 657Sunwest Aviation6:15 AM7:05 AM2018-09-05
CNK 678Sunwest Aviation2:30 PM2018-12-04
CNK 735Sunwest Aviation11:45 AM1:42 PM2017-09-22
CNK 762Sunwest Aviation2:15 PM3:11 PM2018-05-01
CNK 800Sunwest Aviation12:30 PM2016-10-07
CX 1501Cathay Pacific12:20 PM12:52 PM2019-07-17
CX 1503Cathay Pacific12:30 PM1:26 PM2018-06-29
CX 7001Cathay Pacific12:15 PM12:49 PM2019-07-17
CX 7003Cathay Pacific10:15 AM11:11 AM2019-07-13
CX 7005Cathay Pacific1:15 PM1:49 PM2019-07-17
CX 7009Cathay Pacific7:00 AM7:34 AM2019-07-16
CX 7011Cathay Pacific10:15 PM10:48 PM2019-05-13
CX 7019Cathay Pacific8:45 PM9:19 PM2019-07-17
CZ 4463China Southern Airlines8:45 PM9:19 PM2019-07-17
CZ 7501China Southern Airlines5:15 PM5:49 PM2019-07-17
CZ 7503China Southern Airlines7:00 AM7:34 AM2019-07-17
CZ 7527China Southern Airlines10:15 AM11:11 AM2019-07-16
DL 7209Delta Air Lines3:15 PM3:49 PM2019-07-17
DL 7567Delta Air Lines10:15 AM11:11 AM2019-07-16
DL 8946Delta Air Lines11:30 PM1:46 AM2018-03-26
DL 8947Delta Air Lines10:30 PM11:28 PM2018-01-24
DL 8948Delta Air Lines10:30 PM11:52 PM2019-03-27
DL 8950Delta Air Lines10:30 PM2019-03-12
DL 8951Delta Air Lines11:30 AM6:11 PM2018-12-15
DL 8952Delta Air Lines10:30 PM11:28 PM2016-10-27
EAL 5242Eastern Air Lines10:30 PM2017-01-19
F8* 101Flair Airlines1:40 PM4:50 PM2017-05-27
F8* 133Flair Airlines10:15 PM2018-05-28
F8* 135Flair Airlines7:00 AM7:35 AM2018-10-21
F8* 139Flair Airlines1:30 PM2:05 PM2019-07-17
F8* 211Flair Airlines10:20 PM10:52 PM2018-02-20
F8* 311Flair Airlines7:25 AM9:30 AM2018-12-14
F8* 415Flair Airlines11:15 AM2019-06-14
F8* 612Flair Airlines10:20 PM11:05 PM2019-04-01
F8* 841Flair Airlines12:50 PM1:22 PM2018-12-15
HX 3609Hong Kong Airlines1:15 PM1:48 PM2019-05-06
HX 3611Hong Kong Airlines7:00 AM7:34 AM2019-07-17
HX 3613Hong Kong Airlines8:15 AM8:55 AM2019-04-21
JL 5803JAL12:15 PM12:49 PM2019-07-17
KE 6510Korean Air12:15 PM12:49 PM2019-07-17
KE 6512Korean Air10:15 AM11:11 AM2019-07-16
KL 9557KLM3:15 PM3:49 PM2019-07-17
KL 9659KLM5:00 PM6:02 PM2019-04-28
KL 9683KLM10:15 PM10:53 PM2019-03-25
KL 9717KLM1:30 PM2:08 PM2019-03-28
KL 9807KLM7:00 PM7:34 PM2017-04-30
KL 9812KLM5:15 PM5:49 PM2019-07-17
LA 5183LATAM Airlines1:15 PM1:49 PM2019-07-17
LA 5186LATAM Airlines12:25 PM1:25 PM2019-05-28
LA 5187LATAM Airlines10:15 PM11:50 PM2019-04-21
LA 5197LATAM Airlines11:30 AM12:02 PM2019-06-09
LA 5200LATAM Airlines6:15 AM7:26 AM2019-07-14
LA 5202LATAM Airlines7:00 PM2018-11-02
LA 5203LATAM Airlines6:15 AM8:16 AM2017-06-21
LA 5205LATAM Airlines2:05 PM3:12 PM2017-10-28
LA 5210LATAM Airlines6:30 AM7:37 AM2017-11-03
LA 5211LATAM Airlines8:30 AM2017-08-26
MAL 7091Morningstar Air Express3:13 AM2018-02-20
MAL 7940Morningstar Air Express3:45 PM2018-12-14
MAL 8985Morningstar Air Express8:15 AM2017-08-03
MAL 8988Morningstar Air Express4:30 PM2018-08-04
MU 8014China Eastern Airlines7:00 AM7:34 AM2019-07-17
MU 8042China Eastern Airlines10:15 AM10:49 AM2019-07-14
MU 8048China Eastern Airlines7:00 AM7:34 AM2019-07-16
MU 8064China Eastern Airlines8:45 PM9:19 PM2019-07-09
NCB 102North Cariboo Air10:30 AM2017-03-22
NCB 1022North Cariboo Air3:30 PM2018-02-18
NCB 1036North Cariboo Air3:15 PM2017-04-07
NCB 1055North Cariboo Air2019-03-15
NCB 1080North Cariboo Air2:00 PM2017-01-01
NCB 1082North Cariboo Air8:15 PM2016-11-23
NCB 1083North Cariboo Air6:20 PM2016-11-02
NCB 1085North Cariboo Air1:45 PM2019-03-05
NCB 1099North Cariboo Air2:45 PM2017-12-05
NCB 4057North Cariboo Air3:30 PM2019-05-10
NCB 437North Cariboo Air11:12 AM2018-02-17
NH 6837ANA2:20 PM2:52 PM2019-07-17
NZ 4501Air New Zealand11:00 AM11:46 AM2016-12-28
NZ 4503Air New Zealand8:00 AM8:32 AM2019-07-17
NZ 4505Air New Zealand10:25 AM10:58 AM2019-06-14
NZ 4507Air New Zealand12:20 PM12:52 PM2019-07-17
NZ 4509Air New Zealand8:20 AM11:54 AM2017-10-29
NZ 4511Air New Zealand5:15 PM8:40 PM2016-10-30
NZ 4513Air New Zealand5:30 PM6:02 PM2019-07-17
NZ 4715Air New Zealand6:25 PM7:00 PM2016-10-29
NZ 4717Air New Zealand2:20 PM2:52 PM2019-07-17
ORK 901Orca Airways10:50 AM2017-11-19
ORK 902Orca Airways1:30 PM2017-09-17
PR 1901Philippine Airlines8:45 PM9:19 PM2019-07-17
PR 1903Philippine Airlines5:15 PM5:48 PM2019-05-13
PR 1905Philippine Airlines7:00 AM7:48 AM2019-01-31
PR 1911Philippine Airlines10:15 PM10:53 PM2019-03-30
QF 3386Qantas12:15 PM12:49 PM2019-07-17
QF 3436Qantas5:00 PM6:02 PM2019-04-28
QF 3456Qantas5:15 PM5:49 PM2019-07-17
QF 3980Qantas1:15 PM1:49 PM2019-07-17
QK 7051Jazz11:45 AM12:28 PM2016-11-20
QK 7080Jazz8:30 AM2017-12-24
QK 8029Jazz3:20 PM3:58 PM2017-03-12
QK 8619Jazz6:45 AM7:18 AM2019-04-09
QK 8771Jazz2:20 AM2017-12-15
SWG 211Sunwing12:15 PM7:10 PM2019-05-03
SWG 245Sunwing7:00 AM7:35 AM2018-05-18
SWG 246Sunwing4:15 PM8:30 PM2018-05-19
SWG 507Sunwing7:40 AM2:15 PM2018-10-30
SWG 559Sunwing9:35 AM4:30 PM2019-05-17
SWG 560Sunwing10:40 PM11:25 PM2019-05-25
SWG 561Sunwing11:45 AM2:05 PM2016-12-24
SWG 585Sunwing8:00 AM4:00 PM2017-10-31
SWG 9488Sunwing11:10 PM2017-10-15
SWG 9585Sunwing8:00 AM2018-10-14
SWG 9674Sunwing6:30 AM2017-05-26
SWQ 2338Swift Air11:00 PM2017-12-22
TS 15Air Transat1:30 PM2017-11-13
TS 189Air Transat1:40 PM4:05 PM2017-12-12
TS 57Air Transat3:35 PM4:15 PM2018-10-12
TS 581Air Transat10:25 AM12:50 PM2016-12-19
TS 791Air Transat5:35 PM2017-04-22
TS 83Air Transat2:45 PM2018-04-22
W8 1581Cargojet5:10 AM2016-12-02
W8 555Cargojet11:45 PM2019-07-06
W8 573Cargojet8:40 PM2019-04-26
W8 583Cargojet1:15 AM2019-07-10
WEN 3125WestJet Encore7:00 PM7:17 PM2017-03-11
WEN 3141WestJet Encore5:00 PM6:02 PM2019-04-06
WEN 3165WestJet Encore7:35 AM2017-03-12
WEN 3167WestJet Encore10:05 PM11:02 PM2017-03-12
WEN 3169WestJet Encore7:30 PM8:32 PM2019-04-07
WEN 4735WestJet Encore10:15 PM2017-12-25
WS 107WestJet7:00 PM7:36 PM2017-10-28
WS 109WestJet3:45 PM4:16 PM2017-04-29
WS 135WestJet6:30 PM6:58 PM2017-10-28
WS 137WestJet7:30 PM7:58 PM2017-04-28
WS 141WestJet5:15 PM5:49 PM2019-07-17
WS 157WestJet11:55 AM12:51 PM2016-10-22
WS 159WestJet8:15 AM8:55 AM2019-04-21
WS 161WestJet10:15 AM10:49 AM2019-07-14
WS 163WestJet7:59 AM2017-09-04
WS 165WestJet12:15 PM12:49 PM2019-07-17
WS 171WestJet7:00 AM7:34 AM2019-07-17
WS 177WestJet1:15 PM1:49 PM2019-07-17
WS 195WestJet11:00 PM11:30 PM2017-10-28
WS 199WestJet8:45 PM9:19 PM2019-07-17
WS 211WestJet3:15 PM3:49 PM2019-07-17
WS 3125WestJet6:30 PM6:19 PM2017-04-29
WS 3141WestJet5:00 PM6:02 PM2019-04-28
WS 3165WestJet11:45 AM12:47 PM2019-04-21
WS 3167WestJet10:00 PM11:02 PM2019-04-28
WS 3169WestJet7:30 PM8:32 PM2019-04-21
WS 3171WestJet10:00 AM10:53 AM2016-10-16
WS 3239WestJet12:30 PM2:53 PM2016-12-10
WS 3269WestJet2:10 PM2017-04-16
WS 3361WestJet10:15 AM11:11 AM2019-07-16
WS 337WestJet10:15 PM10:48 PM2019-05-13
WS 3395WestJet7:00 AM7:54 AM2017-10-29
WS 3887WestJet5:34 PM6:30 PM2017-03-13
WS 391WestJet7:35 AM2017-10-27
WS 409WestJet2016-08-30
WS 4211WestJet9:40 AM10:25 AM2017-12-30
WS 817WestJet7:45 AM10:11 AM2018-03-19
WS 839WestJet2:00 PM2:39 PM2019-01-05
WS 845WestJet4:15 PM4:49 PM2018-04-07
WS 881WestJet3:30 PM5:36 PM2017-10-11
WS 883WestJet8:30 PM8:58 PM2016-10-26
WS 905WestJet12:30 PM1:19 PM2016-12-21
WS 909WestJet11:00 AM11:39 AM2018-01-05
WS 9901WestJet4:00 PM2018-10-28
XE* 650JetSuiteX10:00 PM2:59 AM2019-02-08
XOJ 790XOJET9:30 AM2016-12-06
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