Flights from Phoenix, US (PHX) to Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW)

List of all flights from Phoenix, US (PHX) to Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW), list of airlines operating on the route from Phoenix, US (PHX) to Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW), departures from PHX and arrivals to DFW. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 235 flights on this route. The distance from Phoenix, US (PHX) to Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) is 1,394 km (866 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport - is GMT-07:00. The current time is Saturday 2018-07-21 05:55 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Dallas Fort Worth International Airport - is GMT-05:00, The current time is Saturday 2018-07-21 07:55 PM.

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List of 235 flights operating on the route from Phoenix, US (PHX) to Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 268NetJets Aviation9:00 AM9:42 AM2016-10-08
1I 292NetJets Aviation1:30 PM3:24 PM2017-02-28
1I 372NetJets Aviation8:48 AM10:06 AM2016-11-08
5X 9850UPS6:22 PM2016-12-16
AA 1005American Airlines11:10 AM2017-01-09
AA 1015American Airlines9:01 PM10:14 PM2016-11-19
AA 1020American Airlines6:27 AM9:29 AM2016-08-29
AA 1027American Airlines10:35 PM2017-01-08
AA 1032American Airlines2:29 PM7:42 PM2017-09-30
AA 1040American Airlines7:20 AM8:59 AM2016-11-28
AA 1055American Airlines1:15 PM5:17 PM2018-06-29
AA 1100American Airlines7:17 PM2017-08-25
AA 1153American Airlines5:20 AM9:48 AM2018-07-21
AA 1155American Airlines8:20 PM12:02 AM2017-12-11
AA 1162American Airlines10:30 AM2016-11-24
AA 1165American Airlines1:56 PM4:27 PM2017-12-31
AA 1166American Airlines9:37 AM11:39 AM2016-11-19
AA 1196American Airlines6:09 AM9:16 AM2017-11-04
AA 1197American Airlines11:50 AM2:50 PM2017-08-15
AA 1234American Airlines8:35 PM2017-11-01
AA 1246American Airlines8:30 PM2017-05-29
AA 1258American Airlines11:45 AM2:05 PM2016-11-26
AA 1290American Airlines5:56 AM8:50 AM2017-11-01
AA 1295American Airlines8:10 PM12:33 AM2018-07-21
AA 1319American Airlines1:01 PM3:05 PM2017-03-04
AA 1456American Airlines8:20 PM2018-04-02
AA 1469American Airlines7:10 AM2017-10-22
AA 1505American Airlines3:40 PM5:20 PM2017-12-17
AA 1508American Airlines11:30 AM2017-02-27
AA 1518American Airlines1:15 PM5:37 PM2018-04-09
AA 1542American Airlines11:57 PM7:20 AM2018-04-19
AA 1562American Airlines3:09 PM4:34 PM2017-04-03
AA 1576American Airlines6:30 PM2018-06-07
AA 1583American Airlines8:00 AM9:41 AM2018-05-14
AA 1632American Airlines8:40 PM2018-07-05
AA 1648American Airlines8:17 PM2018-01-29
AA 1672American Airlines7:30 AM8:57 AM2017-11-11
AA 1676American Airlines5:01 AM6:41 AM2018-04-02
AA 1691American Airlines8:15 PM2017-10-04
AA 1703American Airlines5:59 AM8:10 AM2018-01-07
AA 1723American Airlines7:37 AM12:20 PM2018-05-03
AA 1726American Airlines11:57 PM5:25 AM2018-06-06
AA 1742American Airlines8:56 PM2016-09-06
AA 1744American Airlines10:35 PM10:59 PM2018-07-05
AA 1759American Airlines7:00 AM11:50 AM2018-02-17
AA 1765American Airlines7:35 AM12:06 PM2018-07-21
AA 1848American Airlines4:13 PM6:54 PM2018-02-14
AA 1857American Airlines8:00 AM11:50 AM2018-01-08
AA 1860American Airlines3:10 PM7:33 PM2018-06-07
AA 1872American Airlines6:24 PM2018-03-04
AA 1882American Airlines10:40 PM11:49 PM2017-11-04
AA 1885American Airlines4:20 PM4:46 PM2018-07-04
AA 1887American Airlines8:47 AM1:19 PM2018-07-21
AA 1967American Airlines3:55 PM2017-10-11
AA 1986American Airlines9:10 AM10:33 AM2018-04-02
AA 2061American Airlines3:09 PM5:33 PM2018-06-06
AA 2077American Airlines11:50 AM4:45 PM2018-06-06
AA 2106American Airlines6:10 PM2016-11-24
AA 2108American Airlines8:07 PM9:56 PM2018-01-03
AA 2181American Airlines10:30 AM3:28 PM2017-05-03
AA 2194American Airlines10:30 PM12:47 AM2016-12-15
AA 2218American Airlines8:15 PM10:25 PM2016-11-28
AA 2255American Airlines1:15 PM2016-12-19
AA 2263American Airlines4:50 PM2017-05-30
AA 2299American Airlines8:37 AM11:13 AM2017-11-20
AA 2307American Airlines4:19 PM5:40 PM2017-11-21
AA 2311American Airlines8:26 PM2017-12-15
AA 2332American Airlines8:40 PM2016-11-04
AA 2379American Airlines12:25 PM4:54 PM2018-07-21
AA 2461American Airlines7:35 AM12:03 PM2018-05-04
AA 2475American Airlines7:45 AM11:49 AM2017-03-23
AA 2491American Airlines7:36 AM9:30 AM2018-03-19
AA 2496American Airlines11:15 AM1:18 PM2018-03-26
AA 2530American Airlines7:00 AM8:26 AM2017-09-07
AA 2549American Airlines12:10 PM2017-03-05
AA 2564American Airlines10:40 PM11:22 PM2018-04-16
AA 2587American Airlines6:35 PM2018-04-15
AA 2626American Airlines8:10 AM1:12 PM2018-06-14
AA 2679American Airlines7:20 PM8:47 PM2017-11-18
AA 2680American Airlines3:02 PM2017-11-18
AA 2695American Airlines8:55 AM12:57 PM2017-12-03
AA 2701American Airlines7:55 AM11:02 AM2017-08-21
AA 2720American Airlines1:32 AM7:40 AM2017-08-23
AA 2731American Airlines1:00 PM2:58 PM2018-06-06
AA 2743American Airlines4:21 PM7:14 PM2017-11-27
AA 2752American Airlines6:45 PM2016-11-30
AA 2810American Airlines10:51 AM1:41 PM2018-05-29
AA 2814American Airlines8:30 PM2018-04-03
AA 349American Airlines9:30 AM12:40 PM2017-08-26
AA 407American Airlines12:20 PM12:45 PM2018-07-21
AA 438American Airlines9:58 AM11:21 AM2017-01-09
AA 464American Airlines7:20 AM9:15 AM2016-11-04
AA 492American Airlines10:25 PM5:07 AM2018-04-01
AA 495American Airlines3:10 PM7:39 PM2018-07-22
AA 505American Airlines4:55 PM2018-07-22
AA 515American Airlines4:20 PM2016-12-10
AA 541American Airlines7:02 PM2017-01-08
AA 542American Airlines4:15 PM2018-06-04
AA 544American Airlines5:25 AM7:03 AM2018-06-06
AA 545American Airlines8:40 PM2018-06-07
AA 549American Airlines6:55 PM2018-06-06
AA 550American Airlines8:28 AM10:29 AM2018-06-06
AA 551American Airlines9:01 AM11:47 AM2018-04-03
AA 556American Airlines6:55 PM2018-07-21
AA 560American Airlines11:07 AM7:16 PM2018-05-03
AA 5718American Airlines6:52 PM11:55 PM2018-06-06
AA 575American Airlines10:41 AM12:14 PM2017-05-27
AA 5793American Airlines8:28 AM11:19 AM2018-05-03
AA 5815American Airlines10:55 AM12:55 PM2017-03-05
AA 5836American Airlines5:54 AM10:20 AM2018-06-30
AA 5850American Airlines7:38 AM2018-02-11
AA 5860American Airlines3:24 PM5:31 PM2017-02-12
AA 5866American Airlines8:14 PM11:18 PM2017-04-30
AA 5911American Airlines10:15 PM11:27 PM2018-02-25
AA 5916American Airlines10:30 AM11:42 AM2018-04-01
AA 5943American Airlines2:42 PM2017-04-02
AA 5957American Airlines8:50 AM9:52 AM2018-04-02
AA 5961American Airlines2:45 PM2017-10-04
AA 6American Airlines5:55 PM6:04 AM2018-06-10
AA 605American Airlines11:30 AM2016-11-27
AA 611American Airlines9:35 AM2017-10-16
AA 620American Airlines11:14 AM12:42 PM2017-08-21
AA 624American Airlines8:20 PM2018-05-26
AA 632American Airlines8:20 AM10:36 AM2018-04-02
AA 633American Airlines7:00 PM11:29 PM2018-07-21
AA 646American Airlines11:05 AM3:32 PM2018-07-21
AA 649American Airlines10:25 PM10:36 PM2018-01-07
AA 652American Airlines12:38 PM2:33 PM2018-04-02
AA 656American Airlines4:13 PM7:20 PM2017-11-04
AA 670American Airlines4:35 PM2017-09-03
AA 682American Airlines7:00 AM12:35 PM2018-05-03
AA 711American Airlines10:07 AM11:24 AM2018-05-04
AA 800American Airlines8:05 AM4:29 PM2017-10-02
AA 809American Airlines2:16 PM4:53 PM2017-04-04
AA 852American Airlines10:04 PM6:01 AM2016-12-15
AA 865American Airlines7:59 PM2018-05-04
AA 876American Airlines8:32 AM10:06 AM2017-12-14
AA 899American Airlines4:40 PM2017-11-22
AA 9493American Airlines6:46 PM12:30 AM2016-12-11
AA 9608American Airlines9:30 AM12:30 PM2018-02-18
AA 9610American Airlines2:00 PM7:30 PM2018-03-23
AA 9623American Airlines9:20 AM10:45 AM2018-05-07
AA 9624American Airlines12:55 PM1:50 PM2018-03-03
AA 964American Airlines11:56 PM5:15 AM2016-12-12
AA 9642American Airlines4:00 PM2016-09-26
AA 9643American Airlines3:30 PM5:20 PM2018-06-07
AA 9646American Airlines7:30 PM8:15 PM2017-01-06
AA 9650American Airlines11:45 PM2:45 AM2017-01-09
AA 9658American Airlines2:00 PM5:00 PM2018-06-04
AA 9662American Airlines1:00 AM2:43 AM2018-06-09
AA 9663American Airlines10:00 AM12:39 PM2016-11-04
AA 9669American Airlines6:15 PM8:35 PM2018-05-06
AA 9672American Airlines2:30 PM3:36 PM2018-05-21
AA 9673American Airlines2:30 PM5:50 PM2016-11-04
AA 9674American Airlines8:00 AM2018-06-06
AA 9676American Airlines8:30 AM10:50 AM2018-06-06
AA 9679American Airlines7:45 PM2018-05-06
AA 9740American Airlines4:25 AM2016-12-12
AA 9743American Airlines12:40 PM2016-12-25
AA 9800American Airlines11:00 AM1:50 PM2018-04-19
AA 981American Airlines1:00 PM4:18 PM2018-07-04
AA 9810American Airlines2:30 PM3:40 PM2018-07-10
AA 9811American Airlines5:30 AM6:48 AM2018-06-19
AA 9813American Airlines11:00 PM2018-04-20
AA 9814American Airlines7:41 PM2018-04-20
AA 9819American Airlines5:50 AM8:04 AM2018-03-25
AMF 2322Ameriflight12:15 PM2017-10-04
AMF 4116Ameriflight5:30 PM2018-02-10
AMF 4166Ameriflight4:15 AM2018-04-19
AMF 4192Ameriflight12:15 PM2018-03-05
AMF 4228Ameriflight9:45 AM2017-06-20
AMF 4259Ameriflight7:00 PM2018-02-03
AMF 704Ameriflight5:30 PM12:48 AM2018-07-16
AMF 711Ameriflight9:30 AM2017-05-01
ATN 3704ATI5:22 AM2018-01-09
ATN 3849ATI1:45 AM2018-01-09
ATN 6101ATI9:10 AM2017-11-23
BA 1914British Airways10:35 PM12:44 AM2017-03-26
BA 1932British Airways11:05 AM3:32 PM2018-07-21
BA 1940British Airways8:36 PM11:44 PM2016-11-05
BA 2401British Airways6:10 AM12:28 PM2017-10-11
BA 2528British Airways1:32 PM5:56 PM2018-07-21
BA 5717British Airways4:55 PM9:22 PM2018-07-21
BA 5735British Airways12:25 PM4:51 PM2018-07-04
BA 5742British Airways3:10 PM7:39 PM2018-07-22
BA 5758British Airways7:00 PM11:29 PM2018-07-21
BA 5765British Airways8:47 AM1:19 PM2018-07-21
BA 6802British Airways12:25 PM4:54 PM2018-07-21
BAI 904Boutique Air3:15 PM2017-01-18
CP 5844Compass Airlines3:15 PM7:13 PM2017-04-01
DL 8885Delta Air Lines8:45 PM8:57 PM2018-03-26
FX 3778FedEx7:16 PM8:21 PM2016-12-23
GF 4152Gulf Air9:35 PM11:41 PM2016-08-29
GF 4294Gulf Air6:30 AM9:28 AM2017-10-27
GF 4346Gulf Air12:25 PM4:54 PM2018-07-21
GF 6425Gulf Air3:10 PM7:36 PM2018-07-05
GF 6551Gulf Air5:54 AM10:20 AM2018-06-30
GF 6701Gulf Air6:05 PM2016-11-21
GF 6726Gulf Air12:25 PM4:51 PM2018-07-04
LXJ 534Flexjet8:03 AM2016-10-04
MQ 9561Envoy Air11:00 PM1:20 AM2018-04-22
NK 8009Spirit Airlines9:15 PM10:20 PM2017-02-08
NK 812Spirit Airlines7:40 AM11:14 AM2018-03-11
NK 8600Spirit Airlines5:01 PM5:15 PM2017-05-03
NK 8631Spirit Airlines11:46 PM2:13 AM2017-04-09
NK 8904Spirit Airlines2:30 PM4:10 PM2017-05-03
NK 972Spirit Airlines5:50 AM9:40 AM2018-07-21
OAE 317Omni Air International2:15 PM2017-03-17
OAE 628Omni Air International12:15 PM2017-12-26
OO 9379SkyWest Airlines5:00 AM2018-03-14
OO 9835SkyWest Airlines4:00 PM6:35 PM2018-07-15
OO 9836SkyWest Airlines12:05 PM1:50 PM2018-06-02
OO 9838SkyWest Airlines12:05 PM2:30 PM2018-04-10
OO 9850SkyWest Airlines10:30 PM2017-07-28
OO 9851SkyWest Airlines6:10 PM7:30 PM2018-01-17
OO 9854SkyWest Airlines3:15 PM2018-06-29
OPT 370Flight Options7:30 AM2017-04-02
QF 4446Qantas3:10 PM7:39 PM2018-07-22
QF 4812Qantas9:15 PM10:39 PM2017-05-05
QF 7Qantas12:35 PM1:00 PM2017-08-18
TST 2Trast11:31 PM2016-12-21
UA 2501United Airlines5:35 PM11:00 PM2017-04-01
UA 2505United Airlines5:40 PM2017-03-30
UA 2545United Airlines11:10 AM2017-04-06
UJT 502Journey Aviation7:30 AM2016-12-27
YV 1Mesa Airlines8:00 PM2016-11-12
YV 5943Mesa Airlines6:15 PM7:22 PM2017-03-12
YV 5961Mesa Airlines1:04 PM2017-05-30
YV 9401Mesa Airlines1:56 PM3:41 PM2017-06-22
YV 9818Mesa Airlines4:20 PM2018-03-19
YV 9819Mesa Airlines11:15 PM12:10 AM2017-12-25
YV 9820Mesa Airlines11:45 AM2017-09-08
YV 9821Mesa Airlines10:45 AM12:45 PM2017-12-06
YV 9822Mesa Airlines1:20 PM2:50 PM2017-07-28
YV 9825Mesa Airlines3:32 PM2017-09-08
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