Flights from Tenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Brussels, BE (BRU)

List of all flights from Tenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Brussels, BE (BRU), list of airlines operating on the route from Tenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Brussels, BE (BRU), departures from TFS and arrivals to BRU. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Spain to Belgium). There are 37 flights on this route. The distance from Tenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Brussels, BE (BRU) is 3,095 km (1,923 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Tenerife South Airport - is GMT+01:00. The current time is Thursday 2019-05-23 02:39 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Brussels Airport - is GMT+02:00, The current time is Thursday 2019-05-23 03:39 PM.


List of 37 flights operating on the route from Tenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Brussels, BE (BRU).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
BT 1509Air Baltic10:50 AM4:00 PM2017-05-30
FQ* 110Thomas Cook Belgium6:05 PM6:20 PM2017-06-11
FQ* 1508Thomas Cook Belgium3:55 PM2017-03-31
FQ* 1509Thomas Cook Belgium5:20 PM10:35 PM2017-10-26
FQ* 1646Thomas Cook Belgium12:50 PM4:15 PM2017-08-25
FQ* 1843Thomas Cook Belgium11:50 AM5:05 PM2017-05-06
JAF 1214Jetairfly3:55 PM9:10 PM2018-10-22
JAF 1216Jetairfly5:20 PM10:45 PM2018-01-08
JAF 1662TUI fly5:45 PM2019-05-14
JAF 1752TUI fly Belgium1:00 PM6:05 PM2019-05-18
JAF 1754TUI fly Belgium8:55 PM2:15 AM2019-04-20
JAF 1756TUI fly Belgium8:05 PM1:30 AM2019-03-09
JAF 1926TUI fly Belgium7:25 PM12:50 AM2019-03-30
JAF 2114Jetairfly7:20 PM12:35 AM2018-10-23
JAF 2998TUI fly Belgium10:10 AM3:35 PM2017-12-26
JAF 3114Jetairfly11:20 AM4:35 PM2018-10-03
JAF 4114Jetairfly5:50 PM11:05 PM2018-09-27
JAF 5114Jetairfly3:55 PM9:10 PM2018-10-19
JAF 5126TUI fly Belgium10:10 AM3:35 PM2017-12-22
JAF 5934TUI fly Belgium10:20 AM3:45 PM2017-11-03
JAF 5938Jetairfly5:25 PM10:05 PM2017-03-31
JAF 5998Jetairfly5:15 PM10:40 PM2018-03-23
JAF 6114Jetairfly6:35 PM8:10 PM2018-10-13
JAF 6126TUI fly Belgium10:20 AM3:45 PM2018-01-06
JAF 6342TUI fly Belgium7:45 PM1:10 AM2017-11-04
JAF 6732Jetairfly2:25 PM7:50 PM2017-03-04
JAF 6734Jetairfly5:30 AM7:30 AM2017-11-04
JAF 6938TUI fly Belgium11:10 PM2:05 AM2018-08-25
JAF 6998TUI fly Belgium7:50 PM8:35 PM2017-10-28
JAF 7114Jetairfly11:45 PM1:15 AM2018-10-14
JAF 7378Jetairfly8:35 PM2:00 AM2016-11-06
JAF 7550TUI fly Belgium10:45 AM4:00 PM2018-09-02
JAF 7734TUI fly Belgium10:20 AM3:45 PM2017-10-29
SN 1652Brussels Airlines10:20 AM3:35 PM2019-04-21
SN 1660Brussels Airlines5:00 PM10:15 PM2018-10-27
SN 3780Brussels Airlines11:50 AM5:20 PM2019-03-30
SN 3782Brussels Airlines6:40 PM11:55 PM2019-05-22

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