Flights from Philadelphia, US (PHL) to New York, US (LGA)

List of all flights from Philadelphia, US (PHL) to New York, US (LGA), list of airlines operating on the route from Philadelphia, US (PHL) to New York, US (LGA), departures from PHL and arrivals to LGA. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 233 flights on this route. The distance from Philadelphia, US (PHL) to New York, US (LGA) is 154 km (95 miles). Philadelphia International Airport and La Guardia Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-04:00). The current time on both airports is Saturday 2018-04-21 10:55 PM.

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List of 233 flights operating on the route from Philadelphia, US (PHL) to New York, US (LGA).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 113NetJets Aviation5:15 PM4:18 PM2018-02-25
1I 115NetJets Aviation4:00 PM7:42 PM2017-04-27
1I 209NetJets Aviation7:30 PM2017-11-15
1I 233NetJets Aviation12:45 PM2017-02-10
1I 258NetJets Aviation6:06 PM6:30 PM2017-10-06
1I 307NetJets Aviation9:30 AM2016-09-05
1I 318NetJets Aviation1:45 PM2:51 PM2017-08-30
1I 339NetJets Aviation11:00 AM11:36 AM2017-04-07
1I 341NetJets Aviation12:57 PM1:39 PM2016-10-11
1I 353NetJets Aviation6:53 PM7:17 PM2018-03-08
1I 370NetJets Aviation4:15 PM2018-02-08
1I 390NetJets Aviation4:30 PM5:18 PM2017-03-14
1I 408NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2017-11-21
1I 410NetJets Aviation12:30 PM2017-12-07
1I 501NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2018-01-06
1I 503NetJets Aviation9:15 AM10:09 AM2017-09-15
1I 527NetJets Aviation6:36 AM2017-03-06
1I 537NetJets Aviation4:00 PM5:24 PM2017-11-25
1I 554NetJets Aviation2:30 PM2018-03-14
1I 573NetJets Aviation4:45 PM2017-02-03
1I 580NetJets Aviation12:15 PM1:39 PM2016-09-01
1I 609NetJets Aviation1:30 PM2017-02-26
1I 658NetJets Aviation10:00 AM12:12 PM2017-07-25
1I 659NetJets Aviation12:00 PM12:36 PM2017-12-19
1I 662NetJets Aviation3:33 PM4:03 PM2017-11-14
1I 686NetJets Aviation11:00 AM2016-12-14
1I 689NetJets Aviation8:15 PM2017-04-23
1I 696NetJets Aviation9:30 AM10:18 AM2016-09-05
1I 752NetJets Aviation12:15 PM1:27 PM2018-03-26
1I 766NetJets Aviation1:00 PM3:36 PM2017-07-26
1I 774NetJets Aviation7:30 AM10:00 AM2016-11-04
1I 777NetJets Aviation10:15 AM2017-03-09
1I 782NetJets Aviation5:00 AM5:24 AM2017-02-09
1I 802NetJets Aviation11:36 AM11:54 AM2016-10-28
1I 839NetJets Aviation11:09 AM2017-05-18
1I 844NetJets Aviation8:30 PM2016-09-26
1I 867NetJets Aviation8:00 AM2016-09-16
1I 958NetJets Aviation12:12 PM2017-01-04
1I 975NetJets Aviation5:09 PM2017-07-06
9E 3419Endeavor Air7:00 AM7:35 AM2017-07-02
9E 3469Endeavor Air5:40 PM2016-10-30
9E 3637Endeavor Air7:00 AM7:30 AM2016-11-01
9E 3946Endeavor Air9:15 AM9:45 AM2017-07-28
9E 3965Endeavor Air7:55 PM9:57 PM2017-02-13
9E 4079Endeavor Air6:10 PM6:37 PM2017-01-19
9E 6028Endeavor Air9:40 AM11:35 AM2017-02-13
AA 1011American Airlines11:00 AM2:23 PM2017-04-05
AA 1104American Airlines12:59 PM4:14 PM2017-10-24
AA 1170American Airlines4:26 PM8:59 PM2018-02-18
AA 126American Airlines2:30 PM4:20 PM2017-04-28
AA 1367American Airlines3:10 PM6:39 PM2016-10-22
AA 1579American Airlines6:20 PM9:56 PM2018-01-23
AA 1678American Airlines1:45 PM4:18 PM2016-10-28
AA 1683American Airlines9:40 AM12:06 PM2018-04-16
AA 1689American Airlines1:10 PM2:45 PM2016-12-25
AA 1693American Airlines12:47 PM3:22 PM2018-04-01
AA 1773American Airlines4:15 PM6:48 PM2016-12-10
AA 1807American Airlines6:30 AM7:34 AM2018-03-31
AA 186American Airlines10:10 AM2017-08-03
AA 1893American Airlines6:51 AM8:10 AM2017-10-01
AA 1902American Airlines7:45 PM9:33 PM2017-02-15
AA 1907American Airlines5:20 PM9:05 PM2018-03-31
AA 1986American Airlines2:55 PM4:12 PM2016-10-30
AA 2007American Airlines5:30 PM8:38 PM2016-12-12
AA 2054American Airlines1:01 PM2:40 PM2017-01-08
AA 2068American Airlines5:05 PM7:22 PM2017-08-03
AA 2073American Airlines6:25 AM7:38 AM2016-10-02
AA 2074American Airlines6:03 PM7:29 PM2018-04-22
AA 2088American Airlines7:48 AM9:29 AM2016-10-31
AA 2092American Airlines8:20 PM9:09 PM2017-01-09
AA 2133American Airlines10:00 AM11:29 AM2017-02-13
AA 2141American Airlines7:00 PM8:29 PM2017-02-08
AA 2167American Airlines8:46 AM11:29 AM2016-10-28
AA 2172American Airlines5:00 PM6:29 PM2017-04-22
AA 2182American Airlines3:30 PM8:05 PM2017-03-01
AA 2285American Airlines7:45 PM10:26 PM2018-02-18
AA 2325American Airlines2:50 PM2016-12-01
AA 350American Airlines10:30 AM1:35 PM2017-05-05
AA 352American Airlines5:30 PM8:40 PM2018-02-18
AA 374American Airlines1:30 PM4:37 PM2018-02-05
AA 376American Airlines8:30 PM11:38 PM2017-03-23
AA 3866American Airlines8:25 AM10:00 AM2016-12-15
AA 3908American Airlines7:40 PM2016-12-14
AA 3912American Airlines3:35 PM4:29 PM2018-04-21
AA 3915American Airlines8:59 PM9:55 PM2018-04-21
AA 3916American Airlines11:11 AM12:04 PM2018-04-20
AA 3949American Airlines12:15 PM12:39 PM2018-04-04
AA 3972American Airlines5:57 AM7:54 AM2018-04-02
AA 398American Airlines6:30 AM9:35 AM2018-02-18
AA 4006American Airlines8:30 AM9:30 AM2016-11-04
AA 4134American Airlines10:29 AM11:48 AM2016-12-10
AA 4135American Airlines3:29 PM4:43 PM2017-11-04
AA 4385American Airlines10:30 AM2016-11-25
AA 4408American Airlines8:15 AM2017-02-15
AA 4414American Airlines11:54 AM1:12 PM2016-12-11
AA 4417American Airlines11:00 AM12:50 PM2017-01-08
AA 4438American Airlines3:25 PM4:39 PM2016-11-03
AA 4443American Airlines7:25 PM9:23 PM2016-11-04
AA 4449American Airlines7:00 PM2016-11-03
AA 4452American Airlines6:10 PM7:25 PM2018-04-01
AA 4464American Airlines7:50 AM9:19 AM2018-04-03
AA 4473American Airlines5:40 PM6:55 PM2018-01-07
AA 4487American Airlines3:58 PM5:47 PM2016-11-26
AA 4492American Airlines10:55 AM12:24 PM2016-10-30
AA 4532American Airlines5:55 PM8:29 PM2017-02-11
AA 4568American Airlines7:44 PM2016-11-05
AA 4580American Airlines9:19 AM11:16 AM2016-10-29
AA 4619American Airlines8:00 AM11:55 AM2018-01-07
AA 4642American Airlines5:05 PM7:00 PM2018-04-01
AA 4685American Airlines6:40 AM8:51 AM2017-01-07
AA 4716American Airlines5:54 AM9:28 AM2017-01-09
AA 4735American Airlines1:25 PM3:10 PM2018-04-15
AA 4779American Airlines3:55 PM4:48 PM2017-10-04
AA 4805American Airlines5:58 AM2017-07-04
AA 4891American Airlines10:25 AM2018-04-02
AA 4922American Airlines1:06 PM2018-04-02
AA 4933American Airlines11:00 AM12:25 PM2018-04-21
AA 4991American Airlines6:19 PM2017-11-03
AA 5003American Airlines6:25 AM2018-01-06
AA 5011American Airlines9:15 AM10:58 AM2017-12-14
AA 5014American Airlines8:09 AM9:33 AM2017-08-21
AA 5126American Airlines5:44 AM7:35 AM2017-11-04
AA 5310American Airlines7:00 AM2017-10-04
AA 5527American Airlines3:30 PM4:45 PM2018-04-21
AA 762American Airlines8:01 AM9:53 AM2016-11-24
AA 9607American Airlines10:00 AM11:30 AM2018-02-18
AA 9610American Airlines11:00 AM12:44 PM2018-03-13
AA 9611American Airlines11:15 AM12:40 PM2018-03-13
AA 9614American Airlines2:45 PM3:45 PM2018-03-13
AA 9619American Airlines12:45 AM2018-01-10
AA 9623American Airlines10:00 AM11:30 AM2018-02-23
AA 9624American Airlines7:45 PM9:30 PM2018-03-13
AA 9625American Airlines6:30 AM8:15 AM2016-11-14
AA 9628American Airlines11:00 PM12:05 AM2018-03-13
AA 9631American Airlines8:00 AM2018-03-13
AA 9638American Airlines6:15 AM7:00 AM2018-03-08
AA 9651American Airlines10:50 AM12:10 PM2018-02-12
AA 9865American Airlines9:10 PM9:40 PM2018-04-04
AC 700Air Canada6:35 AM7:59 AM2017-04-05
AC 7086Air Canada5:00 PM8:15 PM2016-11-28
B6 6110JetBlue Airways4:30 AM5:20 AM2018-03-03
B6 62JetBlue Airways9:45 AM12:30 PM2018-03-02
BSK 398Miami Air International11:00 AM2016-10-22
DL 1325Delta Air Lines7:00 PM9:18 PM2016-12-17
DL 1498Delta Air Lines10:15 PM11:14 PM2017-01-19
DL 1588Delta Air Lines10:25 PM6:11 AM2017-02-06
DL 1948Delta Air Lines6:10 AM9:08 AM2016-10-30
DL 1996Delta Air Lines7:05 AM10:50 AM2017-02-13
DL 2192Delta Air Lines7:00 AM9:52 AM2018-04-16
DL 2276Delta Air Lines6:05 AM8:43 AM2017-04-05
DL 2362Delta Air Lines8:30 AM10:45 AM2018-04-04
DL 2804Delta Air Lines11:00 AM12:25 PM2016-10-28
DL 802Delta Air Lines7:10 AM8:55 AM2017-07-02
DL 869Delta Air Lines5:00 PM6:46 PM2017-12-02
DL 8843Delta Air Lines9:20 PM11:48 PM2016-09-11
DL 8844Delta Air Lines2:20 AM3:40 AM2016-11-06
DL 9933Delta Air Lines7:00 AM9:45 AM2017-01-12
DL 9934Delta Air Lines8:00 AM8:20 AM2017-01-12
DL 9938Delta Air Lines2:30 PM4:20 PM2017-01-12
DL 9980Delta Air Lines5:00 PM7:00 AM2017-01-12
EAL 940Eastern Air Lines7:00 AM2016-12-06
EV 5193ExpressJet1:06 PM3:15 PM2017-03-01
EV 5201ExpressJet8:50 AM2017-02-18
EV 5328ExpressJet10:04 AM10:34 AM2017-07-28
EV 5510ExpressJet2018-04-04
EV 5548ExpressJet8:30 AM8:50 AM2017-08-04
EV 5597ExpressJet8:40 AM9:06 AM2017-08-04
F9 1462Frontier Airlines6:11 AM8:30 AM2018-04-16
F9 506Frontier Airlines11:12 AM5:00 PM2017-08-04
F9 9201Frontier Airlines3:30 PM4:36 PM2017-12-19
JIA 5095PSA Airlines9:10 AM2017-12-14
JIA 5097PSA Airlines7:37 AM9:30 AM2017-02-12
JIA 5123PSA Airlines2:40 PM2017-05-15
JIA 5174PSA Airlines4:25 PM2017-04-05
JIA 5310PSA Airlines3:10 PM4:24 PM2017-05-30
JIA 5434PSA Airlines7:10 PM2017-04-05
LXJ 529Flexjet1:00 PM2017-02-03
LXJ 547Flexjet1:00 PM2018-01-26
LXJ 574Flexjet12:31 PM2017-12-09
LXJ 578Flexjet6:30 AM2018-01-29
LXJ 579Flexjet12:30 PM2018-01-26
MQ 3405Envoy Air10:30 PM10:54 PM2017-08-23
MQ 3433Envoy Air8:30 AM9:24 AM2017-08-04
MQ 3721Envoy Air8:00 AM8:24 AM2017-08-04
MQ 3736Envoy Air4:00 PM4:24 PM2018-02-23
MQ 3774Envoy Air3:31 PM5:13 PM2017-04-22
MQ 3783Envoy Air5:30 PM6:48 PM2017-03-29
MQ 9811Envoy Air1:15 PM2017-03-29
OPT 357Flight Options6:30 PM2016-09-13
PDT 4805Piedmont Airlines3:50 PM4:55 PM2017-05-30
PDT 9951Piedmont Airlines3:30 PM7:50 PM2017-09-28
PDT 9952Piedmont Airlines3:00 PM6:20 PM2018-02-14
PDT 9959Piedmont Airlines10:30 PM11:59 PM2018-04-05
UA 2546United Airlines7:10 PM9:40 PM2017-07-20
UA 2790United Airlines10:30 AM11:50 AM2018-01-16
UA 2793United Airlines9:50 AM11:26 AM2017-09-01
WN 1269Southwest Airlines2:50 PM5:55 PM2017-08-04
WN 1493Southwest Airlines2:45 PM3:55 PM2016-10-31
WN 1684Southwest Airlines1:35 PM2:55 PM2017-02-13
WN 1899Southwest Airlines11:00 AM11:30 AM2017-12-14
WN 3900Southwest Airlines10:45 AM1:40 PM2017-05-20
WN 40Southwest Airlines9:25 PM11:30 PM2016-12-10
WN 4521Southwest Airlines10:45 AM1:55 PM2016-10-30
WN 8504Southwest Airlines7:00 AM2017-09-03
WN 8514Southwest Airlines12:15 AM2017-09-12
YX 4442Republic Airlines1:25 AM2017-12-23
YX 4501Republic Airlines2018-02-12
YX 4525Republic Airlines8:29 AM2017-09-16
YX 4542Republic Airlines12:30 PM2018-04-04
YX 4580Republic Airlines2:50 PM3:53 PM2016-10-28
YX 4599Republic Airlines6:30 AM8:51 AM2017-01-19
YX 4622Republic Airlines5:15 PM2017-01-07
YX 4666Republic Airlines8:12 AM2016-09-06
YX 4682Republic Airlines5:55 PM2017-08-03
YX 4700Republic Airlines2:12 PM5:29 PM2017-04-22
YX 4707Republic Airlines8:05 AM2017-08-04
YX 4732Republic Airlines3:29 PM2016-10-28
YX 4756Republic Airlines6:40 PM2017-07-14
YX 4774Republic Airlines2017-06-22
YX 6091Republic Airlines8:05 PM2017-06-14
YX 6132Republic Airlines8:35 AM9:05 AM2017-08-04
YX 6152Republic Airlines4:30 PM2017-06-14
YX 9380Republic Airlines4:00 PM5:36 PM2017-04-17
YX 9862Republic Airlines9:30 AM11:30 AM2017-08-05
YX 9863Republic Airlines5:15 PM6:30 PM2017-04-07
YX 9864Republic Airlines7:30 PM2018-02-09
YX 9866Republic Airlines9:30 AM10:50 AM2016-09-15
ZW 3939Air Wisconsin11:50 AM2017-01-19
ZW 9897Air Wisconsin8:15 PM2017-01-07
ZW 9899Air Wisconsin2:00 PM3:45 PM2017-08-16
ZW 9900Air Wisconsin11:00 AM2016-12-11
ZW 9901Air Wisconsin4:30 PM7:50 PM2016-10-12
ZW 9904Air Wisconsin6:05 PM7:40 PM2016-12-05
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