Flights from Tokyo, JP (NRT) to Shanghai, CN (PVG)

List of all flights from Tokyo, JP (NRT) to Shanghai, CN (PVG), list of airlines operating on the route from Tokyo, JP (NRT) to Shanghai, CN (PVG), departures from NRT and arrivals to PVG. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Japan to China). There are 47 flights on this route. The distance from Tokyo, JP (NRT) to Shanghai, CN (PVG) is 1,795 km (1,116 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Narita International Airport - is GMT+09:00. The current time is Tuesday 2018-04-24 04:20 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Shanghai Pudong International Airport - is GMT+08:00, The current time is Tuesday 2018-04-24 03:20 AM.

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List of 51 flights operating on the route from Tokyo, JP (NRT) to Shanghai, CN (PVG).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
CA 1074Air China12:50 PM3:15 PM2018-04-22
CA 158Air China12:35 PM3:25 PM2018-04-23
CA 6658Air China2:00 PM4:05 PM2018-04-23
CA 6660Air China6:45 PM8:55 PM2018-04-23
CA 6662Air China9:45 AM11:50 AM2018-04-23
CA 920Air China7:30 PM10:10 PM2018-04-23
CA 930Air China2:55 PM5:10 PM2018-04-23
CZ 4859China Southern Airlines9:40 AM2018-04-23
CZ 4861China Southern Airlines2:40 PM5:05 PM2018-04-23
CZ 4863China Southern Airlines7:25 PM9:45 PM2018-04-23
DL 185Delta Air Lines12:51 PM5:50 PM2016-12-10
DL 295Delta Air Lines11:16 AM2018-04-22
DL 69Delta Air Lines11:43 AM2018-04-20
DL 9760Delta Air Lines2:15 PM2016-12-18
DL 9896Delta Air Lines8:00 AM7:30 AM2017-06-26
DL 9924Delta Air Lines8:00 AM10:45 AM2018-01-23
DL 9931Delta Air Lines5:30 AM2017-01-07
DL 9951Delta Air Lines10:15 PM2:00 AM2018-03-12
GK 35Jetstar Japan10:15 PM12:40 AM2018-04-23
JL 5601JAL1:50 PM3:50 PM2018-04-23
JL 5603JAL10:55 AM1:25 PM2018-04-23
JL 5605JAL9:05 PM11:50 PM2018-04-23
JL 873JAL9:40 AM2018-04-23
JL 877JAL2:40 PM5:05 PM2018-04-23
JL 879JAL7:25 PM9:45 PM2018-04-23
KZ 225NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines10:25 AM12:55 PM2018-04-22
KZ 227NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines10:00 PM12:40 AM2018-04-22
KZ 229NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines9:20 PM11:30 PM2017-10-25
MU 272China Eastern Airlines2:55 PM5:35 PM2018-04-23
MU 522China Eastern Airlines9:05 PM11:50 PM2018-04-23
MU 524China Eastern Airlines1:50 PM3:50 PM2018-04-23
MU 8722China Eastern Airlines9:40 AM2018-04-23
MU 8726China Eastern Airlines7:25 PM9:45 PM2018-04-23
MU 8762China Eastern Airlines2:40 PM5:05 PM2018-04-23
NH 5711ANA12:35 PM3:25 PM2018-04-23
NH 5713ANA2:55 PM5:10 PM2018-04-23
NH 5715ANA7:30 PM10:10 PM2018-04-23
NH 8415ANA10:30 PM1:10 AM2018-04-22
NH 8517ANA8:10 PM10:45 PM2018-04-23
NH 919ANA9:45 AM11:50 AM2018-04-23
NH 921ANA6:45 PM8:55 PM2018-04-23
NH 959ANA2:00 PM4:05 PM2018-04-23
NQ 919Air Japan9:50 AM11:55 AM2017-05-30
PO 213Polar Air Cargo3:30 AM3:04 AM2017-09-16
PO 958Polar Air Cargo6:25 PM2017-09-17
UA 198United Airlines12:50 PM2018-04-22
UA 2756United Airlines5:30 PM7:35 PM2018-04-23
UA 2766United Airlines5:30 PM7:53 PM2018-04-23
UA 2791United Airlines6:30 PM8:35 PM2018-04-23
UA 2824United Airlines10:15 PM12:20 AM2018-04-23
UA 891United Airlines4:25 PM8:30 PM2016-12-10
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