Flights from Ho Chi Minh City, VN (SGN) to Vinh, VN (VII)

List of all flights from Ho Chi Minh City, VN (SGN) to Vinh, VN (VII), list of airlines operating on the route from Ho Chi Minh City, VN (SGN) to Vinh, VN (VII), departures from SGN and arrivals to VII. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 34 flights on this route. The distance from Ho Chi Minh City, VN (SGN) to Vinh, VN (VII) is 887 km (551 miles). Tan Son Nhat International Airport and Vinh Airport are in the same time zone (GMT+07:00). The current time on both airports is Saturday 2017-10-21 05:14 PM.


List of 34 flights operating on the route from Ho Chi Minh City, VN (SGN) to Vinh, VN (VII).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
BL 520Jetstar Pacific7:00 AM8:50 AM2017-10-21
BL 522Jetstar Pacific8:30 AM10:20 AM2017-08-29
BL 524Jetstar Pacific6:30 PM8:20 PM2017-10-20
BL 526Jetstar Pacific5:30 PM7:20 PM2017-02-28
BL 528Jetstar Pacific6:55 PM8:45 PM2017-03-25
VJC 212VietJet Air6:15 AM8:00 AM2017-10-21
VJC 214VietJet Air10:15 AM12:00 PM2017-10-21
VJC 216VietJet Air8:15 PM10:00 PM2017-10-20
VJC 218VietJet Air4:00 PM2017-10-21
VJC 220VietJet Air2:55 PM2017-10-21
VJC 224VietJet Air7:35 PM9:20 PM2017-10-20
VJC 226VietJet Air8:15 PM2017-09-14
VJC 228VietJet Air7:10 PM8:55 PM2017-03-25
VJC 232VietJet Air9:30 PM2017-02-12
VJC 234VietJet Air7:50 AM9:35 AM2017-02-04
VJC 268VietJet Air9:10 AM10:55 AM2016-09-22
VJC 270VietJet Air6:30 AM2016-12-30
VJC 272VietJet Air8:25 AM2016-12-31
VJC 274VietJet Air3:40 PM2016-12-28
VJC 276VietJet Air2:30 PM4:30 PM2016-12-31
VJC 278VietJet Air10:15 PM12:15 AM2016-12-30
VJC 334VietJet Air7:45 AM9:30 AM2017-02-10
VN 1262Vietnam Airlines6:40 AM8:30 AM2017-10-21
VN 1264Vietnam Airlines11:10 AM1:00 PM2017-10-21
VN 1266Vietnam Airlines1:50 PM2017-10-21
VN 1268Vietnam Airlines7:20 PM9:10 PM2017-10-20
VN 4080Vietnam Airlines7:00 AM8:50 AM2017-10-21
VN 4082Vietnam Airlines6:30 PM8:20 PM2017-10-20
VN 4084Vietnam Airlines5:30 PM7:20 PM2017-02-28
VN 4088Vietnam Airlines8:30 AM10:20 AM2017-08-29
VN 7262Vietnam Airlines2:10 PM4:00 PM2017-09-19
VN 7264Vietnam Airlines12:45 AM2:30 AM2017-01-25
VN 7266Vietnam Airlines10:10 PM2017-01-26
VN 7268Vietnam Airlines5:30 PM7:40 PM2017-01-19

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