Flights from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Bangkok, TH (BKK)

List of all flights from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Bangkok, TH (BKK), list of airlines operating on the route from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Bangkok, TH (BKK), departures from REP and arrivals to BKK. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Cambodia to Thailand). There are 75 flights on this route. The distance from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Bangkok, TH (BKK) is 333 km (207 miles). Siem Reap International Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport are in the same time zone (GMT+07:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2019-08-26 03:25 PM.

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List of 75 flights operating on the route from Siem Reap, KH (REP) to Bangkok, TH (BKK).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
9W 5266Jet Airways (India)9:45 AM11:05 AM2019-04-05
9W 5267Jet Airways (India)12:15 PM1:35 PM2019-04-19
9W 5268Jet Airways (India)4:00 PM2019-04-20
9W 5269Jet Airways (India)7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-04-15
9W 5270Jet Airways (India)8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-04-15
AF 8051Air France8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
AY 6286Finnair7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
AY 6300Finnair8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
AY 6886Finnair9:50 AM11:05 AM2019-03-29
BA 2176British Airways7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
BA 2178British Airways8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
BA 4176British Airways9:45 AM11:05 AM2019-08-03
BA 4178British Airways12:15 PM2019-08-26
BA 7982British Airways4:00 PM5:20 PM2019-08-25
EK 4595Emirates12:15 PM2019-08-26
EK 4597Emirates7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
EK 4599Emirates8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
EK 4601Emirates4:00 PM5:20 PM2019-08-25
EK 4603Emirates9:45 AM11:05 AM2019-08-03
EY 7630Etihad Airways7:30 PM2017-04-14
EY 7639Etihad Airways3:10 PM2017-10-27
EY 7678Etihad Airways12:15 PM2019-08-26
EY 7679Etihad Airways7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
EY 7686Etihad Airways4:25 PM5:25 PM2018-03-23
EY 7690Etihad Airways4:00 PM5:20 PM2019-08-25
EY 7693Etihad Airways8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
EY 7728Etihad Airways8:35 PM9:50 PM2018-03-16
EY 7742Etihad Airways9:45 AM11:05 AM2019-08-03
GA 9199Garuda Indonesia9:45 AM11:05 AM2019-08-03
GA 9201Garuda Indonesia12:15 PM2019-08-26
JL 5962JAL4:00 PM5:20 PM2019-08-25
JL 5964JAL7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
JL 5966JAL8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
K6 700Cambodia Angkor Air6:35 PM7:45 PM2017-02-27
KL 3749KLM8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
KL 3990KLM10:10 AM2018-09-05
KL 3992KLM6:45 AM8:00 AM2017-03-25
LY 8468El Al7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
LY 8470El Al8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
OS 8690Austrian7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
OS 8692Austrian8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
OS 8694Austrian3:35 PM4:55 PM2019-03-30
PG 906Bangkok Airways12:15 PM2019-08-26
PG 908Bangkok Airways7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
PG 910Bangkok Airways8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
PG 914Bangkok Airways4:00 PM5:20 PM2019-08-25
PG 924Bangkok Airways9:45 AM11:05 AM2019-08-03
QF 3447Qantas12:15 PM2019-08-26
QF 3449Qantas4:00 PM5:20 PM2019-08-25
QR 4474Qatar Airways12:15 PM2019-08-26
QR 4478Qatar Airways7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
QR 4480Qatar Airways8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
QR 4482Qatar Airways4:00 PM5:20 PM2019-08-25
QR 4484Qatar Airways9:45 AM11:05 AM2019-08-03
SU 3845Aeroflot9:55 PM11:25 PM2017-03-25
SU 3911Aeroflot12:15 PM2019-08-26
SU 3915Aeroflot7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
SU 3918Aeroflot8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
SU 3921Aeroflot4:00 PM5:20 PM2019-08-25
SU 3923Aeroflot9:45 AM11:05 AM2019-08-03
SU 3991Aeroflot10:05 AM5:50 PM2017-03-25
SU 4938Aeroflot1:25 PM2:20 PM2017-03-22
SU 4939Aeroflot7:30 PM8:25 PM2017-03-25
SU 4940Aeroflot9:20 PM10:25 PM2016-10-27
SU 4948Aeroflot3:35 PM4:50 PM2017-03-25
TG 2589Thai Airways International9:55 AM11:00 AM2019-08-03
TG 2591Thai Airways International9:25 PM10:30 PM2019-08-24
TG 7059Thai Airways International9:45 AM11:05 AM2019-08-03
TG 7061Thai Airways International12:15 PM2019-08-26
TG 7063Thai Airways International4:00 PM5:20 PM2019-08-25
TG 7065Thai Airways International7:25 PM8:35 PM2019-08-23
TG 7067Thai Airways International8:30 PM9:50 PM2019-08-23
VN 3876Vietnam Airlines6:35 PM7:45 PM2017-02-27
WE* 589Thai Smile9:55 AM11:00 AM2019-08-03
WE* 591Thai Smile9:25 PM10:30 PM2019-08-24
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