Flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Miami, US (MIA)

List of all flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Miami, US (MIA), list of airlines operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Miami, US (MIA), departures from LAX and arrivals to MIA. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 328 flights on this route. The distance from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Miami, US (MIA) is 3,762 km (2,338 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Los Angeles International Airport - is GMT-08:00. The current time is Friday 2018-12-14 10:08 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Miami International Airport - is GMT-05:00, The current time is Friday 2018-12-14 01:08 PM.

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List of 328 flights operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Miami, US (MIA).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 100NetJets Aviation6:18 AM2016-10-17
1I 141NetJets Aviation4:03 PM2018-02-07
1I 142NetJets Aviation11:09 AM2018-01-07
1I 730NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2018-12-05
1I 731NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2017-10-04
1I 737NetJets Aviation9:15 AM2018-03-09
1I 738NetJets Aviation6:24 PM2018-04-26
1I 760NetJets Aviation11:33 AM2018-12-03
1I 765NetJets Aviation6:54 PM7:36 PM2017-04-19
1I 775NetJets Aviation6:20 AM2018-08-24
1I 777NetJets Aviation12:26 PM3:06 PM2017-06-12
1I 906NetJets Aviation8:21 AM2017-08-08
1I 914NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2017-05-11
1I 927NetJets Aviation7:43 AM7:09 PM2018-03-29
1I 948NetJets Aviation8:30 AM2016-08-31
1I 966NetJets Aviation2:58 PM2016-12-17
4M 6369LATAM Airlines Argentina8:00 AM2018-12-14
4M 6374LATAM Airlines Argentina8:50 AM2018-12-14
4M 6382LATAM Airlines Argentina6:05 AM2:18 PM2018-10-03
4M 6387LATAM Airlines Argentina8:00 AM4:23 PM2018-08-20
4M 6425LATAM Airlines Argentina11:05 PM7:01 AM2018-12-08
4M 6428LATAM Airlines Argentina7:50 PM9:45 PM2017-06-24
4M 6429LATAM Airlines Argentina9:35 PM5:29 AM2018-12-08
5X 2336UPS3:22 PM5:39 PM2016-12-22
5Y 5505Atlas Air8:00 AM2017-10-07
5Y 7655Atlas Air6:15 AM2017-07-27
5Y 8575Atlas Air4:00 AM2018-09-17
5Y 8673Atlas Air9:45 AM2017-06-11
5Y 8675Atlas Air10:30 AM2016-11-22
5Y 8679Atlas Air1:05 AM2016-10-05
5Y 8814Atlas Air5:00 AM2017-01-03
5Y 9013Atlas Air12:50 PM2016-10-31
5Y 9048Atlas Air5:20 PM2017-05-29
5Y 9057Atlas Air5:10 PM2017-08-12
5Y 9662Atlas Air9:30 AM2018-02-01
5Y 97Atlas Air5:00 AM2017-05-18
AA 1003American Airlines7:29 AM8:55 AM2016-08-31
AA 1024American Airlines7:46 AM9:45 AM2018-04-02
AA 1042American Airlines11:06 AM1:25 PM2017-05-09
AA 1088American Airlines7:15 AM9:30 AM2018-06-06
AA 1110American Airlines11:25 AM12:36 PM2018-10-03
AA 1184American Airlines4:47 PM8:35 PM2018-08-01
AA 1194American Airlines7:32 PM8:44 PM2018-06-06
AA 1217American Airlines2:01 PM9:55 PM2018-12-13
AA 1237American Airlines9:20 AM11:46 AM2017-05-02
AA 124American Airlines8:56 AM11:50 AM2017-03-01
AA 1267American Airlines8:02 PM9:59 PM2016-12-14
AA 1268American Airlines12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-13
AA 1297American Airlines7:30 AM10:24 AM2018-07-04
AA 1314American Airlines11:05 PM7:01 AM2018-12-14
AA 1405American Airlines12:59 AM5:53 AM2018-06-02
AA 1436American Airlines4:30 PM6:52 PM2017-08-01
AA 1454American Airlines7:20 PM8:56 PM2018-10-03
AA 1467American Airlines5:00 PM10:30 PM2018-06-06
AA 1473American Airlines8:50 AM2018-12-14
AA 1538American Airlines7:06 AM9:25 AM2018-06-07
AA 1565American Airlines7:05 AM10:43 AM2017-01-01
AA 1600American Airlines1:47 PM5:55 PM2016-11-12
AA 223American Airlines12:55 AM7:49 AM2018-11-04
AA 2237American Airlines9:35 PM5:29 AM2018-12-14
AA 225American Airlines3:14 PM2018-03-03
AA 2255American Airlines6:57 AM8:15 AM2018-08-20
AA 2284American Airlines5:50 AM8:21 AM2018-11-04
AA 2317American Airlines6:20 PM2017-11-01
AA 2374American Airlines8:35 PM11:26 PM2017-10-01
AA 2385American Airlines6:14 AM7:40 AM2017-12-02
AA 243American Airlines3:30 PM6:54 PM2016-11-01
AA 246American Airlines9:49 PM6:08 AM2016-12-02
AA 2471American Airlines4:45 PM2018-06-07
AA 251American Airlines1:40 PM2018-05-22
AA 2536American Airlines2:55 PM2017-07-02
AA 256American Airlines9:20 AM2017-01-31
AA 258American Airlines8:30 AM10:37 AM2017-03-12
AA 2586American Airlines3:04 PM5:45 PM2018-05-03
AA 260American Airlines11:12 AM12:20 PM2018-06-06
AA 2600American Airlines7:50 AM11:24 AM2018-04-02
AA 268American Airlines3:04 PM6:15 PM2018-07-02
AA 270American Airlines6:45 AM7:47 AM2017-04-01
AA 274American Airlines12:45 PM9:07 PM2017-12-14
AA 275American Airlines2:10 PM2018-06-06
AA 306American Airlines7:44 AM8:58 AM2018-08-31
AA 313American Airlines8:00 AM2018-12-14
AA 314American Airlines5:34 PM8:18 PM2018-08-20
AA 317American Airlines8:25 AM2:47 PM2018-10-01
AA 326American Airlines10:37 PM11:49 PM2017-06-02
AA 330American Airlines1:06 AM6:15 AM2016-10-01
AA 340American Airlines12:10 AM8:09 AM2018-12-14
AA 342American Airlines12:10 AM8:09 AM2018-12-02
AA 383American Airlines8:35 AM11:51 AM2018-01-07
AA 384American Airlines7:37 AM8:45 AM2018-05-02
AA 68American Airlines4:05 PM6:30 AM2017-11-28
AA 84American Airlines10:15 PM11:42 PM2017-03-11
AA 9240American Airlines11:00 PM12:35 AM2018-03-30
AA 9242American Airlines4:30 PM8:37 PM2018-04-15
AA 9246American Airlines6:15 PM7:30 PM2018-08-29
AA 9251American Airlines8:00 AM4:26 PM2018-07-30
AA 9642American Airlines6:00 PM9:15 PM2018-03-30
AA 9643American Airlines8:00 AM1:45 PM2016-09-05
AA 9649American Airlines8:00 AM9:00 AM2016-12-20
AA 9650American Airlines8:30 AM10:30 AM2018-04-26
AA 9652American Airlines1:00 PM2:00 PM2018-03-30
AA 9654American Airlines7:00 AM7:42 AM2018-02-05
AA 9659American Airlines10:00 AM2018-04-26
AA 978American Airlines7:40 AM2018-11-01
AA 99American Airlines7:45 AM10:30 AM2017-04-03
AS 1099Alaska Airlines10:00 AM12:52 PM2016-09-15
AS 1143Alaska Airlines5:30 PM8:29 PM2016-09-15
AS 1357Alaska Airlines7:25 PM11:30 PM2016-09-16
AS 1417Alaska Airlines1:45 PM4:05 PM2016-09-16
AS 1492Alaska Airlines12:35 PM8:44 PM2016-09-15
AS 1588Alaska Airlines11:00 AM2016-09-15
AS 1702Alaska Airlines8:40 AM4:54 PM2016-09-15
AS 6016Alaska Airlines10:10 AM11:49 AM2017-01-08
AS 6331Alaska Airlines8:20 AM9:21 AM2017-05-31
AS 6402Alaska Airlines9:50 AM5:56 PM2017-05-31
AS 6425Alaska Airlines12:55 AM2017-05-31
AS 6450Alaska Airlines6:15 AM2:20 PM2017-05-31
AS 6611Alaska Airlines10:50 PM5:50 AM2017-03-24
AS 6656Alaska Airlines4:55 PM2017-05-31
AS 6727Alaska Airlines12:55 AM2017-05-02
AS 6757Alaska Airlines11:10 AM7:25 PM2017-05-31
AS 6813Alaska Airlines11:45 PM7:53 AM2017-06-01
AS 8032Alaska Airlines9:45 PM5:44 AM2017-06-01
AS 8091Alaska Airlines11:15 AM7:41 PM2017-03-01
AS 8107Alaska Airlines12:45 PM2:06 PM2017-03-31
AY 4111Finnair8:50 AM4:43 PM2018-12-13
BA 1693British Airways2:01 PM9:55 PM2018-12-13
BA 1742British Airways9:35 PM5:29 AM2018-12-14
BA 1770British Airways10:35 PM5:36 AM2018-11-04
BA 2442British Airways12:10 AM8:09 AM2018-12-02
BA 5163British Airways9:45 AM1:46 PM2016-10-28
BA 5242British Airways12:10 AM8:09 AM2018-12-14
BA 5594British Airways8:50 AM2018-12-14
BA 6652British Airways9:30 PM5:25 AM2018-04-03
BA 6975British Airways12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-12
BA 7873British Airways8:20 AM4:37 PM2017-10-31
BA 8663British Airways6:15 AM2:20 PM2017-06-01
BSK 391Miami Air International3:30 PM2018-03-17
BSK 541Miami Air International9:50 AM2018-05-13
CI 9008China Airlines9:50 AM6:07 PM2018-08-11
CV 43Cargolux11:00 PM2018-12-02
CV 4316Cargolux11:50 PM1:45 AM2018-12-09
CV 432Cargolux3:15 PM2018-10-21
CV 4327Cargolux3:45 AM2018-12-09
CV 454Cargolux3:30 PM2018-03-11
CX 7503Cathay Pacific12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-13
CX 7537Cathay Pacific7:15 PM9:50 PM2017-03-25
CX 7570Cathay Pacific11:05 PM7:01 AM2018-12-14
CX 7756Cathay Pacific12:35 PM8:40 PM2018-03-24
CX 7784Cathay Pacific12:10 AM7:09 AM2018-11-04
CZ 1163China Southern Airlines10:25 PM6:21 AM2018-06-08
DCS 101DC Aviation5:00 PM2017-02-24
DL 1340Delta Air Lines8:30 AM2017-10-15
DL 1606Delta Air Lines9:13 PM10:51 PM2017-04-30
DL 1743Delta Air Lines8:15 AM10:23 AM2018-05-01
DL 1858Delta Air Lines5:55 PM8:09 PM2018-08-11
DL 1884Delta Air Lines8:20 AM2017-01-06
DL 2190Delta Air Lines8:05 AM11:27 AM2017-12-30
DL 2497Delta Air Lines10:30 AM1:32 PM2018-01-02
DL 2554Delta Air Lines9:07 AM2017-03-08
DL 2617Delta Air Lines3:48 PM6:15 PM2017-06-30
DL 731Delta Air Lines5:18 PM6:49 PM2016-12-28
DL 781Delta Air Lines7:40 PM8:53 PM2018-06-29
DL 838Delta Air Lines11:05 AM2:33 PM2018-07-07
DL 8886Delta Air Lines12:05 AM2018-04-26
DL 979Delta Air Lines7:25 AM8:48 AM2016-12-24
FJ 5039Fiji Airways9:23 PM4:26 AM2018-11-04
FJ 5050Fiji Airways7:00 PM9:48 PM2017-01-29
FJ 5071Fiji Airways2:01 PM9:55 PM2018-12-13
FJ 5100Fiji Airways5:45 AM8:54 AM2018-02-11
FX 3049FedEx11:13 AM2018-12-14
FX 3059FedEx9:05 AM2016-12-30
FX 441FedEx5:37 AM10:42 AM2017-01-10
GF 4135Gulf Air8:50 AM2018-12-14
GF 4178Gulf Air2:32 PM7:29 PM2018-04-02
GF 4210Gulf Air8:00 AM4:08 PM2018-10-26
GG* 590Sky Lease Cargo8:00 PM2018-03-27
GMA 814Gama Aviation10:00 PM2017-12-20
HU 8928Hainan Airlines9:10 PM5:14 AM2018-05-17
IB 4181Iberia12:10 AM8:09 AM2018-12-14
IB 4378Iberia6:05 AM2:05 PM2018-04-02
IB 4398Iberia8:50 AM2018-12-14
IB 4413Iberia5:34 PM8:18 PM2018-11-01
IB 4702Iberia12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-12
IB 7160Iberia8:33 PM9:46 PM2018-10-27
JJ 2011LATAM Airlines Brasil2:01 PM9:55 PM2018-12-13
JJ 2018LATAM Airlines Brasil12:10 AM8:09 AM2018-12-14
JJ 2041LATAM Airlines Brasil10:35 PM5:36 AM2018-11-04
JJ 2081LATAM Airlines Brasil8:50 AM2018-12-14
JJ 2098LATAM Airlines Brasil8:00 AM2018-12-14
JJ 2113LATAM Airlines Brasil9:35 PM5:29 AM2018-12-14
JJ 2187LATAM Airlines Brasil12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-13
JJ 2287LATAM Airlines Brasil12:35 AM8:37 AM2018-06-06
JJ 2369LATAM Airlines Brasil11:05 PM7:01 AM2018-12-13
JJ 2455LATAM Airlines Brasil9:10 PM5:10 AM2018-06-07
JJ 7825LATAM Airlines Brasil6:55 AM8:03 AM2018-06-06
JJ 8380LATAM Airlines Brasil7:30 AM10:24 AM2018-07-02
JL 7518JAL12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-13
K4 9369Kalitta Air2:00 PM2017-04-11
KE 273Korean Air3:25 AM2017-05-18
KE 7433Korean Air12:45 PM9:02 PM2018-08-08
KL 6894KLM9:05 PM2016-12-24
LA 6492LATAM Airlines2:01 PM9:55 PM2018-12-13
LA 6497LATAM Airlines12:55 AM7:49 AM2018-11-04
LA 6553LATAM Airlines9:35 PM5:29 AM2018-12-13
LA 6574LATAM Airlines12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-13
LA 6598LATAM Airlines11:05 PM7:01 AM2018-12-14
LA 6643LATAM Airlines8:50 AM2018-12-14
LA 6802LATAM Airlines12:10 AM8:09 AM2018-12-14
LA 6840LATAM Airlines3:30 PM2018-10-03
LA 6841LATAM Airlines8:00 AM2018-12-14
LA 6893LATAM Airlines1:15 PM9:29 PM2018-07-04
LA 6971LATAM Airlines10:40 PM6:10 AM2017-06-01
LA 8177LATAM Airlines9:45 PM5:38 AM2017-03-11
LA 8188LATAM Airlines11:10 AM7:18 PM2017-03-25
LA 8603LATAM Airlines12:15 AM8:18 AM2017-03-25
LA 8621LATAM Airlines6:20 AM2:18 PM2017-03-25
LA 8629LATAM Airlines11:45 PM7:46 AM2017-03-26
LA 8709LATAM Airlines8:00 AM4:00 PM2017-03-25
LA 8737LATAM Airlines12:40 PM8:47 PM2017-03-25
LA 9049LATAM Airlines11:20 AM7:29 PM2017-02-26
LA 9068LATAM Airlines11:20 AM7:29 PM2017-02-15
LXJ 452Flexjet10:06 AM2017-01-12
LXJ 453Flexjet5:04 PM2018-01-15
LXJ 538Flexjet2:30 PM2017-03-10
LXJ 576Flexjet4:30 PM2018-01-06
MH 9330Malaysia Airlines12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-13
MH 9334Malaysia Airlines6:59 PM9:55 PM2018-06-07
MH 9339Malaysia Airlines10:35 PM5:36 AM2018-11-04
MH 9340Malaysia Airlines11:05 PM7:01 AM2018-12-14
MH 9370Malaysia Airlines12:10 AM8:09 AM2018-12-14
MH 9380Malaysia Airlines12:35 AM8:37 AM2018-06-06
MH 9383Malaysia Airlines12:55 AM7:49 AM2018-11-04
MH 9404Malaysia Airlines8:00 AM2018-12-14
MH 9445Malaysia Airlines11:00 AM7:09 PM2018-10-03
MH 9467Malaysia Airlines9:35 PM5:29 AM2018-12-14
MH 9586Malaysia Airlines2:01 PM9:55 PM2018-12-13
MU 4319China Eastern Airlines12:45 PM9:02 PM2018-08-08
N8 630National Airlines4:15 PM2017-10-24
PO 9612Polar Air Cargo11:00 PM2017-10-04
QF 3019Qantas4:59 PM6:45 PM2017-11-28
QF 3023Qantas10:35 PM5:36 AM2018-11-04
QF 3131Qantas8:00 AM2018-12-14
QF 3135Qantas12:10 AM8:09 AM2018-12-14
QF 3137Qantas11:05 PM7:01 AM2018-12-14
QF 3139Qantas9:35 PM5:29 AM2018-12-14
QF 3197Qantas2:01 PM9:55 PM2018-12-13
QF 3297Qantas8:50 AM2018-12-14
QF 3318Qantas12:55 AM7:49 AM2018-11-04
QF 4432Qantas11:00 AM7:09 PM2018-10-03
QF 4674Qantas12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-13
QR 8190Qatar Airways7:15 PM10:05 PM2017-12-10
RF 722Florida West International Airways6:30 AM2016-10-26
SWQ 9121Swift Air5:30 AM2016-10-23
TN 1204Air Tahiti Nui2:01 PM9:55 PM2018-12-13
TN 1206Air Tahiti Nui12:10 PM8:06 PM2018-12-13
TN 1208Air Tahiti Nui1:00 PM8:55 PM2017-01-09
TN 1210Air Tahiti Nui9:35 PM5:29 AM2018-12-14
TN 1216Air Tahiti Nui10:35 PM5:36 AM2018-11-04
UA 2207United Airlines7:40 PM8:28 PM2016-09-08
UA 2502United Airlines11:00 AM7:20 PM2018-05-14
UA 2753United Airlines9:15 PM10:53 PM2018-11-24
UA 2754United Airlines8:45 PM2018-11-25
UA 2774United Airlines7:00 AM7:41 AM2018-02-14
VA 6430Virgin Australia7:37 PM9:33 PM2018-07-03
VA 6454Virgin Australia6:05 PM2018-07-06
VA 6461Virgin Australia4:50 PM6:51 PM2018-06-08
VA 6467Virgin Australia9:25 AM2017-12-30
VA 6469Virgin Australia9:25 PM11:20 PM2018-01-02
VA 6477Virgin Australia9:05 PM11:28 PM2018-05-01
VA 6481Virgin Australia4:19 PM6:15 PM2018-08-11
VA 6498Virgin Australia7:00 AM8:28 AM2018-07-07
VA 6500Virgin Australia8:59 PM10:32 PM2017-05-28
VA 6502Virgin Australia11:59 PM8:25 AM2017-05-20
VA 6505Virgin Australia9:39 AM11:15 AM2017-09-16
VA 6523Virgin Australia4:46 PM6:46 PM2017-06-03
VA 6532Virgin Australia5:34 PM9:15 PM2017-09-18
VA 6537Virgin Australia10:05 AM2016-12-31
VA 6541Virgin Australia9:24 AM11:57 AM2017-06-10
VA 6546Virgin Australia10:40 PM12:35 AM2017-09-09
VA 6560Virgin Australia7:00 AM9:50 AM2017-06-07
VA 6562Virgin Australia7:00 AM10:03 AM2017-05-13
VA 6564Virgin Australia6:09 PM7:45 PM2017-08-19
VA 6570Virgin Australia12:31 PM2017-07-03
VA 6575Virgin Australia11:10 AM2018-06-29
VA 6580Virgin Australia8:53 AM10:23 AM2017-07-07
VA 6585Virgin Australia7:00 AM9:02 AM2017-09-30
VA 6594Virgin Australia4:28 PM5:27 PM2017-08-12
VA 6611Virgin Australia7:55 AM2017-06-11
VA 6614Virgin Australia3:12 PM4:32 PM2017-04-29
VA 6619Virgin Australia11:59 PM8:20 AM2017-03-08
VA 6631Virgin Australia11:05 AM2016-12-28
VA 6632Virgin Australia5:45 PM2016-12-30
VA 6650Virgin Australia12:55 PM3:08 PM2017-06-30
VA 6669Virgin Australia7:25 PM8:56 PM2017-08-14
VA 6706Virgin Australia11:15 AM1:20 PM2017-08-25
VA 6712Virgin Australia7:01 AM7:35 AM2017-04-16
VA 6715Virgin Australia6:15 AM8:41 AM2017-03-25
VA 6719Virgin Australia6:21 PM7:04 PM2017-09-03
VA 6721Virgin Australia1:25 PM2:49 PM2017-04-30
VA 6724Virgin Australia1:05 PM2:25 PM2017-09-01
VA 6791Virgin Australia9:45 AM12:31 PM2017-10-15
VA 6804Virgin Australia12:51 PM3:27 PM2017-06-09
VA 6873Virgin Australia8:04 AM9:34 AM2016-12-24
VA 6906Virgin Australia10:15 PM6:08 AM2017-05-29
VI 2082Volga-Dnepr11:30 PM2017-03-13
VS 2213Virgin Atlantic9:50 AM6:07 PM2018-08-11
VS 2214Virgin Atlantic10:15 PM6:08 AM2017-05-29
VX 8011Virgin America10:10 PM2016-12-06
VX 8361Virgin America5:00 PM2017-12-27
VX 8524Virgin America8:30 PM2017-05-17
VX 8621Virgin America8:30 AM2017-12-12
VX 8639Virgin America9:45 PM2016-10-08
VX 8845Virgin America7:00 AM2017-09-20
VX 9523Virgin America11:15 AM2017-04-18
VX 9635Virgin America1:00 PM2017-12-28
WS 5036WestJet12:30 AM8:32 AM2018-01-16
WS 5046WestJet11:15 PM7:15 AM2018-01-16
WS 5094WestJet9:40 PM5:35 AM2018-01-16
WS 5096WestJet12:30 PM8:38 PM2017-10-27
WS 5104WestJet10:55 PM6:50 AM2016-11-12
WS 7840WestJet9:50 AM6:07 PM2018-08-11
XOJ 545XOJET2:00 PM2:22 PM2018-11-20
XOJ 547XOJET11:47 AM2017-12-05
XOJ 557XOJET10:31 AM2018-01-13
XOJ 772XOJET5:15 PM2018-11-20
XOJ 784XOJET8:31 AM8:58 AM2018-01-04
XOJ 793XOJET1:30 PM2017-08-26
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