Flights from San Francisco, US (SFO) to AUS

List of all flights from San Francisco, US (SFO) to AUS, list of airlines operating on the route from San Francisco, US (SFO) to AUS, departures from SFO and arrivals to AUS. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 213 flights on this route. The distance from San Francisco, US (SFO) to AUS is 2,408 km (1,496 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - San Francisco International Airport - is GMT-08:00. The current time is Sunday 2019-01-20 02:16 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Austin Robert Mueller Municipal - is GMT-06:00, The current time is Sunday 2019-01-20 04:16 PM.

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List of 213 flights operating on the route from San Francisco, US (SFO) to AUS.

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 116NetJets Aviation7:48 AM10:07 AM2018-09-17
1I 212NetJets Aviation6:09 PM2017-10-11
1I 308NetJets Aviation3:57 PM4:15 PM2017-05-26
1I 324NetJets Aviation8:21 AM2016-11-21
1I 350NetJets Aviation11:55 AM12:15 PM2016-09-08
1I 351NetJets Aviation1:00 PM2017-03-24
1I 360NetJets Aviation9:30 AM10:36 AM2018-02-27
1I 367NetJets Aviation6:20 AM8:09 AM2017-11-12
1I 388NetJets Aviation7:24 AM8:24 AM2018-11-14
1I 390NetJets Aviation1:00 PM3:30 PM2017-02-17
1I 392NetJets Aviation9:00 AM2018-01-05
1I 395NetJets Aviation5:00 PM2017-02-02
1I 396NetJets Aviation12:30 PM2:18 PM2018-05-12
1I 515NetJets Aviation11:00 AM1:24 PM2018-07-14
1I 521NetJets Aviation7:45 AM2017-09-10
1I 525NetJets Aviation10:54 AM11:54 AM2017-04-25
1I 606NetJets Aviation1:00 PM1:42 PM2018-10-08
1I 609NetJets Aviation11:00 AM2:29 PM2017-10-22
1I 612NetJets Aviation11:45 AM2017-12-17
1I 617NetJets Aviation3:10 PM3:40 PM2017-11-12
1I 623NetJets Aviation1:48 PM2:24 PM2018-02-28
1I 638NetJets Aviation10:10 AM10:40 AM2016-12-21
1I 657NetJets Aviation12:16 PM2:24 PM2018-03-18
1I 668NetJets Aviation3:12 PM2018-02-12
1I 679NetJets Aviation2:13 PM2:50 PM2016-09-17
1I 683NetJets Aviation6:51 PM2018-11-09
1I 730NetJets Aviation9:07 AM2018-07-19
1I 769NetJets Aviation4:15 PM6:33 PM2016-11-03
1I 772NetJets Aviation3:00 PM2:54 PM2016-10-27
1I 776NetJets Aviation1:00 PM4:42 PM2018-09-17
1I 791NetJets Aviation10:45 AM2018-04-10
1I 794NetJets Aviation12:51 PM1:34 PM2017-12-03
1I 798NetJets Aviation5:00 PM2018-03-10
1I 803NetJets Aviation9:00 AM11:51 AM2017-11-15
1I 844NetJets Aviation8:30 PM2017-06-26
1I 903NetJets Aviation7:48 AM8:24 AM2017-06-22
1I 940NetJets Aviation4:59 PM2018-04-19
1I 948NetJets Aviation8:30 AM2017-10-06
1I 953NetJets Aviation11:00 AM2016-12-16
1I 996NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2018-02-09
AC 3774Air Canada8:05 PM1:29 AM2018-11-26
AC 3961Air Canada10:05 AM1:22 PM2017-10-29
AC 4444Air Canada4:36 PM10:10 PM2019-01-19
AC 4549Air Canada6:56 PM8:02 PM2017-04-01
AC 4795Air Canada11:35 PM5:06 AM2019-01-06
AC 5010Air Canada12:40 PM4:15 PM2017-12-20
AC 5026Air Canada10:31 PM2017-06-26
AC 5031Air Canada5:25 PM2018-03-24
AC 5147Air Canada1:35 PM4:32 PM2017-09-29
AC 5238Air Canada6:30 PM9:08 PM2016-09-07
AC 5289Air Canada7:36 AM1:10 PM2019-01-20
AC 5502Air Canada10:57 AM4:30 PM2019-01-20
AC 5847Air Canada3:56 PM9:34 PM2017-10-28
AC 5859Air Canada6:25 PM11:59 PM2019-01-20
AS 1218Alaska Airlines12:25 PM5:50 PM2019-01-20
AS 1222Alaska Airlines5:45 PM11:10 PM2019-01-19
AS 342Alaska Airlines11:55 AM2:40 PM2018-04-24
AS 722Alaska Airlines5:17 PM8:16 PM2018-05-13
AS 940Alaska Airlines8:00 AM10:10 AM2018-11-03
CA 7407Air China6:25 PM11:59 PM2019-01-20
CA 7409Air China5:15 PM10:41 PM2018-11-01
CI 9662China Airlines3:10 PM11:54 PM2018-03-23
CZ 1948China Southern Airlines5:25 PM2018-04-25
EJM 512Executive Jet Management10:24 AM2:05 PM2018-04-13
EJM 885Executive Jet Management10:24 PM12:13 AM2018-03-18
EK 3041Emirates5:45 PM6:35 PM2018-11-25
EK 3050Emirates5:30 PM8:00 PM2019-01-06
EK 3059Emirates5:05 PM6:45 PM2018-11-03
EK 3094Emirates2:45 PM4:50 PM2019-01-19
FJ 5844Fiji Airways12:25 PM5:50 PM2019-01-20
FJ 5846Fiji Airways5:45 PM11:10 PM2019-01-19
JL 5444JAL5:45 PM11:10 PM2019-01-19
LXJ 440Flexjet9:30 AM2016-11-20
LXJ 575Flexjet10:38 PM2017-11-25
LXJ 91Flexjet6:33 AM2018-05-29
NH 7332ANA11:15 AM4:48 PM2019-01-19
NZ 9117Air New Zealand4:36 PM10:10 PM2019-01-19
NZ 9119Air New Zealand11:35 PM5:06 AM2019-01-06
NZ 9137Air New Zealand6:25 PM11:59 PM2019-01-20
OO 1366SkyWest Airlines11:45 AM12:45 PM2016-10-29
OO 5347SkyWest Airlines11:07 AM11:50 AM2017-03-12
OO 5690SkyWest Airlines12:40 PM2017-03-11
OO 5992SkyWest Airlines2:55 PM8:35 PM2017-03-11
OPT 361Flight Options10:30 AM2017-03-07
OZ 6403Asiana Airlines6:25 PM11:59 PM2019-01-20
QF 3666Qantas5:45 PM11:10 PM2019-01-19
SQ 1368Singapore Airlines12:25 PM5:50 PM2019-01-20
SQ 1424Singapore Airlines5:45 PM11:10 PM2019-01-19
UA 1001United Airlines8:30 PM11:44 PM2016-12-15
UA 1087United Airlines4:05 PM5:05 PM2017-06-26
UA 1093United Airlines7:50 AM9:40 AM2016-09-06
UA 1107United Airlines7:50 AM12:24 PM2018-03-08
UA 1108United Airlines9:40 AM12:09 PM2018-03-08
UA 1270United Airlines5:29 PM8:42 PM2016-10-06
UA 1281United Airlines9:45 PM4:58 AM2017-06-08
UA 1288United Airlines4:15 PM11:11 PM2017-08-10
UA 1293United Airlines10:40 PM2018-06-07
UA 1299United Airlines9:35 AM1:04 PM2017-12-20
UA 1390United Airlines2:00 PM3:30 PM2018-03-01
UA 1478United Airlines12:30 PM3:41 PM2018-02-14
UA 1480United Airlines10:05 AM2018-01-07
UA 1517United Airlines4:24 PM2018-01-08
UA 1539United Airlines7:30 PM10:35 PM2018-01-09
UA 1648United Airlines5:15 PM8:41 PM2017-06-30
UA 1651United Airlines1:55 PM7:32 PM2016-11-25
UA 1682United Airlines9:39 AM12:04 PM2017-04-03
UA 1710United Airlines1:24 PM5:33 PM2018-11-26
UA 1734United Airlines11:35 AM1:37 PM2017-02-15
UA 1795United Airlines7:35 PM2018-08-19
UA 1846United Airlines7:45 AM10:25 AM2016-09-07
UA 1889United Airlines12:20 PM2018-09-05
UA 1910United Airlines12:52 PM3:09 PM2017-08-15
UA 1915United Airlines9:05 PM11:58 PM2018-01-07
UA 1969United Airlines3:49 PM5:25 PM2018-04-10
UA 1994United Airlines12:55 PM4:09 PM2017-06-07
UA 2014United Airlines7:30 AM9:11 AM2017-09-29
UA 2041United Airlines4:55 PM2016-11-28
UA 2111United Airlines6:57 PM8:00 PM2017-08-16
UA 2358United Airlines4:36 PM10:10 PM2019-01-19
UA 258United Airlines7:36 AM1:10 PM2019-01-20
UA 2585United Airlines4:50 PM2017-04-15
UA 275United Airlines8:17 PM2017-08-13
UA 319United Airlines12:40 PM4:15 PM2017-07-16
UA 372United Airlines7:40 AM2:42 PM2019-01-08
UA 398United Airlines10:45 PM12:15 AM2017-12-20
UA 431United Airlines9:35 AM1:04 PM2017-04-29
UA 5188United Airlines3:50 PM5:23 PM2017-05-05
UA 5208United Airlines12:45 PM2:02 PM2017-08-12
UA 5253United Airlines6:25 PM11:59 PM2019-01-20
UA 5259United Airlines2:45 PM4:01 PM2017-02-12
UA 5279United Airlines10:45 AM12:15 PM2019-01-06
UA 5298United Airlines5:55 PM2018-03-06
UA 5314United Airlines3:20 PM7:57 PM2017-03-06
UA 5329United Airlines7:00 PM8:34 PM2018-01-01
UA 5347United Airlines1:57 PM2017-04-04
UA 5371United Airlines11:37 AM12:45 PM2018-07-05
UA 5412United Airlines9:01 PM11:29 PM2017-10-28
UA 5431United Airlines5:40 PM8:55 PM2018-10-28
UA 5437United Airlines5:50 PM8:53 PM2017-11-01
UA 5444United Airlines8:49 PM9:55 PM2017-09-30
UA 5459United Airlines8:40 AM9:36 AM2017-06-04
UA 5460United Airlines2:25 PM6:04 PM2017-10-01
UA 5464United Airlines6:07 AM7:48 AM2018-03-05
UA 5499United Airlines7:10 PM2018-06-06
UA 5566United Airlines12:45 PM2016-11-20
UA 5647United Airlines8:45 PM10:04 PM2017-11-27
UA 5690United Airlines3:45 PM5:02 PM2017-04-01
UA 5695United Airlines5:43 PM2018-08-15
UA 5708United Airlines12:46 PM1:45 PM2017-06-24
UA 5727United Airlines7:30 AM11:20 AM2018-04-08
UA 5728United Airlines7:40 AM9:10 AM2017-11-27
UA 5738United Airlines6:00 AM7:00 AM2016-10-02
UA 5753United Airlines4:05 PM5:15 PM2018-02-03
UA 5768United Airlines10:00 AM12:17 PM2018-08-21
UA 5794United Airlines1:00 PM2016-10-06
UA 5807United Airlines9:05 AM12:02 PM2016-11-23
UA 5828United Airlines10:10 AM12:05 PM2016-09-22
UA 5830United Airlines7:55 PM2017-04-02
UA 5880United Airlines5:45 PM6:23 PM2017-12-19
UA 5905United Airlines9:10 AM10:23 AM2018-02-14
UA 5914United Airlines8:45 AM2:51 PM2018-08-30
UA 5950United Airlines10:20 AM12:53 PM2018-11-26
UA 5980United Airlines2:20 PM3:37 PM2017-10-29
UA 5992United Airlines2:30 PM4:13 PM2018-06-06
UA 5997United Airlines8:05 AM9:50 AM2017-09-02
UA 643United Airlines2:40 PM9:45 PM2017-02-22
UA 676United Airlines4:45 PM2017-01-04
UA 701United Airlines10:57 AM4:30 PM2019-01-20
UA 724United Airlines2:10 PM2017-03-08
UA 785United Airlines10:50 AM11:23 AM2018-06-24
UA 813United Airlines2:35 PM2016-11-23
VX 1218Virgin America11:15 AM4:37 PM2018-04-23
VX 1222Virgin America5:25 PM2018-04-25
VX 218Virgin America10:40 AM4:05 PM2017-09-05
VX 222Virgin America5:15 PM10:40 PM2017-09-06
WN 1474Southwest Airlines5:40 PM6:55 PM2018-12-25
WN 1644Southwest Airlines2:25 PM4:05 PM2018-10-31
WN 1828Southwest Airlines10:35 AM2:30 PM2019-01-04
WN 2040Southwest Airlines9:20 AM11:00 AM2018-06-06
WN 246Southwest Airlines6:05 PM7:15 PM2019-01-01
WN 2513Southwest Airlines4:25 PM5:45 PM2018-08-31
WN 2522Southwest Airlines6:35 AM9:20 AM2018-08-06
WN 2573Southwest Airlines10:45 AM12:10 PM2018-06-03
WN 274Southwest Airlines7:55 PM10:45 PM2018-12-24
WN 2778Southwest Airlines5:15 PM12:05 AM2018-05-27
WN 2948Southwest Airlines4:00 PM10:55 PM2018-08-04
WN 3159Southwest Airlines9:20 AM10:35 AM2018-09-02
WN 3167Southwest Airlines6:30 AM2018-11-03
WN 323Southwest Airlines8:10 PM9:55 PM2018-11-02
WN 3248Southwest Airlines9:40 AM2018-10-02
WN 3315Southwest Airlines2:10 PM2018-09-03
WN 3392Southwest Airlines12:25 PM2018-06-02
WN 3492Southwest Airlines1:15 PM2:40 PM2018-12-31
WN 3516Southwest Airlines9:15 AM2018-09-30
WN 3544Southwest Airlines6:20 AM8:05 AM2018-08-06
WN 3681Southwest Airlines12:25 PM2018-12-16
WN 4187Southwest Airlines10:10 AM12:35 PM2018-12-29
WN 4531Southwest Airlines6:50 AM8:15 AM2019-01-02
WN 4670Southwest Airlines3:05 PM2019-01-20
WN 5162Southwest Airlines3:20 PM4:55 PM2019-01-06
WN 5583Southwest Airlines9:50 AM1:15 PM2018-10-28
WN 614Southwest Airlines2:40 PM4:55 PM2018-07-05
WN 6420Southwest Airlines10:25 PM2018-09-29
WN 999Southwest Airlines5:00 PM9:25 PM2019-01-18
XOJ 508XOJET3:10 PM3:24 PM2018-12-16
XOJ 536XOJET12:49 PM3:11 PM2018-02-14
XOJ 546XOJET6:30 PM9:11 PM2017-11-27
XOJ 551XOJET4:30 PM2017-08-16
XOJ 750XOJET12:59 PM2016-09-17
XOJ 753XOJET12:20 PM12:47 PM2017-01-05
XOJ 757XOJET10:36 AM2017-12-15
XOJ 772XOJET11:00 AM1:22 PM2016-12-01
YV 2358Mesa Airlines4:38 PM9:52 PM2018-06-29
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