Flights from Chicago, US (ORD) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)

List of all flights from Chicago, US (ORD) to Los Angeles, US (LAX), list of airlines operating on the route from Chicago, US (ORD) to Los Angeles, US (LAX), departures from ORD and arrivals to LAX. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 321 flights on this route. The distance from Chicago, US (ORD) to Los Angeles, US (LAX) is 2,802 km (1,741 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Chicago O'Hare International Airport - is GMT-06:00. The current time is Friday 2017-12-15 06:20 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Los Angeles International Airport - is GMT-08:00, The current time is Friday 2017-12-15 04:20 AM.

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List of 321 flights operating on the route from Chicago, US (ORD) to Los Angeles, US (LAX).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
5Y 5471Atlas Air10:00 AM2016-11-18
5Y 7197Atlas Air2:45 AM2017-05-05
5Y 8055Atlas Air6:10 AM2017-04-21
AA 1058American Airlines9:50 PM12:15 AM2017-12-15
AA 1081American Airlines10:37 AM11:52 AM2017-01-08
AA 109American Airlines11:40 AM2017-12-11
AA 111American Airlines12:59 AM5:16 AM2017-08-22
AA 1162American Airlines8:18 PM11:10 PM2017-12-15
AA 1167American Airlines7:00 AM12:31 PM2017-06-02
AA 1243American Airlines11:50 AM5:00 PM2017-12-14
AA 1358American Airlines5:00 PM7:41 PM2017-12-15
AA 1571American Airlines10:10 AM12:54 PM2017-12-14
AA 1578American Airlines8:55 AM11:47 AM2017-12-14
AA 166American Airlines8:00 AM11:45 AM2016-12-18
AA 2220American Airlines2:55 PM2017-01-08
AA 2223American Airlines1:20 PM3:52 PM2017-12-14
AA 2225American Airlines3:05 PM5:41 PM2017-12-15
AA 245American Airlines5:13 PM8:32 PM2017-01-05
AA 2452American Airlines12:55 AM7:00 AM2017-05-05
AA 2484American Airlines8:30 PM12:47 AM2017-04-01
AA 2501American Airlines8:55 PM10:43 PM2017-11-05
AA 2550American Airlines5:55 PM8:56 PM2016-10-06
AA 2619American Airlines12:25 PM4:04 PM2017-01-03
AA 2650American Airlines5:15 PM8:55 PM2017-11-27
AA 2723American Airlines5:50 AM8:45 AM2017-11-27
AA 2752American Airlines12:25 AM1:31 AM2017-11-06
AA 293American Airlines8:15 PM11:59 PM2017-01-27
AA 305American Airlines5:48 PM9:45 PM2016-12-16
AA 33American Airlines7:00 AM2017-01-23
AA 333American Airlines10:50 AM2:36 PM2016-12-17
AA 366American Airlines9:35 PM12:28 AM2017-06-02
AB 4626Air Berlin3:05 PM5:43 PM2017-03-24
AC 5006Air Canada1:20 PM4:11 PM2017-11-27
AC 5007Air Canada1:45 PM4:24 PM2017-12-14
AC 5009Air Canada6:52 PM9:47 PM2017-12-03
AC 5018Air Canada9:58 PM12:12 AM2017-12-05
AC 5039Air Canada9:40 AM12:28 PM2017-12-14
AC 5043Air Canada6:15 AM8:54 AM2017-11-27
AC 5055Air Canada5:35 PM2017-03-05
AC 5063Air Canada7:30 AM10:18 AM2017-12-14
AC 5069Air Canada4:00 PM6:30 PM2017-12-15
AC 5072Air Canada12:15 PM2:52 PM2017-12-14
AC 5142Air Canada4:00 PM6:24 PM2017-10-27
AC 5361Air Canada5:30 PM8:06 PM2017-12-15
AC 5372Air Canada1:51 PM4:21 PM2017-10-28
AC 5475Air Canada8:55 AM11:34 AM2017-12-14
AC 5569Air Canada12:35 PM3:08 PM2017-12-14
AC 5576Air Canada8:56 PM11:35 PM2017-12-15
AC 5651Air Canada7:55 PM10:31 PM2017-12-15
AC 5809Air Canada4:32 PM6:05 PM2016-11-27
AD 7014Azul8:55 AM11:34 AM2017-12-14
AD 7016Azul7:30 AM10:18 AM2017-12-14
AS 1231Alaska Airlines8:00 AM10:50 AM2017-12-14
AS 1241Alaska Airlines5:40 PM8:24 PM2017-12-15
AS 6122Alaska Airlines12:05 PM2:48 PM2017-01-08
AS 6356Alaska Airlines5:45 PM6:51 PM2017-04-01
AS 6666Alaska Airlines3:05 PM5:43 PM2017-04-01
AS 6669Alaska Airlines1:30 PM4:04 PM2017-03-31
AS 6676Alaska Airlines6:25 PM9:15 PM2017-04-01
AS 6677Alaska Airlines8:50 AM11:33 AM2017-01-08
AS 6726Alaska Airlines1:11 PM3:43 PM2017-03-31
AS 6799Alaska Airlines8:10 PM9:39 PM2016-11-24
AS 6825Alaska Airlines7:30 PM9:04 PM2017-03-31
AS 8023Alaska Airlines1:35 PM3:37 PM2017-03-05
AS 8059Alaska Airlines12:01 AM2017-04-01
AY 4038Finnair8:25 PM11:06 PM2017-10-29
BA 1898British Airways9:50 PM12:15 AM2017-12-15
BA 4342British Airways3:05 PM5:41 PM2017-12-15
BA 4348British Airways7:20 AM10:12 AM2017-11-01
BA 4349British Airways12:05 PM2:48 PM2017-01-08
BA 4359British Airways6:15 PM8:50 PM2017-11-06
BA 4366British Airways5:00 PM7:41 PM2017-12-15
BA 4370British Airways1:20 PM3:52 PM2017-12-14
BA 4392British Airways1:35 PM2017-01-03
BA 5289British Airways7:00 AM12:31 PM2017-06-02
BA 6667British Airways10:00 PM12:25 AM2016-10-06
BA 6862British Airways8:18 PM11:10 PM2017-12-15
BR 3019EVA Air5:30 PM8:06 PM2017-12-15
BR 3021EVA Air4:00 PM6:30 PM2017-12-15
BR 661EVA Air4:40 PM6:50 PM2017-12-08
CA 7288Air China5:30 PM8:06 PM2017-12-15
CA 7289Air China4:00 PM6:30 PM2017-12-15
CA 7290Air China7:55 PM10:31 PM2017-12-15
CA 7291Air China7:30 AM10:18 AM2017-12-14
CA 7292Air China8:55 AM11:34 AM2017-12-14
CI 9605China Airlines7:00 AM10:00 AM2017-12-09
CI 9607China Airlines5:40 PM8:24 PM2017-12-15
CI 9610China Airlines10:01 PM11:26 PM2017-12-10
CV 7756Cargolux11:55 PM2017-03-24
CV 836Cargolux10:40 PM2017-12-04
CX 81Cathay Pacific11:00 PM2017-05-05
CZ 1877China Southern Airlines6:40 AM8:38 AM2017-11-03
CZ 1893China Southern Airlines3:55 PM5:27 PM2017-11-02
CZ 1935China Southern Airlines8:00 AM10:50 AM2017-12-14
CZ 1937China Southern Airlines5:30 PM7:56 PM2017-11-04
EI 6165Aer Lingus4:00 PM6:30 PM2017-12-15
EI 6166Aer Lingus5:40 PM8:16 PM2017-12-11
EI 6167Aer Lingus5:30 PM8:06 PM2017-12-10
EI 6168Aer Lingus5:30 PM8:06 PM2017-12-15
EI 6169Aer Lingus7:55 PM10:31 PM2017-12-15
EI 6170Aer Lingus8:56 PM11:35 PM2017-12-15
EI 6171Aer Lingus10:55 PM1:15 AM2017-10-28
EK 9936Emirates6:20 AM2:45 PM2017-02-06
EK 9988Emirates3:05 AM2016-12-05
EY 3036Etihad Airways12:05 PM2:48 PM2017-01-08
EY 3129Etihad Airways1:20 PM3:52 PM2017-12-14
F9 1269Frontier Airlines6:50 PM9:25 PM2017-11-01
F9 1271Frontier Airlines3:25 PM5:58 PM2017-10-05
F9 1273Frontier Airlines6:35 PM9:13 PM2017-04-21
F9 1275Frontier Airlines6:15 PM8:54 PM2017-02-27
FJ 5008Fiji Airways5:10 PM7:44 PM2017-11-04
FJ 5097Fiji Airways3:05 PM5:41 PM2017-12-15
FX 3020FedEx7:45 AM9:39 AM2017-12-14
GEC 8230Lufthansa Cargo1:10 PM2017-12-13
GF 4142Gulf Air1:20 PM3:52 PM2017-12-14
GF 4154Gulf Air11:45 AM1:55 PM2016-10-06
GF 4173Gulf Air5:00 PM7:41 PM2017-12-15
GF 4314Gulf Air8:18 PM11:10 PM2017-12-11
GF 6598Gulf Air9:50 PM12:15 AM2017-12-15
HA 2525Hawaiian Airlines8:00 AM10:50 AM2017-12-14
IB 4159Iberia7:15 AM10:16 AM2017-06-01
IB 4476Iberia5:00 PM7:41 PM2017-12-15
IB 7023Iberia8:18 PM11:10 PM2017-12-15
IB 7076Iberia9:50 PM12:15 AM2017-12-11
JL 7521JAL5:50 AM8:45 AM2017-11-27
JL 7523JAL7:20 AM10:18 AM2017-12-14
K4 9368Kalitta Air5:55 AM2017-08-29
K4 9506Kalitta Air7:05 PM2016-12-08
K4 9514Kalitta Air3:30 PM2017-09-14
KE 236Korean Air10:50 AM4:10 PM2017-03-24
KE 8235Korean Air9:55 PM2017-12-11
KE 9235Korean Air10:00 AM11:17 PM2017-12-14
KZ 139NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines5:45 AM2017-10-07
KZ 143NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines2:45 PM2016-10-06
LH 7543Lufthansa8:56 PM11:35 PM2017-12-05
LH 8230Lufthansa8:25 AM2017-12-13
LH 9164Lufthansa4:00 PM6:30 PM2017-12-15
LH 9198Lufthansa8:56 PM11:35 PM2017-12-15
LO 4371LOT - Polish Airlines12:21 AM3:04 AM2017-11-26
LO 4373LOT - Polish Airlines9:26 PM12:03 AM2017-12-04
LXJ 327Flexjet8:30 AM2017-04-02
LXJ 452Flexjet11:51 AM2017-04-19
MH 9345Malaysia Airlines8:55 AM11:47 AM2017-12-14
MH 9349Malaysia Airlines7:20 AM10:18 AM2017-12-14
MH 9351Malaysia Airlines8:50 AM11:33 AM2017-01-08
MH 9369Malaysia Airlines8:25 PM11:06 PM2017-11-05
MH 9430Malaysia Airlines10:15 AM12:48 PM2017-11-04
MH 9455Malaysia Airlines5:50 AM8:45 AM2017-11-27
MH 9461Malaysia Airlines1:20 PM3:52 PM2017-11-23
MH 9478Malaysia Airlines3:05 PM5:41 PM2017-12-15
MH 9572Malaysia Airlines9:30 PM12:12 AM2017-04-01
MH 9583Malaysia Airlines5:10 PM7:42 PM2017-08-22
MH 9663Malaysia Airlines5:00 PM7:41 PM2017-12-15
MU 3899China Eastern Airlines5:40 PM8:24 PM2017-12-15
N8 609National Airlines7:50 PM2017-09-10
NH 7233ANA7:55 PM10:31 PM2017-12-15
NH 7239ANA6:15 AM8:54 AM2017-11-27
NK 731Spirit Airlines3:34 PM6:10 PM2017-11-09
NK 737Spirit Airlines6:06 AM8:40 AM2017-04-26
NK 8006Spirit Airlines10:01 AM2017-05-10
NZ 6005Air New Zealand4:00 AM6:45 PM2016-10-29
NZ 6755Air New Zealand11:35 PM2:35 AM2016-12-15
NZ 6784Air New Zealand6:30 AM9:01 AM2017-03-24
NZ 6822Air New Zealand9:45 PM2017-03-08
NZ 9007Air New Zealand1:13 PM3:40 PM2017-03-24
NZ 9129Air New Zealand9:45 PM1:25 AM2017-03-20
NZ 9197Air New Zealand11:45 AM5:37 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9201Air New Zealand6:14 PM12:01 AM2017-03-25
NZ 9205Air New Zealand9:40 AM12:17 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9213Air New Zealand12:15 PM2:33 PM2017-03-19
NZ 9215Air New Zealand6:03 AM8:40 AM2017-03-25
NZ 9227Air New Zealand8:15 PM9:51 PM2017-03-26
NZ 9231Air New Zealand6:11 PM7:47 PM2017-03-05
NZ 9254Air New Zealand9:38 PM11:17 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9263Air New Zealand3:55 PM5:36 PM2017-03-24
NZ 9278Air New Zealand8:15 PM9:45 PM2017-03-24
NZ 9680Air New Zealand7:30 AM10:18 AM2017-12-14
NZ 9681Air New Zealand8:55 AM11:34 AM2017-12-14
NZ 9682Air New Zealand9:40 AM12:28 PM2017-12-14
NZ 9683Air New Zealand4:00 PM6:30 PM2017-12-15
NZ 9684Air New Zealand12:35 PM3:08 PM2017-12-14
NZ 9685Air New Zealand7:55 PM10:31 PM2017-12-15
NZ 9686Air New Zealand5:30 PM8:06 PM2017-12-10
NZ 9687Air New Zealand12:15 PM2:52 PM2017-12-14
NZ 9688Air New Zealand5:30 PM8:06 PM2017-12-15
NZ 9689Air New Zealand8:56 PM11:35 PM2017-12-15
NZ 9690Air New Zealand11:59 PM2:38 AM2017-11-27
NZ 9691Air New Zealand1:45 PM4:24 PM2017-12-14
NZ 9692Air New Zealand10:30 PM12:54 AM2017-09-25
NZ 9693Air New Zealand8:56 PM11:35 PM2017-12-05
NZ 9694Air New Zealand6:15 AM8:54 AM2017-11-27
OO 1359SkyWest Airlines4:30 PM4:51 PM2016-10-29
OO 1363SkyWest Airlines5:00 PM2017-02-28
OO 1377SkyWest Airlines12:00 PM2017-01-05
OO 9852SkyWest Airlines10:45 AM1:15 PM2017-08-04
OS 7705Austrian4:00 PM6:30 PM2017-12-15
OZ 6271Asiana Airlines5:30 PM8:06 PM2017-12-15
OZ 6275Asiana Airlines8:56 PM11:35 PM2017-12-15
PO 2868Polar Air Cargo1:05 AM2016-10-16
PO 718Polar Air Cargo10:10 PM2016-11-13
QF 3008Qantas5:00 PM7:41 PM2017-12-15
QF 3012Qantas1:20 PM3:52 PM2017-12-14
QF 3056Qantas5:10 PM7:42 PM2017-08-22
QF 3102Qantas10:10 AM12:54 PM2017-12-14
QF 3160Qantas8:50 AM11:33 AM2017-01-08
QF 3162Qantas12:05 PM2:48 PM2017-01-08
QF 3164Qantas3:05 PM5:41 PM2017-12-15
QF 4754Qantas8:18 PM11:10 PM2017-12-15
QF 4915Qantas8:55 AM11:47 AM2017-12-14
QF 7552Qantas6:40 AM2017-12-11
QF 7558Qantas11:55 PM2017-12-14
QR 5106Qatar Airways5:00 PM7:41 PM2017-12-15
QR 5119Qatar Airways5:45 AM7:24 AM2017-08-22
RJ 7111Royal Jordanian1:10 PM5:44 PM2017-04-01
RJ 7135Royal Jordanian8:35 PM11:09 PM2017-06-02
RJ 7176Royal Jordanian4:20 PM5:35 PM2017-05-05
RJ 7354Royal Jordanian8:18 PM11:10 PM2017-12-14
RJ 7407Royal Jordanian9:50 PM12:15 AM2017-12-14
RJ 7435Royal Jordanian6:15 PM8:50 PM2017-11-06
RJ 7504Royal Jordanian6:25 PM8:58 PM2017-11-04
SK 3919SAS8:55 AM11:34 AM2017-12-14
SK 8741SAS8:56 PM11:35 PM2017-12-15
SK 8747SAS7:30 AM10:18 AM2017-12-14
SK 8755SAS7:55 PM10:31 PM2017-12-15
SN 8815Brussels Airlines4:00 PM6:30 PM2017-12-15
SQ 1313Singapore Airlines8:00 AM10:50 AM2017-12-14
SQ 7973Singapore Airlines10:30 AM2016-11-21
SQC 7973Singapore Airlines Cargo11:55 AM7:24 AM2016-11-21
TN 1141Air Tahiti Nui5:00 PM7:41 PM2017-12-15
TN 1143Air Tahiti Nui8:55 AM11:47 AM2017-12-14
TN 1145Air Tahiti Nui8:50 AM11:33 AM2017-01-08
TN 1147Air Tahiti Nui6:15 PM8:50 PM2017-11-06
UA 1026United Airlines8:56 PM11:35 PM2017-12-15
UA 1056United Airlines5:30 PM8:06 PM2017-12-15
UA 1060United Airlines10:08 AM12:30 PM2017-10-29
UA 1072United Airlines4:50 PM8:49 PM2016-11-29
UA 1084United Airlines8:15 AM2017-05-25
UA 1138United Airlines9:30 AM1:04 PM2017-09-05
UA 1153United Airlines9:30 PM5:45 AM2017-02-13
UA 1170United Airlines2:25 PM5:14 PM2017-09-21
UA 1186United Airlines7:56 AM2017-11-14
UA 1212United Airlines9:11 AM2:50 PM2016-10-29
UA 124United Airlines5:36 PM8:07 PM2017-11-28
UA 1241United Airlines1:35 PM6:59 PM2017-03-15
UA 1263United Airlines7:54 AM11:32 AM2017-06-07
UA 1278United Airlines1:53 PM4:15 PM2017-10-27
UA 1281United Airlines10:49 AM1:48 PM2017-11-26
UA 1448United Airlines6:03 AM7:47 AM2017-03-07
UA 1449United Airlines10:26 AM2016-12-09
UA 1496United Airlines9:39 PM12:47 AM2017-08-09
UA 1578United Airlines4:40 PM9:20 PM2017-01-02
UA 1655United Airlines2:45 PM5:35 PM2016-10-30
UA 1667United Airlines10:30 PM2017-05-24
UA 1681United Airlines7:00 AM9:20 AM2017-11-27
UA 169United Airlines8:35 AM11:45 AM2017-04-29
UA 1730United Airlines10:01 AM3:23 PM2017-08-27
UA 1764United Airlines7:59 PM2017-10-28
UA 1772United Airlines7:50 AM2016-12-14
UA 1843United Airlines11:52 AM1:57 PM2017-04-03
UA 1924United Airlines8:00 PM2016-11-26
UA 1977United Airlines1:35 PM4:04 PM2016-12-15
UA 1981United Airlines7:18 AM2017-11-11
UA 2001United Airlines6:25 AM2017-12-14
UA 2003United Airlines7:50 PM2016-12-05
UA 2013United Airlines12:01 PM1:20 PM2017-02-16
UA 2014United Airlines1:45 PM4:24 PM2017-12-14
UA 204United Airlines7:30 AM10:18 AM2017-12-14
UA 2065United Airlines7:45 PM9:49 PM2017-09-06
UA 2107United Airlines7:52 AM9:42 AM2016-10-22
UA 2132United Airlines6:05 PM9:32 PM2017-01-11
UA 2138United Airlines8:39 AM2016-10-22
UA 2207United Airlines11:15 AM1:05 PM2016-10-23
UA 2209United Airlines4:15 PM5:10 PM2016-10-17
UA 2219United Airlines10:00 AM2016-10-17
UA 2262United Airlines12:30 AM4:10 AM2016-10-21
UA 2502United Airlines11:55 PM1:45 AM2017-10-20
UA 2504United Airlines11:00 AM12:40 PM2017-10-13
UA 2544United Airlines12:30 AM1:30 AM2017-07-20
UA 2550United Airlines8:05 PM10:55 PM2017-10-26
UA 2565United Airlines11:30 AM12:45 PM2017-10-16
UA 2566United Airlines7:15 AM2017-10-16
UA 2582United Airlines9:05 PM7:50 AM2017-06-07
UA 2703United Airlines4:00 PM11:26 AM2017-03-13
UA 2789United Airlines1:00 PM4:05 PM2017-07-21
UA 2796United Airlines5:00 AM2017-09-22
UA 2807United Airlines5:00 PM7:47 PM2017-09-22
UA 2808United Airlines10:30 AM1:36 PM2017-08-28
UA 298United Airlines1:45 PM7:40 PM2017-07-01
UA 302United Airlines10:45 AM2017-09-25
UA 308United Airlines1:15 PM4:53 PM2017-11-27
UA 310United Airlines12:35 PM3:08 PM2017-12-14
UA 351United Airlines10:30 PM12:43 AM2016-12-24
UA 354United Airlines3:40 PM8:26 PM2017-10-04
UA 402United Airlines7:50 AM10:28 AM2017-10-05
UA 411United Airlines7:55 PM10:31 PM2017-12-15
UA 435United Airlines3:10 PM6:40 PM2017-10-31
UA 463United Airlines8:00 AM2017-12-14
UA 474United Airlines2:35 PM6:40 PM2017-10-23
UA 486United Airlines5:53 PM9:03 PM2017-12-04
UA 531United Airlines7:54 AM2017-12-14
UA 592United Airlines4:00 PM6:30 PM2017-12-15
UA 617United Airlines11:55 AM2:49 PM2017-09-06
UA 683United Airlines4:23 PM7:08 PM2017-10-28
UA 732United Airlines6:40 AM8:25 AM2016-12-16
UA 754United Airlines2:55 PM2017-06-08
UA 758United Airlines5:55 AM9:26 AM2017-09-10
UA 793United Airlines12:20 PM2:45 PM2017-05-27
UA 894United Airlines3:10 PM6:04 PM2016-12-29
UA 927United Airlines9:38 PM11:17 PM2017-12-03
VA 5213Virgin Australia5:23 PM2017-12-02
VA 5217Virgin Australia5:40 PM8:24 PM2017-12-15
VA 5221Virgin Australia11:50 AM2:43 PM2017-11-04
VA 5227Virgin Australia8:00 AM10:50 AM2017-12-14
VX 1231Virgin America8:00 AM10:50 AM2017-12-14
VX 1241Virgin America5:40 PM8:24 PM2017-12-15
VX 167Virgin America4:00 PM6:57 PM2016-12-09
VX 231Virgin America9:15 AM11:40 AM2017-09-05
VX 241Virgin America5:35 PM8:00 PM2017-09-06
VX 363Virgin America9:20 AM12:40 PM2017-02-02
VX 9633Virgin America11:00 AM2017-08-03
XOJ 764XOJET2:36 PM3:36 PM2017-12-11
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