Flights from Rhinelander, US (RHI) to Milwaukee, US (MKE)

List of all flights from Rhinelander, US (RHI) to Milwaukee, US (MKE), list of airlines operating on the route from Rhinelander, US (RHI) to Milwaukee, US (MKE), departures from RHI and arrivals to MKE. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 35 flights on this route. The distance from Rhinelander, US (RHI) to Milwaukee, US (MKE) is 324 km (201 miles). Rhinelander Oneida County Airport and General Mitchell International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-05:00). The current time on both airports is Tuesday 2018-04-24 12:07 AM.


List of 35 flights operating on the route from Rhinelander, US (RHI) to Milwaukee, US (MKE).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
FRG 1Freight Runners Express1:00 PM2017-07-26
FRG 1094Freight Runners Express8:00 PM2017-12-30
FRG 1531Freight Runners Express8:20 PM2017-08-09
FRG 1543Freight Runners Express7:45 PM2017-05-18
FRG 1549Freight Runners Express7:30 PM2018-04-20
FRG 1550Freight Runners Express7:40 AM2017-02-15
FRG 9193Freight Runners Express5:00 PM8:15 PM2017-05-18
FRG 9199Freight Runners Express7:30 PM2017-12-22
FRG 9399Freight Runners Express6:25 PM2016-11-17
FRG 9799Freight Runners Express7:45 PM2016-10-28
FRG 9899Freight Runners Express7:45 PM2017-12-24
IRO 712CSA Air6:50 AM2017-09-27
IRO 7335CSA Air7:07 PM8:23 PM2018-04-23
IRO 7440CSA Air6:27 PM7:13 PM2018-01-30
IRO 752CSA Air12:23 PM2016-09-22
IRO 7595CSA Air6:47 PM8:03 PM2018-04-23
IRO 761CSA Air10:00 AM2017-06-30
IRO 767CSA Air9:20 AM2017-12-05
IRO 784CSA Air7:05 AM2016-09-22
IRO 7850CSA Air7:00 PM2017-08-19
IRO 795CSA Air11:45 AM2017-01-13
IRO 7955CSA Air7:00 PM2018-02-24
IRO 7970CSA Air8:00 PM2018-03-10
IRO 7975CSA Air7:00 PM2016-12-31
IRO 843CSA Air3:30 PM2018-04-05
IRO 8433CSA Air6:45 AM2018-01-24
IRO 883CSA Air10:30 AM2017-06-30
IRO 884CSA Air9:00 AM2018-01-24
IRO 888CSA Air6:00 AM2017-01-23
IRO 8920CSA Air10:00 AM2018-01-24
IRO 907CSA Air10:30 AM2016-09-22
IRO 954CSA Air7:30 AM2016-11-17
IRO 9717CSA Air9:00 AM2017-07-20
IRO 986CSA Air7:00 AM8:09 AM2018-04-05
LXJ 547Flexjet9:06 AM2017-08-10

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