Flights from Pittsburgh, US (PIT) to Philadelphia, US (PHL)

List of all flights from Pittsburgh, US (PIT) to Philadelphia, US (PHL), list of airlines operating on the route from Pittsburgh, US (PIT) to Philadelphia, US (PHL), departures from PIT and arrivals to PHL. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 294 flights on this route. The distance from Pittsburgh, US (PIT) to Philadelphia, US (PHL) is 430 km (267 miles). Pittsburgh International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-04:00). The current time on both airports is Friday 2018-10-19 01:44 AM.

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List of 294 flights operating on the route from Pittsburgh, US (PIT) to Philadelphia, US (PHL).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 300NetJets Aviation1:00 PM1:30 PM2017-11-01
1I 301NetJets Aviation1:45 PM2017-09-29
1I 302NetJets Aviation9:30 PM10:18 PM2018-05-17
1I 315NetJets Aviation10:30 AM11:36 AM2017-10-20
1I 317NetJets Aviation5:25 PM5:36 PM2018-04-01
1I 323NetJets Aviation2:39 PM2:57 PM2016-10-24
1I 336NetJets Aviation7:30 AM2017-10-11
1I 359NetJets Aviation2:30 PM2016-10-25
1I 361NetJets Aviation12:00 PM2017-06-07
1I 363NetJets Aviation10:48 AM11:30 AM2017-03-27
1I 370NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2016-12-05
1I 372NetJets Aviation5:00 PM2018-02-15
1I 373NetJets Aviation3:00 PM2018-05-22
1I 386NetJets Aviation2:00 PM3:06 PM2018-07-20
1I 387NetJets Aviation11:45 AM2016-10-03
1I 393NetJets Aviation12:41 PM1:00 PM2017-09-19
1I 507NetJets Aviation1:00 PM2017-12-01
1I 523NetJets Aviation4:00 PM3:54 PM2018-07-14
1I 524NetJets Aviation1:30 PM2018-10-06
1I 553NetJets Aviation1:21 PM1:51 PM2017-08-11
1I 554NetJets Aviation1:00 PM2016-09-21
1I 563NetJets Aviation12:30 PM7:18 PM2018-08-12
1I 575NetJets Aviation7:00 PM2017-10-04
1I 588NetJets Aviation3:45 PM2018-09-22
1I 623NetJets Aviation8:00 AM2017-03-27
1I 628NetJets Aviation10:00 AM11:47 AM2016-10-08
1I 663NetJets Aviation2:15 PM3:27 PM2017-10-11
1I 686NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2017-08-11
1I 689NetJets Aviation5:18 PM2018-06-11
1I 729NetJets Aviation3:00 PM3:54 PM2018-02-02
1I 741NetJets Aviation5:36 PM6:54 PM2018-07-01
1I 749NetJets Aviation8:51 AM2018-03-02
1I 768NetJets Aviation6:54 PM6:42 PM2018-01-04
1I 793NetJets Aviation7:00 AM12:24 PM2017-08-08
1I 794NetJets Aviation12:15 PM2018-09-29
1I 803NetJets Aviation9:00 AM11:51 AM2018-01-28
1I 818NetJets Aviation2:51 PM3:51 PM2018-05-13
1I 819NetJets Aviation8:00 AM2017-07-26
1I 928NetJets Aviation8:45 PM2016-10-03
5X 1153UPS10:16 PM2018-10-19
5X 2084UPS11:45 AM7:30 PM2018-01-30
5X 9310UPS4:00 AM4:49 AM2017-12-06
5X 9614UPS8:15 PM9:06 PM2017-12-12
5X 9755UPS5:05 AM5:59 AM2018-09-05
5X 9784UPS4:49 AM2017-10-21
5X 9816UPS5:42 AM5:44 AM2017-12-15
7Q* 3829Elite Airways4:00 PM2017-10-28
AA 1231American Airlines8:35 PM11:42 PM2017-05-26
AA 1262American Airlines7:10 PM8:54 PM2017-12-16
AA 1631American Airlines7:05 PM7:57 PM2017-12-09
AA 1657American Airlines8:00 AM9:36 AM2016-10-01
AA 1662American Airlines7:42 PM10:00 PM2018-06-01
AA 1666American Airlines12:27 AM6:15 AM2017-05-26
AA 1676American Airlines3:28 PM5:15 PM2018-05-12
AA 1686American Airlines1:03 PM2:29 PM2016-12-04
AA 1689American Airlines3:29 PM10:21 PM2017-08-20
AA 1697American Airlines10:09 PM2016-10-02
AA 1700American Airlines11:50 AM1:54 PM2017-10-04
AA 1713American Airlines6:26 PM7:59 PM2018-10-19
AA 1726American Airlines2:45 PM4:00 PM2018-07-04
AA 1742American Airlines1:53 PM2:55 PM2017-09-05
AA 1751American Airlines8:40 PM2017-01-07
AA 1755American Airlines8:30 PM10:25 PM2018-03-02
AA 1767American Airlines5:08 PM7:43 PM2017-08-19
AA 1770American Airlines5:51 PM7:18 PM2017-01-08
AA 1779American Airlines10:30 PM11:00 PM2017-10-05
AA 1782American Airlines11:35 AM1:31 PM2018-04-02
AA 1792American Airlines6:12 PM7:23 PM2017-07-14
AA 1804American Airlines8:51 AM12:19 PM2017-01-06
AA 1813American Airlines10:24 AM12:10 PM2016-12-11
AA 1822American Airlines10:20 AM12:09 PM2016-11-20
AA 1845American Airlines8:15 AM9:35 AM2017-02-13
AA 1872American Airlines7:54 AM9:12 AM2017-05-28
AA 1879American Airlines8:35 PM10:16 PM2017-06-01
AA 1903American Airlines8:59 PM10:19 PM2018-03-30
AA 1933American Airlines6:45 AM8:13 AM2016-11-03
AA 1948American Airlines10:04 AM11:16 AM2018-10-18
AA 1963American Airlines12:33 PM4:15 PM2018-09-30
AA 1986American Airlines6:14 PM7:52 PM2018-08-20
AA 1997American Airlines5:44 PM8:43 PM2018-03-03
AA 2007American Airlines6:44 PM9:48 PM2016-12-15
AA 2016American Airlines2:37 PM4:49 PM2017-01-06
AA 2024American Airlines11:50 AM8:10 PM2016-10-29
AA 2033American Airlines7:32 AM10:03 AM2017-01-08
AA 2041American Airlines8:34 PM10:12 PM2017-01-08
AA 2051American Airlines10:25 AM12:02 PM2018-05-28
AA 2057American Airlines8:25 PM11:05 PM2018-09-04
AA 2092American Airlines10:20 PM11:58 PM2017-01-09
AA 2103American Airlines8:25 PM10:16 PM2018-08-21
AA 2108American Airlines8:07 PM9:55 PM2017-08-19
AA 3855American Airlines10:20 PM2016-11-05
AA 3867American Airlines6:40 PM2017-02-11
AA 3875American Airlines7:19 PM2016-11-20
AA 3896American Airlines4:25 PM5:34 PM2016-12-15
AA 3910American Airlines3:20 PM2016-12-18
AA 3912American Airlines3:19 PM4:29 PM2016-12-14
AA 3962American Airlines2:01 PM5:29 PM2016-11-03
AA 3964American Airlines9:30 AM11:57 AM2016-12-31
AA 3999American Airlines3:21 PM3:45 PM2016-10-02
AA 4015American Airlines3:52 PM5:35 PM2016-10-30
AA 4034American Airlines12:38 PM2:33 PM2016-09-06
AA 4046American Airlines5:03 AM6:18 AM2017-01-01
AA 4095American Airlines1:37 PM3:19 PM2016-10-30
AA 4144American Airlines12:20 PM2017-01-08
AA 4167American Airlines12:47 PM2:20 PM2017-03-04
AA 420American Airlines6:34 PM7:35 PM2017-05-26
AA 4388American Airlines7:06 AM9:10 AM2017-11-04
AA 4391American Airlines9:39 PM11:57 PM2017-09-03
AA 4392American Airlines2:29 PM5:37 PM2016-11-26
AA 4396American Airlines1:28 PM2:15 PM2017-01-01
AA 4397American Airlines9:20 AM11:00 AM2016-12-15
AA 4402American Airlines10:40 PM2017-01-06
AA 4404American Airlines7:03 AM8:40 AM2017-04-02
AA 4417American Airlines11:23 AM12:59 PM2016-12-10
AA 4426American Airlines5:56 PM7:35 PM2018-09-04
AA 4435American Airlines5:11 PM6:49 PM2018-02-25
AA 4443American Airlines6:15 PM7:30 PM2016-10-30
AA 4450American Airlines3:58 PM5:20 PM2016-12-18
AA 4460American Airlines2:00 PM3:23 PM2018-01-06
AA 4488American Airlines8:00 PM9:23 PM2018-06-06
AA 4491American Airlines6:42 PM10:00 PM2016-12-11
AA 4492American Airlines6:30 AM8:21 AM2016-11-03
AA 4494American Airlines3:31 PM5:25 PM2016-12-04
AA 4496American Airlines1:00 PM2018-04-01
AA 4500American Airlines5:26 PM9:15 PM2016-12-14
AA 4506American Airlines7:25 AM11:30 AM2018-01-03
AA 4509American Airlines9:30 AM2018-06-06
AA 4517American Airlines3:16 PM6:02 PM2017-03-05
AA 4529American Airlines11:07 AM12:20 PM2016-11-26
AA 4531American Airlines1:04 PM2:55 PM2018-08-18
AA 4535American Airlines7:00 AM9:04 AM2016-10-06
AA 4552American Airlines1:32 PM3:14 PM2018-08-20
AA 4593American Airlines6:24 AM7:58 AM2017-01-06
AA 4596American Airlines6:49 PM2016-11-03
AA 4601American Airlines6:05 AM7:19 AM2018-10-18
AA 463American Airlines12:55 PM2:15 PM2018-10-18
AA 4632American Airlines10:05 AM11:16 AM2018-10-13
AA 4638American Airlines7:00 PM2016-11-04
AA 4644American Airlines10:32 AM12:30 PM2017-09-30
AA 4647American Airlines3:59 PM5:06 PM2018-06-06
AA 4651American Airlines4:59 PM2016-10-04
AA 4658American Airlines7:01 AM8:15 AM2018-09-04
AA 4686American Airlines8:55 PM11:28 PM2017-11-05
AA 4690American Airlines9:25 PM11:26 PM2016-10-30
AA 471American Airlines1:29 PM3:44 PM2017-08-02
AA 4710American Airlines5:28 AM6:26 AM2017-11-04
AA 4715American Airlines6:50 PM8:55 PM2017-07-02
AA 4730American Airlines6:33 AM8:20 AM2016-11-27
AA 4745American Airlines9:55 PM11:25 PM2017-08-20
AA 4935American Airlines6:21 AM7:29 AM2018-06-02
AA 513American Airlines11:05 AM2:35 PM2018-04-16
AA 518American Airlines1:44 PM3:24 PM2016-12-10
AA 5188American Airlines5:55 PM2018-07-03
AA 5231American Airlines4:49 PM7:01 PM2017-01-06
AA 580American Airlines5:18 AM6:20 AM2017-12-14
AA 709American Airlines10:37 PM11:50 PM2018-05-03
AA 728American Airlines8:45 PM2017-02-25
AA 737American Airlines2:00 PM5:15 PM2018-03-02
AA 776American Airlines5:10 AM1:16 PM2017-06-08
AA 788American Airlines1:00 PM2:21 PM2018-04-02
AA 789American Airlines2:25 PM2018-06-06
AA 790American Airlines1:36 PM5:39 PM2017-02-11
AA 799American Airlines9:01 AM10:23 AM2016-10-15
AA 800American Airlines8:05 AM4:29 PM2016-11-13
AA 856American Airlines4:18 PM7:14 PM2018-10-12
AA 869American Airlines6:35 PM8:10 PM2017-05-26
AA 888American Airlines7:59 AM9:16 AM2018-10-18
AA 9201American Airlines11:00 AM6:31 PM2018-02-04
AA 9605American Airlines2:59 PM4:36 PM2018-08-22
AA 9606American Airlines4:30 AM5:30 AM2018-08-23
AA 9608American Airlines2:15 PM3:39 PM2018-10-02
AA 9609American Airlines4:10 PM5:03 PM2018-09-20
AA 9610American Airlines6:15 PM7:25 PM2018-10-18
AA 9611American Airlines10:15 PM11:35 PM2018-07-26
AA 9613American Airlines10:00 PM11:37 PM2018-05-19
AA 9614American Airlines7:00 AM2018-07-31
AA 9615American Airlines1:00 PM3:30 PM2018-02-08
AA 9617American Airlines9:30 AM10:30 AM2018-03-27
AA 9619American Airlines8:00 AM2018-03-22
AA 9621American Airlines6:30 PM2018-03-05
AA 9625American Airlines2:00 PM3:40 PM2018-05-21
AA 9626American Airlines9:30 AM11:20 AM2018-02-01
AA 9627American Airlines7:00 PM9:07 PM2018-05-22
AA 9628American Airlines10:00 PM11:20 PM2018-07-12
AA 9630American Airlines2:00 PM3:45 PM2018-08-22
AA 9632American Airlines4:36 PM5:35 PM2018-08-09
AA 9711American Airlines8:40 PM11:15 PM2018-08-29
AA 9712American Airlines4:05 AM6:20 AM2016-10-16
AA 9792American Airlines1:30 PM2:50 PM2018-08-15
AA 9855American Airlines5:45 AM6:45 AM2018-04-23
AA 9856American Airlines7:30 AM8:15 AM2018-07-05
AA 9864American Airlines5:15 PM6:15 PM2018-06-07
AA 9874American Airlines10:50 PM2018-04-15
AA 9958American Airlines8:40 PM2018-05-17
AJI 9514Ameristar Jet Charter4:30 PM2018-03-17
B6 1059JetBlue Airways2:17 PM3:55 PM2018-03-02
B6 6101JetBlue Airways10:00 AM10:41 AM2018-01-05
BA 1827British Airways12:55 PM2:15 PM2018-10-18
BA 2391British Airways10:51 AM12:10 PM2017-01-08
BA 2439British Airways6:09 PM7:34 PM2018-10-02
BA 4374British Airways5:25 PM7:19 PM2017-03-25
BA 5106British Airways10:40 AM12:01 PM2017-02-15
BA 5290British Airways2:54 PM4:14 PM2018-08-20
BA 6848British Airways4:13 PM5:38 PM2018-09-30
BSK 384Miami Air International2:00 PM2018-08-08
BSK 392Miami Air International11:00 PM2018-04-21
BSK 398Miami Air International7:30 AM2016-09-22
DL 813Delta Air Lines10:23 PM12:23 AM2017-03-14
DL 8842Delta Air Lines1:40 AM2:15 AM2017-12-04
DL 8885Delta Air Lines5:55 PM8:20 PM2018-04-09
DL 8949Delta Air Lines2:00 PM4:21 PM2016-11-11
DL 8951Delta Air Lines10:30 PM11:44 PM2018-04-21
EJM 296Executive Jet Management9:36 AM12:24 PM2018-07-26
FX 1446FedEx2:54 AM2017-01-18
FX 1976FedEx5:31 AM6:58 AM2018-09-25
FX 1986FedEx6:14 AM6:27 AM2017-05-31
FX 3700FedEx4:35 PM6:08 PM2016-10-27
FX 880FedEx7:13 AM11:16 AM2016-10-27
FX 890FedEx8:00 AM9:43 AM2017-01-05
FX 984FedEx9:23 PM2016-10-27
JIA 5034PSA Airlines2:20 PM2017-02-26
JIA 5136PSA Airlines8:35 AM10:10 AM2016-10-09
JIA 5417PSA Airlines8:55 AM9:52 AM2018-09-16
JIA 9920PSA Airlines11:59 PM12:59 AM2018-06-15
LXJ 474Flexjet8:00 AM2017-10-17
LXJ 583Flexjet5:00 PM2018-06-04
O2* 6915Linear Air8:00 AM9:49 AM2017-11-16
O2* 6916Linear Air10:00 AM11:49 AM2017-11-16
O2* 6917Linear Air1:00 PM2:49 PM2017-11-16
O2* 6918Linear Air4:00 PM5:49 PM2017-11-16
O2* 6919Linear Air8:00 PM9:49 PM2017-11-17
OPT 349Flight Options2:00 PM2018-04-14
OPT 353Flight Options1:05 PM2017-03-12
OPT 366Flight Options4:30 PM2017-05-04
OPT 370Flight Options10:30 AM2018-06-28
OPT 420Flight Options7:30 PM2016-09-22
PDT 9320Piedmont Airlines11:30 PM1:39 AM2018-05-17
PDT 9950Piedmont Airlines9:45 AM10:35 AM2018-03-02
PDT 9951Piedmont Airlines5:30 AM7:15 AM2018-02-07
PDT 9953Piedmont Airlines9:30 PM2018-01-12
PDT 9958Piedmont Airlines6:45 PM9:00 PM2018-05-17
PWA 138Priester Aviation8:15 AM2017-12-11
SWQ 2810Swift Air11:00 PM2018-10-12
SWQ 2910Swift Air10:30 PM2017-10-15
SWQ 9106Swift Air6:00 PM2017-02-10
UA 2217United Airlines9:59 PM2016-09-12
UA 2508United Airlines10:30 AM4:30 PM2017-07-20
UA 2509United Airlines11:55 PM1:35 AM2017-05-22
UA 2512United Airlines12:15 PM8:40 PM2017-07-03
UA 2545United Airlines11:45 AM1:15 PM2018-07-05
UA 2765United Airlines3:30 PM5:59 PM2018-03-03
UJC 59Ultimate Jetcharters12:01 AM2:33 AM2018-01-12
UJC 9Ultimate Jetcharters9:45 PM2018-07-28
VTE 365Contour Aviation12:30 PM2017-04-19
VTE 481Contour Aviation5:00 PM2018-06-11
WN 1568Southwest Airlines10:35 AM12:45 PM2017-09-06
WN 8503Southwest Airlines7:00 AM2017-10-14
XOJ 747XOJET11:00 AM12:21 PM2016-10-25
YX 4404Republic Airlines8:10 PM9:45 PM2017-03-12
YX 4488Republic Airlines1:00 PM2017-05-30
YX 4509Republic Airlines8:20 AM9:33 AM2017-05-25
YX 4561Republic Airlines9:15 AM2018-04-28
YX 4595Republic Airlines9:51 AM1:30 PM2016-11-30
YX 4596Republic Airlines9:19 PM11:55 PM2016-09-18
YX 4647Republic Airlines10:51 AM12:05 PM2017-05-30
YX 4651Republic Airlines3:22 AM3:23 AM2016-09-18
YX 4690Republic Airlines6:29 PM8:32 PM2016-09-18
YX 9370Republic Airlines3:15 PM2016-08-29
YX 9380Republic Airlines9:40 AM11:30 AM2018-03-02
YX 9381Republic Airlines2:51 PM3:51 PM2016-12-24
YX 9855Republic Airlines10:45 AM12:30 PM2018-07-09
YX 9856Republic Airlines10:00 AM11:15 AM2018-03-18
YX 9857Republic Airlines9:15 PM10:30 PM2018-09-30
YX 9858Republic Airlines8:45 PM9:30 PM2018-09-28
YX 9859Republic Airlines6:55 PM7:55 PM2018-06-21
YX 9862Republic Airlines6:30 PM2018-03-08
YX 9863Republic Airlines7:00 PM8:30 PM2017-12-23
YX 9864Republic Airlines11:00 PM12:36 AM2018-02-28
YX 9865Republic Airlines8:15 PM9:15 PM2017-11-04
YX 9866Republic Airlines10:45 AM12:30 PM2018-03-22
YX 9868Republic Airlines12:15 PM1:00 PM2016-12-20
YX 9872Republic Airlines5:15 PM2017-02-10
ZW 3964Air Wisconsin3:35 PM2016-12-18
ZW 3978Air Wisconsin1:30 PM2016-11-12
ZW 3999Air Wisconsin1:20 PM2:35 PM2016-09-18
ZW 4046Air Wisconsin12:15 PM2:05 PM2016-11-06
ZW 9331Air Wisconsin8:00 PM11:00 PM2017-06-20
ZW 9897Air Wisconsin8:15 PM2016-11-19
ZW 9898Air Wisconsin10:20 AM2017-08-25
ZW 9899Air Wisconsin2:00 PM3:45 PM2017-05-05
ZW 9900Air Wisconsin11:00 AM2016-12-16
ZW 9901Air Wisconsin4:30 PM7:50 PM2017-08-17
ZW 9902Air Wisconsin2:00 PM3:15 PM2017-06-24
ZW 9903Air Wisconsin7:00 PM7:45 PM2017-06-20
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