Flights from San Francisco, US (SFO) to Chicago, US (ORD)

List of all flights from San Francisco, US (SFO) to Chicago, US (ORD), list of airlines operating on the route from San Francisco, US (SFO) to Chicago, US (ORD), departures from SFO and arrivals to ORD. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 409 flights on this route. The distance from San Francisco, US (SFO) to Chicago, US (ORD) is 2,964 km (1,842 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - San Francisco International Airport - is GMT-08:00. The current time is Saturday 2018-11-17 06:37 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Chicago O'Hare International Airport - is GMT-06:00, The current time is Saturday 2018-11-17 08:37 PM.

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List of 409 flights operating on the route from San Francisco, US (SFO) to Chicago, US (ORD).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 109NetJets Aviation3:18 PM2016-12-18
1I 113NetJets Aviation10:30 AM6:24 PM2018-06-13
1I 781NetJets Aviation11:45 AM2017-07-06
1I 894NetJets Aviation3:00 PM2016-10-26
1I 921NetJets Aviation10:00 AM12:42 PM2017-02-02
1I 940NetJets Aviation12:15 PM11:39 AM2018-10-12
5Y 8350Atlas Air8:40 PM2016-10-08
AA 1045American Airlines10:05 AM12:47 PM2017-01-03
AA 1047American Airlines8:09 PM2018-04-03
AA 1145American Airlines10:34 AM1:28 PM2017-08-21
AA 1165American Airlines9:55 AM4:16 PM2016-11-04
AA 1220American Airlines7:21 AM9:40 AM2018-04-02
AA 1253American Airlines12:07 AM6:20 AM2018-11-17
AA 1281American Airlines11:56 AM2:00 PM2018-04-02
AA 1290American Airlines7:30 AM11:39 AM2018-06-06
AA 1470American Airlines3:28 PM2018-11-18
AA 1479American Airlines12:40 PM2:24 PM2018-08-21
AA 1487American Airlines6:30 AM10:22 AM2018-06-07
AA 150American Airlines7:15 PM2017-10-04
AA 1522American Airlines12:48 PM5:03 PM2018-03-31
AA 1593American Airlines6:05 AM9:45 AM2018-05-03
AA 1991American Airlines6:03 PM8:13 PM2018-08-14
AA 2234American Airlines6:29 AM9:43 AM2018-06-06
AA 2261American Airlines6:05 AM8:05 AM2018-07-05
AA 2349American Airlines3:25 PM6:55 PM2018-06-06
AA 2419American Airlines10:48 AM12:05 PM2018-05-03
AA 2537American Airlines11:50 AM1:49 PM2016-11-03
AA 2594American Airlines5:45 PM6:44 PM2018-06-06
AA 2614American Airlines7:50 AM2:09 PM2018-11-17
AA 2634American Airlines2:36 PM8:50 PM2018-11-17
AA 2680American Airlines10:45 AM1:10 PM2017-11-27
AA 2691American Airlines9:31 AM3:49 PM2018-11-17
AA 270American Airlines1:31 PM10:10 PM2017-08-04
AA 2758American Airlines4:51 PM5:58 PM2018-05-03
AA 345American Airlines11:03 AM5:19 PM2018-11-17
AA 383American Airlines1:03 PM9:30 PM2016-11-28
AA 40American Airlines10:10 PM12:30 PM2018-01-07
AA 757American Airlines2:15 PM2018-04-28
AA 936American Airlines12:55 PM2:38 PM2017-11-04
AA 9645American Airlines10:15 AM11:59 AM2018-08-31
AA 9652American Airlines11:00 AM1:00 PM2016-11-11
AA 9666American Airlines11:00 AM2018-08-05
AA 9672American Airlines10:30 AM11:40 AM2018-06-06
AB 4638Air Berlin9:25 AM3:43 PM2017-03-24
AC 2357Air Canada12:59 AM5:00 AM2017-12-21
AC 4372Air Canada11:59 PM5:58 AM2018-11-12
AC 4374Air Canada11:15 PM5:06 AM2018-11-17
AC 5087Air Canada2:15 PM3:57 PM2018-03-24
AC 5166Air Canada11:59 PM2018-11-17
AC 5196Air Canada12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-16
AC 5200Air Canada1:00 PM7:03 PM2018-11-16
AC 5332Air Canada5:10 PM2018-11-18
AC 5366Air Canada6:40 AM12:54 PM2018-11-17
AC 5370Air Canada2:00 PM8:08 PM2018-11-17
AC 5382Air Canada8:20 AM1:10 PM2017-08-24
AC 5384Air Canada12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-17
AC 5388Air Canada9:54 AM1:08 PM2017-10-23
AC 5390Air Canada5:45 AM11:59 AM2018-11-16
AC 5432Air Canada12:30 AM6:39 AM2018-11-17
AC 5677Air Canada6:20 PM12:24 AM2018-10-27
AC 5730Air Canada4:15 PM2018-11-18
AC 5904Air Canada8:30 AM2:45 PM2018-11-17
AC 5921Air Canada10:51 AM5:05 PM2018-11-17
AC 5948Air Canada3:25 PM9:33 PM2018-11-17
AC 5992Air Canada11:15 PM5:15 AM2018-03-24
AD 7011Azul12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-17
AD 7013Azul2:00 PM8:08 PM2018-11-17
AS 1080Alaska Airlines12:50 PM3:03 PM2016-09-15
AS 1092Alaska Airlines7:40 PM9:52 PM2016-09-15
AS 1137Alaska Airlines1:46 PM4:27 PM2016-09-16
AS 1202Alaska Airlines10:55 AM12:46 PM2018-01-03
AS 1204Alaska Airlines10:00 AM4:17 PM2018-11-17
AS 1206Alaska Airlines4:40 PM10:50 PM2018-11-17
AS 1208Alaska Airlines7:35 AM11:10 AM2018-08-26
AS 1210Alaska Airlines9:20 AM2:29 PM2018-01-03
AS 1214Alaska Airlines5:05 PM11:19 PM2018-11-03
AS 1257Alaska Airlines6:08 PM7:37 PM2016-09-16
AS 1412Alaska Airlines1:45 PM10:12 PM2016-09-04
AS 1502Alaska Airlines6:50 AM2016-09-15
AS 1541Alaska Airlines5:00 AM2016-09-15
AS 1668Alaska Airlines7:00 AM2016-09-15
AS 6220Alaska Airlines4:54 PM6:16 PM2016-11-25
AS 6372Alaska Airlines10:40 AM1:20 PM2017-03-31
AS 6644Alaska Airlines1:43 AM7:58 AM2016-11-28
AS 6662Alaska Airlines12:10 PM2:50 PM2017-01-03
AS 6697Alaska Airlines11:10 AM5:33 PM2017-03-31
AS 6736Alaska Airlines9:25 AM3:43 PM2017-03-31
AS 6807Alaska Airlines11:59 PM6:08 AM2017-04-01
AS 6940Alaska Airlines7:25 PM10:12 PM2017-03-31
AY 4051Finnair9:31 AM3:49 PM2018-11-16
BA 1686British Airways9:31 AM3:49 PM2018-11-17
BA 1777British Airways2:36 PM8:50 PM2018-11-17
BA 1917British Airways3:22 PM9:43 PM2018-11-04
BA 4360British Airways11:03 AM5:19 PM2018-11-17
BA 4368British Airways12:07 AM6:20 AM2018-11-17
BA 4369British Airways7:20 AM9:51 AM2018-07-05
BA 4376British Airways7:50 AM2:09 PM2018-11-17
BA 4377British Airways8:35 PM2018-11-02
BA 8695British Airways11:00 AM5:24 PM2017-10-31
CA 7326Air China2:00 PM8:08 PM2018-11-17
CA 7327Air China5:10 PM2018-11-18
CI 9609China Airlines1:45 PM10:29 PM2017-11-17
CI 9634China Airlines8:20 PM9:41 PM2017-11-02
CI 9636China Airlines11:08 PM7:44 AM2017-10-28
CI 9647China Airlines5:35 PM7:02 PM2017-11-27
CI 9653China Airlines6:30 PM8:07 PM2017-12-29
CZ 1883China Southern Airlines4:15 PM10:17 PM2017-11-03
CZ 1896China Southern Airlines7:12 AM1:24 PM2017-11-02
CZ 1972China Southern Airlines4:15 PM10:23 PM2018-01-03
DL 8885Delta Air Lines5:55 PM8:20 PM2017-05-15
EI 6221Aer Lingus5:45 AM11:59 AM2018-11-16
EI 6222Aer Lingus6:40 AM12:54 PM2018-11-17
EI 6223Aer Lingus12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-16
EI 6224Aer Lingus8:30 AM2:45 PM2018-11-17
EI 6225Aer Lingus2:00 PM8:08 PM2018-11-02
EI 6226Aer Lingus10:51 AM5:05 PM2018-11-17
EI 6227Aer Lingus12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-17
EI 6228Aer Lingus1:00 PM7:03 PM2018-11-16
EK 9239Emirates7:50 PM12:34 PM2017-10-24
EY 3184Etihad Airways4:55 PM7:08 PM2016-11-28
EY 3218Etihad Airways12:04 AM6:19 AM2018-03-24
EY 3364Etihad Airways10:50 PM5:03 AM2017-11-27
F9 1244Frontier Airlines4:35 PM7:41 PM2016-10-27
F9 1248Frontier Airlines8:31 PM10:02 PM2017-04-20
F9 1292Frontier Airlines6:59 PM9:21 PM2016-08-28
F9 9217Frontier Airlines10:30 AM12:39 PM2016-12-19
F9 9998Frontier Airlines3:10 PM5:40 PM2016-12-20
FJ 5057Fiji Airways2:36 PM8:50 PM2018-11-17
FJ 5061Fiji Airways5:00 PM7:47 PM2018-02-23
GF 6456Gulf Air9:27 AM3:49 PM2018-10-26
GF 6457Gulf Air3:28 PM2018-11-18
GF 6577Gulf Air11:03 AM5:19 PM2018-11-17
GF 6640Gulf Air7:00 AM1:15 PM2016-10-28
IB 4118Iberia9:44 PM2017-11-27
IB 4270Iberia9:31 AM3:49 PM2018-11-17
IB 4508Iberia11:59 PM6:13 AM2018-11-03
IB 4715Iberia7:50 AM2:09 PM2018-11-17
IB 7164Iberia8:00 AM2:20 PM2018-10-26
IB 7187Iberia7:08 PM8:59 PM2018-10-27
JL 7548JAL2:36 PM8:50 PM2018-11-17
K4 506Kalitta Air9:30 AM2016-12-07
LH 7539Lufthansa3:40 PM6:20 PM2018-10-26
LH 7785Lufthansa8:30 AM2:45 PM2018-11-17
LH 7871Lufthansa2:00 PM8:08 PM2018-11-17
LO 4408LOT - Polish Airlines12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-17
LO 4410LOT - Polish Airlines2:00 PM8:08 PM2018-11-17
LXJ 573Flexjet7:04 AM2017-05-17
NH 7242ANA12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-17
NZ 6814Air New Zealand3:55 PM5:25 PM2017-03-24
NZ 9089Air New Zealand6:02 AM7:35 AM2017-03-24
NZ 9300Air New Zealand5:45 AM11:59 AM2018-11-16
NZ 9301Air New Zealand10:51 AM5:05 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9302Air New Zealand2:00 PM8:08 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9303Air New Zealand12:30 AM6:39 AM2018-11-17
NZ 9304Air New Zealand1:00 PM7:03 PM2018-11-02
NZ 9305Air New Zealand12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9306Air New Zealand8:30 AM2:45 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9307Air New Zealand11:59 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9308Air New Zealand11:15 PM5:06 AM2018-11-17
NZ 9309Air New Zealand6:40 AM12:54 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9310Air New Zealand5:10 PM2018-11-18
NZ 9311Air New Zealand3:25 PM9:33 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9312Air New Zealand4:15 PM2018-11-18
NZ 9313Air New Zealand12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-16
NZ 9314Air New Zealand1:00 PM7:03 PM2018-11-16
NZ 9315Air New Zealand7:50 PM1:53 AM2018-10-03
NZ 9316Air New Zealand5:55 PM12:01 AM2018-03-09
NZ 9317Air New Zealand11:59 PM6:02 AM2018-09-05
NZ 9628Air New Zealand8:05 PM10:58 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9632Air New Zealand12:10 PM5:20 PM2017-02-11
NZ 9634Air New Zealand5:40 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9640Air New Zealand1:00 PM6:11 PM2017-03-08
NZ 9642Air New Zealand12:53 AM6:06 AM2017-03-26
NZ 9652Air New Zealand11:55 AM1:34 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9654Air New Zealand11:55 AM1:31 PM2017-03-09
NZ 9656Air New Zealand12:20 PM1:56 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9658Air New Zealand6:13 AM7:59 AM2017-03-25
NZ 9660Air New Zealand12:57 AM7:02 AM2017-03-26
NZ 9662Air New Zealand12:57 AM7:00 AM2017-03-26
NZ 9664Air New Zealand6:40 AM12:42 PM2017-03-26
NZ 9666Air New Zealand12:57 AM7:00 AM2017-03-06
NZ 9672Air New Zealand8:40 AM2:41 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9684Air New Zealand11:35 AM2:08 PM2017-03-19
OO 1367SkyWest Airlines8:50 PM10:20 PM2017-01-26
OS 7718Austrian8:30 AM2:45 PM2018-11-17
OZ 6303Asiana Airlines5:10 PM2018-11-18
PS 1234UIA2:00 AM2016-10-28
QF 3031Qantas6:50 PM8:52 PM2017-11-27
QF 3120Qantas12:07 AM6:20 AM2018-11-17
QF 3123Qantas8:20 PM2017-01-03
QF 3124Qantas7:20 AM9:51 AM2018-05-28
QF 3125Qantas3:28 PM2018-11-18
QF 3127Qantas11:03 AM5:19 PM2018-11-17
QF 3147Qantas11:56 PM6:13 AM2018-08-21
QF 3191Qantas7:50 AM2:09 PM2018-11-17
QF 3196Qantas2:36 PM8:50 PM2018-11-17
QF 3325Qantas9:31 AM3:49 PM2018-11-17
QF 3674Qantas4:40 PM10:50 PM2018-11-17
QF 4845Qantas1:43 AM7:58 AM2016-11-28
QR 5121Qatar Airways9:25 AM2018-03-24
QR 5395Qatar Airways7:05 PM10:00 AM2017-10-04
RJ 7009Royal Jordanian11:05 AM1:35 PM2017-01-15
RJ 7060Royal Jordanian10:57 AM5:29 PM2018-11-03
RJ 7080Royal Jordanian12:13 PM2:09 PM2018-06-06
RJ 7110Royal Jordanian4:31 PM5:54 PM2017-10-04
RJ 7229Royal Jordanian5:35 PM7:01 PM2017-11-03
RJ 7240Royal Jordanian5:43 PM6:10 PM2017-08-21
RJ 7302Royal Jordanian5:20 AM10:44 AM2017-11-24
RJ 7342Royal Jordanian4:06 PM4:18 PM2018-05-02
RJ 7402Royal Jordanian7:50 AM2:09 PM2018-11-17
RJ 7445Royal Jordanian11:00 AM5:30 PM2018-04-02
RJ 7454Royal Jordanian9:31 AM3:49 PM2018-11-17
RJ 7569Royal Jordanian9:25 AM3:49 PM2018-06-06
SK 8772SAS12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-17
SK 8800SAS2:00 PM8:08 PM2018-11-17
SK 8820SAS8:30 AM2:45 PM2018-11-17
SK 8880SAS10:51 AM5:05 PM2018-11-17
SN 8820Brussels Airlines10:51 AM5:05 PM2018-11-17
SQ 1354Singapore Airlines5:05 PM11:19 PM2018-11-03
SQ 1356Singapore Airlines10:00 AM4:17 PM2018-11-17
SQ 1358Singapore Airlines4:15 PM10:23 PM2018-01-03
UA 100United Airlines11:50 AM2017-10-02
UA 101United Airlines8:30 PM2016-11-26
UA 1023United Airlines12:45 AM4:59 AM2017-12-17
UA 1038United Airlines6:26 AM10:20 AM2018-11-02
UA 1072United Airlines3:35 PM7:07 PM2018-10-03
UA 1082United Airlines10:05 AM11:08 AM2017-04-04
UA 1119United Airlines9:57 AM3:50 PM2017-10-04
UA 1145United Airlines10:34 PM2018-09-23
UA 1152United Airlines10:30 PM6:02 AM2017-02-16
UA 1172United Airlines1:00 PM7:03 PM2018-11-16
UA 1204United Airlines11:45 PM5:24 AM2016-09-02
UA 1217United Airlines7:56 PM2018-10-27
UA 1219United Airlines10:45 AM4:45 PM2017-12-19
UA 125United Airlines12:15 PM4:20 PM2017-04-02
UA 1269United Airlines4:15 PM2017-11-28
UA 1292United Airlines9:45 PM11:09 PM2017-01-04
UA 1357United Airlines8:45 AM10:45 AM2017-11-19
UA 1361United Airlines11:10 AM2017-10-22
UA 1396United Airlines11:00 AM2:00 PM2018-09-05
UA 1401United Airlines7:30 PM2017-09-28
UA 1416United Airlines11:28 AM12:43 PM2016-09-29
UA 1420United Airlines3:30 PM7:38 PM2017-11-27
UA 1439United Airlines8:15 AM2018-01-07
UA 1452United Airlines10:09 AM2017-09-06
UA 1482United Airlines3:25 PM6:56 PM2017-12-01
UA 1483United Airlines6:12 AM9:43 AM2018-03-24
UA 153United Airlines12:25 PM2:45 PM2017-04-30
UA 1545United Airlines6:50 AM10:27 AM2017-06-30
UA 1547United Airlines6:10 PM10:05 PM2018-05-04
UA 1573United Airlines8:15 AM12:37 PM2017-10-27
UA 1588United Airlines3:45 PM6:34 PM2017-06-07
UA 1606United Airlines1:13 PM1:42 PM2017-06-08
UA 1610United Airlines1:10 PM3:30 PM2017-10-28
UA 1639United Airlines9:30 PM4:19 AM2017-11-26
UA 1642United Airlines8:34 AM2:20 PM2017-05-31
UA 1647United Airlines6:21 PM7:55 PM2016-08-31
UA 1653United Airlines8:35 AM10:55 AM2018-03-08
UA 1705United Airlines8:59 AM2018-01-08
UA 1722United Airlines2:08 PM8:58 PM2018-09-10
UA 1726United Airlines8:05 PM10:32 PM2018-09-21
UA 1730United Airlines9:22 AM10:25 AM2016-09-04
UA 1752United Airlines7:59 AM10:55 AM2017-12-18
UA 1755United Airlines7:15 AM10:42 AM2016-11-28
UA 1786United Airlines10:39 PM5:58 AM2016-10-22
UA 1792United Airlines3:05 PM5:59 PM2017-07-01
UA 1796United Airlines10:00 PM6:12 AM2017-05-04
UA 1800United Airlines3:15 PM4:49 PM2018-10-27
UA 1803United Airlines2:01 AM5:15 AM2016-10-18
UA 1815United Airlines12:09 PM2:27 PM2017-07-25
UA 1823United Airlines7:00 PM10:05 PM2018-07-08
UA 1944United Airlines9:50 AM2:08 PM2017-08-13
UA 1961United Airlines12:52 PM7:03 PM2018-11-17
UA 1969United Airlines3:54 PM5:23 PM2017-11-27
UA 1974United Airlines4:40 PM7:43 PM2016-09-07
UA 1986United Airlines5:05 PM6:46 PM2016-10-29
UA 2035United Airlines5:15 PM2017-12-31
UA 2060United Airlines1:50 PM2017-01-04
UA 2066United Airlines11:25 AM3:26 PM2017-09-05
UA 2077United Airlines6:40 AM7:59 AM2016-08-30
UA 2103United Airlines8:10 PM11:24 PM2016-11-24
UA 2108United Airlines5:30 AM6:24 AM2017-10-04
UA 2111United Airlines7:00 PM7:59 PM2017-07-26
UA 2116United Airlines10:05 AM12:50 PM2016-09-07
UA 2120United Airlines5:45 PM8:20 PM2017-01-11
UA 2122United Airlines7:25 PM2016-11-08
UA 2130United Airlines10:45 AM1:35 PM2016-12-08
UA 214United Airlines6:27 PM8:36 PM2018-11-17
UA 2146United Airlines7:40 PM10:59 PM2017-02-09
UA 2148United Airlines9:35 AM11:11 AM2016-11-07
UA 2152United Airlines5:05 PM2017-02-12
UA 2155United Airlines6:28 PM2017-01-23
UA 2161United Airlines6:24 PM8:34 PM2017-01-30
UA 2165United Airlines7:37 AM8:56 AM2016-10-27
UA 2169United Airlines3:37 PM6:06 PM2017-01-16
UA 2172United Airlines8:10 AM9:55 AM2017-01-16
UA 2177United Airlines9:05 PM11:59 PM2016-12-16
UA 2179United Airlines5:53 PM8:53 PM2017-02-25
UA 2186United Airlines5:17 PM6:20 PM2016-12-08
UA 220United Airlines7:47 PM2017-06-03
UA 2209United Airlines11:51 AM1:07 PM2016-10-12
UA 2224United Airlines9:10 PM5:10 AM2018-03-09
UA 2246United Airlines1:05 PM2:15 PM2018-04-09
UA 2262United Airlines10:47 AM6:14 PM2016-10-09
UA 2264United Airlines11:59 PM6:02 AM2018-10-04
UA 228United Airlines2:00 PM4:44 PM2018-10-16
UA 2382United Airlines7:02 AM11:10 AM2017-08-10
UA 2395United Airlines8:05 AM10:00 AM2017-03-26
UA 2509United Airlines4:00 PM2018-06-04
UA 2541United Airlines5:30 PM6:45 PM2017-12-02
UA 2545United Airlines12:25 PM2:00 PM2018-08-14
UA 268United Airlines10:10 AM11:59 AM2018-11-17
UA 2715United Airlines7:00 AM8:34 AM2017-04-08
UA 2718United Airlines3:50 PM6:19 PM2017-06-26
UA 2730United Airlines7:00 AM7:55 AM2018-08-08
UA 2736United Airlines4:45 PM5:45 PM2018-08-09
UA 2737United Airlines5:00 AM7:37 AM2018-07-01
UA 2743United Airlines1:30 PM9:46 PM2018-07-29
UA 2744United Airlines6:15 PM8:09 PM2017-09-15
UA 2745United Airlines8:00 AM9:07 AM2018-11-02
UA 2747United Airlines10:00 AM2:04 PM2018-10-05
UA 2749United Airlines5:00 PM6:23 PM2018-03-22
UA 2752United Airlines5:15 AM8:35 AM2018-08-07
UA 2754United Airlines5:00 AM7:45 AM2018-08-16
UA 2755United Airlines5:00 AM7:57 AM2018-07-12
UA 2758United Airlines5:00 PM6:10 PM2018-08-23
UA 2759United Airlines8:30 AM9:45 AM2018-08-04
UA 2761United Airlines3:40 PM5:11 PM2018-06-14
UA 2762United Airlines8:00 AM2:04 PM2018-06-23
UA 2769United Airlines8:30 PM4:40 AM2018-06-20
UA 2772United Airlines4:00 AM9:45 AM2018-05-25
UA 2774United Airlines8:30 PM11:35 PM2018-05-28
UA 2775United Airlines7:00 PM11:15 PM2018-01-05
UA 2776United Airlines7:00 PM11:15 PM2017-08-06
UA 2778United Airlines6:45 PM8:19 PM2017-08-06
UA 2779United Airlines11:55 AM3:10 PM2017-03-26
UA 2780United Airlines8:00 AM9:20 AM2017-09-25
UA 2783United Airlines12:30 PM4:13 PM2017-08-24
UA 2784United Airlines2:00 PM3:10 PM2017-07-14
UA 2785United Airlines11:45 PM1:19 AM2017-10-22
UA 2786United Airlines7:00 PM12:51 AM2018-07-15
UA 2787United Airlines4:30 PM7:51 PM2018-02-16
UA 2788United Airlines11:30 AM7:05 AM2018-04-26
UA 2790United Airlines2:00 AM8:47 AM2017-08-07
UA 2792United Airlines6:30 PM8:20 AM2018-04-14
UA 2793United Airlines4:15 PM10:00 PM2018-07-16
UA 2794United Airlines2:00 AM8:47 AM2017-08-19
UA 2797United Airlines2:00 PM2018-04-14
UA 2798United Airlines11:15 AM1:45 PM2017-08-26
UA 2800United Airlines11:50 PM2017-05-30
UA 2803United Airlines8:30 AM10:55 AM2018-07-02
UA 2804United Airlines12:30 AM8:15 AM2018-06-25
UA 2806United Airlines8:00 AM11:00 AM2017-06-13
UA 281United Airlines10:00 AM11:08 AM2017-06-05
UA 2816United Airlines2:00 PM4:50 PM2018-01-30
UA 2818United Airlines10:30 AM1:38 PM2018-04-07
UA 2822United Airlines10:20 AM4:15 PM2017-11-10
UA 2826United Airlines9:30 AM4:40 PM2018-01-09
UA 2833United Airlines7:30 AM1:38 PM2018-01-11
UA 348United Airlines5:10 PM2018-04-01
UA 368United Airlines6:03 AM8:59 AM2016-09-24
UA 387United Airlines6:15 AM9:01 AM2017-05-04
UA 390United Airlines4:15 PM2018-11-18
UA 430United Airlines12:15 PM2:41 PM2017-03-04
UA 454United Airlines2:25 PM2017-05-21
UA 455United Airlines3:15 PM4:49 PM2017-04-30
UA 463United Airlines8:00 AM9:30 AM2018-09-29
UA 469United Airlines2:00 PM4:54 PM2016-10-27
UA 476United Airlines7:45 AM10:24 AM2017-08-08
UA 490United Airlines11:45 AM2016-09-06
UA 500United Airlines7:27 AM9:30 AM2016-11-11
UA 503United Airlines2:55 PM4:14 PM2016-10-02
UA 512United Airlines2:05 PM3:23 PM2017-07-18
UA 524United Airlines7:00 AM8:10 AM2016-12-10
UA 616United Airlines2:00 PM5:01 PM2018-11-17
UA 6227United Airlines12:45 PM2:53 PM2016-11-07
UA 624United Airlines10:51 AM5:05 PM2018-11-17
UA 639United Airlines8:30 AM2:45 PM2018-11-17
UA 646United Airlines6:48 PM7:30 PM2016-09-06
UA 673United Airlines6:47 PM9:18 PM2017-05-01
UA 680United Airlines12:30 AM6:39 AM2018-11-17
UA 684United Airlines6:36 PM2017-11-25
UA 698United Airlines2:00 PM8:08 PM2018-11-17
UA 705United Airlines5:10 PM2018-11-18
UA 72United Airlines10:15 AM2:35 PM2017-09-06
UA 724United Airlines1:45 PM8:36 PM2016-12-29
UA 728United Airlines6:20 AM7:16 AM2018-06-06
UA 734United Airlines2:11 PM4:41 PM2018-11-16
UA 74United Airlines4:51 PM6:10 PM2017-06-30
UA 785United Airlines3:35 PM6:05 PM2018-08-08
UA 794United Airlines5:37 PM8:05 PM2018-11-16
UA 8100United Airlines7:50 AM3:19 PM2016-09-14
UA 820United Airlines6:20 AM9:15 AM2017-09-05
UA 836United Airlines5:00 PM4:25 PM2018-03-09
UA 850United Airlines12:15 PM11:15 AM2018-10-09
UA 882United Airlines6:45 PM3:30 PM2017-06-26
UA 896United Airlines11:30 AM2018-07-01
UA 897United Airlines5:50 AM8:59 AM2017-10-02
UA 995United Airlines11:15 PM5:06 AM2018-11-17
VX 1202Virgin America6:35 AM12:43 PM2018-01-03
VX 1204Virgin America10:30 AM4:46 PM2018-04-24
VX 1210Virgin America4:15 PM10:23 PM2018-01-03
VX 202Virgin America7:09 AM1:23 PM2017-09-05
VX 204Virgin America11:50 AM6:05 PM2017-09-05
VX 210Virgin America4:15 PM10:30 PM2017-09-06
XOJ 536XOJET7:03 AM2017-12-06
XOJ 546XOJET9:45 AM12:58 PM2018-01-11
XOJ 726XOJET12:25 PM2017-10-31
XOJ 780XOJET1:40 PM3:36 PM2017-06-24
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