Flights from Recife, BR (REC) to Salvador, BR (SSA)

List of all flights from Recife, BR (REC) to Salvador, BR (SSA), list of airlines operating on the route from Recife, BR (REC) to Salvador, BR (SSA), departures from REC and arrivals to SSA. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 105 flights on this route. The distance from Recife, BR (REC) to Salvador, BR (SSA) is 649 km (403 miles). Guararapes - Gilberto Freyre International Airport and Deputado Luiz Eduardo Magalhães International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-03:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2018-12-10 09:04 AM.

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List of 105 flights operating on the route from Recife, BR (REC) to Salvador, BR (SSA).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
AD 2528Azul10:35 PM2018-08-31
AD 2542Azul12:20 PM2018-12-08
AD 2574Azul6:45 AM8:10 AM2018-12-01
AD 2622Azul10:30 PM2018-12-02
AD 2668Azul7:45 PM8:50 PM2017-01-05
AD 2802Azul9:20 AM10:10 AM2017-05-07
AD 2864Azul10:15 AM11:35 AM2018-12-05
AD 2944Azul6:20 AM2018-12-10
AD 4134Azul12:15 PM2018-12-09
AD 4137Azul5:15 PM6:45 PM2018-12-09
AD 4235Azul9:50 PM2018-12-08
AD 4301Azul10:15 PM2018-03-22
AD 4959Azul8:55 PM10:00 PM2017-07-27
AD 4971Azul8:00 AM9:25 AM2018-02-17
AD 4981Azul8:05 AM9:30 AM2018-12-10
AD 4991Azul12:20 PM1:20 PM2017-04-08
AD 5025Azul4:40 PM6:05 PM2018-12-08
AD 5124Azul9:20 AM10:45 AM2018-03-11
AD 5172Azul9:40 PM11:05 PM2018-12-10
AD 5334Azul1:10 PM2:10 PM2017-06-29
AD 6404Azul6:55 PM2017-03-26
AD 6418Azul12:15 PM2017-03-30
AD 6945Azul10:25 PM11:45 PM2018-10-27
AD 6961Azul11:50 AM2018-02-18
AD 6975Azul1:20 PM2017-01-30
AD 6994Azul6:40 AM2018-02-16
AD 9000Azul3:25 PM2018-02-05
AD 9001Azul10:55 AM1:20 PM2018-02-03
AD 9009Azul6:55 AM8:40 AM2017-03-24
AD 9013Azul9:05 AM2017-06-16
AD 9030Azul5:05 PM2017-03-02
AD 9033Azul9:00 AM12:05 PM2016-12-24
AD 9041Azul11:25 AM12:50 PM2018-03-30
AD 9061Azul8:20 PM9:35 PM2017-06-15
AD 9064Azul2:45 PM5:55 PM2017-07-31
AD 9092Azul5:25 PM6:40 PM2017-09-02
AD 9095Azul2:15 AM2018-01-13
AD 9111Azul7:10 PM2017-07-28
AD 9129Azul11:30 PM12:35 AM2017-12-30
AD 9141Azul7:00 AM2017-09-24
AD 9158Azul1:00 PM1:50 PM2017-02-25
AD 9170Azul8:50 PM2017-03-16
AD 9179Azul1:45 PM2018-02-04
AD 9186Azul11:40 AM2:10 PM2018-02-19
AD 9193Azul10:40 AM12:05 PM2017-08-01
AD 9200Azul9:40 PM11:45 PM2018-09-09
AD 9209Azul4:35 PM6:00 PM2017-02-04
AD 9211Azul11:35 PM12:55 AM2017-07-31
AD 9234Azul12:20 PM2018-12-07
AD 9241Azul5:20 PM2017-10-09
AD 9243Azul9:40 PM2016-12-31
AD 9257Azul7:35 PM8:50 PM2017-09-10
AD 9262Azul9:40 PM2017-12-30
AD 9264Azul10:30 PM2017-06-11
AD 9267Azul9:30 PM10:45 PM2017-06-30
AD 9270Azul10:10 AM2017-01-09
AD 9278Azul10:50 PM12:25 AM2018-10-31
AD 9281Azul6:55 PM2017-03-23
AD 9288Azul2:00 PM3:05 PM2016-11-15
AD 9291Azul9:10 PM10:30 PM2018-09-08
AD 9298Azul5:55 PM2018-05-31
AD 9350Azul10:35 AM2018-06-18
AD 9448Azul11:00 AM1:00 PM2017-08-16
AD 9449Azul1:30 PM3:30 PM2017-06-11
AD 9600Azul5:00 PM2018-04-29
AD 9601Azul2018-05-12
AD 9641Azul7:00 AM2018-09-30
AD 9644Azul6:10 PM2017-03-03
AD 9800Azul9:00 PM2018-11-28
G3 1897Gol10:59 PM12:10 AM2017-01-23
G3 4915Gol3:30 AM2018-01-30
G3 9048Gol10:25 PM11:45 PM2017-07-21
G3 9131Gol10:25 PM1:10 AM2017-07-31
G3 9219Gol11:35 PM12:45 AM2017-07-15
O6 6143Avianca Brazil2:00 PM2018-12-09
O6 6311Avianca Brazil6:45 AM2018-12-10
O6 6313Avianca Brazil6:05 PM7:30 PM2018-12-09
O6 6323Avianca Brazil2:10 AM6:25 AM2018-03-18
SA 7611South African Airways12:55 PM4:30 PM2018-03-18
TP 5005TAP Portugal4:50 PM6:15 PM2017-03-03
TP 5017TAP Portugal8:55 PM10:10 PM2017-03-19
TP 5036TAP Portugal8:20 PM2017-05-27
TP 5037TAP Portugal9:05 PM10:10 PM2017-02-23
TP 5038TAP Portugal10:15 AM2017-03-23
TP 5048TAP Portugal5:40 PM2016-10-09
TP 5053TAP Portugal6:50 AM8:10 AM2018-03-11
TP 5060TAP Portugal4:50 AM6:10 AM2017-05-15
TP 5062TAP Portugal5:15 PM6:45 PM2018-12-09
TP 5066TAP Portugal10:00 PM2017-04-08
TP 5068TAP Portugal4:40 PM6:05 PM2018-12-08
TP 5078TAP Portugal7:55 AM2018-12-09
TP 5079TAP Portugal3:45 PM5:00 PM2018-02-18
TP 5130TAP Portugal8:25 PM2018-02-05
TP 5581TAP Portugal6:45 AM2018-12-10
TP 5582TAP Portugal2:00 PM2018-12-09
TP 5583TAP Portugal6:05 PM7:30 PM2018-12-09
TP 5589TAP Portugal2:10 AM6:25 AM2018-03-18
TP 6030TAP Portugal7:50 AM2017-02-19
TP 6046TAP Portugal8:30 PM9:50 PM2018-10-18
TP 6094TAP Portugal11:30 PM2018-11-04
TP 6095TAP Portugal6:20 AM2018-12-05
TP 6096TAP Portugal10:25 PM11:45 PM2018-10-27
VR 6630TACV7:00 PM2018-12-02
VR 6631TACV7:00 PM2018-12-02
VR 6640TACV1:00 AM2018-07-12
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