Flights from Taipei, TW (TPE) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG)

List of all flights from Taipei, TW (TPE) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG), list of airlines operating on the route from Taipei, TW (TPE) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG), departures from TPE and arrivals to HKG. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Taiwan to Hong Kong). There are 158 flights on this route. The distance from Taipei, TW (TPE) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG) is 806 km (501 miles). Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT+08:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2018-10-22 10:11 AM.

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List of 158 flights operating on the route from Taipei, TW (TPE) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
B7 867UNI Air10:20 AM12:05 PM2017-05-24
BR 1355EVA Air3:50 AM5:30 AM2018-03-29
BR 1357EVA Air2:50 AM4:30 AM2017-04-14
BR 1369EVA Air4:10 AM5:55 AM2017-12-22
BR 1381EVA Air9:35 AM2016-08-30
BR 1385EVA Air2016-08-29
BR 1809EVA Air6:30 PM8:20 PM2016-12-24
BR 2891EVA Air8:50 PM10:55 PM2018-10-19
BR 2893EVA Air3:45 PM5:30 PM2018-10-03
BR 2895EVA Air8:00 AM9:55 AM2018-10-19
BR 2897EVA Air12:15 PM2:15 PM2018-10-19
BR 2899EVA Air3:45 PM6:20 PM2018-10-19
BR 6089EVA Air2:40 AM4:35 AM2018-10-20
BR 6521EVA Air9:55 AM11:50 AM2018-10-16
BR 6527EVA Air7:30 AM9:30 AM2017-03-20
BR 6529EVA Air6:55 PM8:55 PM2018-03-24
BR 6535EVA Air11:55 PM1:50 AM2018-10-19
BR 6537EVA Air11:00 PM12:55 AM2018-10-18
BR 6817EVA Air7:05 AM2018-10-20
BR 809EVA Air7:00 PM8:45 PM2018-10-19
BR 827EVA Air9:50 PM11:45 PM2018-10-21
BR 851EVA Air8:15 AM10:05 AM2018-10-22
BR 855EVA Air2:10 PM4:00 PM2018-10-21
BR 857EVA Air6:10 PM7:55 PM2018-10-21
BR 867EVA Air10:20 AM2018-10-22
BR 869EVA Air12:40 PM2:25 PM2018-10-21
BR 871EVA Air4:40 PM6:25 PM2018-10-21
BR 891EVA Air7:00 AM8:50 AM2018-10-22
CI 2601China Airlines6:30 PM8:20 PM2017-04-17
CI 2621China Airlines8:10 PM10:00 PM2018-04-02
CI 2641China Airlines9:05 PM10:55 PM2017-01-31
CI 2903China Airlines8:00 PM9:50 PM2017-02-01
CI 2909China Airlines7:20 PM9:10 PM2018-04-02
CI 2919China Airlines6:35 PM8:25 PM2017-02-03
CI 3641China Airlines6:50 PM8:40 PM2018-02-19
CI 3903China Airlines10:00 PM11:50 PM2017-04-17
CI 3915China Airlines8:30 PM10:20 PM2018-04-02
CI 3921China Airlines2:40 AM4:30 AM2017-01-28
CI 5821China Airlines11:00 PM12:30 AM2018-10-21
CI 5823China Airlines11:00 PM12:30 AM2018-10-19
CI 5825China Airlines5:00 PM6:30 PM2018-10-21
CI 5833China Airlines8:00 PM9:35 PM2018-10-19
CI 5835China Airlines11:00 PM12:30 AM2018-10-18
CI 5837China Airlines4:30 PM6:05 PM2018-10-20
CI 601China Airlines7:25 AM9:15 AM2018-10-22
CI 621China Airlines6:05 PM8:10 PM2018-03-24
CI 641China Airlines8:45 AM10:40 AM2018-10-22
CI 677China Airlines10:05 PM11:50 PM2017-10-26
CI 679China Airlines4:35 PM8:20 PM2018-06-30
CI 6843China Airlines5:00 PM6:30 PM2018-10-19
CI 6981China Airlines12:15 PM3:45 PM2018-10-21
CI 903China Airlines8:15 AM10:05 AM2018-10-22
CI 909China Airlines11:00 AM2018-10-22
CI 915China Airlines2:35 PM4:30 PM2018-10-21
CI 919China Airlines4:55 PM6:50 PM2018-10-21
CI 921China Airlines10:05 PM11:50 PM2018-10-21
CI 923China Airlines6:10 PM8:05 PM2018-10-21
CI 927China Airlines7:30 PM9:25 PM2018-10-21
CX 2025Cathay Pacific8:05 PM10:10 PM2017-12-28
CX 2035Cathay Pacific7:10 PM10:00 PM2018-01-28
CX 2045Cathay Pacific9:25 AM1:30 PM2018-01-21
CX 2407Cathay Pacific8:10 PM10:15 PM2018-02-11
CX 2475Cathay Pacific9:15 PM11:15 PM2017-01-02
CX 25Cathay Pacific10:20 PM12:20 AM2018-10-19
CX 2565Cathay Pacific1:45 PM3:40 PM2018-03-25
CX 344Cathay Pacific12:50 PM7:20 AM2017-08-27
CX 35Cathay Pacific10:10 PM12:45 AM2018-09-05
CX 401Cathay Pacific7:30 PM9:30 PM2018-03-24
CX 403Cathay Pacific9:05 AM11:05 AM2018-10-22
CX 405Cathay Pacific5:45 PM7:50 PM2018-03-24
CX 407Cathay Pacific8:00 AM9:50 AM2018-10-22
CX 409Cathay Pacific7:20 PM9:15 PM2017-10-28
CX 421Cathay Pacific11:50 AM2018-10-22
CX 433Cathay Pacific1:55 PM4:55 PM2018-02-23
CX 439Cathay Pacific1:35 PM4:20 PM2018-06-07
CX 443Cathay Pacific4:10 PM6:10 PM2018-10-21
CX 451Cathay Pacific7:30 PM9:25 PM2018-10-21
CX 461Cathay Pacific1:00 PM3:05 PM2018-10-21
CX 463Cathay Pacific6:00 AM7:50 AM2018-01-08
CX 465Cathay Pacific7:00 AM8:45 AM2018-10-22
CX 467Cathay Pacific3:20 PM5:25 PM2018-10-21
CX 469Cathay Pacific10:00 AM2018-10-22
CX 471Cathay Pacific8:55 AM10:50 AM2018-10-22
CX 473Cathay Pacific6:45 PM8:45 PM2018-10-21
CX 475Cathay Pacific11:15 AM1:20 PM2018-03-24
CX 485Cathay Pacific5:45 PM7:40 PM2018-10-21
CX 495Cathay Pacific1:20 PM3:25 PM2018-10-21
CX 5Cathay Pacific12:25 PM2:25 PM2018-10-21
CX 503Cathay Pacific10:00 AM2017-05-24
CX 507Cathay Pacific2018-07-23
CX 511Cathay Pacific1:00 PM3:15 PM2017-10-29
CX 523Cathay Pacific10:00 AM2018-10-21
CX 531Cathay Pacific8:00 PM9:55 PM2018-10-21
CX 539Cathay Pacific4:10 PM7:20 PM2018-06-07
CX 5397Cathay Pacific6:35 AM10:20 AM2018-04-08
CX 5483Cathay Pacific9:10 PM10:55 PM2018-10-19
CX 5485Cathay Pacific10:50 AM12:50 PM2018-10-19
CX 5487Cathay Pacific10:45 AM12:45 PM2018-03-24
CX 565Cathay Pacific7:20 PM9:15 PM2018-10-21
CX 5993Cathay Pacific6:35 PM10:20 PM2017-09-03
CX 841Cathay Pacific10:00 AM2018-04-24
CX 893Cathay Pacific1:35 AM7:45 AM2017-02-11
HX 1809Hong Kong Airlines7:00 PM8:45 PM2018-10-19
HX 1827Hong Kong Airlines9:50 PM11:45 PM2018-10-19
HX 1851Hong Kong Airlines8:15 AM10:05 AM2018-10-19
HX 1855Hong Kong Airlines2:10 PM4:00 PM2018-10-19
HX 1857Hong Kong Airlines6:10 PM7:55 PM2018-10-19
HX 1867Hong Kong Airlines10:20 AM12:10 PM2018-10-19
HX 1869Hong Kong Airlines12:40 PM2:25 PM2018-10-19
HX 1871Hong Kong Airlines4:40 PM6:25 PM2018-10-19
HX 1891Hong Kong Airlines7:00 AM8:50 AM2018-10-19
HX 253Hong Kong Airlines12:15 PM2:15 PM2018-10-21
HX 255Hong Kong Airlines3:45 PM6:20 PM2018-10-19
HX 265Hong Kong Airlines2:55 PM4:55 PM2018-10-21
HX 283Hong Kong Airlines8:50 PM10:55 PM2018-10-21
HX 285Hong Kong Airlines8:00 AM9:55 AM2018-10-22
HX 9269Hong Kong Airlines2:40 AM4:25 AM2017-11-03
HX 9999Hong Kong Airlines2018-09-19
JL 7021JAL1:45 PM3:45 PM2018-10-19
JL 7037JAL8:00 PM9:55 PM2018-10-19
JL 7045JAL7:30 PM9:25 PM2018-10-19
JL 7055JAL7:20 PM9:15 PM2018-10-19
JL 7057JAL1:00 PM3:15 PM2017-10-29
KA 2487Cathay Dragon9:50 PM11:45 PM2018-01-01
KA 379Cathay Dragon4:55 PM6:35 PM2018-07-17
KA 397Cathay Dragon6:35 AM10:20 AM2018-04-08
KA 442Cathay Dragon10:55 AM12:25 PM2018-10-16
KA 483Dragonair9:10 PM10:55 PM2018-10-21
KA 485Cathay Dragon10:50 AM12:50 PM2018-10-21
KA 487Dragonair10:45 AM12:45 PM2018-03-24
KA 5401Dragonair7:30 PM9:30 PM2018-03-24
KA 5403Dragonair9:10 AM11:05 AM2018-10-19
KA 5405Dragonair5:45 PM7:50 PM2018-03-24
KA 5407Dragonair8:00 AM9:50 AM2018-10-19
KA 5409Dragonair7:20 PM9:15 PM2017-10-28
KA 5421Dragonair11:50 AM1:55 PM2018-10-19
KA 5443Cathay Dragon4:10 PM6:10 PM2018-10-19
KA 5451Dragonair7:30 PM9:25 PM2018-10-19
KA 5461Cathay Dragon1:00 PM3:05 PM2018-10-19
KA 5463Dragonair6:00 AM7:50 AM2018-01-08
KA 5465Dragonair7:00 AM8:45 AM2018-10-05
KA 5467Dragonair3:20 PM5:25 PM2018-10-19
KA 5469Dragonair10:00 AM2018-10-19
KA 5471Dragonair8:55 AM10:50 AM2018-10-01
KA 5473Dragonair6:45 PM8:45 PM2018-10-19
KA 5475Dragonair11:15 AM1:20 PM2018-03-24
KA 5485Cathay Dragon5:45 PM7:40 PM2018-10-19
KA 5495Dragonair1:20 PM3:25 PM2018-10-19
KA 5511Dragonair1:00 PM3:15 PM2017-10-29
KA 5523Cathay Dragon1:45 PM3:45 PM2018-10-19
KA 5531Dragonair8:00 PM9:55 PM2018-10-19
KA 5565Dragonair7:20 PM9:15 PM2018-10-19
KA 993Cathay Dragon6:35 PM10:20 PM2017-09-03
LD 681AHK10:10 PM12:05 AM2018-10-20
NZ 87Air New Zealand11:55 PM6:10 AM2017-08-27
PO 215Polar Air Cargo11:20 PM1:10 AM2017-09-16
RH* 569Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier2:40 AM4:25 AM2018-10-21
RH* 6569Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier2:40 AM4:25 AM2018-01-31
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