Flights from Recife, BR (REC) to Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG)

List of all flights from Recife, BR (REC) to Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG), list of airlines operating on the route from Recife, BR (REC) to Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG), departures from REC and arrivals to GIG. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 119 flights on this route. The distance from Recife, BR (REC) to Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG) is 1,859 km (1,155 miles). Guararapes - Gilberto Freyre International Airport and Rio Galeão – Tom Jobim International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-03:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2019-08-26 05:14 AM.

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List of 119 flights operating on the route from Recife, BR (REC) to Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
AA 7755American Airlines11:55 PM2018-03-21
AA 7780American Airlines10:55 AM12:15 PM2017-04-15
AC 9854Air Canada11:49 AM3:50 PM2017-11-18
AD 2951Azul9:30 AM2019-08-24
AD 4128Azul5:55 PM2019-08-25
AD 4463Azul1:45 AM4:50 AM2019-08-26
AD 5784Azul5:45 PM2019-08-17
AD 9003Azul4:00 PM5:20 PM2018-12-15
AD 9009Azul10:40 AM2019-03-07
AD 9025Azul5:00 AM6:20 AM2018-11-05
AD 9029Azul7:35 PM2017-01-30
AD 9063Azul7:10 PM6:15 PM2018-11-20
AD 9065Azul3:00 PM2018-05-02
AD 9106Azul11:25 AM2019-04-22
AD 9207Azul3:25 PM2017-04-21
AD 9225Azul2:30 PM3:50 PM2019-01-05
AD 9228Azul11:15 PM12:40 AM2018-02-14
AD 9350Azul7:40 AM2019-02-06
AD 9352Azul7:40 PM2019-03-23
AD 9355Azul9:40 AM2017-12-27
AD 9357Azul11:20 AM2017-12-27
AD 9800Azul7:30 AM2019-02-23
AF 1964Air France1:10 PM2019-08-25
AF 1991Air France2:50 PM4:20 PM2018-03-24
AF 1992Air France9:50 AM11:00 AM2016-11-05
AF 1996Air France7:15 AM8:40 AM2018-04-09
AF 2000Air France10:40 AM2017-03-15
AF 6296Air France4:50 PM6:25 PM2017-10-12
AF 6312Air France11:15 AM12:55 PM2019-08-24
AF 6386Air France5:30 PM8:30 PM2019-08-25
AR 7590Aerolineas Argentinas5:30 PM8:30 PM2019-08-25
AR 7669Aerolineas Argentinas3:40 AM6:40 AM2019-08-24
AR 7681Aerolineas Argentinas1:10 PM2019-08-25
AR 7695Aerolineas Argentinas11:15 AM12:55 PM2019-08-24
AV 4362AVIANCA5:50 PM8:50 PM2018-07-21
AZ 5537Alitalia5:05 AM2017-10-26
CM 3525Copa Airlines3:20 AM2018-03-24
CM 3538Copa Airlines5:30 PM8:30 PM2019-08-25
CM 3610Copa Airlines8:00 PM2017-12-08
CM 3611Copa Airlines5:25 PM2018-02-12
CM 3612Copa Airlines3:40 AM6:40 AM2019-08-24
CM 7080Copa Airlines6:15 AM7:10 AM2019-08-17
CM 7114Copa Airlines8:10 PM11:35 PM2019-02-15
CM 7117Copa Airlines10:00 AM1:00 PM2019-08-20
CM 7118Copa Airlines5:55 PM2019-08-25
DL 6959Delta Air Lines8:35 AM2018-03-18
DL 6964Delta Air Lines5:30 PM8:30 PM2019-08-25
EK 3696Emirates5:30 PM8:30 PM2019-08-25
EK 3698Emirates12:49 PM3:50 PM2017-10-09
EZ* 911Sun-Air4:00 PM2019-02-01
G3 1861Gol5:30 PM8:30 PM2019-08-25
G3 1879Gol7:00 AM9:50 AM2018-03-24
G3 2079Gol5:00 AM8:50 AM2018-02-12
G3 2081Gol11:15 AM12:55 PM2019-08-24
G3 2083Gol1:10 PM2019-08-25
G3 2085Gol8:45 PM11:45 PM2019-08-26
G3 2087Gol3:40 AM6:40 AM2019-08-24
G3 4902Gol11:50 PM2:50 AM2017-03-05
G3 5613Gol10:20 AM2016-10-26
G3 5615Gol9:20 PM11:00 PM2016-10-29
G3 5617Gol5:00 PM4:50 PM2016-10-27
G3 5659Gol8:50 PM10:55 PM2016-10-29
G3 6861Gol10:38 AM2:40 PM2016-11-24
G3 9003Gol12:25 PM2017-07-23
G3 9009Gol2:55 PM2018-08-05
G3 9017Gol12:50 AM3:50 AM2019-07-13
G3 9021Gol5:25 AM2017-02-25
G3 9031Gol4:30 AM2018-11-15
G3 9032Gol10:45 PM2019-04-22
G3 9092Gol10:30 PM1:30 AM2019-02-28
G3 9143Gol6:55 PM8:45 PM2019-02-03
G3 9165Gol12:05 AM2019-08-03
G3 9185Gol10:00 PM1:30 AM2016-10-08
G3 9186Gol2:50 AM2018-11-19
G3 9188Gol10:10 PM2017-09-07
G3 9740Gol9:20 PM11:15 PM2018-06-29
G3 9742Gol10:10 AM2018-02-24
G3 9747Gol8:45 PM11:10 PM2017-09-05
G3 9767Gol5:20 AM9:20 AM2018-11-07
JJ 3087LATAM Airlines Brasil9:15 PM11:50 PM2018-03-21
JJ 3455LATAM Airlines Brasil10:55 AM2017-06-24
JJ 3621LATAM Airlines Brasil7:25 PM2018-03-11
JJ 3839LATAM Airlines Brasil8:30 AM10:05 AM2018-03-21
JJ 3897LATAM Airlines Brasil5:05 PM2017-02-18
JJ 4559LATAM Airlines Brasil3:25 PM2018-02-17
JJ 4684LATAM Airlines Brasil8:25 AM2018-02-25
JJ 9000LATAM Airlines Brasil12:50 PM2017-08-01
JJ 9035LATAM Airlines Brasil8:45 PM11:20 PM2018-01-20
JJ 9037LATAM Airlines Brasil2:10 AM5:55 AM2018-01-19
JJ 9049LATAM Airlines Brasil5:20 AM9:45 AM2017-01-08
JJ 9054LATAM Airlines Brasil6:10 PM6:25 PM2017-01-23
JJ 9064LATAM Airlines Brasil8:10 PM10:10 PM2017-01-03
JJ 9075LATAM Airlines Brasil8:58 PM11:55 PM2017-02-26
JJ 9179LATAM Airlines Brasil11:01 PM1:55 AM2017-03-02
JJ 9183LATAM Airlines Brasil1:54 AM4:45 AM2017-03-06
JL 5539JAL5:20 PM8:15 PM2018-03-21
KL 9292KLM5:30 PM8:30 PM2019-08-25
KL 9349KLM1:10 PM2019-08-25
LA 4845LATAM Airlines7:55 AM8:50 AM2017-09-29
LA 5971LATAM Airlines11:30 AM1:05 PM2017-02-18
LA 6519LATAM Airlines8:10 AM11:33 AM2017-02-17
LH 7391Lufthansa6:32 AM9:25 AM2018-03-21
O6 6269Avianca Brazil5:50 PM8:50 PM2018-07-21
O6 6279Avianca Brazil4:15 AM7:20 AM2018-08-02
O6 9279Avianca Brazil5:55 AM8:55 AM2017-09-05
TP 4054TAP Portugal3:40 AM6:40 AM2019-08-24
TP 4160TAP Portugal2:00 PM3:20 PM2018-11-15
TP 4161TAP Portugal1:10 PM2019-08-25
TP 5022TAP Portugal7:10 PM6:15 PM2018-11-20
TP 5149TAP Portugal10:00 AM2019-05-29
TP 5150TAP Portugal5:50 PM2019-04-18
TP 5176TAP Portugal5:45 PM2019-04-13
TP 5177TAP Portugal5:00 AM6:20 AM2018-11-05
TP 5188TAP Portugal9:40 PM1:50 AM2019-01-05
TP 5622TAP Portugal12:35 PM4:10 PM2018-08-02
TP 5650TAP Portugal5:50 PM8:50 PM2018-07-21
TP 5866TAP Portugal11:15 AM12:55 PM2019-08-24
TP 5868TAP Portugal5:30 PM8:30 PM2019-08-25
UA 6587United Airlines5:50 PM8:50 PM2018-07-21
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