Flights from Chicago/Rockford, US (RFD) to Chicago, US (ORD)

List of all flights from Chicago/Rockford, US (RFD) to Chicago, US (ORD), list of airlines operating on the route from Chicago/Rockford, US (RFD) to Chicago, US (ORD), departures from RFD and arrivals to ORD. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 139 flights on this route. The distance from Chicago/Rockford, US (RFD) to Chicago, US (ORD) is 101 km (63 miles). Chicago Rockford International Airport and Chicago O'Hare International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-06:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2018-12-10 05:52 AM.

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List of 139 flights operating on the route from Chicago/Rockford, US (RFD) to Chicago, US (ORD).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 292NetJets Aviation5:00 PM2016-10-14
1I 522NetJets Aviation11:15 AM12:57 PM2017-09-01
1I 613NetJets Aviation4:45 PM2017-01-04
1I 673NetJets Aviation3:57 PM6:15 PM2016-11-05
4O 2982Interjet7:55 PM11:55 PM2018-05-04
5X 1415UPS6:45 PM1:15 AM2017-02-14
5X 2978UPS6:10 PM2016-12-16
5X 9300UPS10:00 PM7:15 AM2016-12-10
5X 9306UPS12:24 AM12:26 AM2017-10-18
5X 9329UPS9:50 PM2018-07-18
5X 9604UPS10:00 PM11:20 PM2018-01-12
5X 9740UPS5:55 PM7:35 PM2017-12-01
5X 9882UPS7:28 AM6:14 AM2017-12-16
AA 2285American Airlines7:30 AM1:34 PM2018-08-02
AA 2503American Airlines1:23 PM4:04 PM2017-04-11
AA 2691American Airlines9:31 AM3:49 PM2018-08-08
AA 2692American Airlines10:09 PM2018-06-07
AA 339American Airlines9:40 PM11:45 PM2018-05-21
AA 87American Airlines8:40 AM2016-08-29
AA 9456American Airlines9:40 AM3:45 PM2018-09-30
AA 9766American Airlines7:24 AM2018-09-30
AA 9786American Airlines2:30 PM3:24 PM2018-09-30
AI 127Air India2:00 AM2018-08-29
AS 1204Alaska Airlines10:00 AM4:20 PM2018-08-02
CM 228Copa Airlines7:25 AM2018-11-27
CM 233Copa Airlines9:58 PM3:30 AM2018-06-17
CV 131Cargolux3:40 AM2018-08-02
CX 2098Cathay Pacific11:40 AM8:20 PM2018-11-27
CX 80Cathay Pacific7:25 AM4:05 PM2018-07-06
CX 806Cathay Pacific11:50 AM12:20 PM2018-09-04
CZ 431China Southern Airlines9:35 AM2:00 AM2018-06-17
CZ 433China Southern Airlines3:20 AM11:55 AM2018-06-07
CZ 8701China Southern Airlines10:30 PM2018-08-29
EI 6466Aer Lingus7:20 AM9:11 AM2016-09-22
KFS 9778Kalitta Charters6:19 AM2017-12-22
KZ 160NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines11:48 AM8:15 PM2017-04-11
LXJ 542Flexjet9:30 AM2018-05-04
NH 10ANA4:40 PM2018-01-05
NH 112ANA10:20 AM2018-06-27
NH 7471ANA6:15 AM8:15 AM2016-09-22
NH 7567ANA7:10 AM8:33 AM2016-09-22
NK 736Spirit Airlines1:30 PM7:36 PM2017-05-01
OPT 349Flight Options8:45 AM2018-10-30
OS 65Austrian10:10 AM2017-08-04
PO 654Polar Air Cargo12:35 PM2017-05-01
QF 7521Qantas1:25 PM10:25 PM2017-06-16
QR 725Qatar Airways4:00 PM2018-03-14
RU 701AirBridgeCargo8:20 PM11:25 PM2018-07-02
UA 1116United Airlines10:25 PM11:30 PM2018-07-02
UA 1156United Airlines9:26 AM10:22 AM2016-09-07
UA 1191United Airlines2:20 PM4:40 PM2018-08-08
UA 1192United Airlines5:30 AM2017-06-24
UA 1271United Airlines8:45 AM9:50 AM2018-08-14
UA 1402United Airlines4:20 PM5:54 PM2017-07-05
UA 1403United Airlines10:08 AM12:47 PM2018-07-17
UA 1422United Airlines8:49 AM2:30 PM2018-11-27
UA 1519United Airlines9:15 AM2018-08-29
UA 1561United Airlines8:55 AM3:34 PM2016-09-22
UA 1594United Airlines8:10 AM12:15 PM2018-06-07
UA 1611United Airlines8:59 PM10:24 PM2017-08-04
UA 1719United Airlines5:00 AM2018-05-10
UA 1730United Airlines9:22 AM10:21 AM2017-08-29
UA 1769United Airlines8:05 AM10:35 AM2018-11-27
UA 1792United Airlines2:50 PM5:42 PM2017-06-24
UA 1907United Airlines7:35 AM10:55 AM2018-08-08
UA 2000United Airlines3:52 PM8:13 PM2017-06-10
UA 2004United Airlines2:00 PM2017-08-04
UA 2132United Airlines6:20 PM9:47 PM2016-11-14
UA 2195United Airlines5:27 PM8:47 PM2016-11-11
UA 2196United Airlines6:33 AM2018-08-29
UA 2247United Airlines1:00 PM4:03 PM2018-06-07
UA 2266United Airlines3:20 PM5:42 PM2018-07-02
UA 2290United Airlines6:30 AM9:42 AM2018-05-10
UA 2385United Airlines9:46 AM1:09 PM2018-07-17
UA 2395United Airlines8:05 AM10:00 AM2018-08-14
UA 241United Airlines12:59 PM3:41 PM2018-07-17
UA 246United Airlines6:08 PM9:47 PM2018-07-06
UA 248United Airlines8:42 AM1:06 PM2018-05-13
UA 263United Airlines5:00 PM8:10 PM2018-08-02
UA 2688United Airlines5:30 PM7:00 PM2017-11-07
UA 269United Airlines7:35 PM9:12 PM2018-09-26
UA 2692United Airlines10:00 AM10:47 AM2017-12-25
UA 2693United Airlines4:00 PM5:25 PM2017-11-04
UA 2694United Airlines4:00 PM5:25 PM2017-11-13
UA 2695United Airlines1:30 PM3:30 PM2018-02-04
UA 2749United Airlines9:40 PM12:20 AM2018-06-07
UA 2757United Airlines8:00 AM9:06 AM2018-08-08
UA 2760United Airlines5:30 PM7:55 PM2018-06-10
UA 2770United Airlines5:00 AM5:12 PM2017-03-20
UA 278United Airlines10:55 AM4:47 PM2017-08-29
UA 2780United Airlines5:15 PM7:59 PM2018-03-28
UA 2781United Airlines7:00 AM7:25 AM2018-02-21
UA 2782United Airlines3:20 PM4:35 PM2018-02-21
UA 2792United Airlines4:00 PM8:30 PM2017-03-22
UA 2794United Airlines1:00 PM2:05 PM2017-05-23
UA 2795United Airlines12:20 PM1:33 PM2018-04-06
UA 2797United Airlines11:00 PM2:27 AM2018-02-12
UA 2798United Airlines2:30 PM10:41 PM2017-03-28
UA 2800United Airlines11:55 PM2018-04-17
UA 2801United Airlines2:50 PM2018-03-14
UA 2803United Airlines1:00 PM2018-02-24
UA 2805United Airlines6:00 PM2017-05-24
UA 2821United Airlines2:00 PM9:35 AM2018-07-17
UA 307United Airlines2:00 PM4:00 PM2018-06-07
UA 3153United Airlines8:15 AM9:00 AM2017-11-12
UA 330United Airlines12:34 PM2:46 PM2017-08-04
UA 345United Airlines8:55 AM2:28 PM2017-08-04
UA 346United Airlines2:10 PM8:19 PM2017-04-10
UA 3519United Airlines12:30 PM4:00 PM2018-06-27
UA 366United Airlines10:20 AM4:17 PM2018-02-05
UA 407United Airlines4:00 PM5:37 PM2018-07-17
UA 430United Airlines12:15 PM2:41 PM2018-05-31
UA 432United Airlines2:06 PM5:50 PM2018-02-05
UA 459United Airlines7:20 PM8:43 PM2018-07-17
UA 463United Airlines8:00 AM2018-05-21
UA 504United Airlines7:00 AM8:39 AM2017-07-13
UA 523United Airlines12:34 PM4:57 PM2018-07-06
UA 533United Airlines8:46 AM2018-05-31
UA 5487United Airlines6:15 AM8:15 AM2016-09-22
UA 555United Airlines10:59 AM4:58 PM2018-07-06
UA 580United Airlines8:32 AM2:38 PM2017-07-22
UA 616United Airlines2:00 PM5:00 PM2017-05-13
UA 627United Airlines8:05 AM1:32 PM2016-09-29
UA 631United Airlines10:50 AM2016-09-07
UA 639United Airlines8:31 AM2:45 PM2017-08-04
UA 656United Airlines2:15 PM2018-06-07
UA 679United Airlines5:54 PM8:34 PM2018-07-02
UA 682United Airlines1:00 PM4:09 PM2017-01-11
UA 689United Airlines10:15 PM12:28 AM2016-09-30
UA 705United Airlines4:55 PM10:59 PM2017-05-19
UA 725United Airlines10:08 AM12:58 PM2017-10-15
UA 728United Airlines8:16 PM10:10 PM2017-08-29
UA 836United Airlines5:00 PM2018-08-08
UA 842United Airlines11:20 AM2018-05-04
UA 882United Airlines6:45 PM2018-08-08
UA 906United Airlines1:00 PM2016-08-29
UA 928United Airlines12:05 PM3:20 PM2018-03-14
UA 953United Airlines11:25 AM2016-08-29
VX 232Virgin America10:30 AM4:40 PM2017-08-29
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