Flights from Chicago, US (ORD) to Buffalo, US (BUF)

List of all flights from Chicago, US (ORD) to Buffalo, US (BUF), list of airlines operating on the route from Chicago, US (ORD) to Buffalo, US (BUF), departures from ORD and arrivals to BUF. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 268 flights on this route. The distance from Chicago, US (ORD) to Buffalo, US (BUF) is 760 km (472 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Chicago O'Hare International Airport - is GMT-05:00. The current time is Wednesday 2018-09-26 06:40 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Buffalo Niagara International Airport - is GMT-04:00, The current time is Wednesday 2018-09-26 07:40 AM.

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List of 268 flights operating on the route from Chicago, US (ORD) to Buffalo, US (BUF).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 268NetJets Aviation6:30 PM2016-09-26
1I 300NetJets Aviation2:30 PM5:06 PM2018-06-27
1I 358NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2016-09-26
1I 373NetJets Aviation11:00 AM11:42 AM2017-06-12
1I 382NetJets Aviation2:15 PM2017-04-22
1I 613NetJets Aviation10:43 AM2017-03-20
1I 914NetJets Aviation3:00 PM2016-12-17
AA 2896American Airlines8:05 PM2017-08-21
AA 2937American Airlines2:16 PM2017-11-05
AA 2955American Airlines12:05 PM2018-04-03
AA 2956American Airlines9:49 AM11:55 AM2018-07-04
AA 2959American Airlines5:36 AM7:45 AM2018-06-06
AA 2961American Airlines10:10 PM11:40 PM2018-07-03
AA 2968American Airlines8:55 PM9:50 PM2018-04-03
AA 2981American Airlines5:55 AM6:20 AM2018-01-07
AA 3017American Airlines7:07 AM8:39 AM2016-11-27
AA 3039American Airlines7:20 AM8:59 AM2016-11-30
AA 3079American Airlines5:10 PM9:25 PM2017-11-25
AA 3084American Airlines8:45 AM2018-08-21
AA 3097American Airlines3:59 PM2018-05-03
AA 3101American Airlines6:52 PM7:24 PM2016-11-24
AA 3182American Airlines7:56 PM9:02 PM2018-04-03
AA 3234American Airlines2:55 PM2018-07-05
AA 3257American Airlines10:00 PM11:59 PM2016-11-03
AA 3273American Airlines6:25 PM7:28 PM2016-11-04
AA 3280American Airlines1:09 PM5:44 PM2017-11-24
AA 3299American Airlines10:10 PM12:29 AM2017-12-15
AA 3352American Airlines8:25 AM2018-09-26
AA 3355American Airlines6:02 PM6:59 PM2018-09-25
AA 3365American Airlines6:35 PM9:58 PM2018-05-03
AA 3387American Airlines8:25 AM2017-01-08
AA 3407American Airlines1:42 PM2018-08-20
AA 3463American Airlines12:39 PM2016-10-05
AA 3485American Airlines8:15 PM10:41 PM2018-06-07
AA 3649American Airlines4:47 PM6:34 PM2018-06-06
AA 3683American Airlines6:54 PM9:35 PM2018-09-26
AA 3811American Airlines2:55 PM2018-06-06
AC 2420Air Canada7:45 AM10:25 AM2018-03-23
AC 2421Air Canada7:11 PM9:46 PM2018-01-07
AC 2691Air Canada2:51 PM4:50 PM2017-04-29
AC 2825Air Canada6:57 PM2018-03-25
AC 3094Air Canada4:00 PM2017-02-05
AC 3559Air Canada11:04 AM1:38 PM2016-10-02
AC 3684Air Canada9:32 PM10:58 PM2017-10-29
AC 4228Air Canada12:53 PM2:20 PM2017-10-27
AC 4337Air Canada11:54 AM2017-10-28
AC 4348Air Canada5:58 PM8:34 PM2017-09-06
AC 4775Air Canada2:05 PM4:48 PM2017-01-30
AC 5172Air Canada8:58 PM2017-10-28
AC 5214Air Canada7:55 AM2018-09-26
AC 5238Air Canada5:53 PM8:33 PM2018-08-06
AC 5258Air Canada11:30 AM2:08 PM2018-09-25
AC 5294Air Canada9:30 PM2018-09-19
AC 5353Air Canada9:30 PM2018-09-26
AC 5723Air Canada7:32 AM2017-10-28
AC 5771Air Canada2:50 PM6:50 PM2017-10-05
AC 5882Air Canada2:10 PM2018-09-25
AS 4033Alaska Airlines7:16 PM7:24 PM2018-04-03
AS 4040Alaska Airlines8:40 PM10:03 PM2017-11-05
AS 4060Alaska Airlines5:55 AM6:20 AM2016-12-14
AS 4151Alaska Airlines3:15 PM5:58 PM2016-10-29
AS 4220Alaska Airlines5:27 AM6:15 AM2017-11-23
AS 4303Alaska Airlines3:06 PM3:59 PM2018-08-20
AS 4323Alaska Airlines10:10 PM11:40 PM2018-07-03
AS 4326Alaska Airlines10:10 PM2018-08-21
AS 4335Alaska Airlines9:49 AM11:29 AM2018-06-06
AS 4373Alaska Airlines4:25 PM5:36 PM2017-05-27
AS 4458Alaska Airlines8:25 AM2018-09-26
AS 4491Alaska Airlines8:40 AM2017-02-15
AS 4521Alaska Airlines6:54 PM9:35 PM2018-09-26
AS 4562Alaska Airlines6:02 PM6:59 PM2018-09-25
AS 4700Alaska Airlines8:43 AM2017-01-08
AS 4728Alaska Airlines7:05 AM7:24 AM2016-10-05
AS 6776Alaska Airlines12:41 PM2:14 PM2018-07-04
AS 6927Alaska Airlines7:04 AM2018-07-05
AS 8499Alaska Airlines4:57 PM2018-01-07
AV 2278AVIANCA9:30 PM8:33 PM2018-09-23
BA 1702British Airways7:40 PM9:15 PM2018-07-04
BA 1741British Airways4:40 PM6:08 PM2016-12-10
BA 1836British Airways10:10 PM2018-08-21
BA 4683British Airways6:54 PM9:35 PM2018-09-26
BA 4711British Airways2:59 PM2018-09-25
BA 4779British Airways12:11 PM1:48 PM2017-08-22
BA 5686British Airways6:25 PM2016-11-04
BA 6544British Airways6:26 PM7:45 PM2017-10-05
BA 6724British Airways12:10 PM2:34 PM2018-08-20
CM 1365Copa Airlines3:45 PM6:18 PM2018-09-05
DL 5918Delta Air Lines5:30 PM7:30 PM2018-06-29
DL 8843Delta Air Lines4:30 PM6:07 PM2017-12-01
EV 3908ExpressJet7:48 PM2017-10-16
EY 3320Etihad Airways6:55 PM2018-03-25
EY 3501Etihad Airways3:10 PM5:48 PM2018-03-23
EY 3509Etihad Airways10:30 AM11:35 AM2016-11-05
GF 4232Gulf Air10:10 PM2018-08-21
GF 4313Gulf Air2:59 PM2018-09-25
GF 4381Gulf Air6:55 PM10:38 PM2016-10-29
GF 6400Gulf Air6:54 PM9:35 PM2018-09-26
GF 6496Gulf Air8:30 PM10:32 PM2017-08-22
GF 6767Gulf Air12:10 PM2:35 PM2018-08-20
IB 4285Iberia6:54 PM9:35 PM2018-09-26
IB 4441Iberia9:22 AM11:04 AM2017-08-03
JL 7316JAL12:10 PM2:34 PM2018-08-20
KFS 57Kalitta Charters1:30 PM2017-02-05
MQ 3299Envoy Air3:15 PM2017-05-30
MQ 3365Envoy Air8:45 AM2017-05-30
MQ 3387Envoy Air11:15 PM1:46 AM2016-11-09
MQ 3485Envoy Air6:25 PM8:53 PM2017-05-25
MQ 3649Envoy Air12:10 PM2:37 PM2017-05-30
MQ 9802Envoy Air7:00 AM8:00 AM2017-11-23
NH 7074ANA5:53 PM8:33 PM2018-08-06
NH 7400ANA11:30 AM2:08 PM2018-09-25
OO 1701SkyWest Airlines6:00 PM6:51 PM2016-10-12
OO 1702SkyWest Airlines12:00 PM2016-10-12
OO 2896SkyWest Airlines7:05 AM2017-05-30
OO 3039SkyWest Airlines8:53 AM9:20 AM2016-11-09
OO 5208SkyWest Airlines11:45 AM12:59 PM2016-11-09
OO 5280SkyWest Airlines2:05 PM2017-03-11
OO 5555SkyWest Airlines10:40 AM1:14 PM2017-05-30
OO 5558SkyWest Airlines7:35 AM10:08 AM2017-05-21
OO 5647SkyWest Airlines8:07 PM2017-03-12
OO 9838SkyWest Airlines1:10 PM3:10 PM2018-06-17
OO 9851SkyWest Airlines6:10 PM7:30 PM2017-05-10
QR 5190Qatar Airways10:40 AM2018-03-25
QR 5194Qatar Airways7:15 PM8:30 AM2016-11-04
QR 5540Qatar Airways6:31 PM9:08 PM2017-11-05
RJ 7169Royal Jordanian9:10 PM10:29 PM2017-11-04
RJ 7330Royal Jordanian3:45 PM5:41 PM2017-10-05
RJ 7378Royal Jordanian6:55 PM10:38 PM2016-11-29
RJ 7414Royal Jordanian8:30 PM11:15 PM2017-07-04
RJ 7441Royal Jordanian6:55 PM2018-04-03
RJ 7543Royal Jordanian6:19 AM9:05 AM2016-11-03
RJ 7558Royal Jordanian7:40 PM2018-06-07
RJ 7706Royal Jordanian6:54 PM9:35 PM2018-09-26
SK 8891SAS7:55 AM2018-09-26
SWQ 2548Swift Air11:00 PM2017-02-19
UA 1042United Airlines9:30 PM2018-09-26
UA 1123United Airlines6:20 PM8:42 PM2017-09-05
UA 1170United Airlines5:14 PM8:03 PM2017-09-02
UA 1188United Airlines6:45 AM2016-10-05
UA 1196United Airlines12:30 PM4:16 PM2018-01-01
UA 1240United Airlines10:10 AM11:40 AM2017-12-02
UA 1359United Airlines7:00 PM7:46 PM2017-11-15
UA 1425United Airlines4:44 PM6:08 PM2017-06-08
UA 1480United Airlines4:44 PM6:07 PM2016-11-19
UA 1558United Airlines11:55 PM4:55 AM2017-09-05
UA 1628United Airlines12:45 PM5:45 PM2017-10-28
UA 1647United Airlines10:15 AM11:57 AM2017-07-11
UA 1655United Airlines1:50 PM5:36 PM2018-01-07
UA 1693United Airlines11:43 AM12:43 PM2016-11-22
UA 1814United Airlines9:20 AM10:13 AM2017-10-02
UA 1829United Airlines2:15 PM2017-10-05
UA 1873United Airlines10:30 AM11:49 AM2016-10-29
UA 2250United Airlines8:15 AM2016-12-31
UA 2255United Airlines6:25 PM9:32 PM2016-11-19
UA 2260United Airlines9:14 PM5:49 AM2016-10-08
UA 2557United Airlines11:55 PM12:15 AM2017-09-10
UA 2759United Airlines2:00 AM4:59 AM2017-05-05
UA 2790United Airlines1:00 AM6:45 AM2017-08-05
UA 2822United Airlines10:00 AM2018-07-17
UA 3171United Airlines8:05 PM8:55 PM2017-07-25
UA 3179United Airlines7:00 AM2018-04-16
UA 3205United Airlines2:15 PM2018-06-01
UA 3207United Airlines11:05 AM1:18 PM2017-08-04
UA 3400United Airlines4:40 PM2017-05-28
UA 3459United Airlines6:35 PM7:23 PM2017-06-07
UA 3462United Airlines2:20 PM4:03 PM2017-11-23
UA 3474United Airlines11:35 AM2018-01-01
UA 3482United Airlines7:20 PM9:12 PM2018-01-07
UA 3485United Airlines8:00 AM8:42 AM2017-01-31
UA 3488United Airlines10:25 AM12:04 PM2018-08-20
UA 3525United Airlines5:45 PM8:14 PM2017-02-15
UA 3539United Airlines11:35 AM12:54 PM2018-04-09
UA 3542United Airlines7:55 PM11:09 PM2018-08-06
UA 3567United Airlines10:45 AM12:36 PM2017-07-01
UA 3579United Airlines5:00 PM6:46 PM2018-06-06
UA 3582United Airlines10:20 AM11:51 AM2018-04-06
UA 3589United Airlines8:25 AM9:02 AM2016-12-25
UA 3591United Airlines11:30 AM2:08 PM2018-09-25
UA 3601United Airlines1:25 PM5:15 PM2017-05-14
UA 3608United Airlines9:50 AM11:05 AM2018-06-29
UA 3615United Airlines7:30 AM2017-01-25
UA 3621United Airlines8:05 AM8:15 AM2018-03-31
UA 3627United Airlines5:50 PM9:06 PM2016-12-15
UA 3673United Airlines9:45 PM2018-06-28
UA 3676United Airlines4:55 PM6:52 PM2018-04-22
UA 3679United Airlines3:30 PM5:01 PM2017-01-30
UA 3698United Airlines10:00 AM11:35 AM2018-08-21
UA 3704United Airlines12:35 PM3:24 PM2016-12-30
UA 3705United Airlines3:33 PM4:24 PM2018-08-20
UA 3725United Airlines11:50 AM1:09 PM2018-03-08
UA 3726United Airlines6:30 AM10:55 AM2016-11-24
UA 3748United Airlines5:40 PM7:30 PM2017-11-27
UA 3773United Airlines6:00 AM6:41 AM2018-03-03
UA 3777United Airlines2:20 PM2:50 PM2016-11-20
UA 3785United Airlines11:10 AM12:59 PM2016-11-27
UA 3792United Airlines9:45 AM11:09 AM2016-10-30
UA 3803United Airlines6:04 PM6:10 PM2018-01-06
UA 3825United Airlines2:25 PM2017-02-11
UA 3845United Airlines1:00 PM2:42 PM2018-02-10
UA 388United Airlines9:54 PM10:32 PM2018-02-11
UA 3885United Airlines5:05 PM2017-02-05
UA 3908United Airlines11:10 AM12:05 PM2017-10-29
UA 3953United Airlines5:46 PM7:01 PM2018-04-08
UA 40United Airlines5:25 PM7:45 AM2016-12-03
UA 4001United Airlines9:00 AM2017-04-30
UA 4025United Airlines9:30 PM2016-12-31
UA 4034United Airlines11:28 AM2:54 PM2017-05-27
UA 4044United Airlines1:05 PM3:08 PM2016-10-02
UA 4189United Airlines7:35 AM2016-11-19
UA 4193United Airlines2:33 PM3:41 PM2016-12-17
UA 4282United Airlines9:50 PM2016-10-03
UA 4323United Airlines8:10 AM9:14 AM2017-12-19
UA 4385United Airlines6:05 PM2017-08-12
UA 4398United Airlines2:30 PM3:50 PM2017-02-25
UA 4670United Airlines10:15 AM2018-02-10
UA 4671United Airlines7:55 AM10:46 AM2017-11-26
UA 4674United Airlines9:45 AM11:02 AM2016-10-28
UA 4678United Airlines5:40 PM2018-02-11
UA 4707United Airlines8:35 AM9:28 AM2017-04-29
UA 4739United Airlines5:31 PM6:19 PM2017-03-04
UA 4741United Airlines12:45 PM2017-03-04
UA 4742United Airlines10:00 AM11:36 AM2017-03-05
UA 4767United Airlines3:05 PM2016-11-27
UA 4803United Airlines3:10 PM2018-03-11
UA 494United Airlines2:51 PM5:05 PM2017-01-04
UA 5208United Airlines11:35 AM2:01 PM2016-12-16
UA 5240United Airlines9:52 AM12:55 PM2017-05-05
UA 5242United Airlines5:45 AM6:51 AM2018-06-06
UA 5245United Airlines11:20 AM2017-09-03
UA 5256United Airlines5:35 AM6:44 AM2016-10-05
UA 5280United Airlines3:25 PM2017-05-04
UA 5283United Airlines5:20 PM2018-02-14
UA 5301United Airlines2:55 PM4:50 PM2018-07-04
UA 5314United Airlines7:55 AM2018-09-26
UA 5365United Airlines5:00 PM6:12 PM2018-01-08
UA 5392United Airlines7:13 AM9:05 AM2017-09-03
UA 5397United Airlines5:25 AM9:09 AM2017-10-28
UA 5408United Airlines8:37 AM2018-01-07
UA 541United Airlines4:03 PM2016-12-11
UA 5495United Airlines1:43 PM2017-04-23
UA 5555United Airlines4:05 PM5:29 PM2017-06-07
UA 5558United Airlines8:20 AM9:18 AM2017-06-03
UA 5567United Airlines8:25 AM10:36 AM2018-06-07
UA 5599United Airlines8:30 PM10:36 PM2017-10-27
UA 5622United Airlines9:45 AM1:01 PM2017-09-06
UA 5639United Airlines7:05 AM10:40 AM2016-11-28
UA 5643United Airlines1:40 PM3:10 PM2018-03-08
UA 5647United Airlines7:50 PM2017-04-02
UA 5652United Airlines10:25 AM2:15 PM2016-10-06
UA 5730United Airlines3:30 PM2017-03-08
UA 5731United Airlines9:13 AM2017-02-12
UA 5762United Airlines6:25 AM7:42 AM2017-12-23
UA 5782United Airlines4:09 PM5:55 PM2017-11-26
UA 580United Airlines3:45 PM6:18 PM2018-09-05
UA 5800United Airlines10:40 AM1:15 PM2016-12-13
UA 5830United Airlines3:12 PM2018-04-23
UA 5874United Airlines7:05 PM7:59 PM2017-02-26
UA 5879United Airlines8:02 AM2018-04-08
UA 5935United Airlines8:15 AM9:25 AM2017-08-14
UA 656United Airlines2:10 PM2018-09-25
UA 721United Airlines10:45 AM11:41 AM2018-07-05
UA 830United Airlines4:53 PM8:19 PM2018-09-25
UA 96United Airlines8:39 AM5:04 PM2016-11-27
UA 964United Airlines6:20 PM9:03 PM2017-06-23
WS 5544WestJet9:40 PM2017-08-22
YX 3459Republic Airlines7:35 AM2017-05-30
YX 3485Republic Airlines7:30 PM2017-02-01
YX 3601Republic Airlines7:30 AM2017-05-21
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