Flights from Seattle, US (SEA) to Washington, US (IAD)

List of all flights from Seattle, US (SEA) to Washington, US (IAD), list of airlines operating on the route from Seattle, US (SEA) to Washington, US (IAD), departures from SEA and arrivals to IAD. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 51 flights on this route. The distance from Seattle, US (SEA) to Washington, US (IAD) is 3,701 km (2,300 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Seattle Tacoma International Airport - is GMT-07:00. The current time is Tuesday 2018-10-23 08:02 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Washington Dulles International Airport - is GMT-04:00, The current time is Tuesday 2018-10-23 11:02 AM.

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List of 51 flights operating on the route from Seattle, US (SEA) to Washington, US (IAD).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 754NetJets Aviation10:48 PM2018-09-16
1I 776NetJets Aviation2:30 PM2018-02-25
6I* 6329Air Alsie10:00 PM2017-05-18
AS 1080Alaska Airlines12:50 PM3:03 PM2018-08-25
AS 716Alaska Airlines10:48 AM4:11 PM2017-06-03
AS 728Alaska Airlines7:15 AM3:33 PM2017-03-11
AS 904Alaska Airlines8:00 AM9:01 AM2017-01-22
AS 954Alaska Airlines7:35 PM9:26 PM2018-06-15
AS 956Alaska Airlines8:20 AM2018-10-23
AV 2029AVIANCA10:45 PM6:27 AM2018-10-20
CM 2765Copa Airlines10:45 PM6:27 AM2018-10-20
DL 1126Delta Air Lines8:27 PM11:33 PM2018-07-08
DL 1262Delta Air Lines3:05 PM4:56 PM2018-10-01
DL 1419Delta Air Lines8:10 AM10:19 AM2018-09-01
DL 1801Delta Air Lines7:59 PM9:24 PM2018-08-13
DL 2070Delta Air Lines7:54 PM9:19 PM2018-06-23
DL 2773Delta Air Lines10:15 PM6:11 AM2018-10-23
DL 8893Delta Air Lines6:50 PM2017-05-22
EJM 550Executive Jet Management5:00 PM2017-09-18
ET 1369Ethiopian Airlines10:45 PM6:27 AM2018-10-20
KE 3025Korean Air10:15 PM6:11 AM2018-10-20
LH 7485Lufthansa8:17 AM4:17 PM2018-10-19
LH 7487Lufthansa1:00 PM8:51 PM2018-10-19
NH 7282ANA1:00 PM8:51 PM2018-10-19
OS 7908Austrian8:17 AM4:17 PM2018-10-19
SA 7407South African Airways8:17 AM4:17 PM2018-10-19
SK 8764SAS10:45 PM6:27 AM2018-10-20
SN 8850Brussels Airlines8:17 AM4:17 PM2018-10-19
UA 1013United Airlines5:51 PM11:29 PM2017-10-02
UA 1057United Airlines8:00 AM10:50 AM2018-06-07
UA 1134United Airlines10:45 PM6:27 AM2018-10-23
UA 1178United Airlines3:35 PM5:05 PM2017-10-05
UA 1181United Airlines2:40 PM5:08 PM2017-09-08
UA 1462United Airlines8:08 PM10:50 PM2017-09-06
UA 1499United Airlines7:55 PM9:51 PM2018-08-21
UA 1574United Airlines11:15 AM11:42 AM2018-03-09
UA 1688United Airlines9:35 AM10:36 AM2018-06-29
UA 1741United Airlines3:37 PM6:05 PM2018-04-23
UA 1846United Airlines7:46 AM2016-11-28
UA 1868United Airlines1:20 PM2:37 PM2016-11-30
UA 2067United Airlines2:55 PM6:11 PM2017-10-28
UA 2511United Airlines4:55 PM2017-08-14
UA 2533United Airlines11:45 PM3:20 AM2017-11-06
UA 260United Airlines1:00 PM8:51 PM2018-10-22
UA 262United Airlines7:45 PM10:10 PM2018-10-04
UA 2811United Airlines1:15 PM5:45 PM2017-08-28
UA 419United Airlines8:17 AM2018-10-23
UA 449United Airlines7:05 AM8:48 AM2017-04-04
UA 554United Airlines10:15 PM11:49 PM2016-11-05
UA 784United Airlines8:25 AM2017-02-16
UA 866United Airlines7:25 AM2016-11-19
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