Flights from Seattle, US (SEA) to Houston, US (IAH)

List of all flights from Seattle, US (SEA) to Houston, US (IAH), list of airlines operating on the route from Seattle, US (SEA) to Houston, US (IAH), departures from SEA and arrivals to IAH. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 92 flights on this route. The distance from Seattle, US (SEA) to Houston, US (IAH) is 3,013 km (1,872 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Seattle Tacoma International Airport - is GMT-08:00. The current time is Friday 2019-01-18 04:41 AM. The time zone of the destination point - George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport - is GMT-06:00, The current time is Friday 2019-01-18 06:41 AM.

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List of 92 flights operating on the route from Seattle, US (SEA) to Houston, US (IAH).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
5Y 8412Atlas Air8:00 AM2017-12-19
5Y 8688Atlas Air2:40 PM2017-01-01
AJI 9199Ameristar Jet Charter1:30 AM2017-07-08
AS 350Alaska Airlines11:55 AM6:13 PM2019-01-06
AS 692Alaska Airlines1:25 PM8:45 PM2018-11-03
AS 730Alaska Airlines5:10 AM9:39 AM2017-03-11
AS 732Alaska Airlines9:55 PM4:52 AM2017-03-11
AS 776Alaska Airlines5:40 PM2019-01-07
BR 3018EVA Air12:05 AM6:12 AM2019-01-05
DL 9054Delta Air Lines10:20 AM4:30 PM2017-04-30
EK 3054Emirates4:30 PM7:20 PM2017-06-01
EK 3097Emirates3:55 PM2017-03-26
EK 3119Emirates6:25 AM2017-04-01
EK 3129Emirates5:35 PM6:35 PM2017-10-28
EK 3298Emirates10:40 PM4:52 AM2017-10-28
NK 378Spirit Airlines1:09 AM7:17 AM2018-09-05
NK 8673Spirit Airlines9:46 AM2017-03-31
OZ 9541Asiana Airlines2:20 PM8:30 PM2019-01-16
SQ 1251Singapore Airlines11:55 AM6:13 PM2019-01-06
UA 1034United Airlines2:25 PM7:30 PM2018-04-15
UA 1121United Airlines8:55 AM3:07 PM2019-01-17
UA 1139United Airlines11:20 AM2:20 PM2018-04-08
UA 1165United Airlines7:00 AM8:46 AM2017-03-29
UA 1237United Airlines1:20 PM2:10 PM2016-12-31
UA 1408United Airlines9:45 AM2018-12-18
UA 1419United Airlines10:10 PM11:30 PM2017-05-04
UA 1430United Airlines9:25 PM6:59 AM2016-08-29
UA 1450United Airlines7:30 PM10:22 PM2016-08-28
UA 1501United Airlines7:40 PM12:03 AM2016-11-04
UA 1546United Airlines8:19 AM11:41 AM2017-11-26
UA 1579United Airlines7:50 AM10:16 AM2018-03-05
UA 1604United Airlines4:30 PM2018-12-17
UA 1605United Airlines10:18 AM2017-12-19
UA 1650United Airlines2:45 PM6:26 PM2016-12-09
UA 1688United Airlines7:20 PM9:58 PM2016-11-26
UA 1689United Airlines10:45 AM2017-06-03
UA 1696United Airlines4:50 PM7:10 PM2018-10-26
UA 170United Airlines6:55 PM9:05 AM2016-10-30
UA 1707United Airlines4:50 PM8:02 PM2018-04-22
UA 1712United Airlines6:40 AM2016-12-15
UA 1796United Airlines11:00 PM7:11 AM2018-06-28
UA 1812United Airlines1:36 PM2:35 PM2018-04-08
UA 1840United Airlines10:02 AM11:58 AM2017-04-03
UA 1867United Airlines7:41 PM11:59 PM2019-01-17
UA 1902United Airlines7:48 PM2016-09-07
UA 1945United Airlines4:20 PM6:50 PM2018-06-28
UA 1951United Airlines6:30 AM8:00 AM2018-12-18
UA 1964United Airlines8:45 PM4:39 AM2016-11-28
UA 2011United Airlines7:00 PM2017-10-08
UA 2075United Airlines2:09 PM4:56 PM2018-01-08
UA 2100United Airlines8:09 PM11:32 PM2018-10-26
UA 2105United Airlines2:20 PM3:22 PM2018-01-06
UA 2110United Airlines3:35 PM5:07 PM2017-07-01
UA 2112United Airlines12:05 AM6:12 AM2019-01-05
UA 2128United Airlines8:33 AM4:59 PM2016-09-20
UA 2136United Airlines7:40 PM9:20 PM2017-02-23
UA 222United Airlines2:02 PM4:52 PM2018-03-03
UA 2255United Airlines11:50 AM1:19 PM2018-04-16
UA 2338United Airlines6:50 AM1:02 PM2019-01-17
UA 239United Airlines7:05 AM8:33 AM2017-04-01
UA 2393United Airlines8:14 AM2018-08-20
UA 2398United Airlines6:30 PM9:39 PM2017-04-04
UA 2500United Airlines4:00 PM8:45 PM2017-06-26
UA 2536United Airlines5:30 PM8:05 PM2017-10-30
UA 2707United Airlines1:00 PM1:06 PM2017-08-29
UA 2719United Airlines7:00 AM9:44 AM2017-08-29
UA 2734United Airlines8:00 PM9:20 PM2018-11-25
UA 2747United Airlines4:30 PM7:45 PM2018-12-07
UA 2755United Airlines11:00 AM2019-01-08
UA 2759United Airlines12:15 PM2:16 PM2017-08-28
UA 2773United Airlines11:00 PM4:58 AM2018-03-19
UA 2775United Airlines7:10 PM8:45 PM2017-03-21
UA 2778United Airlines10:30 AM5:17 PM2017-03-21
UA 2799United Airlines11:00 PM2:45 AM2017-03-20
UA 280United Airlines2:20 PM8:30 PM2019-01-17
UA 2801United Airlines3:56 PM6:25 PM2017-07-16
UA 2809United Airlines10:40 PM2017-08-28
UA 2829United Airlines7:30 PM2018-08-12
UA 283United Airlines11:10 AM4:52 PM2017-01-04
UA 286United Airlines1:34 PM8:59 PM2016-09-06
UA 368United Airlines6:53 AM9:49 AM2016-09-04
UA 378United Airlines6:20 PM8:46 PM2017-03-04
UA 38United Airlines12:01 AM7:35 AM2019-01-06
UA 408United Airlines7:25 AM2018-12-19
UA 424United Airlines8:15 AM2016-11-05
UA 443United Airlines2:48 PM7:20 PM2019-01-06
UA 524United Airlines7:40 PM9:59 PM2018-06-05
UA 537United Airlines8:30 AM2018-03-08
UA 667United Airlines7:45 AM2016-11-27
UA 926United Airlines6:50 PM2:55 PM2017-04-01
UA 977United Airlines7:40 AM2017-03-13
VI 2507Volga-Dnepr5:00 AM2016-09-06
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