Flights from Fort Myers, US (RSW) to Newark, US (EWR)

List of all flights from Fort Myers, US (RSW) to Newark, US (EWR), list of airlines operating on the route from Fort Myers, US (RSW) to Newark, US (EWR), departures from RSW and arrivals to EWR. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 74 flights on this route. The distance from Fort Myers, US (RSW) to Newark, US (EWR) is 1,722 km (1,070 miles). Southwest Florida International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-04:00). The current time on both airports is Tuesday 2019-04-23 08:46 PM.

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List of 74 flights operating on the route from Fort Myers, US (RSW) to Newark, US (EWR).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
5X 9843UPS7:15 AM9:16 AM2016-11-29
B6 12JetBlue Airways2:33 PM5:20 PM2017-10-27
B6 1512JetBlue Airways8:37 PM11:30 PM2019-04-19
B6 612JetBlue Airways6:22 AM9:16 AM2019-04-23
B6 812JetBlue Airways10:51 AM1:46 PM2019-04-23
EK 6904Emirates10:51 AM1:46 PM2019-04-23
EK 6922Emirates6:22 AM9:16 AM2019-04-13
LH 7793Lufthansa4:15 PM7:11 PM2019-04-23
LH 7795Lufthansa1:30 PM4:30 PM2019-04-22
LH 7800Lufthansa7:47 PM2018-08-18
LH 8723Lufthansa1:35 PM4:28 PM2019-03-06
LY 8770El Al6:22 AM9:16 AM2019-04-23
S5 2805Shuttle America2:40 PM2017-01-08
SQ 1573Singapore Airlines8:37 PM11:30 PM2019-04-19
TP 4374TAP Portugal6:22 AM9:16 AM2019-04-23
TP 8106TAP Portugal11:03 AM1:59 PM2019-01-02
UA 1002United Airlines10:20 AM1:01 PM2016-09-03
UA 1030United Airlines7:30 AM2018-11-23
UA 1058United Airlines1:25 PM4:18 PM2016-10-24
UA 1076United Airlines8:30 PM11:31 PM2019-04-19
UA 1129United Airlines3:10 PM6:04 PM2019-02-12
UA 1170United Airlines6:20 PM9:17 PM2017-12-19
UA 1289United Airlines4:35 PM8:42 PM2018-10-03
UA 143United Airlines1:30 PM2017-05-02
UA 1534United Airlines6:42 PM2019-03-28
UA 1555United Airlines8:05 AM10:48 AM2017-04-29
UA 1591United Airlines6:15 AM8:59 AM2019-04-23
UA 1636United Airlines3:26 PM11:54 PM2018-04-05
UA 1690United Airlines8:05 AM9:48 AM2017-06-07
UA 1710United Airlines1:30 PM4:30 PM2019-04-22
UA 1834United Airlines7:15 PM2018-02-14
UA 1983United Airlines8:55 PM2019-04-23
UA 1991United Airlines10:00 AM1:21 PM2017-05-20
UA 2029United Airlines7:30 PM2017-07-05
UA 2034United Airlines11:20 AM2:30 PM2017-07-30
UA 2040United Airlines10:04 AM1:39 PM2018-06-28
UA 2071United Airlines6:45 PM2017-10-04
UA 215United Airlines3:30 PM5:16 PM2018-03-03
UA 2168United Airlines10:15 AM5:49 PM2018-06-06
UA 2198United Airlines6:45 AM9:27 AM2019-02-12
UA 2206United Airlines11:45 AM2:41 PM2019-04-23
UA 2237United Airlines10:31 PM6:48 AM2019-03-06
UA 2238United Airlines4:55 PM6:38 PM2019-03-07
UA 2313United Airlines1:37 PM7:12 PM2019-01-07
UA 2397United Airlines4:27 PM10:15 PM2018-10-27
UA 2410United Airlines10:45 PM6:28 AM2018-03-08
UA 2418United Airlines7:05 PM2018-04-21
UA 2424United Airlines7:59 AM10:26 AM2017-01-03
UA 2763United Airlines4:45 PM6:10 PM2018-03-03
UA 327United Airlines4:30 PM6:44 PM2017-11-23
UA 336United Airlines5:34 AM6:45 AM2016-10-08
UA 337United Airlines4:40 PM5:55 PM2016-10-22
UA 3403United Airlines6:05 AM8:23 AM2016-11-20
UA 3415United Airlines7:16 PM8:36 PM2017-06-03
UA 3436United Airlines11:55 AM1:18 PM2017-04-22
UA 3465United Airlines2:00 PM3:05 PM2017-02-11
UA 3511United Airlines8:15 AM10:34 AM2017-03-04
UA 3528United Airlines10:10 AM2018-12-22
UA 355United Airlines12:50 PM3:38 PM2017-10-27
UA 3555United Airlines2:45 PM2018-02-03
UA 3558United Airlines1:05 PM4:19 PM2019-01-05
UA 3568United Airlines8:05 AM2017-04-01
UA 3602United Airlines10:15 AM2019-02-02
UA 3644United Airlines7:00 PM8:55 PM2017-03-05
UA 3682United Airlines7:20 AM2018-11-24
UA 3719United Airlines7:00 PM8:09 PM2016-11-13
UA 430United Airlines10:52 AM1:20 PM2017-12-20
UA 482United Airlines10:10 AM1:30 PM2016-11-25
UA 731United Airlines6:35 AM9:41 AM2018-06-06
UA 912United Airlines7:10 PM2017-05-04
YX 3309Republic Airlines11:15 AM2:22 PM2017-01-09
YX 3415Republic Airlines7:16 PM8:36 PM2017-03-11
YX 3436Republic Airlines11:55 AM1:18 PM2017-02-26
YX 3568Republic Airlines5:20 PM2017-03-11
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