Flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Palm Springs, US (PSP)

List of all flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Palm Springs, US (PSP), list of airlines operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Palm Springs, US (PSP), departures from LAX and arrivals to PSP. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 174 flights on this route. The distance from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Palm Springs, US (PSP) is 176 km (109 miles). Los Angeles International Airport and Palm Springs International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-07:00). The current time on both airports is Tuesday 2018-10-23 08:01 AM.

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List of 174 flights operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Palm Springs, US (PSP).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 101NetJets Aviation4:00 PM2016-10-07
1I 104NetJets Aviation8:31 PM3:55 AM2016-11-06
1I 113NetJets Aviation8:21 PM8:45 PM2017-04-04
1I 141NetJets Aviation9:30 AM11:48 AM2016-10-09
1I 209NetJets Aviation9:45 AM2016-12-14
1I 219NetJets Aviation9:30 AM2018-01-02
1I 253NetJets Aviation11:00 AM10:54 AM2016-12-18
1I 269NetJets Aviation2:30 PM3:42 PM2018-02-28
1I 305NetJets Aviation8:30 AM11:12 AM2018-02-20
1I 306NetJets Aviation9:29 AM2017-04-02
1I 317NetJets Aviation5:25 PM5:36 PM2017-03-06
1I 318NetJets Aviation11:30 AM2017-05-19
1I 324NetJets Aviation12:00 PM2017-06-24
1I 325NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2018-03-05
1I 336NetJets Aviation2:39 PM2017-04-11
1I 341NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2017-05-13
1I 353NetJets Aviation6:00 PM2017-12-05
1I 357NetJets Aviation3:30 AM2016-10-09
1I 362NetJets Aviation5:45 PM8:15 PM2016-10-14
1I 384NetJets Aviation7:00 AM10:14 AM2018-10-20
1I 394NetJets Aviation10:52 AM11:40 AM2018-09-19
1I 501NetJets Aviation8:30 AM2018-02-20
1I 503NetJets Aviation8:00 AM2018-04-15
1I 520NetJets Aviation9:09 AM2017-05-24
1I 541NetJets Aviation11:00 PM2017-12-16
1I 545NetJets Aviation2:36 PM5:30 PM2018-03-20
1I 554NetJets Aviation7:30 AM8:42 AM2017-04-27
1I 559NetJets Aviation5:27 PM2017-11-27
1I 573NetJets Aviation5:18 PM2017-04-21
1I 583NetJets Aviation6:24 PM2018-09-02
1I 587NetJets Aviation6:30 PM2018-01-10
1I 588NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2017-05-03
1I 589NetJets Aviation10:15 AM2018-09-16
1I 590NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2018-03-12
1I 594NetJets Aviation9:45 AM10:39 AM2017-04-01
1I 606NetJets Aviation7:45 AM2018-01-11
1I 611NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2017-02-21
1I 613NetJets Aviation10:30 AM2017-03-02
1I 615NetJets Aviation10:00 PM10:36 PM2017-03-19
1I 616NetJets Aviation12:30 PM2018-04-07
1I 618NetJets Aviation4:05 PM5:00 PM2018-03-11
1I 619NetJets Aviation10:45 AM11:21 AM2017-02-15
1I 627NetJets Aviation7:15 PM2018-02-05
1I 638NetJets Aviation5:41 PM2018-03-12
1I 640NetJets Aviation7:09 PM2017-01-03
1I 641NetJets Aviation4:00 PM5:12 PM2017-09-18
1I 643NetJets Aviation10:59 AM1:24 PM2018-06-30
1I 646NetJets Aviation7:15 AM9:39 AM2018-05-02
1I 651NetJets Aviation6:05 AM2018-05-02
1I 657NetJets Aviation4:30 PM2017-09-13
1I 658NetJets Aviation12:56 PM2017-02-06
1I 669NetJets Aviation3:06 PM2017-11-12
1I 679NetJets Aviation9:27 AM2018-10-11
1I 686NetJets Aviation10:54 AM2017-12-09
1I 689NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2018-02-21
1I 695NetJets Aviation11:45 AM2017-01-03
1I 742NetJets Aviation8:36 PM9:36 PM2018-02-21
1I 749NetJets Aviation2:00 PM4:30 PM2018-01-02
1I 763NetJets Aviation6:45 AM7:45 AM2016-12-07
1I 764NetJets Aviation2016-10-10
1I 766NetJets Aviation2:24 PM3:48 PM2018-01-01
1I 772NetJets Aviation8:42 PM9:30 PM2017-04-22
1I 776NetJets Aviation2:30 PM2018-09-29
1I 782NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2017-01-02
1I 786NetJets Aviation1:30 PM2018-02-15
1I 789NetJets Aviation9:22 AM2017-10-12
1I 791NetJets Aviation3:30 PM5:24 PM2017-10-28
1I 792NetJets Aviation7:06 PM2016-11-14
1I 803NetJets Aviation9:00 AM11:51 AM2017-11-19
1I 827NetJets Aviation10:00 AM11:54 AM2018-07-26
1I 831NetJets Aviation12:04 PM1:58 PM2017-07-27
1I 843NetJets Aviation9:30 AM10:30 AM2017-03-13
1I 853NetJets Aviation1:30 PM2017-04-17
1I 878NetJets Aviation2:09 PM3:45 PM2018-02-06
1I 890NetJets Aviation6:00 PM2016-10-10
1I 914NetJets Aviation12:30 PM12:54 PM2018-07-14
1I 922NetJets Aviation12:30 PM2017-01-11
1I 938NetJets Aviation11:30 AM2016-10-13
1I 951NetJets Aviation7:21 PM9:03 PM2017-04-16
1I 975NetJets Aviation6:30 AM2017-02-12
1I 978NetJets Aviation4:36 PM5:24 PM2018-05-03
1I 982NetJets Aviation7:00 AM2016-10-10
1I 990NetJets Aviation3:15 PM5:03 PM2018-01-07
1I 996NetJets Aviation6:00 AM8:30 AM2016-10-10
1I 998NetJets Aviation11:00 AM11:24 AM2017-02-05
AA 2260American Airlines6:15 AM2016-10-08
AA 9644American Airlines7:00 AM7:45 AM2018-05-15
AC 4004Air Canada6:50 PM2018-10-20
AC 4005Air Canada6:10 PM7:06 PM2018-01-09
AS 9802Alaska Airlines9:35 AM12:35 PM2018-01-04
AS 9806Alaska Airlines7:00 AM9:57 AM2017-03-14
AS 9807Alaska Airlines6:30 PM7:30 PM2018-04-17
AS 9808Alaska Airlines5:45 PM6:35 PM2017-03-14
B6 149JetBlue Airways5:33 PM8:46 PM2018-04-17
CM 1022Copa Airlines7:24 PM8:41 PM2017-03-26
CM 2010Copa Airlines7:30 PM8:26 PM2018-03-11
CM 5122Copa Airlines11:10 AM2016-10-17
CNK 735Sunwest Aviation11:45 AM1:42 PM2018-03-10
CNK 800Sunwest Aviation12:30 PM2017-01-17
EJM 104Executive Jet Management6:00 AM2017-01-23
EJM 192Executive Jet Management10:30 AM2017-11-17
EJM 492Executive Jet Management8:00 AM4:00 PM2017-07-12
EJM 71Executive Jet Management4:00 PM2017-11-17
EJM 777Executive Jet Management5:30 PM2018-04-26
JEF 88Jetflite4:00 PM2018-04-13
KAI 173Kaiser Air3:30 PM2016-10-14
LH 8896Lufthansa6:50 PM2018-10-20
LXJ 401Flexjet10:30 AM2018-03-27
LXJ 405Flexjet9:30 AM2017-01-30
LXJ 406Flexjet9:37 AM2018-09-29
LXJ 408Flexjet10:30 AM2017-12-14
LXJ 415Flexjet10:30 AM2018-08-14
LXJ 455Flexjet3:33 PM2018-04-26
LXJ 473Flexjet1:30 PM2017-11-28
LXJ 518Flexjet1:30 PM2018-02-01
LXJ 526Flexjet4:23 PM2018-01-14
LXJ 531Flexjet11:44 AM2018-03-19
LXJ 536Flexjet11:00 AM2018-02-01
LXJ 538Flexjet7:00 AM2018-02-05
LXJ 540Flexjet2:01 PM2018-01-17
LXJ 542Flexjet4:13 PM2018-01-02
LXJ 545Flexjet2:30 PM2018-02-01
LXJ 547Flexjet12:43 PM2018-02-26
LXJ 548Flexjet9:30 AM2018-04-16
LXJ 551Flexjet8:00 AM2017-08-20
LXJ 553Flexjet2:00 PM2018-02-28
LXJ 578Flexjet4:00 PM2018-03-31
LXJ 579Flexjet9:30 AM2018-10-07
LXJ 581Flexjet4:30 PM2018-02-20
LXJ 91Flexjet12:00 PM2018-04-23
NZ 2813Air New Zealand6:50 PM2018-10-20
OO 1300SkyWest Airlines8:10 AM11:50 AM2016-10-25
OO 1304SkyWest Airlines1:30 PM2016-10-25
OO 1349SkyWest Airlines2:15 PM2016-12-24
OO 1359SkyWest Airlines3:30 PM6:33 PM2017-02-19
OO 1412SkyWest Airlines2:04 PM2017-01-30
OO 4561SkyWest Airlines5:00 PM2016-09-26
OO 5413SkyWest Airlines8:10 PM2017-05-25
OO 9845SkyWest Airlines8:00 PM12:00 AM2018-03-25
OO 9854SkyWest Airlines1:00 PM1:30 PM2017-07-26
OPT 307Flight Options5:15 AM2018-03-23
OPT 327Flight Options1:00 PM2017-05-02
OPT 352Flight Options12:30 PM2018-02-16
OPT 356Flight Options11:00 AM2017-02-14
OPT 365Flight Options2:15 PM2016-11-18
OPT 372Flight Options6:30 AM2018-10-16
OS 7905Austrian6:50 PM2018-10-20
ROM 501Encompass Aviation2:30 PM2018-09-14
RV* 1827Air Canada rouge5:45 PM8:45 PM2016-12-23
SY 9201Sun Country Airlines6:30 AM2017-02-28
UA 1398United Airlines11:00 AM2018-05-13
UA 2121United Airlines6:10 AM10:33 AM2017-01-23
UA 2786United Airlines11:00 PM2:05 AM2018-04-17
UA 5210United Airlines7:00 AM8:54 AM2016-10-17
UA 5376United Airlines2:15 PM2017-11-23
UA 5413United Airlines6:50 PM7:45 PM2018-10-23
UA 5439United Airlines8:56 AM2016-10-10
UA 5459United Airlines9:40 AM10:35 AM2018-01-09
UA 5568United Airlines10:52 AM2:18 PM2016-10-13
VX 1592Virgin America11:30 AM12:54 PM2017-11-28
VX 801Virgin America2:40 PM2017-01-21
VX 8846Virgin America2:30 PM2017-12-04
WS 1466WestJet12:05 PM1:50 PM2017-02-19
XE* 253JetSuiteX7:35 AM2017-04-14
XE* 254JetSuiteX4:00 PM2017-04-14
XOJ 406XOJET7:30 AM2018-01-26
XOJ 546XOJET1:45 PM2017-12-31
XOJ 548XOJET8:30 AM3:53 PM2018-05-12
XOJ 550XOJET6:17 AM2018-01-17
XOJ 557XOJET7:30 AM7:52 AM2018-05-03
XOJ 717XOJET6:31 PM2017-12-16
XOJ 750XOJET4:30 PM5:28 PM2017-04-11
XOJ 765XOJET12:30 PM2018-01-30
XOJ 767XOJET7:30 PM9:07 PM2018-01-01
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