Flights from Seattle, US (SEA) to Oakland, US (OAK)

List of all flights from Seattle, US (SEA) to Oakland, US (OAK), list of airlines operating on the route from Seattle, US (SEA) to Oakland, US (OAK), departures from SEA and arrivals to OAK. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 434 flights on this route. The distance from Seattle, US (SEA) to Oakland, US (OAK) is 1,082 km (672 miles). Seattle Tacoma International Airport and Metropolitan Oakland International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-07:00). The current time on both airports is Saturday 2018-04-21 10:17 AM.

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List of 434 flights operating on the route from Seattle, US (SEA) to Oakland, US (OAK).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 114NetJets Aviation9:30 AM10:42 AM2017-10-13
1I 318NetJets Aviation1:45 PM2017-07-11
1I 655NetJets Aviation2:15 PM2018-02-26
1I 793NetJets Aviation7:30 AM8:48 AM2017-08-17
1I 851NetJets Aviation10:00 AM11:30 AM2016-09-27
AA 6793American Airlines9:50 AM11:51 AM2018-04-21
AA 6822American Airlines10:00 PM12:02 AM2018-04-20
AA 6840American Airlines10:10 PM2018-04-21
AA 6913American Airlines5:50 AM7:49 AM2018-04-20
AA 7002American Airlines3:35 PM5:37 PM2018-04-21
AA 7478American Airlines7:55 PM8:28 PM2017-08-26
AA 7565American Airlines10:58 AM2017-03-11
AS 2755Alaska Airlines9:55 AM2017-08-26
AS 304Alaska Airlines9:30 PM11:49 PM2017-07-31
AS 306Alaska Airlines11:35 AM1:53 PM2017-04-23
AS 312Alaska Airlines6:45 AM2017-03-11
AS 316Alaska Airlines10:30 PM12:41 AM2017-04-23
AS 318Alaska Airlines7:45 PM9:55 PM2017-04-30
AS 320Alaska Airlines5:45 PM7:57 PM2017-03-24
AS 324Alaska Airlines9:35 AM11:55 AM2017-05-17
AS 334Alaska Airlines11:35 AM1:25 PM2018-01-02
AS 335Alaska Airlines10:10 PM2018-04-21
AS 340Alaska Airlines6:30 PM8:46 PM2016-11-06
AS 342Alaska Airlines7:40 PM9:58 PM2017-11-04
AS 3486Alaska Airlines8:00 AM8:55 AM2017-03-11
AS 352Alaska Airlines5:50 AM7:49 AM2018-04-20
AS 356Alaska Airlines10:00 PM12:02 AM2018-04-20
AS 358Alaska Airlines9:46 PM12:03 AM2017-01-04
AS 366Alaska Airlines3:35 PM2017-02-20
AS 370Alaska Airlines3:35 PM5:37 PM2018-04-21
AS 379Alaska Airlines9:50 AM11:51 AM2018-04-21
AS 388Alaska Airlines2:00 PM4:14 PM2017-01-10
AS 398Alaska Airlines5:55 AM8:00 AM2018-03-09
AS 538Alaska Airlines10:00 AM2018-03-11
AS 582Alaska Airlines7:00 PM9:38 PM2017-11-04
AS 879Alaska Airlines7:25 AM2017-03-09
AS 9230Alaska Airlines9:15 AM11:50 AM2017-01-02
AS 9255Alaska Airlines6:30 AM8:35 AM2017-06-20
AS 9274Alaska Airlines2:00 PM11:27 PM2017-11-05
AS 9342Alaska Airlines4:40 PM6:41 PM2017-05-09
AS 9722Alaska Airlines6:50 AM7:50 AM2017-10-14
AS 9724Alaska Airlines4:23 PM6:20 PM2017-11-05
AS 9800Alaska Airlines12:15 AM1:00 AM2016-11-06
AS 9802Alaska Airlines5:00 AM7:30 AM2016-11-06
AS 9803Alaska Airlines6:55 AM7:35 AM2017-01-11
AS 982Alaska Airlines9:20 PM6:19 AM2018-03-11
AS 9854Alaska Airlines9:30 AM11:15 AM2017-01-30
AS 986Alaska Airlines9:50 PM12:02 AM2018-02-04
DL 8870Delta Air Lines5:20 PM2016-08-31
DL 8875Delta Air Lines5:30 PM8:15 PM2017-08-30
DL 9119Delta Air Lines6:30 AM6:35 AM2017-05-01
EK 3006Emirates2:39 PM2016-12-29
EK 3012Emirates1:35 PM2:12 PM2017-04-03
EK 3013Emirates8:00 AM11:00 AM2017-02-03
EK 3039Emirates9:40 PM12:19 AM2017-10-29
EK 3049Emirates1:16 PM1:56 PM2016-12-24
EK 3050Emirates5:00 PM7:30 PM2017-10-02
EK 3052Emirates5:45 PM7:56 PM2017-03-28
EK 3054Emirates9:42 PM2017-03-24
EK 3065Emirates7:50 PM9:35 PM2017-08-27
EK 3100Emirates10:00 AM12:46 PM2016-10-02
EK 3131Emirates5:55 PM8:06 PM2016-10-03
EK 3135Emirates3:30 PM4:17 PM2016-12-31
EK 3140Emirates8:05 AM10:56 AM2017-01-06
EK 3149Emirates5:38 PM6:34 PM2017-02-06
EK 3157Emirates9:35 AM11:46 AM2017-03-11
EK 3177Emirates3:25 PM5:29 PM2017-10-29
EK 3185Emirates5:35 PM7:51 PM2017-10-23
EK 3196Emirates3:30 PM5:40 PM2016-12-16
EK 3263Emirates10:00 AM10:50 AM2016-11-06
EK 3276Emirates3:35 PM2017-06-03
FX 1589FedEx6:20 AM2016-12-21
FX 1717FedEx3:50 AM5:12 AM2017-02-23
FX 1802FedEx8:48 PM10:44 PM2018-04-21
FX 1840FedEx3:45 AM4:23 AM2017-04-19
FX 1841FedEx7:31 PM2017-02-23
FX 1890FedEx5:00 PM5:27 PM2017-02-23
FX 3017FedEx2:20 PM5:05 PM2017-12-22
FX 3032FedEx2:53 PM4:50 PM2017-11-25
FX 350FedEx3:05 PM5:08 PM2016-12-19
FX 3740FedEx8:00 PM8:41 PM2016-11-24
FX 3785FedEx9:45 PM11:36 PM2017-01-12
FX 3812FedEx7:00 AM2018-04-21
FX 3824FedEx7:32 AM2018-04-19
FX 3835FedEx7:32 AM9:20 AM2016-12-30
FX 3840FedEx1:30 PM1:52 PM2017-03-08
FX 3884FedEx2:00 PM3:49 PM2017-12-23
FX 3885FedEx4:44 PM6:28 PM2016-11-17
FX 3890FedEx7:30 PM8:31 PM2017-02-22
FX 507FedEx4:41 PM6:12 PM2016-12-19
FX 568FedEx1:45 PM4:06 PM2017-12-18
FX 597FedEx2:55 PM5:00 PM2018-04-15
FX 630FedEx5:45 AM11:35 AM2016-12-11
FX 828FedEx5:45 AM11:11 AM2017-02-04
FX 882FedEx8:30 AM2016-11-26
FX 884FedEx8:00 AM9:17 AM2017-01-21
FX 980FedEx8:30 AM9:34 AM2016-09-25
FX 981FedEx5:00 PM6:10 PM2016-09-28
FX 982FedEx5:00 PM6:27 PM2016-10-03
FX 983FedEx10:45 PM1:07 AM2016-10-14
FX 984FedEx5:30 PM7:46 PM2017-08-16
FX 985FedEx4:50 PM6:17 PM2017-01-06
KAI 45Kaiser Air10:45 AM2016-10-28
KE 6223Korean Air3:35 PM5:37 PM2018-04-21
KL 8706KLM3:25 PM2017-09-21
KL 8746KLM7:35 PM9:10 PM2017-09-17
LXJ 536Flexjet7:30 AM2018-03-28
OO 3486SkyWest Airlines9:20 PM2017-03-12
OO 9323SkyWest Airlines2:09 PM2017-06-26
OPT 360Flight Options3:30 PM2017-12-31
QX 2755Horizon Air9:55 AM12:02 PM2017-05-30
QX 2994Horizon Air7:30 AM12:35 PM2017-01-18
QX 9371Horizon Air7:45 AM9:10 AM2017-01-08
QX 9985Horizon Air7:00 AM2016-12-09
QX 9994Horizon Air9:40 PM10:25 PM2017-01-18
UA 1234United Airlines8:05 PM11:57 PM2016-08-31
WN 1008Southwest Airlines1:45 PM2017-10-06
WN 1019Southwest Airlines9:55 PM11:15 PM2017-04-25
WN 1045Southwest Airlines8:35 AM9:25 AM2017-11-25
WN 1067Southwest Airlines12:30 PM3:45 PM2018-01-03
WN 1082Southwest Airlines5:30 AM2017-06-03
WN 1174Southwest Airlines3:05 PM2017-03-08
WN 118Southwest Airlines9:15 AM11:50 AM2017-09-30
WN 1198Southwest Airlines6:05 PM2017-04-22
WN 1270Southwest Airlines6:50 PM8:25 PM2016-09-05
WN 1275Southwest Airlines12:05 PM2017-04-24
WN 1291Southwest Airlines7:35 PM11:35 PM2017-04-24
WN 1327Southwest Airlines7:00 PM10:30 PM2017-03-09
WN 1329Southwest Airlines6:30 PM8:55 PM2017-04-25
WN 1336Southwest Airlines1:55 PM4:35 PM2017-05-28
WN 1350Southwest Airlines11:50 AM2018-01-05
WN 1351Southwest Airlines2:15 PM5:10 PM2018-01-07
WN 1355Southwest Airlines5:45 PM7:35 PM2016-11-01
WN 1372Southwest Airlines11:40 AM2017-06-02
WN 1387Southwest Airlines9:20 PM10:10 PM2016-11-05
WN 140Southwest Airlines7:55 PM8:55 PM2016-12-24
WN 1406Southwest Airlines2:30 PM4:25 PM2017-06-03
WN 1435Southwest Airlines7:05 AM9:25 AM2017-08-14
WN 1438Southwest Airlines10:25 AM11:45 AM2018-04-20
WN 1441Southwest Airlines6:50 AM2018-04-20
WN 1478Southwest Airlines5:05 PM6:30 PM2016-11-26
WN 1490Southwest Airlines6:05 AM7:00 AM2017-06-03
WN 150Southwest Airlines2:05 PM2017-03-08
WN 1503Southwest Airlines6:15 PM7:25 PM2017-08-14
WN 1520Southwest Airlines7:20 AM8:35 AM2017-08-14
WN 1521Southwest Airlines8:10 PM10:25 PM2016-11-27
WN 1533Southwest Airlines10:00 AM11:50 AM2016-11-05
WN 1539Southwest Airlines9:20 PM10:55 PM2016-09-03
WN 1565Southwest Airlines6:25 PM7:50 PM2018-01-09
WN 157Southwest Airlines4:00 PM5:50 PM2017-09-30
WN 1572Southwest Airlines7:25 PM8:40 PM2017-04-24
WN 1581Southwest Airlines8:00 PM11:55 PM2018-04-20
WN 1595Southwest Airlines12:30 PM2017-07-04
WN 1605Southwest Airlines8:05 AM10:45 AM2016-12-18
WN 1617Southwest Airlines1:35 PM4:45 PM2017-09-30
WN 162Southwest Airlines11:35 AM12:55 PM2017-09-30
WN 1629Southwest Airlines7:40 AM9:30 AM2016-12-24
WN 1637Southwest Airlines10:38 AM2016-12-25
WN 1645Southwest Airlines9:05 PM12:20 AM2017-11-03
WN 1646Southwest Airlines2:05 PM3:30 PM2016-12-24
WN 1650Southwest Airlines7:55 PM9:15 PM2017-10-01
WN 1653Southwest Airlines7:00 PM10:15 PM2017-11-04
WN 1663Southwest Airlines8:45 AM11:05 AM2017-06-02
WN 1676Southwest Airlines9:30 PM10:30 PM2017-06-02
WN 1717Southwest Airlines7:50 PM9:20 PM2016-12-26
WN 1735Southwest Airlines8:10 AM9:30 AM2016-12-25
WN 1743Southwest Airlines1:25 PM3:55 PM2017-01-04
WN 1746Southwest Airlines10:55 PM12:25 AM2017-01-05
WN 1752Southwest Airlines1:55 PM2016-11-05
WN 178Southwest Airlines12:20 PM1:30 PM2017-12-24
WN 1794Southwest Airlines6:25 PM2017-11-03
WN 1800Southwest Airlines7:05 AM8:15 AM2017-11-03
WN 1806Southwest Airlines3:10 PM2018-04-20
WN 1809Southwest Airlines4:25 PM12:15 AM2017-12-26
WN 1811Southwest Airlines11:30 AM2017-08-13
WN 1837Southwest Airlines11:20 AM4:10 PM2016-11-04
WN 186Southwest Airlines8:40 PM11:05 PM2016-11-26
WN 1882Southwest Airlines1:40 PM7:50 PM2016-10-31
WN 1912Southwest Airlines12:10 PM2:55 PM2017-11-04
WN 1922Southwest Airlines4:35 PM5:55 PM2018-03-07
WN 1944Southwest Airlines8:00 AM2016-11-04
WN 1947Southwest Airlines7:55 AM9:55 AM2017-09-29
WN 1951Southwest Airlines5:30 AM6:50 AM2017-01-02
WN 196Southwest Airlines7:05 PM2017-12-25
WN 1964Southwest Airlines8:40 AM2017-08-14
WN 2008Southwest Airlines8:55 AM2017-09-29
WN 2017Southwest Airlines7:05 AM11:05 AM2017-03-05
WN 2018Southwest Airlines4:20 PM2016-12-24
WN 2022Southwest Airlines6:20 AM8:45 AM2018-03-07
WN 204Southwest Airlines1:10 PM2017-12-26
WN 2042Southwest Airlines8:30 AM2018-04-06
WN 205Southwest Airlines10:35 PM12:20 AM2018-01-06
WN 2122Southwest Airlines5:05 PM8:00 PM2018-04-06
WN 2169Southwest Airlines9:30 PM11:10 PM2017-03-04
WN 2188Southwest Airlines3:45 PM2017-11-03
WN 2221Southwest Airlines3:20 PM2017-08-15
WN 2234Southwest Airlines8:15 AM11:00 AM2017-07-03
WN 2246Southwest Airlines2:30 PM2016-11-06
WN 2277Southwest Airlines8:40 PM10:00 PM2017-09-23
WN 2290Southwest Airlines3:20 PM8:00 PM2018-03-03
WN 2295Southwest Airlines6:40 PM2016-11-27
WN 2318Southwest Airlines8:35 PM12:15 AM2017-11-05
WN 2338Southwest Airlines11:35 AM12:50 PM2017-04-22
WN 2341Southwest Airlines10:05 AM2016-11-08
WN 2343Southwest Airlines7:30 AM9:50 AM2016-11-04
WN 2380Southwest Airlines2:35 PM7:45 PM2016-11-26
WN 2406Southwest Airlines2:10 PM5:15 PM2018-04-01
WN 2409Southwest Airlines10:30 AM2018-03-10
WN 2410Southwest Airlines6:05 AM2017-08-12
WN 2412Southwest Airlines8:45 PM10:40 PM2017-02-05
WN 2426Southwest Airlines8:25 AM9:20 AM2017-09-24
WN 2490Southwest Airlines6:45 AM9:55 AM2018-04-02
WN 2515Southwest Airlines7:40 AM11:05 AM2017-12-30
WN 2545Southwest Airlines6:05 AM8:15 AM2016-12-25
WN 2547Southwest Airlines7:15 AM2:35 PM2016-12-26
WN 2556Southwest Airlines1:15 PM3:20 PM2018-04-15
WN 2579Southwest Airlines12:25 PM3:10 PM2017-06-03
WN 259Southwest Airlines3:25 PM4:50 PM2017-12-24
WN 2646Southwest Airlines7:20 AM8:55 AM2016-11-27
WN 2652Southwest Airlines12:20 PM2018-03-04
WN 2687Southwest Airlines4:45 PM6:05 PM2016-11-04
WN 2707Southwest Airlines1:00 PM6:25 PM2017-11-04
WN 2711Southwest Airlines6:35 AM8:00 AM2016-09-04
WN 2718Southwest Airlines2:50 PM3:55 PM2017-11-04
WN 2729Southwest Airlines6:45 PM2016-11-26
WN 2731Southwest Airlines5:55 AM2017-11-04
WN 2737Southwest Airlines10:10 AM11:40 AM2017-12-31
WN 2748Southwest Airlines8:10 PM2016-11-08
WN 2772Southwest Airlines5:25 PM2018-04-15
WN 2779Southwest Airlines7:15 PM11:45 PM2017-01-04
WN 2837Southwest Airlines8:05 PM2017-08-13
WN 2857Southwest Airlines9:30 PM10:55 PM2017-01-03
WN 2875Southwest Airlines7:30 PM8:45 PM2018-01-06
WN 2878Southwest Airlines8:45 PM9:50 PM2018-01-07
WN 2921Southwest Airlines8:35 PM2017-12-31
WN 2922Southwest Airlines4:35 PM2018-03-11
WN 2924Southwest Airlines2:15 PM2018-01-06
WN 2925Southwest Airlines2:00 PM6:10 PM2018-01-06
WN 2929Southwest Airlines7:20 AM10:30 AM2017-01-01
WN 2955Southwest Airlines8:00 AM2016-12-26
WN 2970Southwest Airlines10:45 PM12:40 AM2017-05-21
WN 3069Southwest Airlines7:50 PM2016-12-31
WN 3075Southwest Airlines9:45 AM11:50 AM2017-12-31
WN 3093Southwest Airlines10:05 PM11:35 PM2017-12-31
WN 3096Southwest Airlines9:05 AM11:00 AM2016-11-24
WN 3099Southwest Airlines6:40 AM2016-11-25
WN 3109Southwest Airlines8:05 PM10:20 PM2018-04-07
WN 3119Southwest Airlines7:10 AM9:10 AM2017-03-05
WN 3136Southwest Airlines2:05 PM4:10 PM2018-03-05
WN 3141Southwest Airlines8:35 PM9:55 PM2017-12-17
WN 3149Southwest Airlines9:25 PM11:25 PM2016-09-05
WN 3193Southwest Airlines7:10 AM2017-05-21
WN 3197Southwest Airlines9:05 PM11:25 PM2018-03-04
WN 3202Southwest Airlines9:15 AM10:15 AM2016-11-25
WN 3217Southwest Airlines7:05 AM9:55 AM2017-04-24
WN 3242Southwest Airlines9:10 PM10:55 PM2018-03-03
WN 3289Southwest Airlines7:00 PM9:05 PM2017-08-14
WN 330Southwest Airlines8:25 PM2017-09-29
WN 3325Southwest Airlines2:00 PM2017-03-06
WN 3380Southwest Airlines5:55 PM10:20 PM2018-01-07
WN 3413Southwest Airlines4:45 PM2017-10-29
WN 3428Southwest Airlines9:05 AM11:45 AM2017-05-29
WN 3448Southwest Airlines12:40 PM3:40 PM2017-03-06
WN 3469Southwest Airlines6:40 AM9:25 AM2018-02-04
WN 3470Southwest Airlines9:20 AM2018-02-04
WN 3498Southwest Airlines7:05 AM2017-08-15
WN 3528Southwest Airlines8:35 AM11:30 AM2017-01-02
WN 3556Southwest Airlines7:00 AM8:25 AM2016-11-05
WN 3617Southwest Airlines7:40 AM10:00 AM2016-11-08
WN 3620Southwest Airlines7:30 AM10:45 AM2016-11-06
WN 363Southwest Airlines8:50 PM12:20 AM2018-01-05
WN 3663Southwest Airlines4:35 PM8:50 PM2017-10-30
WN 3689Southwest Airlines6:15 PM8:40 PM2016-11-05
WN 3695Southwest Airlines9:40 AM11:50 AM2016-11-27
WN 3713Southwest Airlines10:05 AM11:35 AM2018-02-05
WN 373Southwest Airlines4:50 PM2018-04-21
WN 3767Southwest Airlines6:05 PM8:25 PM2017-09-04
WN 3776Southwest Airlines9:25 PM2017-04-23
WN 3778Southwest Airlines9:05 PM12:35 AM2017-04-23
WN 3784Southwest Airlines7:50 AM1:15 PM2018-01-07
WN 3796Southwest Airlines5:55 PM2016-11-24
WN 3805Southwest Airlines9:15 AM10:40 AM2017-08-15
WN 3816Southwest Airlines1:05 PM2017-01-02
WN 3827Southwest Airlines10:20 PM2016-12-18
WN 3832Southwest Airlines9:45 AM1:35 PM2017-11-23
WN 386Southwest Airlines10:15 AM1:00 PM2017-09-30
WN 3950Southwest Airlines8:05 AM10:55 AM2017-04-30
WN 3984Southwest Airlines5:30 PM7:40 PM2016-12-26
WN 403Southwest Airlines5:15 AM2017-03-09
WN 4077Southwest Airlines6:25 AM8:25 AM2017-05-29
WN 4097Southwest Airlines9:20 PM2018-03-04
WN 4109Southwest Airlines8:20 PM10:10 PM2017-09-25
WN 4115Southwest Airlines7:55 AM2017-07-05
WN 4144Southwest Airlines8:20 AM11:20 AM2017-09-02
WN 4174Southwest Airlines8:40 PM10:05 PM2017-09-03
WN 4182Southwest Airlines6:55 AM9:05 AM2017-09-24
WN 423Southwest Airlines7:00 AM9:15 AM2016-11-27
WN 4249Southwest Airlines11:10 AM2017-07-04
WN 4251Southwest Airlines5:45 PM9:05 PM2017-08-12
WN 426Southwest Airlines6:15 AM8:05 AM2016-12-17
WN 4263Southwest Airlines10:20 AM2017-07-03
WN 4349Southwest Airlines7:20 PM2018-03-04
WN 437Southwest Airlines8:10 PM10:25 PM2018-03-07
WN 4389Southwest Airlines6:30 AM8:15 AM2017-08-13
WN 442Southwest Airlines1:25 PM3:50 PM2017-03-08
WN 4420Southwest Airlines11:05 AM11:55 AM2018-04-15
WN 4434Southwest Airlines8:05 PM10:30 PM2018-01-07
WN 4438Southwest Airlines6:35 PM9:15 PM2017-12-30
WN 4444Southwest Airlines2:10 PM3:50 PM2017-12-30
WN 4458Southwest Airlines9:15 PM10:35 PM2018-01-08
WN 4508Southwest Airlines10:45 AM2018-04-21
WN 452Southwest Airlines7:20 PM10:40 PM2017-01-05
WN 4542Southwest Airlines6:40 AM2018-04-15
WN 4547Southwest Airlines8:55 AM2017-06-03
WN 4566Southwest Airlines11:20 AM2018-03-05
WN 4572Southwest Airlines10:35 AM11:45 AM2017-09-23
WN 4591Southwest Airlines5:45 PM2017-12-25
WN 4618Southwest Airlines11:10 AM1:40 PM2017-10-29
WN 462Southwest Airlines6:20 AM7:30 AM2017-08-14
WN 4627Southwest Airlines11:25 AM2018-01-06
WN 4629Southwest Airlines1:05 PM4:00 PM2017-09-24
WN 4637Southwest Airlines6:05 AM8:40 AM2017-08-12
WN 464Southwest Airlines10:40 PM11:45 PM2017-01-05
WN 4656Southwest Airlines4:15 PM2017-09-25
WN 4662Southwest Airlines6:20 PM9:10 PM2018-04-01
WN 4683Southwest Airlines8:15 PM11:05 PM2017-09-24
WN 4802Southwest Airlines5:00 PM2017-09-05
WN 4811Southwest Airlines8:20 PM9:30 PM2017-01-03
WN 4812Southwest Airlines1:15 PM2017-01-03
WN 4843Southwest Airlines8:05 PM9:20 PM2018-04-16
WN 4889Southwest Airlines5:55 PM11:30 PM2018-02-14
WN 4891Southwest Airlines12:35 PM5:35 PM2017-12-30
WN 4922Southwest Airlines8:15 AM11:25 AM2017-05-27
WN 500Southwest Airlines12:10 PM2:25 PM2017-11-04
WN 5004Southwest Airlines12:40 PM2:15 PM2017-10-28
WN 5016Southwest Airlines7:20 PM8:30 PM2017-10-28
WN 5070Southwest Airlines1:40 PM3:05 PM2017-08-13
WN 5080Southwest Airlines2:50 PM5:20 PM2017-06-04
WN 5140Southwest Airlines5:30 PM6:25 PM2016-09-04
WN 5163Southwest Airlines3:50 PM2018-04-08
WN 5269Southwest Airlines1:20 PM3:20 PM2016-09-04
WN 5273Southwest Airlines8:20 PM1:20 AM2017-03-05
WN 5277Southwest Airlines1:00 PM2016-12-10
WN 5280Southwest Airlines3:50 PM9:25 PM2017-10-30
WN 5309Southwest Airlines5:00 PM7:00 PM2018-02-15
WN 5321Southwest Airlines10:30 AM12:40 PM2016-12-18
WN 5335Southwest Airlines12:05 PM2018-02-14
WN 5340Southwest Airlines6:55 PM8:35 PM2016-10-30
WN 5344Southwest Airlines6:45 PM2016-09-25
WN 5396Southwest Airlines10:25 PM2017-10-29
WN 548Southwest Airlines10:55 PM12:55 AM2017-01-04
WN 5536Southwest Airlines8:45 PM11:00 PM2018-02-05
WN 5537Southwest Airlines8:55 AM2:40 PM2017-08-13
WN 5549Southwest Airlines10:00 PM11:15 PM2018-03-08
WN 562Southwest Airlines9:25 PM2017-11-23
WN 5622Southwest Airlines8:45 PM11:20 PM2017-11-25
WN 5624Southwest Airlines11:45 AM3:15 PM2016-11-08
WN 5636Southwest Airlines3:10 PM2017-07-05
WN 5640Southwest Airlines9:55 PM11:10 PM2017-09-24
WN 5647Southwest Airlines7:40 PM2018-04-07
WN 569Southwest Airlines10:45 AM2016-12-31
WN 5695Southwest Airlines7:35 PM9:40 PM2018-04-21
WN 5736Southwest Airlines9:25 PM2018-01-05
WN 5770Southwest Airlines7:40 PM2017-03-05
WN 5776Southwest Airlines10:25 AM2017-07-05
WN 5819Southwest Airlines11:10 AM12:25 PM2017-04-23
WN 5841Southwest Airlines3:50 PM2016-12-11
WN 5868Southwest Airlines6:35 PM1:55 AM2017-08-12
WN 5875Southwest Airlines6:15 PM2017-10-29
WN 588Southwest Airlines10:00 PM11:10 PM2018-01-09
WN 594Southwest Airlines5:35 PM2017-04-25
WN 5953Southwest Airlines5:55 PM7:55 PM2018-01-02
WN 5955Southwest Airlines11:05 AM2016-12-11
WN 5988Southwest Airlines11:50 AM2:20 PM2018-04-06
WN 5999Southwest Airlines4:15 PM2018-01-02
WN 60Southwest Airlines8:00 AM10:50 AM2017-03-04
WN 6005Southwest Airlines10:15 PM2018-02-15
WN 6009Southwest Airlines5:20 PM2018-01-02
WN 6015Southwest Airlines7:00 PM9:40 PM2018-01-02
WN 6048Southwest Airlines10:15 PM12:55 AM2017-02-05
WN 6088Southwest Airlines7:45 PM9:20 PM2017-01-03
WN 6102Southwest Airlines4:05 PM5:40 PM2018-01-08
WN 6110Southwest Airlines10:25 AM2017-09-29
WN 6155Southwest Airlines2:40 PM2016-11-09
WN 617Southwest Airlines11:35 AM2:15 PM2016-12-25
WN 6207Southwest Airlines5:50 PM7:05 PM2017-12-27
WN 622Southwest Airlines3:50 PM6:40 PM2017-01-05
WN 6251Southwest Airlines7:30 PM2018-03-05
WN 6271Southwest Airlines4:40 PM6:05 PM2017-01-02
WN 6315Southwest Airlines7:40 PM1:05 AM2018-03-08
WN 6380Southwest Airlines7:05 PM8:25 PM2018-01-07
WN 6382Southwest Airlines11:15 PM1:50 AM2017-10-28
WN 6443Southwest Airlines7:00 PM2018-01-06
WN 6451Southwest Airlines7:35 AM8:55 AM2018-03-04
WN 6476Southwest Airlines7:50 PM12:55 AM2018-04-15
WN 6481Southwest Airlines3:05 PM5:50 PM2017-11-04
WN 6484Southwest Airlines5:50 PM8:10 PM2017-10-07
WN 6496Southwest Airlines8:55 AM2016-12-17
WN 6574Southwest Airlines7:30 AM2017-05-21
WN 662Southwest Airlines6:25 PM2018-01-03
WN 6632Southwest Airlines12:20 PM2017-02-05
WN 664Southwest Airlines5:20 PM6:50 PM2017-12-10
WN 6657Southwest Airlines8:00 PM10:55 PM2018-01-03
WN 6711Southwest Airlines2:00 PM2016-12-31
WN 6716Southwest Airlines6:55 AM9:25 AM2017-02-15
WN 6860Southwest Airlines8:30 AM11:05 AM2017-02-14
WN 697Southwest Airlines8:10 PM11:25 PM2016-09-03
WN 699Southwest Airlines7:15 PM2016-11-26
WN 702Southwest Airlines10:50 PM2018-03-08
WN 706Southwest Airlines5:45 PM7:00 PM2017-04-23
WN 719Southwest Airlines7:45 AM2017-05-28
WN 789Southwest Airlines7:30 PM8:30 PM2018-02-04
WN 794Southwest Airlines5:55 PM7:15 PM2016-12-10
WN 815Southwest Airlines9:30 PM11:35 PM2018-04-07
WN 8500Southwest Airlines8:30 AM2017-11-04
WN 8502Southwest Airlines5:30 AM2017-06-20
WN 8503Southwest Airlines7:45 AM2017-08-06
WN 8504Southwest Airlines7:00 AM2017-10-27
WN 8506Southwest Airlines8:50 AM2017-11-20
WN 8507Southwest Airlines7:15 AM2017-03-17
WN 8509Southwest Airlines10:30 AM2017-11-05
WN 8513Southwest Airlines3:45 PM2016-12-13
WN 8515Southwest Airlines10:10 PM2017-09-02
WN 8548Southwest Airlines4:45 PM2017-06-06
WN 8607Southwest Airlines8:45 PM2016-11-11
WN 8613Southwest Airlines5:55 PM7:20 PM2017-01-01
WN 8615Southwest Airlines2:20 PM2:59 PM2017-01-01
WN 868Southwest Airlines10:35 AM4:15 PM2017-09-30
WN 869Southwest Airlines5:30 AM2018-02-14
WN 895Southwest Airlines3:45 PM2017-03-05
WN 962Southwest Airlines5:25 PM2017-01-01
WN 990Southwest Airlines4:15 PM2017-09-03
XOJ 750XOJET8:07 AM2017-06-30
XOJ 782XOJET1:31 PM2017-11-13
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