Flights from Shanghai, CN (PVG) to Anchorage, US (ANC)

List of all flights from Shanghai, CN (PVG) to Anchorage, US (ANC), list of airlines operating on the route from Shanghai, CN (PVG) to Anchorage, US (ANC), departures from PVG and arrivals to ANC. The flight on this route is an international flight (from China to United States). There are 83 flights on this route. The distance from Shanghai, CN (PVG) to Anchorage, US (ANC) is 6,918 km (4,299 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Shanghai Pudong International Airport - is GMT+08:00. The current time is Sunday 2018-07-22 03:08 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport - is GMT-08:00, The current time is Saturday 2018-07-21 11:08 AM.

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List of 83 flights operating on the route from Shanghai, CN (PVG) to Anchorage, US (ANC).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
5X 6081UPS7:43 PM5:39 AM2018-07-06
5X 6083UPS4:00 PM8:25 AM2018-01-19
5X 6085UPS3:22 PM1:17 AM2017-03-12
5X 6087UPS10:15 AM3:10 AM2018-04-26
5X 81UPS3:24 PM2018-07-20
5X 83UPS1:28 PM11:24 PM2018-06-03
5X 85UPS11:23 PM12:38 PM2018-02-15
5X 87UPS12:39 AM10:35 AM2018-05-23
5Y 512Atlas Air4:30 AM2018-03-07
5Y 516Atlas Air12:05 AM2018-07-04
5Y 518Atlas Air5:28 PM2018-04-23
5Y 532Atlas Air7:30 AM2018-02-07
5Y 534Atlas Air2:05 AM2018-02-01
5Y 536Atlas Air4:05 AM2018-06-23
5Y 538Atlas Air9:45 AM2017-01-30
5Y 8360Atlas Air3:15 AM2017-11-28
CA 1017Air China3:50 PM12:45 AM2016-10-26
CA 1019Air China5:50 PM3:05 AM2018-07-15
CA 1029Air China2:05 AM2018-07-21
CA 1049Air China5:50 PM3:05 AM2018-07-19
CA 1053Air China12:50 AM9:45 AM2018-07-20
CA 1055Air China12:50 AM9:45 AM2018-07-21
CA 1069Air China5:40 PM2:40 AM2018-03-29
CA 1077Air China7:10 PM2017-12-30
CA 1079Air China12:50 AM9:45 AM2017-12-17
CAO 1017Air China Cargo3:35 PM2016-10-26
CAO 1019Air China Cargo5:10 PM2018-07-15
CAO 1029Air China Cargo2:15 AM2018-07-21
CAO 1049Air China Cargo6:10 PM2018-07-19
CAO 1053Air China Cargo12:20 AM2018-07-20
CAO 1055Air China Cargo12:40 AM2018-07-21
CAO 1069Air China Cargo5:40 PM2017-12-28
CAO 1077Air China Cargo7:00 PM2017-12-30
CAO 1079Air China Cargo12:50 AM2017-10-22
CAO 8401Air China Cargo6:55 AM2017-05-27
CK 225China Cargo3:40 PM12:18 AM2018-07-21
CK 227China Cargo1:40 AM10:15 AM2018-07-21
CK 233China Cargo12:40 AM1:22 AM2018-07-21
CZ 431China Southern Airlines6:30 PM3:05 AM2018-07-20
CZ 433China Southern Airlines3:20 AM11:55 AM2018-07-21
CZ 437China Southern Airlines12:20 AM8:55 AM2018-07-20
CZ 477China Southern Airlines1:50 AM7:40 AM2017-04-04
CZ 8701China Southern Airlines8:30 PM2018-05-28
CZ 8711China Southern Airlines6:30 PM2017-10-30
DL 8932Delta Air Lines10:00 AM12:34 PM2017-10-08
EJM 585Executive Jet Management8:30 AM4:11 PM2017-11-10
FX 16FedEx11:10 AM8:17 PM2017-03-23
FX 5016FedEx10:05 PM7:28 AM2018-03-24
FX 5328FedEx11:05 PM7:57 AM2018-03-28
FX 9162FedEx4:05 PM1:13 AM2018-02-23
K4 524Kalitta Air9:45 AM2017-07-23
K4 912Kalitta Air5:00 AM2018-04-24
K4 914Kalitta Air12:30 AM2018-04-29
K4 915Kalitta Air10:30 PM2017-09-20
K4 917Kalitta Air2:30 AM2018-07-11
K4 919Kalitta Air7:03 PM2017-07-30
K4 944Kalitta Air1:15 PM2017-10-31
KE 249Korean Air11:25 PM10:25 AM2018-07-20
MU 200China Eastern Airlines12:01 AM2017-09-03
N3 3910Aerolineas MAS12:00 PM3:01 PM2016-11-04
N8 603National Airlines7:05 PM2018-04-25
N8 628National Airlines8:55 AM2017-11-12
N8 630National Airlines2:00 AM2017-10-29
PO 218Polar Air Cargo7:10 AM12:54 PM2018-05-07
PO 228Polar Air Cargo9:15 AM2018-07-21
PO 716Polar Air Cargo4:10 AM2018-07-16
PO 718Polar Air Cargo7:10 AM12:52 PM2018-07-19
PO 987Polar Air Cargo4:15 AM2018-07-20
PO 998Polar Air Cargo2:55 PM2018-07-19
QF 7521Qantas1:25 PM10:05 PM2018-07-18
QF 7557Qantas3:50 AM12:40 PM2018-07-21
QF 7559Qantas4:30 AM2017-11-25
QF 7571Qantas4:00 PM2017-03-30
QF 7581Qantas12:30 AM11:30 AM2018-07-18
QF 7583Qantas10:50 AM2:10 AM2018-07-21
QF 7589Qantas8:50 PM2018-07-15
RU 367AirBridgeCargo8:10 AM2:50 PM2018-07-18
RU 597AirBridgeCargo9:05 AM2018-07-21
RU 797AirBridgeCargo3:30 PM2018-07-15
Y8 7451Suparna Airlines3:35 PM4:55 PM2017-12-24
Y8 7465Yangtze River Express12:45 PM6:15 PM2018-06-12
Y8 7477Yangtze River Express10:40 AM2017-12-23
Y8 7485Yangtze River Express3:40 PM9:20 PM2017-01-28
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