Flights from Miami, US (MIA) to New York, US (LGA)

List of all flights from Miami, US (MIA) to New York, US (LGA), list of airlines operating on the route from Miami, US (MIA) to New York, US (LGA), departures from MIA and arrivals to LGA. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 296 flights on this route. The distance from Miami, US (MIA) to New York, US (LGA) is 1,768 km (1,099 miles). Miami International Airport and La Guardia Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-04:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2018-04-23 03:34 AM.

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List of 296 flights operating on the route from Miami, US (MIA) to New York, US (LGA).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 109NetJets Aviation9:30 AM9:54 AM2017-03-14
1I 110NetJets Aviation10:09 PM2016-12-14
1I 111NetJets Aviation6:15 PM8:30 PM2017-02-26
1I 115NetJets Aviation12:30 PM2018-03-08
1I 130NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2018-02-11
1I 141NetJets Aviation1:00 PM3:12 PM2017-11-05
1I 143NetJets Aviation6:42 PM2017-03-14
1I 145NetJets Aviation2:57 PM2017-02-23
1I 205NetJets Aviation12:00 PM2017-02-10
1I 236NetJets Aviation10:00 AM9:54 AM2016-10-05
1I 262NetJets Aviation2:00 PM5:06 PM2018-03-08
1I 269NetJets Aviation10:00 PM10:48 PM2017-04-02
1I 284NetJets Aviation8:36 AM4:54 PM2017-02-05
1I 296NetJets Aviation12:00 PM12:24 PM2017-04-02
1I 300NetJets Aviation2:48 PM3:54 PM2017-01-12
1I 311NetJets Aviation3:00 PM2016-10-05
1I 312NetJets Aviation6:30 PM7:42 PM2017-07-19
1I 337NetJets Aviation11:18 PM12:42 AM2017-05-08
1I 507NetJets Aviation6:51 PM2017-02-10
1I 514NetJets Aviation10:45 AM12:45 PM2017-02-22
1I 554NetJets Aviation5:30 PM9:24 PM2017-01-08
1I 660NetJets Aviation1:30 PM4:00 PM2016-11-30
1I 731NetJets Aviation2:12 PM2017-11-21
1I 762NetJets Aviation5:51 PM2016-11-07
1I 763NetJets Aviation3:15 PM2017-11-07
1I 765NetJets Aviation2:24 PM3:54 PM2017-03-30
1I 794NetJets Aviation2:00 PM3:24 PM2017-02-22
1I 795NetJets Aviation11:18 AM2018-01-11
1I 796NetJets Aviation3:48 PM2017-12-06
1I 928NetJets Aviation9:30 AM2017-01-01
1I 978NetJets Aviation10:00 PM2017-12-22
AA 1011American Airlines11:00 AM2:23 PM2018-04-22
AA 1064American Airlines8:46 AM9:59 AM2018-04-02
AA 1084American Airlines8:35 AM11:09 AM2017-04-03
AA 1203American Airlines4:25 PM7:28 PM2018-04-02
AA 1288American Airlines12:56 PM1:49 PM2017-11-29
AA 1290American Airlines8:11 PM11:01 PM2017-11-29
AA 1292American Airlines12:40 PM1:56 PM2017-11-29
AA 1366American Airlines12:26 PM3:33 PM2018-04-22
AA 1367American Airlines3:10 PM6:39 PM2018-04-03
AA 1427American Airlines1:50 PM4:59 PM2018-04-22
AA 2226American Airlines4:30 PM7:40 PM2018-04-22
AA 2240American Airlines7:29 PM10:46 PM2018-04-22
AA 2325American Airlines2:50 PM2018-04-03
AA 2415American Airlines10:45 AM1:44 PM2017-01-08
AA 2511American Airlines2:40 PM5:29 PM2017-01-08
AA 2520American Airlines1:20 PM4:37 PM2018-04-22
AA 2534American Airlines5:30 PM8:44 PM2018-04-22
AA 2550American Airlines8:00 AM9:16 AM2018-04-02
AA 2622American Airlines6:13 PM9:29 PM2018-04-23
AA 2710American Airlines7:50 PM11:03 PM2018-04-23
AA 2719American Airlines11:05 AM2:15 PM2018-04-22
AA 310American Airlines2:32 PM5:29 PM2017-11-28
AA 376American Airlines8:30 PM11:38 PM2018-04-23
AA 4431American Airlines6:30 PM2018-04-02
AA 4450American Airlines9:49 AM1:12 PM2017-08-21
AA 4471American Airlines10:50 AM2:28 PM2017-08-22
AA 846American Airlines5:46 PM7:45 PM2016-12-18
AA 88American Airlines9:10 PM8:50 AM2018-04-02
AA 9249American Airlines4:34 PM7:27 PM2018-03-24
AA 9643American Airlines8:00 AM9:28 AM2016-10-06
AA 9656American Airlines7:45 PM10:30 PM2016-11-02
BA 1709British Airways1:50 PM4:59 PM2018-04-22
BA 1916British Airways7:00 AM10:09 AM2018-04-22
BA 5170British Airways5:30 PM8:44 PM2018-04-22
BA 5228British Airways4:25 PM7:28 PM2018-04-02
BA 5604British Airways3:30 PM6:39 PM2018-04-22
BA 5618British Airways4:40 PM7:17 PM2018-04-03
BA 6780British Airways4:30 PM7:40 PM2018-04-22
BA 6872British Airways12:26 PM3:33 PM2018-04-22
BA 6880British Airways3:10 PM6:39 PM2018-04-02
BA 6896British Airways6:13 PM9:29 PM2018-04-23
BA 6898British Airways7:50 PM11:03 PM2018-04-23
BA 6924British Airways6:20 PM9:29 PM2018-04-03
BA 6926British Airways11:05 AM2:15 PM2018-04-22
BA 6931British Airways8:30 PM11:38 PM2018-04-23
BA 6998British Airways9:10 AM12:18 PM2018-04-22
BA 7798British Airways3:30 PM6:28 PM2017-10-31
BA 7814British Airways7:55 PM10:57 PM2017-11-01
BSK 545Miami Air International10:50 PM2016-09-18
DL 1080Delta Air Lines7:00 AM9:37 AM2017-01-07
DL 1111Delta Air Lines9:40 PM11:48 PM2017-01-07
DL 1238Delta Air Lines5:50 PM7:52 PM2016-12-16
DL 1258Delta Air Lines11:46 AM12:55 PM2017-11-27
DL 1273Delta Air Lines8:55 PM2017-04-30
DL 1287Delta Air Lines8:25 PM11:14 PM2018-04-02
DL 1359Delta Air Lines11:59 AM2:01 PM2016-09-30
DL 1410Delta Air Lines3:25 PM2016-11-05
DL 1437Delta Air Lines10:49 AM12:13 PM2018-04-02
DL 1478Delta Air Lines10:45 AM2:07 PM2016-12-31
DL 1489Delta Air Lines6:14 AM7:15 AM2017-01-06
DL 1533Delta Air Lines5:45 AM2016-12-24
DL 1535Delta Air Lines9:21 PM10:55 PM2018-03-01
DL 1581Delta Air Lines7:44 AM1:19 PM2016-12-16
DL 1585Delta Air Lines5:45 PM8:45 PM2018-04-03
DL 1699Delta Air Lines2:02 PM4:52 PM2016-11-05
DL 1722Delta Air Lines2:34 PM3:39 PM2016-11-04
DL 1805Delta Air Lines7:29 PM10:15 PM2016-11-05
DL 1816Delta Air Lines10:35 AM3:32 PM2016-11-28
DL 1982Delta Air Lines10:40 PM2016-11-28
DL 2098Delta Air Lines7:25 PM2016-12-17
DL 2123Delta Air Lines6:35 AM2:10 PM2016-11-05
DL 2134Delta Air Lines4:00 PM5:30 PM2018-03-01
DL 2151Delta Air Lines3:45 PM6:44 PM2018-04-02
DL 2168Delta Air Lines11:58 AM2:55 PM2018-04-03
DL 2169Delta Air Lines9:34 AM4:25 PM2018-01-02
DL 2171Delta Air Lines9:20 PM2018-01-01
DL 2244Delta Air Lines7:25 PM10:41 PM2017-02-16
DL 2250Delta Air Lines10:15 PM11:13 PM2017-02-16
DL 2251Delta Air Lines11:55 AM1:24 PM2017-02-16
DL 2263Delta Air Lines7:47 PM10:59 PM2017-02-17
DL 2314Delta Air Lines7:20 AM10:23 AM2017-01-07
DL 2318Delta Air Lines10:35 PM5:58 AM2017-02-16
DL 2387Delta Air Lines11:30 AM2017-01-07
DL 2409Delta Air Lines5:29 PM8:43 PM2018-01-02
DL 2456Delta Air Lines11:25 AM2:39 PM2017-01-07
DL 2640Delta Air Lines8:00 AM10:13 AM2016-11-28
DL 2815Delta Air Lines3:15 PM4:39 PM2016-11-28
DL 2820Delta Air Lines11:33 AM2:35 PM2018-04-02
DL 2936Delta Air Lines11:24 AM2:29 PM2018-04-22
DL 2939Delta Air Lines5:05 PM8:13 PM2018-04-22
DL 2949Delta Air Lines7:40 AM10:40 AM2018-04-22
DL 2964Delta Air Lines3:09 PM6:13 PM2018-04-22
DL 2973Delta Air Lines7:50 PM10:59 PM2018-04-23
DL 3392Delta Air Lines7:40 PM2017-01-01
DL 3397Delta Air Lines7:05 AM8:33 AM2016-12-30
DL 382Delta Air Lines1:36 PM2016-09-25
DL 455Delta Air Lines8:40 AM2016-12-16
DL 518Delta Air Lines12:49 PM2016-11-28
DL 5872Delta Air Lines7:56 PM8:55 PM2018-01-02
DL 5881Delta Air Lines1:42 PM2:50 PM2017-07-06
DL 5883Delta Air Lines7:15 AM11:14 AM2018-01-02
DL 5890Delta Air Lines3:45 PM5:35 PM2017-07-07
DL 5895Delta Air Lines7:10 AM2018-01-03
DL 5909Delta Air Lines5:29 PM8:46 PM2017-12-30
DL 688Delta Air Lines7:00 AM8:10 AM2016-11-23
DL 745Delta Air Lines11:35 AM7:17 PM2017-12-31
DL 750Delta Air Lines9:20 AM12:20 PM2016-12-17
DL 751Delta Air Lines1:32 PM3:32 PM2018-01-01
DL 759Delta Air Lines4:10 PM12:39 AM2018-03-04
DL 795Delta Air Lines5:08 PM2017-10-16
DL 825Delta Air Lines10:10 PM2016-12-11
DL 835Delta Air Lines6:10 AM8:25 AM2016-10-30
DL 8840Delta Air Lines1:50 AM2:37 AM2017-09-10
DL 8886Delta Air Lines10:20 AM2017-08-16
DL 8888Delta Air Lines6:20 PM2017-09-20
DL 914Delta Air Lines10:05 PM2016-12-16
DL 966Delta Air Lines7:30 PM10:12 PM2018-04-02
DL 988Delta Air Lines1:55 PM3:50 PM2017-09-30
DL 9916Delta Air Lines7:20 PM9:01 PM2017-01-07
DL 9926Delta Air Lines12:05 PM2:25 PM2017-01-07
EAL 6504Eastern Air Lines4:00 PM2017-03-13
F9 1596Frontier Airlines6:55 PM10:00 PM2018-04-08
F9 2596Frontier Airlines7:30 AM10:28 AM2017-01-21
JJ 2014LATAM Airlines Brasil8:30 PM11:38 PM2018-04-23
JJ 2120LATAM Airlines Brasil9:10 AM12:18 PM2018-04-22
JJ 2179LATAM Airlines Brasil5:37 PM6:50 PM2017-08-20
JJ 2188LATAM Airlines Brasil9:33 AM12:29 PM2016-11-05
JJ 2190LATAM Airlines Brasil3:10 PM6:39 PM2017-10-13
JJ 2194LATAM Airlines Brasil7:40 PM10:47 PM2018-03-11
JJ 2362LATAM Airlines Brasil6:05 AM9:01 AM2017-02-19
JJ 2454LATAM Airlines Brasil7:05 AM10:03 AM2017-03-11
JJ 8374LATAM Airlines Brasil8:03 PM11:02 PM2016-10-16
LA 6560LATAM Airlines1:26 PM4:45 PM2018-03-02
LA 6590LATAM Airlines9:10 AM12:18 PM2018-04-22
LA 6639LATAM Airlines9:30 AM1:07 PM2018-03-08
LA 6779LATAM Airlines7:00 AM10:09 AM2018-04-21
LA 6862LATAM Airlines11:05 AM2:30 PM2018-03-24
LA 6917LATAM Airlines11:05 AM2:15 PM2018-04-22
LA 6992LATAM Airlines7:29 PM10:46 PM2017-03-30
LA 7020LATAM Airlines12:55 AM8:25 AM2017-08-20
LA 8186LATAM Airlines9:07 AM10:18 AM2017-01-12
LA 8199LATAM Airlines5:33 PM8:29 PM2017-03-24
LA 8208LATAM Airlines8:07 PM11:09 PM2017-03-11
LA 8601LATAM Airlines11:22 AM2:20 PM2017-03-19
LA 8700LATAM Airlines9:30 AM12:29 PM2017-03-25
LA 9053LATAM Airlines5:07 PM8:05 PM2017-03-25
LXJ 455Flexjet9:53 AM2017-11-03
LXJ 518Flexjet10:30 AM2018-01-03
LXJ 528Flexjet2:30 PM2016-11-27
LXJ 535Flexjet3:30 PM2017-11-02
LXJ 536Flexjet7:30 AM2018-03-23
LXJ 549Flexjet3:22 PM2018-04-22
LXJ 550Flexjet12:00 PM2017-04-01
LXJ 581Flexjet5:35 PM2018-04-10
MQ 9808Envoy Air10:30 AM12:55 PM2017-07-13
OPT 713Flight Options7:30 AM2017-02-27
OPT 904Flight Options4:05 PM2017-11-17
OPT 925Flight Options6:07 PM2017-04-04
PWA 354Priester Aviation12:30 PM3:10 PM2016-11-30
UA 2509United Airlines11:10 PM1:05 AM2017-09-03
WS 6302WestJet7:45 AM10:05 AM2017-01-01
WS 6303WestJet12:29 PM2:44 PM2016-08-29
WS 6304WestJet6:15 AM8:41 AM2016-09-24
WS 6336WestJet2:20 PM4:07 PM2017-02-24
WS 6375WestJet7:29 PM10:15 PM2017-01-04
WS 6411WestJet11:05 AM12:36 PM2016-12-25
WS 6421WestJet7:25 PM8:54 PM2016-11-21
WS 6431WestJet2:30 PM4:13 PM2016-12-11
WS 6432WestJet4:51 PM6:40 PM2016-09-09
WS 6440WestJet7:00 AM8:35 AM2016-12-14
WS 6441WestJet8:30 AM10:16 AM2016-09-13
WS 6449WestJet8:15 PM11:49 PM2017-01-16
WS 6458WestJet8:05 AM10:50 AM2016-10-04
WS 6465WestJet8:55 PM2017-02-26
WS 6475WestJet11:15 AM12:45 PM2016-09-17
WS 6478WestJet5:28 PM6:54 PM2016-12-24
WS 6480WestJet10:55 AM12:20 PM2016-12-31
WS 6487WestJet3:10 PM2017-01-01
WS 6488WestJet4:45 PM5:36 PM2017-01-02
WS 6491WestJet10:40 PM2017-02-04
WS 6494WestJet11:59 AM2:50 PM2017-02-28
WS 6496WestJet2:59 PM5:35 PM2016-09-08
WS 6501WestJet9:30 AM11:50 AM2017-02-06
WS 6507WestJet5:30 PM7:49 PM2016-10-12
WS 6515WestJet6:30 PM8:52 PM2016-09-09
WS 6521WestJet6:26 AM10:00 AM2017-02-12
WS 6526WestJet4:40 PM6:25 PM2017-01-07
WS 6527WestJet8:15 AM11:35 AM2017-01-07
WS 6533WestJet1:00 PM2:22 PM2016-09-13
WS 6556WestJet8:00 PM9:25 PM2017-01-07
WS 6560WestJet8:56 PM2016-09-11
WS 6601WestJet8:40 AM10:29 AM2016-12-06
WS 6612WestJet10:20 AM12:44 PM2016-09-13
WS 6676WestJet7:00 PM10:21 PM2017-01-07
WS 6678WestJet10:40 AM12:55 PM2016-10-30
WS 6687WestJet7:40 AM10:40 AM2018-04-22
WS 6689WestJet11:24 AM2:29 PM2018-04-22
WS 6691WestJet5:05 PM8:13 PM2018-04-22
WS 6693WestJet3:09 PM6:13 PM2018-04-22
WS 6695WestJet7:50 PM10:59 PM2018-04-23
WS 6700WestJet6:55 PM8:33 PM2017-02-26
WS 6701WestJet5:58 PM9:12 PM2017-02-28
WS 6707WestJet6:05 AM10:05 AM2017-02-28
WS 6719WestJet10:58 AM12:30 PM2017-02-11
WS 6725WestJet7:00 AM9:52 AM2017-01-10
WS 6736WestJet9:31 AM11:18 AM2017-01-06
WS 6738WestJet3:05 PM4:49 PM2017-02-17
WS 6739WestJet11:49 AM1:20 PM2016-08-31
WS 6741WestJet9:25 AM11:00 AM2016-08-31
WS 6744WestJet3:05 PM2017-01-07
WS 6749WestJet5:10 PM6:44 PM2017-01-10
WS 6760WestJet6:30 AM8:12 AM2016-12-16
WS 6778WestJet1:10 PM4:16 PM2017-02-18
WS 6808WestJet12:02 PM2:04 PM2016-09-30
WS 6836WestJet5:50 PM7:46 PM2016-12-06
WS 6842WestJet6:15 PM8:34 PM2016-09-30
WS 6849WestJet3:25 PM6:30 PM2016-11-05
WS 6876WestJet11:28 AM1:10 PM2016-12-31
WS 6883WestJet4:05 PM5:59 PM2017-01-01
WS 6884WestJet1:59 PM3:51 PM2016-12-30
WS 6889WestJet5:40 PM8:00 PM2016-12-31
WS 6893WestJet10:59 AM12:55 PM2017-01-01
WS 6895WestJet2:56 PM4:52 PM2017-01-21
WS 6896WestJet3:20 PM10:32 PM2017-01-02
WS 6899WestJet12:06 PM1:56 PM2017-01-01
WS 6901WestJet9:55 AM11:55 AM2016-12-29
WS 6903WestJet8:45 AM10:30 AM2017-02-11
WS 6904WestJet1:04 PM8:20 PM2017-02-04
WS 6905WestJet5:59 PM7:57 PM2017-02-12
WS 6906WestJet2:10 PM9:25 PM2016-11-28
WS 6913WestJet1:55 PM3:49 PM2016-11-28
WS 6914WestJet10:15 PM5:28 AM2016-10-18
WS 6915WestJet8:30 PM10:28 PM2016-10-08
WS 6917WestJet7:05 AM8:20 AM2017-01-07
WS 6918WestJet5:55 PM2016-10-07
WS 6920WestJet12:45 PM5:44 PM2017-02-16
WS 6923WestJet7:05 AM8:48 AM2017-02-16
WS 6926WestJet7:55 AM11:24 AM2017-02-16
WS 6927WestJet3:42 PM5:15 PM2017-02-17
WS 6937WestJet7:00 AM9:11 AM2017-02-16
WS 6948WestJet4:55 PM6:23 PM2016-08-28
WS 6972WestJet3:30 PM5:05 PM2016-12-17
WS 6990WestJet2:00 PM3:35 PM2016-12-30
WS 6991WestJet10:50 AM12:30 PM2016-12-23
WS 7034WestJet3:44 PM6:47 PM2017-02-19
WS 7037WestJet9:51 PM11:04 PM2017-02-28
WS 7067WestJet5:30 PM7:06 PM2016-09-01
WS 7071WestJet9:30 AM11:04 AM2016-09-01
WS 7090WestJet8:20 AM2017-02-28
WS 7124WestJet5:48 PM8:09 PM2016-12-17
WS 7125WestJet7:15 AM11:10 AM2016-12-16
WS 7196WestJet8:20 PM2017-03-01
WS 7216WestJet8:50 AM12:29 PM2017-02-19
WS 7231WestJet5:15 PM6:19 PM2016-09-30
WS 7239WestJet2:55 PM4:32 PM2016-10-01
WS 7293WestJet6:55 AM8:15 AM2016-11-28
WS 7351WestJet2:09 PM7:20 PM2016-08-28
WS 7535WestJet4:55 PM7:38 PM2016-12-16
WS 7593WestJet5:20 PM8:32 PM2018-04-02
XL 6193LATAM Airlines Ecuador7:34 PM10:31 PM2017-04-02
XL 6197LATAM Airlines Ecuador5:07 PM8:05 PM2017-04-01
XL 6295LATAM Airlines Ecuador5:59 PM8:57 PM2017-04-01
YX 4450Republic Airlines5:58 PM2017-05-30
YX 9862Republic Airlines9:30 AM11:30 AM2018-01-07
ZQ 1101World Atlantic Airlines7:30 AM2017-11-10
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