Flights from Miami, US (MIA) to Boston, US (BOS)

List of all flights from Miami, US (MIA) to Boston, US (BOS), list of airlines operating on the route from Miami, US (MIA) to Boston, US (BOS), departures from MIA and arrivals to BOS. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 139 flights on this route. The distance from Miami, US (MIA) to Boston, US (BOS) is 2,028 km (1,260 miles). Miami International Airport and General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-04:00). The current time on both airports is Saturday 2018-07-21 03:21 PM.

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List of 139 flights operating on the route from Miami, US (MIA) to Boston, US (BOS).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 110NetJets Aviation11:00 AM11:54 AM2018-04-09
1I 112NetJets Aviation9:15 AM2018-05-01
1I 113NetJets Aviation8:30 AM8:48 AM2016-11-16
1I 114NetJets Aviation4:00 PM2016-12-06
1I 151NetJets Aviation10:00 AM11:48 AM2016-09-14
1I 160NetJets Aviation3:30 PM2017-05-08
1I 206NetJets Aviation10:00 AM5:18 PM2018-02-09
1I 226NetJets Aviation10:00 AM11:18 AM2017-05-29
1I 245NetJets Aviation9:00 AM3:54 PM2017-04-21
1I 253NetJets Aviation11:00 AM10:54 AM2017-11-14
1I 265NetJets Aviation10:27 AM12:39 PM2018-02-01
1I 281NetJets Aviation4:26 PM2016-10-02
1I 307NetJets Aviation11:00 AM2017-11-21
1I 338NetJets Aviation7:15 AM2017-11-09
1I 354NetJets Aviation7:00 PM2017-12-22
1I 362NetJets Aviation5:33 PM6:15 PM2017-02-01
1I 369NetJets Aviation2:03 PM1:39 PM2018-03-30
1I 397NetJets Aviation10:48 PM10:36 PM2018-03-30
1I 503NetJets Aviation8:42 AM2018-04-07
1I 538NetJets Aviation4:33 PM2017-11-10
1I 553NetJets Aviation8:00 AM9:24 AM2017-09-06
1I 554NetJets Aviation7:15 AM10:15 AM2017-06-09
1I 575NetJets Aviation2:51 PM2018-03-30
1I 576NetJets Aviation7:39 AM2017-01-04
1I 583NetJets Aviation1:39 PM2018-04-18
1I 606NetJets Aviation3:30 PM2017-04-14
1I 614NetJets Aviation2:00 PM4:12 PM2017-09-08
1I 641NetJets Aviation10:00 AM3:30 PM2016-10-06
1I 656NetJets Aviation9:18 AM9:36 AM2017-03-03
1I 679NetJets Aviation8:00 AM2017-09-16
1I 731NetJets Aviation4:45 PM2017-12-25
1I 749NetJets Aviation1:27 PM4:09 PM2018-03-22
1I 779NetJets Aviation2:24 PM2017-10-26
1I 794NetJets Aviation4:45 PM5:51 PM2017-09-08
1I 837NetJets Aviation4:00 PM2017-04-15
1I 878NetJets Aviation2:09 PM3:45 PM2017-03-16
1I 903NetJets Aviation10:00 AM11:24 AM2016-09-02
1I 914NetJets Aviation9:54 AM3:18 PM2017-05-16
1I 922NetJets Aviation5:00 AM2018-06-08
1I 958NetJets Aviation6:42 AM2016-09-22
4M 6310LATAM Airlines Argentina2:15 PM5:24 PM2017-03-25
4M 6312LATAM Airlines Argentina11:20 AM2:33 PM2017-03-25
4M 6341LATAM Airlines Argentina12:04 PM3:21 PM2018-07-21
4M 6403LATAM Airlines Argentina9:35 PM12:47 AM2018-07-15
4M 6407LATAM Airlines Argentina8:34 AM11:51 AM2018-07-21
4M 6458LATAM Airlines Argentina1:41 PM5:02 PM2018-07-21
4M 6461LATAM Airlines Argentina1:44 PM5:02 PM2018-06-06
4M 6472LATAM Airlines Argentina7:57 PM11:19 PM2018-07-15
4M 6473LATAM Airlines Argentina3:30 PM6:48 PM2018-06-06
AA 1006American Airlines1:39 PM2:22 PM2018-06-06
AA 1050American Airlines11:35 AM2016-10-05
AA 1054American Airlines9:35 PM12:47 AM2018-07-21
AA 1074American Airlines4:32 PM2018-07-21
AA 1099American Airlines12:38 PM4:13 PM2018-07-21
AA 1170American Airlines1:41 PM5:02 PM2018-07-21
AA 1201American Airlines10:56 AM2:30 PM2018-07-21
AA 1313American Airlines11:34 AM1:46 PM2018-06-07
AA 1422American Airlines8:25 PM11:55 PM2017-01-08
AA 1477American Airlines6:35 PM8:23 PM2017-02-15
AA 1509American Airlines7:08 AM9:14 AM2018-06-06
AA 1516American Airlines3:30 PM6:48 PM2018-06-06
AA 1553American Airlines12:10 PM2:22 PM2018-06-06
AA 1556American Airlines12:25 PM3:24 PM2017-01-07
AA 1600American Airlines12:35 PM5:55 PM2016-11-03
AA 1907American Airlines7:25 AM9:29 AM2017-11-04
AA 2440American Airlines6:07 AM7:59 AM2017-04-03
AA 2539American Airlines7:57 PM11:19 PM2018-07-21
AA 2677American Airlines7:30 AM9:07 AM2016-12-14
AA 2722American Airlines12:33 PM2018-04-03
AA 2740American Airlines6:45 PM7:46 PM2016-10-05
AA 29American Airlines4:51 PM2018-07-21
AA 766American Airlines8:49 AM4:33 PM2017-10-04
AA 9624American Airlines12:55 PM1:50 PM2017-01-06
AB 7473Air Berlin6:55 PM7:45 AM2017-09-14
AV 208AVIANCA2:19 PM2017-07-11
BA 2438British Airways3:30 PM6:48 PM2018-06-06
BA 2518British Airways1:41 PM5:02 PM2018-07-21
BA 2536British Airways4:32 PM2018-07-21
BA 4872British Airways1:14 PM9:39 PM2017-09-29
BSK 578Miami Air International5:00 PM2017-03-04
DL 1092Delta Air Lines11:05 AM2018-03-31
DL 1321Delta Air Lines7:40 PM9:49 PM2017-12-30
DL 1974Delta Air Lines8:39 PM2018-04-28
DL 8884Delta Air Lines6:30 PM2018-04-04
DL 8920Delta Air Lines11:30 PM12:34 AM2017-12-30
DL 8925Delta Air Lines3:30 PM2017-01-29
DL 8945Delta Air Lines10:00 AM12:11 PM2017-07-27
DL 942Delta Air Lines9:40 AM10:58 AM2018-02-24
DL 971Delta Air Lines6:15 PM8:29 PM2018-02-10
JJ 2015LATAM Airlines Brasil1:41 PM5:02 PM2018-07-21
JJ 2044LATAM Airlines Brasil11:05 AM2:35 PM2018-06-06
JJ 2072LATAM Airlines Brasil9:35 PM12:47 AM2018-07-21
JJ 2111LATAM Airlines Brasil4:32 PM2018-07-21
JJ 2137LATAM Airlines Brasil4:59 PM6:19 PM2018-01-07
JJ 2158LATAM Airlines Brasil9:37 PM12:56 AM2018-06-07
JJ 2218LATAM Airlines Brasil10:56 AM2:30 PM2018-07-21
JJ 2290LATAM Airlines Brasil4:51 PM2018-07-21
JJ 2308LATAM Airlines Brasil12:38 PM4:13 PM2018-07-21
JJ 7833LATAM Airlines Brasil7:57 PM11:19 PM2018-07-21
JL 7611JAL8:34 AM11:51 AM2018-07-21
LA 6552LATAM Airlines12:38 PM4:13 PM2018-07-21
LA 6600LATAM Airlines1:41 PM5:02 PM2018-07-21
LA 6618LATAM Airlines10:56 AM2:30 PM2018-07-21
LA 6807LATAM Airlines4:51 PM2018-07-21
LA 6942LATAM Airlines11:05 AM2:35 PM2018-06-06
LA 6956LATAM Airlines10:26 PM7:00 AM2017-11-04
LA 6964LATAM Airlines4:32 PM2018-07-21
LA 6998LATAM Airlines9:35 PM12:47 AM2018-07-21
LA 8158LATAM Airlines8:05 PM11:29 PM2016-11-30
LA 8187LATAM Airlines12:54 PM4:04 PM2017-03-25
LA 8203LATAM Airlines9:39 AM11:54 AM2016-11-06
LA 8604LATAM Airlines8:11 PM11:27 PM2017-03-26
LA 8691LATAM Airlines4:50 PM6:10 PM2017-03-26
LA 8742LATAM Airlines3:18 PM7:06 PM2017-03-25
LA 8760LATAM Airlines2:15 PM5:24 PM2017-03-25
LA 9025LATAM Airlines5:00 PM8:12 PM2017-03-25
LXJ 425Flexjet4:24 PM2016-12-26
LXJ 456Flexjet3:13 PM2018-05-25
LXJ 475Flexjet3:00 PM2016-11-27
LXJ 522Flexjet7:59 PM2017-04-22
LXJ 533Flexjet12:30 PM2018-02-08
LXJ 534Flexjet8:03 AM2017-02-20
LXJ 538Flexjet7:45 AM2017-02-20
LXJ 578Flexjet5:30 PM2018-03-22
SWQ 9529Swift Air8:00 PM2017-12-09
SWQ 9740Swift Air2:00 PM2018-05-12
XL 6204LATAM Airlines Ecuador3:45 PM6:49 PM2017-01-08
XL 6231LATAM Airlines Ecuador6:15 AM8:13 AM2016-10-05
XL 6264LATAM Airlines Ecuador5:00 PM8:12 PM2017-04-01
XL 6294LATAM Airlines Ecuador8:11 PM11:27 PM2017-04-02
XOJ 406XOJET8:40 AM2017-05-04
XOJ 541XOJET4:31 PM4:57 PM2017-12-15
XOJ 764XOJET2:43 PM2017-05-26
XOJ 765XOJET2:31 PM2018-03-24
XOJ 780XOJET1:30 PM2018-03-24
XOJ 783XOJET10:30 AM5:42 PM2017-05-27
XOJ 794XOJET1:30 PM2018-05-13
XP 8770Xtra Airways11:10 PM2017-05-14
ZQ 9145World Atlantic Airlines4:30 AM2017-12-03
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