Flights from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Singapore, SG (SIN)

List of all flights from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Singapore, SG (SIN), list of airlines operating on the route from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Singapore, SG (SIN), departures from REP and arrivals to SIN. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Cambodia to Singapore). There are 33 flights on this route. The distance from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Singapore, SG (SIN) is 1,341 km (833 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Siem Reap International Airport - is GMT+07:00. The current time is Sunday 2019-08-25 04:17 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Singapore Changi Airport - is GMT+08:00, The current time is Sunday 2019-08-25 05:17 AM.


List of 33 flights operating on the route from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Singapore, SG (SIN).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
3K 602Jetstar Asia3:55 PM7:15 PM2019-08-19
3K 604Jetstar Asia10:25 PM1:45 AM2019-08-16
AF 7243Air France4:10 PM7:15 PM2019-08-19
AY 6406Finnair3:55 PM7:15 PM2019-08-19
EK 7738Emirates3:55 PM7:15 PM2019-08-19
MI 611SilkAir6:55 PM10:05 PM2016-10-20
MI 613SilkAir12:10 PM3:25 PM2019-08-16
MI 615SilkAir4:10 PM7:15 PM2019-08-19
MI 617SilkAir6:55 PM10:25 PM2019-03-10
MI 619SilkAir10:40 AM2:15 PM2017-03-25
MI 636SilkAir1:40 PM2018-02-28
MI 8163SilkAir4:45 PM2017-12-07
NZ 3602Air New Zealand6:55 PM10:05 PM2016-10-20
NZ 3607Air New Zealand4:10 PM7:15 PM2019-08-19
NZ 3609Air New Zealand6:55 PM10:25 PM2019-03-10
NZ 3611Air New Zealand10:40 AM2:15 PM2017-03-25
NZ 3620Air New Zealand6:25 PM9:40 PM2018-02-28
NZ 3643Air New Zealand12:10 PM3:25 PM2019-08-16
QF 4226Qantas4:00 PM7:25 PM2018-03-16
QF 5308Qantas10:25 PM1:45 AM2019-08-16
QF 5327Qantas3:55 PM7:15 PM2019-08-19
SQ 5001Singapore Airlines12:10 PM3:25 PM2019-08-16
SQ 5023Singapore Airlines1:40 PM2018-02-28
SQ 5025Singapore Airlines4:10 PM7:15 PM2019-08-19
SQ 5027Singapore Airlines6:55 PM10:05 PM2016-10-20
SQ 5029Singapore Airlines10:40 AM2:15 PM2017-03-25
SQ 5031Singapore Airlines6:55 PM10:25 PM2019-03-10
VA 5767Virgin Australia1:40 PM2018-02-28
VA 5835Virgin Australia4:10 PM7:15 PM2019-08-19
VA 5837Virgin Australia6:55 PM10:25 PM2019-03-10
VA 5847Virgin Australia6:55 PM10:05 PM2016-10-20
VA 5863Virgin Australia12:10 PM3:25 PM2019-08-16
VA 5865Virgin Australia12:05 AM1:00 AM2017-03-25

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