Flights from Seattle, US (SEA) to Cincinnati, US (CVG)

List of all flights from Seattle, US (SEA) to Cincinnati, US (CVG), list of airlines operating on the route from Seattle, US (SEA) to Cincinnati, US (CVG), departures from SEA and arrivals to CVG. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 36 flights on this route. The distance from Seattle, US (SEA) to Cincinnati, US (CVG) is 3,154 km (1,960 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Seattle Tacoma International Airport - is GMT-07:00. The current time is Thursday 2018-04-19 10:14 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport - is GMT-04:00, The current time is Friday 2018-04-20 01:14 AM.


List of 36 flights operating on the route from Seattle, US (SEA) to Cincinnati, US (CVG).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
5Y 181Atlas Air11:30 AM2017-08-26
5Y 3021Atlas Air1:35 AM2017-10-27
5Y 4079Atlas Air7:00 AM2017-10-31
5Y 4098Atlas Air5:30 AM2018-04-01
5Y 4527Atlas Air3:30 PM2017-10-23
5Y 6921Atlas Air2:30 AM2017-10-07
5Y 6936Atlas Air6:20 AM2017-12-05
5Y 8903Atlas Air10:20 AM2017-08-20
5Y 8904Atlas Air10:20 AM2017-08-27
5Y 9003Atlas Air5:40 PM2017-07-12
ATN 3275ATI1:00 AM2018-04-19
ATN 3331ATI1:50 AM2017-11-07
ATN 3357ATI12:52 AM2018-01-08
ATN 3375ATI1:00 AM2018-04-03
ATN 395ATI10:00 AM2018-02-26
ATN 4125ATI1:10 PM2017-11-03
ATN 4175ATI3:30 AM2017-10-06
ATN 4185ATI6:26 AM2018-01-05
ATN 4377ATI1:50 AM2017-07-26
ATN 4602ATI11:00 PM2018-02-26
ATN 4776ATI4:30 AM2017-11-28
ATN 4845ATI12:52 AM2018-01-09
ATN 6701ATI5:00 PM2017-12-16
DL 1056Delta Air Lines4:46 PM7:32 PM2017-09-30
DL 323Delta Air Lines11:01 PM2018-04-20
DL 693Delta Air Lines11:15 AM12:16 PM2018-04-03
GB 181ABX Air7:50 PM2017-09-10
GB 182ABX Air10:20 AM2017-07-30
GB 2000ABX Air6:16 AM2017-11-20
GB 8903ABX Air12:02 PM2018-02-11
GB 903ABX Air7:53 PM2018-04-20
K4 181Kalitta Air8:42 PM2018-04-15
K4 8903Kalitta Air1:00 PM2017-10-01
KL 5644KLM11:01 PM2018-04-20
OAE 323Omni Air International8:00 AM2017-03-01
VS 3396Virgin Atlantic11:01 PM2018-04-20

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