Flights from Chicago, US (ORD) to Oklahoma City, US (OKC)

List of all flights from Chicago, US (ORD) to Oklahoma City, US (OKC), list of airlines operating on the route from Chicago, US (ORD) to Oklahoma City, US (OKC), departures from ORD and arrivals to OKC. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 242 flights on this route. The distance from Chicago, US (ORD) to Oklahoma City, US (OKC) is 1,114 km (692 miles). Chicago O'Hare International Airport and Will Rogers World Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-05:00). The current time on both airports is Tuesday 2019-04-23 07:42 PM.

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List of 242 flights operating on the route from Chicago, US (ORD) to Oklahoma City, US (OKC).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 277NetJets Aviation9:15 AM11:46 AM2019-02-12
1I 348NetJets Aviation11:00 AM1:30 PM2017-01-11
1I 388NetJets Aviation10:00 AM12:24 PM2018-08-06
1I 555NetJets Aviation8:00 AM9:42 AM2017-06-25
1I 746NetJets Aviation12:04 PM2:58 PM2018-03-26
1I 778NetJets Aviation3:03 PM4:09 PM2018-04-04
1I 812NetJets Aviation8:00 AM9:48 AM2016-11-04
1I 826NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2:56 PM2017-09-18
1I 940NetJets Aviation8:16 AM8:54 AM2018-04-04
1I 966NetJets Aviation2:06 PM2:42 PM2018-03-12
1I 990NetJets Aviation9:56 AM11:39 AM2017-03-01
AA 2956American Airlines11:30 AM12:15 PM2018-12-19
AA 3008American Airlines12:05 PM12:35 PM2018-11-22
AA 3048American Airlines4:00 PM6:10 PM2019-04-23
AA 3145American Airlines6:30 PM2019-04-24
AA 3192American Airlines10:11 AM12:31 PM2019-04-23
AA 3230American Airlines10:20 AM2018-10-03
AA 3264American Airlines5:01 AM2018-10-04
AA 3288American Airlines8:29 PM10:32 PM2016-11-30
AA 3333American Airlines7:13 PM9:27 PM2018-09-05
AA 3432American Airlines4:31 PM5:45 PM2018-12-18
AA 3448American Airlines6:09 AM8:15 AM2018-06-07
AA 3483American Airlines12:45 PM3:30 PM2018-06-06
AA 3542American Airlines6:25 PM2018-09-02
AA 3579American Airlines10:06 PM11:20 PM2018-06-06
AA 3628American Airlines4:35 PM5:50 PM2018-06-07
AA 3812American Airlines12:50 PM2018-04-02
AA 3908American Airlines12:41 PM2018-09-04
AA 9840American Airlines6:45 AM2019-02-27
AS 4015Alaska Airlines5:39 PM2017-10-04
AS 4146Alaska Airlines6:35 PM2017-08-22
AS 4154Alaska Airlines6:25 PM2017-05-09
AS 4200Alaska Airlines3:18 PM3:55 PM2017-02-16
AS 4238Alaska Airlines6:03 PM7:44 PM2018-11-22
AS 4267Alaska Airlines4:00 PM6:10 PM2019-04-23
AS 4307Alaska Airlines6:30 PM2019-04-24
AS 4334Alaska Airlines12:26 PM12:40 PM2018-10-03
AS 4377Alaska Airlines1:01 PM3:08 PM2018-12-18
AS 4408Alaska Airlines10:11 AM12:31 PM2019-04-23
AS 4473Alaska Airlines6:20 PM2018-12-19
AS 4783Alaska Airlines2:40 PM4:04 PM2017-03-05
BA 1945British Airways6:20 PM2018-12-19
BA 4677British Airways1:15 PM3:30 PM2019-04-23
BA 6509British Airways6:30 PM2019-04-24
BA 7801British Airways4:35 PM2017-10-31
BA 7805British Airways9:52 AM2017-10-31
DL 4983Delta Air Lines8:30 AM9:20 AM2018-12-24
DL 4995Delta Air Lines11:20 AM12:45 PM2018-12-06
DL 8840Delta Air Lines5:35 PM6:07 PM2017-10-20
DL 8841Delta Air Lines9:50 PM11:23 PM2017-11-04
DL 8843Delta Air Lines8:45 AM11:09 AM2018-12-02
DL 8846Delta Air Lines7:30 PM8:50 PM2016-12-31
DL 8847Delta Air Lines8:50 PM9:44 PM2018-12-24
DL 8922Delta Air Lines11:30 PM12:37 AM2017-11-14
DL 8935Delta Air Lines10:00 AM3:13 PM2017-01-10
EI 6663Aer Lingus7:19 PM9:38 PM2017-03-26
EI 6664Aer Lingus4:30 PM6:52 PM2017-11-21
EI 6665Aer Lingus7:30 PM2019-04-24
EV 4114ExpressJet12:55 PM2019-04-09
EY 3065Etihad Airways1:10 PM2017-12-14
EY 3422Etihad Airways4:45 PM6:51 PM2018-03-24
G7 3370GoJet Airlines1:00 PM2016-11-16
G7 3375GoJet Airlines10:00 AM11:15 AM2016-11-09
G7 4489GoJet Airlines7:10 PM2017-05-25
G7 4507GoJet Airlines9:45 AM12:49 PM2017-05-22
G7 6664GoJet Airlines4:30 PM2017-05-30
IB 4057Iberia3:35 PM6:11 PM2017-11-04
IB 4361Iberia4:35 PM6:37 PM2018-06-07
IB 4484Iberia6:30 PM2019-04-24
IB 7059Iberia1:57 PM2:57 PM2018-10-28
JL 7398JAL10:11 AM12:31 PM2019-04-23
K4 9587Kalitta Air3:30 PM2017-09-16
LH 8842Lufthansa4:30 PM6:52 PM2017-11-21
LXJ 574Flexjet1:11 PM2018-03-07
MQ 3448Envoy Air6:09 AM8:15 AM2017-05-30
MQ 3483Envoy Air12:45 PM2017-05-30
MQ 3579Envoy Air10:06 PM11:20 PM2017-05-30
MQ 3628Envoy Air4:35 PM5:50 PM2017-05-25
NZ 2699Air New Zealand10:20 AM2019-02-13
NZ 2701Air New Zealand12:55 PM3:17 PM2019-04-23
NZ 2703Air New Zealand7:30 PM2019-04-24
NZ 2705Air New Zealand7:57 AM10:26 AM2019-04-23
OO 1302SkyWest Airlines10:00 PM12:25 AM2019-02-27
OO 1350SkyWest Airlines7:45 AM9:15 AM2017-01-15
OO 1361SkyWest Airlines1:00 PM5:40 PM2017-02-13
OO 1362SkyWest Airlines1:37 PM2017-01-04
OO 3048SkyWest Airlines1:15 PM2019-04-09
OO 3145SkyWest Airlines6:30 PM2019-04-09
OO 3192SkyWest Airlines10:11 AM2019-04-09
OO 5393SkyWest Airlines7:30 PM9:58 PM2019-04-09
OO 5559SkyWest Airlines8:00 AM9:19 AM2016-11-09
OO 5682SkyWest Airlines8:30 AM2:12 PM2017-05-22
OO 5769SkyWest Airlines9:22 PM10:22 PM2017-05-30
OPT 355Flight Options10:00 AM2019-04-19
QR 5291Qatar Airways3:20 PM3:51 PM2017-08-22
QR 5380Qatar Airways4:45 PM6:51 PM2018-03-24
RJ 7045Royal Jordanian1:23 PM4:00 PM2018-10-04
RJ 7211Royal Jordanian6:20 PM2018-12-18
RJ 7278Royal Jordanian6:30 PM2019-04-24
RJ 7335Royal Jordanian4:00 PM6:10 PM2018-06-07
RJ 7497Royal Jordanian10:31 AM11:53 AM2018-04-09
RJ 7546Royal Jordanian8:20 PM10:31 PM2016-11-29
RJ 7604Royal Jordanian8:25 PM2018-09-05
RJ 7759Royal Jordanian11:29 AM11:55 AM2018-07-01
S5 2801Shuttle America2:26 PM4:07 PM2016-12-01
UA 1002United Airlines10:20 AM1:01 PM2018-06-28
UA 1083United Airlines8:15 AM1:44 PM2017-02-12
UA 1350United Airlines1:00 PM2:45 PM2019-01-31
UA 1351United Airlines6:45 AM8:45 AM2019-01-31
UA 1352United Airlines4:00 PM6:30 PM2019-01-31
UA 1353United Airlines4:00 PM6:30 PM2019-01-31
UA 1354United Airlines6:45 AM9:05 AM2019-01-31
UA 1357United Airlines12:45 PM1:00 PM2018-07-14
UA 1392United Airlines3:35 PM2018-02-13
UA 1395United Airlines8:57 AM2018-12-10
UA 1396United Airlines12:55 PM3:45 PM2018-11-20
UA 2245United Airlines1:30 PM4:07 PM2016-11-02
UA 2247United Airlines6:57 AM9:48 AM2016-11-02
UA 2264United Airlines6:16 PM2016-11-18
UA 2325United Airlines6:10 AM7:40 AM2017-02-27
UA 2588United Airlines8:00 AM2018-09-09
UA 2589United Airlines8:00 AM2018-09-09
UA 2605United Airlines11:00 PM12:25 AM2018-12-02
UA 2612United Airlines8:00 PM9:05 PM2018-12-22
UA 2637United Airlines4:25 PM5:10 PM2018-12-01
UA 2673United Airlines4:00 PM6:40 PM2017-11-14
UA 2674United Airlines10:30 PM12:05 AM2017-12-22
UA 2675United Airlines9:30 PM12:25 AM2017-12-30
UA 3153United Airlines4:00 PM2019-02-26
UA 3154United Airlines8:30 PM9:20 PM2019-02-27
UA 3155United Airlines10:00 AM11:30 AM2019-03-22
UA 3156United Airlines12:30 PM1:15 PM2018-07-30
UA 3157United Airlines2:15 PM2018-06-30
UA 3168United Airlines7:50 PM2018-07-09
UA 3403United Airlines6:05 AM8:23 AM2017-02-15
UA 3431United Airlines10:30 AM12:18 PM2017-05-20
UA 3453United Airlines12:15 PM2:00 PM2016-12-26
UA 3457United Airlines6:20 AM8:41 AM2017-10-01
UA 3459United Airlines2:55 PM5:14 PM2018-06-06
UA 3518United Airlines1:25 PM2:38 PM2017-05-30
UA 3519United Airlines7:50 AM10:42 AM2017-06-07
UA 3540United Airlines7:30 AM11:10 AM2017-10-29
UA 3548United Airlines9:55 AM2:03 PM2017-04-30
UA 3561United Airlines1:30 PM3:37 PM2017-07-02
UA 3563United Airlines7:00 AM8:44 AM2017-02-19
UA 3568United Airlines8:05 AM2017-10-22
UA 3578United Airlines3:15 PM5:27 PM2018-01-07
UA 3579United Airlines3:15 PM4:34 PM2017-03-27
UA 3581United Airlines7:40 AM8:54 AM2018-07-04
UA 3585United Airlines7:15 PM2017-04-16
UA 3599United Airlines11:25 AM2:47 PM2018-08-21
UA 3607United Airlines9:30 PM12:33 AM2019-03-07
UA 3644United Airlines7:00 PM8:55 PM2017-04-03
UA 3656United Airlines2:59 PM4:58 PM2017-01-03
UA 3658United Airlines12:30 PM4:17 PM2016-12-15
UA 3663United Airlines2:10 PM3:37 PM2017-06-25
UA 3680United Airlines3:35 PM2018-04-07
UA 3683United Airlines9:41 AM10:44 AM2018-12-18
UA 3706United Airlines7:29 PM2017-04-03
UA 3713United Airlines8:45 AM10:51 AM2018-08-20
UA 3717United Airlines7:05 AM9:06 AM2018-07-03
UA 3727United Airlines9:45 AM11:32 AM2018-11-23
UA 3741United Airlines6:45 AM8:37 AM2018-08-21
UA 3753United Airlines11:50 AM1:42 PM2017-09-05
UA 3828United Airlines7:57 AM10:26 AM2019-04-23
UA 3890United Airlines10:05 AM11:19 AM2018-08-19
UA 3896United Airlines4:10 PM2017-04-23
UA 3898United Airlines7:00 AM7:05 AM2019-03-30
UA 3903United Airlines5:05 PM6:30 PM2018-06-24
UA 3928United Airlines3:26 PM4:29 PM2019-03-07
UA 3949United Airlines10:30 AM11:47 AM2016-12-31
UA 3971United Airlines6:00 AM2019-03-02
UA 4010United Airlines7:45 PM9:27 PM2017-06-03
UA 4030United Airlines8:00 AM9:04 AM2018-02-11
UA 4071United Airlines12:55 PM2:59 PM2016-10-06
UA 4085United Airlines7:30 PM2016-11-26
UA 4107United Airlines11:45 AM1:39 PM2018-05-27
UA 4114United Airlines12:55 PM3:17 PM2019-04-23
UA 4119United Airlines7:59 PM2016-12-25
UA 4147United Airlines7:35 AM9:18 AM2016-10-22
UA 4150United Airlines3:14 PM5:03 PM2016-10-29
UA 4151United Airlines7:30 AM9:12 AM2019-03-23
UA 4154United Airlines10:05 AM1:03 PM2019-01-04
UA 4183United Airlines10:10 AM11:14 AM2018-12-06
UA 4273United Airlines7:30 AM9:30 AM2019-01-23
UA 4389United Airlines4:43 PM2016-10-28
UA 4391United Airlines2:00 PM3:53 PM2019-01-06
UA 4466United Airlines5:26 PM7:24 PM2017-02-26
UA 4470United Airlines2:59 PM4:55 PM2017-10-31
UA 4473United Airlines6:10 AM8:09 AM2017-03-09
UA 4477United Airlines7:55 PM2018-11-03
UA 4489United Airlines10:00 AM2017-09-05
UA 4507United Airlines9:45 AM12:49 PM2017-06-05
UA 4520United Airlines11:50 AM2:40 PM2017-05-01
UA 4528United Airlines4:53 PM5:09 PM2018-12-18
UA 4530United Airlines8:15 PM2017-01-04
UA 4535United Airlines7:25 PM8:15 PM2017-07-04
UA 4561United Airlines6:00 PM7:03 PM2018-11-27
UA 4583United Airlines11:25 AM12:35 PM2018-11-20
UA 4710United Airlines6:45 PM2017-01-01
UA 4764United Airlines12:15 PM3:56 PM2018-11-25
UA 4804United Airlines9:30 AM12:50 PM2018-10-21
UA 4828United Airlines6:37 AM7:55 AM2018-09-01
UA 4854United Airlines8:30 AM2019-02-13
UA 5217United Airlines10:00 AM11:46 AM2018-12-02
UA 5218United Airlines11:55 AM1:16 PM2018-10-03
UA 5245United Airlines7:00 AM8:35 AM2017-05-04
UA 5273United Airlines7:30 PM2017-03-09
UA 5303United Airlines11:00 AM12:16 PM2019-03-30
UA 5350United Airlines6:25 PM11:56 PM2017-05-04
UA 5353United Airlines6:05 PM2017-09-04
UA 5363United Airlines4:50 PM5:49 PM2017-05-27
UA 5393United Airlines7:30 PM2019-04-24
UA 5460United Airlines9:32 AM11:37 AM2016-10-02
UA 5482United Airlines3:35 PM6:35 PM2018-10-27
UA 5506United Airlines6:12 AM7:59 AM2019-01-06
UA 5518United Airlines6:15 PM7:57 PM2017-11-23
UA 5524United Airlines8:32 PM9:35 PM2017-11-25
UA 5527United Airlines6:25 PM8:38 PM2016-12-11
UA 5559United Airlines8:00 AM9:19 AM2016-12-01
UA 5587United Airlines12:40 PM4:14 PM2017-09-06
UA 5597United Airlines6:55 PM2016-11-15
UA 5599United Airlines7:45 PM2018-12-17
UA 5601United Airlines5:40 AM7:04 AM2017-11-28
UA 5603United Airlines2:10 PM3:03 PM2018-06-23
UA 5609United Airlines8:00 AM11:08 AM2017-08-13
UA 5618United Airlines12:10 PM3:43 PM2017-10-28
UA 5634United Airlines6:02 PM7:53 PM2017-06-30
UA 5649United Airlines8:45 PM2017-02-05
UA 5658United Airlines8:00 AM10:50 AM2018-10-27
UA 5680United Airlines8:20 PM2019-01-31
UA 5682United Airlines8:30 AM2:12 PM2017-06-05
UA 5693United Airlines5:50 PM7:58 PM2019-01-09
UA 5736United Airlines6:09 AM8:25 AM2018-12-16
UA 5740United Airlines7:10 PM8:57 PM2017-03-05
UA 5769United Airlines9:04 PM10:04 PM2017-06-08
UA 5821United Airlines1:35 PM2018-05-26
UA 5947United Airlines6:45 AM7:03 AM2017-08-13
UA 5950United Airlines4:05 PM2019-01-09
UA 771United Airlines9:15 AM11:46 AM2017-12-17
YX 3519Republic Airlines7:50 AM10:42 AM2017-05-30
ZW 3828Air Wisconsin7:57 AM10:26 AM2019-04-09
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