Flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Tokyo, JP (NRT)

List of all flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Tokyo, JP (NRT), list of airlines operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Tokyo, JP (NRT), departures from LAX and arrivals to NRT. The flight on this route is an international flight (from United States to Japan). There are 58 flights on this route. The distance from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Tokyo, JP (NRT) is 8,753 km (5,439 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Los Angeles International Airport - is GMT-07:00. The current time is Thursday 2018-10-18 10:44 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Narita International Airport - is GMT+09:00, The current time is Friday 2018-10-19 02:44 PM.

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List of 58 flights operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Tokyo, JP (NRT).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
3U 9700Sichuan Airlines7:30 AM1:00 PM2017-12-20
5Y 2101Atlas Air10:40 AM2018-03-20
5Y 2103Atlas Air4:15 AM2017-10-25
5Y 2105Atlas Air6:30 PM2017-08-09
5Y 2133Atlas Air12:55 AM2018-06-12
5Y 2139Atlas Air9:15 AM2018-06-29
5Y 23Atlas Air9:25 AM2018-08-02
5Y 7101Atlas Air6:20 AM2017-10-28
5Y 7125Atlas Air3:16 AM2017-05-03
5Y 7139Atlas Air10:25 PM2018-10-17
5Y 7195Atlas Air6:15 AM2017-02-01
5Y 7197Atlas Air2:45 AM2017-05-06
5Y 8053Atlas Air5:20 PM2017-04-20
5Y 8055Atlas Air6:10 AM2017-04-21
5Y 8870Atlas Air4:40 AM2018-09-19
AA 169American Airlines12:05 PM2018-10-18
AA 8407American Airlines1:15 PM2018-10-18
AI 7205Air India2:45 PM2018-10-18
B6 5305JetBlue Airways10:00 AM1:30 PM2017-08-01
CI 5167China Airlines11:20 AM2017-05-25
DL 283Delta Air Lines5:41 PM9:27 PM2016-10-28
DL 9901Delta Air Lines8:00 AM11:41 AM2016-12-13
GG* 8801Sky Lease Cargo10:30 AM2:10 PM2018-04-14
JL 61JAL1:15 PM2018-10-18
JL 7015JAL12:05 PM2018-10-18
JL 8069JAL1:45 PM4:55 PM2018-09-11
KZ 101NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines7:15 AM9:46 AM2018-07-23
KZ 103NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines10:35 AM2017-09-12
KZ 105NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines2:45 AM5:09 AM2018-07-24
KZ 139NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines9:15 AM2018-05-03
KZ 143NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines2:45 PM2016-10-06
KZ 195NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines8:45 AM2016-10-07
KZ 303NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines7:30 PM1:35 AM2016-12-06
KZ 5101NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines1:55 AM2018-01-03
KZ 5105NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines1:55 AM2018-03-09
KZ 5139NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines5:50 AM2018-05-04
KZ 7101NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines5:25 AM10:40 AM2018-06-23
KZ 7105NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines1:15 AM6:30 AM2018-06-22
LA 7455LATAM Airlines1:15 PM2018-10-18
LA 8351LATAM Airlines7:10 AM9:25 AM2017-03-25
MH 9113Malaysia Airlines1:15 PM2018-10-18
MH 9431Malaysia Airlines12:05 PM2018-10-18
NH 175ANA11:45 AM3:25 PM2018-10-07
NH 179ANA2:20 AM2018-03-17
NH 5ANA12:45 PM2018-10-18
NH 7019ANA11:15 AM2:55 PM2018-10-18
OZ 6607Asiana Airlines11:45 AM3:40 PM2017-10-28
PO 217Polar Air Cargo4:50 AM2:15 PM2018-07-23
PO 715Polar Air Cargo3:05 AM2018-10-16
PO 717Polar Air Cargo2:20 PM5:57 PM2018-10-15
RKS 2Phenix Jet11:00 AM4:21 PM2018-09-18
SQ 11Singapore Airlines2:45 PM2018-10-18
SQ 9Singapore Airlines8:50 PM2016-10-23
TG 6093Thai Airways International12:45 PM2018-10-18
UA 32United Airlines11:15 AM2:55 PM2018-10-18
UA 7925United Airlines11:45 AM3:25 PM2018-10-05
UA 7945United Airlines12:45 PM2018-10-18
VN 3015Vietnam Airlines10:30 AM2:15 PM2016-10-28
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