Flights from San Juan, PR (SJU) to Miami, US (MIA)

List of all flights from San Juan, PR (SJU) to Miami, US (MIA), list of airlines operating on the route from San Juan, PR (SJU) to Miami, US (MIA), departures from SJU and arrivals to MIA. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Puerto Rico to United States). There are 199 flights on this route. The distance from San Juan, PR (SJU) to Miami, US (MIA) is 1,682 km (1,045 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Luis Munoz Marin International Airport - is GMT-04:00. The current time is Tuesday 2018-01-23 02:11 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Miami International Airport - is GMT-05:00, The current time is Tuesday 2018-01-23 01:11 AM.

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List of 199 flights operating on the route from San Juan, PR (SJU) to Miami, US (MIA).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 606NetJets Aviation12:30 AM2017-02-05
4M 6308LATAM Airlines Argentina3:23 PM5:24 PM2017-03-11
4M 6314LATAM Airlines Argentina4:00 PM7:01 PM2017-03-25
4M 6395LATAM Airlines Argentina2:43 PM4:45 PM2018-01-20
4M 6465LATAM Airlines Argentina4:35 PM6:39 PM2018-01-22
5X 1617UPS8:41 AM11:05 AM2017-10-09
5X 339UPS9:42 PM2017-11-11
5X 343UPS7:27 PM11:02 PM2017-12-20
5X 5551UPS11:12 PM12:47 AM2018-01-13
5X 5601UPS7:45 PM11:20 PM2017-11-10
5X 5651UPS11:45 PM2018-01-20
5X 6341UPS10:35 PM12:59 AM2017-10-09
5X 9602UPS5:30 PM2017-10-18
AA 1014American Airlines5:14 PM7:24 PM2017-01-08
AA 1091American Airlines10:15 AM12:13 PM2018-01-22
AA 1165American Airlines3:29 PM7:14 PM2017-01-09
AA 1193American Airlines1:35 PM3:46 PM2017-11-04
AA 1222American Airlines9:08 AM11:05 AM2017-11-28
AA 1299American Airlines2:43 PM4:45 PM2018-01-21
AA 1340American Airlines8:25 AM11:22 AM2017-01-09
AA 1350American Airlines11:35 AM1:33 PM2016-12-19
AA 1355American Airlines6:30 PM8:30 PM2018-01-22
AA 1613American Airlines4:35 PM6:39 PM2018-01-22
AA 2219American Airlines12:05 PM2017-08-17
AA 2281American Airlines7:00 PM8:15 PM2016-12-14
AA 2301American Airlines11:25 AM5:24 PM2016-12-14
AA 2414American Airlines2:05 PM5:38 PM2016-11-30
AA 2415American Airlines11:30 AM1:28 PM2018-01-22
AA 2605American Airlines1:09 PM9:38 PM2017-07-04
AA 2719American Airlines4:44 PM7:00 PM2017-11-04
AA 2735American Airlines11:00 AM2:45 PM2017-11-12
AA 287American Airlines7:30 AM9:29 AM2018-01-20
AA 785American Airlines8:00 AM9:38 AM2017-12-14
AA 9643American Airlines11:30 AM12:35 PM2017-01-16
AA 9663American Airlines10:30 AM11:30 AM2016-12-30
AB 4521Air Berlin1:10 PM4:14 PM2017-03-25
AB 4539Air Berlin10:20 AM1:20 PM2017-03-25
ATN 202ATI7:00 AM2017-12-09
ATN 422ATI5:00 PM2017-10-03
ATN 426ATI8:01 PM2017-09-27
ATN 432ATI7:00 AM2017-10-04
ATN 444ATI5:00 PM2017-09-28
ATN 452ATI5:00 PM2017-09-29
AY 4075Finnair6:30 PM8:30 PM2018-01-21
BA 1658British Airways10:15 AM12:13 PM2018-01-22
BA 1666British Airways6:30 PM8:30 PM2018-01-22
BA 1704British Airways9:50 PM2017-01-09
BA 1773British Airways11:55 AM1:52 PM2017-12-14
BA 4949British Airways2:43 PM4:45 PM2018-01-21
BA 5018British Airways8:15 AM11:03 AM2017-10-05
BA 5086British Airways11:30 AM1:28 PM2018-01-22
BA 6644British Airways7:30 AM9:29 AM2018-01-20
BA 6972British Airways4:35 PM6:39 PM2018-01-22
BSK 551Miami Air International5:10 PM2017-11-09
BSK 644Miami Air International7:55 AM2017-10-16
CSB 90821 Air7:00 PM2017-10-15
CV 838Cargolux4:45 AM2017-04-17
CV 839Cargolux10:03 AM2017-04-10
EAL 943Eastern Air Lines12:01 PM2017-02-17
EAL 949Eastern Air Lines11:45 PM2016-11-28
F9 613Frontier Airlines10:56 PM1:29 AM2017-10-13
FX 9122FedEx8:25 AM2017-09-29
GB 1003ABX Air11:00 AM2017-06-03
GB 2000ABX Air6:16 AM2017-09-24
GB 2266ABX Air8:30 AM2018-01-06
GB 2267ABX Air2:31 AM2017-04-02
GB 2268ABX Air7:30 AM2018-01-04
GB 2271ABX Air4:00 PM2017-12-16
GB 8440ABX Air6:30 AM2017-08-10
GB 845ABX Air6:20 AM2017-10-06
GG* 576Sky Lease Cargo6:50 PM2017-10-06
IB 4321Iberia6:30 PM8:30 PM2018-01-22
IB 4463Iberia4:35 PM6:39 PM2018-01-22
IB 7019Iberia10:15 AM12:13 PM2018-01-22
IB 7114Iberia11:55 AM1:52 PM2017-12-14
IB 7119Iberia11:30 AM1:28 PM2018-01-22
II 407IBC Airways4:30 AM2017-09-29
II 408IBC Airways5:15 AM2017-10-31
JJ 2024LATAM Airlines Brasil9:25 PM2017-12-14
JJ 2219LATAM Airlines Brasil2:43 PM4:45 PM2018-01-21
JJ 2221LATAM Airlines Brasil6:30 PM8:30 PM2018-01-21
JJ 2227LATAM Airlines Brasil4:35 PM6:39 PM2018-01-22
JJ 2243LATAM Airlines Brasil11:30 AM1:28 PM2018-01-22
LA 6572LATAM Airlines7:00 AM11:03 AM2017-11-04
LA 6575LATAM Airlines2:43 PM4:45 PM2018-01-21
LA 6645LATAM Airlines4:35 PM6:39 PM2018-01-22
LA 8697LATAM Airlines4:00 PM7:01 PM2017-03-25
LA 8729LATAM Airlines3:23 PM5:24 PM2017-03-11
LA 8762LATAM Airlines5:32 PM8:34 PM2017-03-25
LXJ 408Flexjet11:30 AM2017-06-30
M6 133Amerijet International4:00 AM2017-09-13
M6 143Amerijet International4:30 AM7:15 AM2017-03-21
M6 199Amerijet International6:30 AM2017-06-02
M6 410Amerijet International3:50 PM2017-12-12
M6 412Amerijet International2017-10-02
M6 414Amerijet International3:30 AM2017-12-19
M6 420Amerijet International12:50 AM2018-01-10
M6 430Amerijet International11:00 PM2017-12-14
M6 432Amerijet International2:00 AM2017-12-07
M6 440Amerijet International2017-11-10
M6 442Amerijet International11:15 PM2017-11-17
M6 444Amerijet International7:30 AM2017-11-16
M6 450Amerijet International10:05 AM2018-01-12
M6 452Amerijet International9:15 PM2018-01-13
M6 460Amerijet International6:35 AM2018-01-20
M6 462Amerijet International11:05 AM2017-12-02
M6 464Amerijet International7:30 PM2017-12-03
M6 470Amerijet International1:55 PM2018-01-21
M6 472Amerijet International8:15 AM2017-12-10
M6 474Amerijet International2:35 PM2017-10-22
M6 476Amerijet International1:30 AM2017-12-04
M6 810Amerijet International3:40 PM2017-03-14
M6 8140Amerijet International5:30 AM2018-01-15
M6 8141Amerijet International3:15 AM4:45 AM2016-11-28
M6 8142Amerijet International7:30 AM2017-10-16
M6 8143Amerijet International3:30 AM5:03 AM2017-12-27
M6 820Amerijet International6:15 PM2017-05-09
M6 824Amerijet International2:25 PM2017-07-26
M6 8240Amerijet International6:30 AM2018-01-09
M6 8241Amerijet International1:30 AM2017-12-26
M6 8242Amerijet International7:00 AM2018-01-09
M6 8244Amerijet International1:00 AM2017-10-25
M6 8246Amerijet International5:30 AM2017-11-22
M6 826Amerijet International11:45 AM2016-12-13
M6 830Amerijet International3:20 PM2017-12-07
M6 8310Amerijet International2017-11-01
M6 8312Amerijet International3:00 PM2016-12-29
M6 8340Amerijet International5:15 AM2018-01-17
M6 8341Amerijet International1:30 AM4:00 AM2017-12-27
M6 8342Amerijet International8:25 AM2018-01-10
M6 8344Amerijet International10:00 AM2017-11-23
M6 836Amerijet International7:30 PM2017-11-23
M6 838Amerijet International2016-11-24
M6 841Amerijet International11:00 AM2016-10-06
M6 8440Amerijet International5:55 AM2018-01-18
M6 8441Amerijet International1:30 AM4:00 AM2017-12-28
M6 8442Amerijet International9:55 AM2018-01-11
M6 8444Amerijet International7:00 PM2017-12-22
M6 8510Amerijet International2017-10-28
M6 8540Amerijet International6:35 AM2018-01-12
M6 8541Amerijet International1:00 AM3:30 AM2017-12-29
M6 8542Amerijet International12:30 PM2017-12-02
M6 8640Amerijet International8:45 AM2018-01-20
M6 8641Amerijet International1:30 AM4:00 AM2017-12-30
M6 8642Amerijet International8:00 AM2018-01-13
M6 8643Amerijet International2:15 PM2017-08-05
M6 8644Amerijet International3:30 AM2017-12-24
M6 8648Amerijet International1:45 AM2017-12-03
M6 874Amerijet International11:35 AM2017-05-16
M6 8740Amerijet International4:00 PM2017-12-31
M6 8741Amerijet International11:00 AM2016-08-29
M6 8742Amerijet International10:15 AM2017-12-18
M6 8744Amerijet International8:20 AM2017-12-18
M6 876Amerijet International2017-02-06
N8 652National Airlines5:03 PM7:00 PM2017-09-29
N8 656National Airlines7:25 PM2017-10-02
NC 202Northern Air Cargo8:00 AM2017-01-04
NC 203Northern Air Cargo10:30 AM2017-01-31
NC 205Northern Air Cargo9:40 PM2017-01-18
NC 207Northern Air Cargo10:00 PM2016-12-17
NC 5202Northern Air Cargo4:30 PM2017-03-14
OPT 367Flight Options7:30 AM2017-01-15
OPT 925Flight Options8:30 AM2017-02-22
RF 222Florida West International Airways5:30 PM2016-11-10
SWQ 401Swift Air5:00 AM2017-11-21
SWQ 402Swift Air8:30 PM2017-12-13
SWQ 404Swift Air12:30 AM2017-04-26
SWQ 9183Swift Air3:41 PM2017-09-28
SWQ 9195Swift Air6:48 PM9:25 PM2017-10-03
SWQ 9438Swift Air4:42 PM2017-08-08
SY 8602Sun Country Airlines11:00 PM12:35 AM2017-09-30
TSU 131Gulf and Caribbean Cargo12:30 PM2017-06-12
TSU 216Gulf and Caribbean Cargo6:15 AM2017-12-12
TSU 281Gulf and Caribbean Cargo7:00 AM2017-11-20
WS 5035WestJet9:45 AM12:42 PM2017-04-29
WS 5045WestJet4:55 PM8:34 PM2017-04-29
WS 5057WestJet11:59 AM12:39 PM2017-04-03
WS 5137WestJet7:30 AM9:29 AM2018-01-14
XL 6263LATAM Airlines Ecuador10:20 AM1:20 PM2017-04-01
XOJ 794XOJET11:15 AM2016-10-08
XP 716Xtra Airways1:00 PM3:40 PM2017-10-22
XP 758Xtra Airways2:00 PM3:40 PM2017-11-07
XP 789Xtra Airways9:10 PM2017-09-28
XP 8314Xtra Airways6:50 PM2017-07-17
XP 8624Xtra Airways10:30 AM2017-11-04
XP 8705Xtra Airways2:50 PM2017-08-04
XP 8709Xtra Airways4:10 PM5:50 PM2017-11-21
XP 8722Xtra Airways6:15 PM2018-01-12
XP 8737Xtra Airways5:03 PM2018-01-15
ZQ 505World Atlantic Airlines1:00 PM3:45 PM2017-09-30
ZQ 553World Atlantic Airlines9:00 AM2017-09-26
ZQ 606World Atlantic Airlines8:30 PM2017-10-06
ZQ 607World Atlantic Airlines1:30 PM2017-10-02
ZQ 781World Atlantic Airlines2:00 PM2017-11-18
ZQ 886World Atlantic Airlines1:00 PM2017-10-14
ZQ 9018World Atlantic Airlines10:00 PM2017-12-31
ZQ 9503World Atlantic Airlines10:30 AM2017-08-06
ZQ 9703World Atlantic Airlines8:00 PM2017-11-27
ZQ 9807World Atlantic Airlines5:30 AM2017-09-19
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