Flights from New York, US (LGA) to Miami, US (MIA)

List of all flights from New York, US (LGA) to Miami, US (MIA), list of airlines operating on the route from New York, US (LGA) to Miami, US (MIA), departures from LGA and arrivals to MIA. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 289 flights on this route. The distance from New York, US (LGA) to Miami, US (MIA) is 1,768 km (1,099 miles). La Guardia Airport and Miami International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-04:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2018-07-23 07:58 AM.

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List of 289 flights operating on the route from New York, US (LGA) to Miami, US (MIA).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 100NetJets Aviation6:00 PM2018-03-05
1I 101NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2018-03-05
1I 110NetJets Aviation11:00 AM11:54 AM2017-06-29
1I 114NetJets Aviation9:30 AM2017-04-28
1I 115NetJets Aviation8:15 AM2017-09-27
1I 116NetJets Aviation2:30 PM2:54 PM2018-01-20
1I 117NetJets Aviation12:48 PM1:06 PM2018-01-11
1I 143NetJets Aviation10:30 AM10:54 AM2017-02-27
1I 160NetJets Aviation4:09 PM2017-05-23
1I 205NetJets Aviation3:21 PM2017-02-08
1I 226NetJets Aviation10:00 AM11:18 AM2016-10-09
1I 227NetJets Aviation2:00 PM7:54 AM2017-02-17
1I 303NetJets Aviation10:01 AM2016-12-01
1I 305NetJets Aviation8:30 AM2018-03-20
1I 308NetJets Aviation11:09 AM2018-01-06
1I 315NetJets Aviation12:27 PM2:51 PM2016-12-25
1I 520NetJets Aviation7:15 AM2017-04-03
1I 554NetJets Aviation7:00 PM7:42 PM2018-01-13
1I 599NetJets Aviation1:36 PM3:54 PM2017-01-11
1I 618NetJets Aviation9:00 AM2017-08-31
1I 677NetJets Aviation11:30 AM12:24 PM2017-08-31
1I 726NetJets Aviation11:45 AM12:45 PM2017-07-26
1I 766NetJets Aviation11:45 AM12:15 PM2016-10-19
1I 778NetJets Aviation6:48 AM7:30 AM2017-01-27
1I 818NetJets Aviation2:51 PM3:51 PM2017-04-07
1I 884NetJets Aviation12:00 PM2017-04-07
1I 938NetJets Aviation4:00 PM5:00 PM2018-02-07
1I 939NetJets Aviation1:21 PM2016-12-30
AA 1011American Airlines4:30 PM9:04 PM2018-06-06
AA 1082American Airlines6:44 PM7:30 PM2017-04-03
AA 1103American Airlines8:55 PM11:21 PM2017-04-03
AA 1149American Airlines6:30 AM2018-06-06
AA 1249American Airlines5:50 AM8:56 AM2018-07-23
AA 1283American Airlines10:15 AM12:11 PM2018-06-06
AA 1290American Airlines5:56 AM8:50 AM2017-11-29
AA 1292American Airlines6:12 AM2017-11-29
AA 1311American Airlines12:15 PM3:40 PM2018-07-22
AA 1365American Airlines7:41 AM2018-06-06
AA 1366American Airlines11:00 AM12:28 PM2018-04-02
AA 1367American Airlines6:21 AM2:46 PM2018-06-06
AA 1389American Airlines5:55 PM9:21 PM2018-07-22
AA 1399American Airlines6:20 PM11:30 PM2018-05-03
AA 1410American Airlines7:51 AM2018-06-06
AA 1422American Airlines8:25 PM11:55 PM2017-04-02
AA 1530American Airlines7:27 AM2018-07-23
AA 1554American Airlines7:00 AM2018-07-22
AA 1621American Airlines8:05 AM2018-04-02
AA 1626American Airlines3:15 PM6:48 PM2018-07-22
AA 2215American Airlines5:25 AM8:26 AM2017-06-04
AA 2240American Airlines3:28 PM9:26 PM2018-06-07
AA 2266American Airlines5:02 AM6:15 AM2018-06-06
AA 2392American Airlines4:55 PM8:23 PM2018-07-22
AA 2510American Airlines6:54 AM2018-07-23
AA 2511American Airlines10:05 AM12:06 PM2017-01-08
AA 2520American Airlines6:20 PM8:50 PM2018-06-06
AA 2550American Airlines7:13 AM9:25 AM2018-04-02
AA 2669American Airlines1:30 PM4:51 PM2018-07-22
AA 2714American Airlines1:20 PM7:14 PM2018-06-06
AA 2809American Airlines7:29 PM10:52 PM2018-07-23
AA 351American Airlines2:35 PM3:46 PM2018-04-02
AA 4431American Airlines4:20 PM7:29 PM2018-04-02
AA 4450American Airlines3:54 PM5:19 PM2018-05-03
AA 4561American Airlines9:36 AM12:55 PM2018-07-22
AA 4563American Airlines9:33 AM12:55 PM2018-07-04
AA 4652American Airlines4:02 PM5:49 PM2018-06-06
AA 9252American Airlines7:01 PM8:10 PM2016-10-07
AA 9254American Airlines10:00 AM12:40 PM2016-10-07
AA 9646American Airlines7:30 PM8:15 PM2018-03-05
AA 9657American Airlines7:30 AM8:10 AM2018-03-04
AA 9659American Airlines10:40 AM11:40 AM2018-04-04
AA 970American Airlines8:29 AM2018-07-23
B6 5JetBlue Airways8:00 AM10:58 AM2016-10-03
BA 2449British Airways11:05 AM2:26 PM2018-07-22
BA 4673British Airways3:15 PM6:48 PM2018-07-22
BA 5466British Airways4:55 PM8:23 PM2018-07-22
BA 5481British Airways1:30 PM4:51 PM2018-07-22
BA 5690British Airways7:29 PM10:52 PM2018-07-23
BA 6874British Airways5:55 PM9:21 PM2018-07-22
BA 6880British Airways12:25 PM3:24 PM2018-06-06
BA 6929British Airways12:15 PM3:40 PM2018-07-22
BA 7712British Airways1:29 PM4:43 PM2017-10-31
BA 7745British Airways12:30 PM3:46 PM2017-10-31
BA 7762British Airways5:59 AM9:05 AM2017-08-21
BA 7773British Airways8:00 AM11:09 AM2017-10-31
BA 7788British Airways4:55 PM8:16 PM2017-10-31
BA 7794British Airways11:00 AM2:18 PM2017-10-31
BA 7804British Airways6:59 AM10:05 AM2017-10-31
BA 7816British Airways2:59 PM6:12 PM2017-10-31
DL 1075Delta Air Lines10:57 PM2016-12-18
DL 1157Delta Air Lines3:40 PM5:11 PM2018-07-21
DL 1188Delta Air Lines11:30 PM1:01 AM2017-01-07
DL 1269Delta Air Lines6:21 PM8:10 PM2016-11-05
DL 1338Delta Air Lines2:30 PM5:50 PM2018-01-02
DL 1391Delta Air Lines9:40 AM5:32 PM2016-12-17
DL 1415Delta Air Lines7:15 AM2018-07-04
DL 1418Delta Air Lines9:55 PM11:33 PM2017-11-27
DL 1431Delta Air Lines8:25 PM2018-07-08
DL 1437Delta Air Lines12:42 PM8:30 PM2018-04-03
DL 1472Delta Air Lines5:10 PM10:53 PM2018-04-02
DL 1537Delta Air Lines7:55 PM9:13 PM2018-04-28
DL 1604Delta Air Lines1:05 PM4:16 PM2018-07-22
DL 1622Delta Air Lines8:20 AM2017-01-01
DL 1639Delta Air Lines3:34 PM6:55 PM2018-07-22
DL 1704Delta Air Lines7:05 AM2018-07-23
DL 1721Delta Air Lines10:50 AM2:17 PM2018-07-22
DL 1722Delta Air Lines7:20 AM2018-07-07
DL 1733Delta Air Lines11:10 AM11:17 AM2018-01-01
DL 1765Delta Air Lines12:05 PM1:46 PM2017-02-16
DL 1805Delta Air Lines9:40 AM12:05 PM2017-02-16
DL 1809Delta Air Lines12:16 PM2:20 PM2018-07-07
DL 1816Delta Air Lines7:59 PM10:14 PM2017-02-16
DL 1879Delta Air Lines1:00 PM2:36 PM2018-07-07
DL 1889Delta Air Lines5:49 PM9:25 PM2018-01-02
DL 1923Delta Air Lines1:59 PM5:21 PM2018-04-02
DL 1982Delta Air Lines1:00 PM2:35 PM2018-04-02
DL 2057Delta Air Lines8:35 AM9:42 AM2016-11-05
DL 2157Delta Air Lines12:25 AM7:33 AM2017-01-02
DL 2338Delta Air Lines6:25 PM9:02 PM2017-02-17
DL 2412Delta Air Lines11:52 AM1:44 PM2017-04-30
DL 2426Delta Air Lines6:30 PM9:09 PM2017-06-30
DL 2569Delta Air Lines9:10 AM11:21 AM2017-01-07
DL 2628Delta Air Lines6:17 AM7:54 AM2016-11-28
DL 2651Delta Air Lines7:15 AM2016-11-28
DL 2776Delta Air Lines7:35 PM9:02 PM2018-06-07
DL 2777Delta Air Lines10:25 PM5:03 AM2018-06-14
DL 2779Delta Air Lines7:59 AM11:23 AM2018-06-07
DL 2780Delta Air Lines1:50 PM9:18 PM2018-06-14
DL 2781Delta Air Lines12:20 PM1:43 PM2018-06-15
DL 2790Delta Air Lines7:00 PM9:23 PM2016-11-05
DL 2922Delta Air Lines12:30 PM3:13 PM2018-04-30
DL 2931Delta Air Lines7:05 PM8:59 PM2018-04-30
DL 2934Delta Air Lines10:15 PM2018-04-30
DL 2947Delta Air Lines8:22 PM9:41 PM2018-04-30
DL 2953Delta Air Lines8:50 PM10:49 PM2018-05-01
DL 346Delta Air Lines8:05 PM9:30 PM2017-02-16
DL 378Delta Air Lines3:37 PM5:55 PM2016-09-28
DL 5868Delta Air Lines12:30 PM2:30 PM2017-07-07
DL 5871Delta Air Lines3:25 PM5:12 PM2017-07-07
DL 5874Delta Air Lines6:35 AM8:51 AM2018-01-01
DL 5893Delta Air Lines8:49 AM2018-01-03
DL 5898Delta Air Lines5:15 PM8:16 PM2017-12-30
DL 5906Delta Air Lines6:40 AM7:49 AM2018-01-02
DL 713Delta Air Lines7:40 PM10:54 PM2018-07-23
DL 825Delta Air Lines11:20 AM2:03 PM2018-01-01
DL 838Delta Air Lines7:00 AM8:40 AM2018-04-02
DL 839Delta Air Lines8:25 PM10:11 PM2017-09-30
DL 853Delta Air Lines6:05 PM7:29 PM2017-12-30
DL 855Delta Air Lines2:29 PM4:35 PM2018-02-24
DL 871Delta Air Lines10:30 PM5:55 AM2018-02-24
DL 874Delta Air Lines11:20 AM2:32 PM2016-12-16
DL 876Delta Air Lines8:16 PM11:46 PM2017-03-05
DL 8885Delta Air Lines8:45 PM8:57 PM2017-07-26
DL 8886Delta Air Lines5:55 PM6:49 PM2017-05-07
DL 8888Delta Air Lines11:50 PM1:03 AM2016-09-25
DL 8895Delta Air Lines6:20 PM7:09 PM2017-06-18
DL 896Delta Air Lines8:30 AM10:15 AM2018-04-03
DL 899Delta Air Lines4:20 PM9:25 PM2018-06-02
DL 9856Delta Air Lines2:00 PM9:04 AM2018-03-22
DL 9861Delta Air Lines5:35 PM7:24 PM2016-12-18
DL 9915Delta Air Lines10:00 AM12:30 PM2017-01-07
DL 9918Delta Air Lines7:00 AM7:31 PM2017-01-07
DL 9924Delta Air Lines6:30 PM8:00 AM2017-01-07
DL 9951Delta Air Lines7:00 PM9:04 PM2017-01-08
EAL 6501Eastern Air Lines7:50 AM2017-03-13
EJM 127Executive Jet Management11:30 AM12:34 PM2018-06-09
EJM 790Executive Jet Management2:30 PM2018-03-16
F9 1595Frontier Airlines9:25 AM12:53 PM2017-04-20
F9 1597Frontier Airlines10:45 PM1:51 AM2018-04-08
JCT 73Jet Charter9:45 AM2018-03-11
JJ 2078LATAM Airlines Brasil8:30 PM4:25 AM2017-03-11
JJ 2109LATAM Airlines Brasil5:55 PM9:21 PM2018-07-21
JJ 2115LATAM Airlines Brasil7:29 PM10:52 PM2018-07-22
JJ 2137LATAM Airlines Brasil4:59 PM6:19 PM2016-12-15
JJ 2190LATAM Airlines Brasil3:15 PM6:48 PM2018-07-22
JJ 2283LATAM Airlines Brasil5:40 AM8:53 AM2017-01-11
JJ 2325LATAM Airlines Brasil3:18 PM6:49 PM2018-04-02
LA 6560LATAM Airlines1:26 PM4:45 PM2018-03-09
LA 6577LATAM Airlines12:15 PM3:40 PM2018-07-22
LA 6639LATAM Airlines9:10 AM12:16 PM2018-03-08
LA 6780LATAM Airlines3:15 PM6:48 PM2018-07-22
LA 6809LATAM Airlines7:29 PM10:52 PM2018-07-23
LA 6862LATAM Airlines11:05 AM2:30 PM2018-03-24
LA 6865LATAM Airlines12:04 PM3:24 PM2018-06-06
LA 6867LATAM Airlines5:55 PM9:19 PM2018-07-04
LA 6917LATAM Airlines7:00 AM10:13 AM2017-12-28
LA 6992LATAM Airlines4:55 PM8:23 PM2018-07-22
LA 8152LATAM Airlines8:00 AM11:21 AM2017-03-25
LA 8156LATAM Airlines8:29 PM11:06 PM2017-03-25
LA 8165LATAM Airlines5:16 PM8:55 PM2017-03-25
LA 8640LATAM Airlines9:51 PM1:25 AM2016-11-03
LA 8677LATAM Airlines6:50 PM7:45 PM2017-03-26
LA 8718LATAM Airlines11:00 AM2:36 PM2017-03-11
LA 8745LATAM Airlines12:30 PM3:55 PM2017-03-25
LA 9053LATAM Airlines5:07 PM8:05 PM2016-10-06
LXJ 547Flexjet7:39 AM2018-04-20
LXJ 550Flexjet3:35 PM2018-05-25
LXJ 572Flexjet12:11 PM2018-04-02
LXJ 579Flexjet9:30 AM2018-01-26
MQ 9804Envoy Air1:30 PM3:15 PM2017-06-19
MQ 9805Envoy Air6:00 AM2017-01-18
OPT 365Flight Options6:30 AM2016-09-14
OPT 904Flight Options4:05 PM2017-11-17
WS 6309WestJet12:30 PM2:44 PM2016-08-29
WS 6334WestJet6:01 AM7:50 AM2016-09-09
WS 6351WestJet8:21 PM11:33 PM2017-01-18
WS 6372WestJet8:33 PM11:15 PM2017-01-03
WS 6409WestJet8:30 PM9:54 PM2016-08-31
WS 6413WestJet5:05 PM7:50 PM2017-02-17
WS 6414WestJet2:55 PM5:29 PM2017-02-28
WS 6418WestJet5:29 PM8:30 PM2016-09-09
WS 6433WestJet4:50 PM6:36 PM2017-02-26
WS 6437WestJet2:55 PM4:34 PM2016-09-17
WS 6442WestJet5:55 PM7:32 PM2017-01-14
WS 6451WestJet11:45 AM2016-09-08
WS 6469WestJet12:22 PM2:07 PM2017-02-04
WS 6474WestJet1:33 PM2:55 PM2017-02-12
WS 6479WestJet11:35 AM2016-12-05
WS 6481WestJet3:03 PM2017-02-11
WS 6485WestJet10:10 PM11:34 PM2017-01-01
WS 6493WestJet8:30 AM2017-02-11
WS 6494WestJet5:30 PM8:17 PM2017-02-05
WS 6507WestJet5:30 PM8:04 PM2017-01-07
WS 6508WestJet4:59 PM7:46 PM2017-01-28
WS 6514WestJet10:59 AM1:39 PM2017-01-06
WS 6537WestJet4:00 PM5:20 PM2017-01-31
WS 6569WestJet6:05 PM8:15 PM2017-02-15
WS 6571WestJet12:55 PM3:03 PM2017-02-14
WS 6575WestJet7:28 PM9:15 PM2016-09-24
WS 6596WestJet8:30 AM2017-02-16
WS 6615WestJet11:35 AM1:35 PM2016-08-31
WS 6616WestJet7:27 PM10:43 PM2016-08-31
WS 6620WestJet8:10 AM2017-02-18
WS 6625WestJet11:57 AM2:59 PM2017-02-26
WS 6630WestJet10:12 AM2016-12-16
WS 6638WestJet6:20 PM9:32 PM2016-09-30
WS 6668WestJet7:45 PM10:44 PM2017-01-02
WS 6669WestJet1:58 PM4:47 PM2017-01-02
WS 6675WestJet3:55 PM6:44 PM2016-09-01
WS 6680WestJet7:35 PM9:42 PM2016-09-18
WS 6684WestJet9:59 PM2017-01-31
WS 6685WestJet6:12 AM7:30 AM2017-02-28
WS 6686WestJet7:40 PM10:54 PM2018-07-23
WS 6688WestJet1:05 PM4:16 PM2018-07-22
WS 6690WestJet3:34 PM6:55 PM2018-07-22
WS 6692WestJet7:05 AM2018-07-23
WS 6693WestJet11:25 AM2:24 PM2017-01-06
WS 6694WestJet10:50 AM2:17 PM2018-07-22
WS 6697WestJet2:55 PM6:06 PM2017-01-06
WS 6780WestJet7:59 PM2016-11-25
WS 6793WestJet10:30 AM12:43 PM2016-12-18
WS 6803WestJet4:29 PM8:05 PM2017-02-11
WS 6826WestJet9:05 PM10:38 PM2017-02-03
WS 6828WestJet7:29 PM9:12 PM2017-01-21
WS 6830WestJet12:59 PM2017-02-02
WS 6834WestJet7:27 PM9:01 PM2017-02-16
WS 6835WestJet10:59 AM12:19 PM2017-02-07
WS 6839WestJet7:11 AM2016-10-12
WS 6845WestJet3:26 PM5:29 PM2017-01-01
WS 6851WestJet11:58 AM2:59 PM2017-01-01
WS 6853WestJet7:00 AM8:35 AM2017-02-17
WS 6855WestJet3:55 PM5:40 PM2017-02-16
WS 6858WestJet7:59 PM10:35 PM2017-01-01
WS 6860WestJet7:26 PM10:26 PM2017-01-07
WS 6869WestJet12:15 PM3:26 PM2016-11-21
WS 6874WestJet9:45 PM11:48 PM2017-02-16
WS 6875WestJet4:00 PM5:40 PM2017-02-16
WS 6883WestJet7:08 AM2016-08-31
WS 6903WestJet8:30 AM10:09 AM2017-02-28
WS 6904WestJet1:50 PM9:23 PM2017-02-28
WS 6906WestJet12:40 PM8:17 PM2017-02-28
WS 6939WestJet6:25 AM2016-09-02
WS 6994WestJet8:00 PM9:31 PM2016-11-28
WS 6997WestJet4:50 PM6:25 PM2016-11-27
WS 7014WestJet8:40 AM10:16 AM2017-03-01
WS 7082WestJet8:05 PM9:01 PM2017-02-05
WS 7091WestJet6:44 PM7:51 PM2016-08-29
WS 7119WestJet3:15 PM7:12 PM2016-09-04
WS 7582WestJet3:55 PM7:18 PM2018-04-02
XL 6194LATAM Airlines Ecuador8:00 AM11:21 AM2017-04-01
XL 6207LATAM Airlines Ecuador7:00 AM10:17 AM2017-04-01
XL 6261LATAM Airlines Ecuador5:40 AM8:53 AM2017-04-01
XOJ 719XOJET6:58 AM2017-01-17
YX 4431Republic Airlines12:50 PM2017-10-05
YX 4450Republic Airlines5:58 PM2017-05-30
YX 9381Republic Airlines7:15 PM8:45 PM2017-04-07
YX 9858Republic Airlines2:30 AM3:30 AM2018-06-01
YX 9862Republic Airlines2:39 PM5:00 PM2017-10-25
ZQ 1102World Atlantic Airlines8:00 PM2017-11-11
ZQ 1410World Atlantic Airlines5:30 PM2018-03-09
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