Flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Cincinnati, US (CVG)

List of all flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Cincinnati, US (CVG), list of airlines operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Cincinnati, US (CVG), departures from LAX and arrivals to CVG. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 141 flights on this route. The distance from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Cincinnati, US (CVG) is 3,051 km (1,896 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Los Angeles International Airport - is GMT-07:00. The current time is Saturday 2018-07-21 12:24 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport - is GMT-04:00, The current time is Saturday 2018-07-21 03:24 PM.

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List of 141 flights operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Cincinnati, US (CVG).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
5Y 2011Atlas Air2:00 AM2018-07-15
5Y 2948Atlas Air7:25 AM2017-12-29
5Y 50Atlas Air1:00 AM2017-05-18
5Y 512Atlas Air4:30 AM2018-07-19
5Y 518Atlas Air5:28 PM2018-07-17
AF 7065Air France1:25 PM2:25 PM2016-11-19
ATN 2010ATI5:16 AM2016-10-30
ATN 531ATI5:37 AM2017-04-08
ATN 620ATI12:30 PM2017-05-21
CZ 1018China Southern Airlines7:00 AM8:21 AM2016-10-15
CZ 1026China Southern Airlines12:20 PM7:35 PM2016-10-30
CZ 1033China Southern Airlines10:07 AM11:20 AM2016-09-10
CZ 1035China Southern Airlines10:55 PM6:07 AM2018-07-21
CZ 1036China Southern Airlines2:40 PM9:56 PM2018-07-18
CZ 1043China Southern Airlines3:35 PM2016-09-02
CZ 1050China Southern Airlines7:58 PM9:50 PM2016-09-24
CZ 1079China Southern Airlines8:34 AM10:25 AM2016-10-22
CZ 1115China Southern Airlines9:59 PM9:41 PM2016-10-01
DL 1223Delta Air Lines4:42 PM5:50 PM2017-02-16
DL 1246Delta Air Lines8:10 AM9:40 AM2018-07-20
DL 1253Delta Air Lines7:35 AM10:55 AM2017-04-30
DL 1267Delta Air Lines7:28 PM10:23 PM2018-03-02
DL 1314Delta Air Lines10:55 PM6:07 AM2018-07-21
DL 1479Delta Air Lines10:05 PM11:37 PM2016-09-24
DL 1600Delta Air Lines10:26 PM11:59 PM2016-11-05
DL 1721Delta Air Lines10:55 AM2:18 PM2018-07-07
DL 1780Delta Air Lines11:30 AM2018-07-21
DL 1799Delta Air Lines7:00 AM12:39 PM2018-04-02
DL 1933Delta Air Lines12:09 PM2016-09-29
DL 1958Delta Air Lines5:15 PM8:26 PM2017-03-31
DL 2359Delta Air Lines6:35 AM8:55 AM2017-06-30
DL 2443Delta Air Lines11:35 AM2018-01-03
DL 2519Delta Air Lines1:42 PM2018-01-02
DL 259Delta Air Lines11:15 AM1:06 PM2016-12-28
DL 619Delta Air Lines6:48 AM8:15 AM2016-10-01
DL 677Delta Air Lines7:45 PM8:57 PM2017-12-20
DL 689Delta Air Lines10:20 PM2016-11-05
DL 879Delta Air Lines6:58 PM8:09 PM2018-04-28
DL 8883Delta Air Lines4:00 PM5:37 PM2017-06-01
DL 8892Delta Air Lines7:00 AM12:25 PM2017-05-04
DL 921Delta Air Lines2:32 PM2018-06-07
F9 1178Frontier Airlines12:14 PM2018-07-21
F9 1180Frontier Airlines4:35 PM11:55 PM2017-10-05
F9 1182Frontier Airlines10:30 PM5:41 AM2016-10-30
F9 2180Frontier Airlines8:30 AM3:50 PM2017-09-12
G4 1361Allegiant Air9:51 AM4:59 PM2018-07-20
G4 376Allegiant Air7:00 AM2:15 PM2018-05-14
G4 4351Allegiant Air3:30 PM2017-12-17
GB 1403ABX Air1:57 PM2017-12-30
GB 2008ABX Air11:30 PM2017-08-26
GB 2010ABX Air1:30 AM2017-06-08
GB 2011ABX Air5:40 AM2017-11-30
GB 2040ABX Air4:50 AM2017-05-14
GB 403ABX Air8:13 PM2018-07-21
GB 50ABX Air11:15 PM2018-06-22
GB 811ABX Air6:15 PM2017-11-28
GB 90ABX Air8:01 PM2017-11-08
K4 258Kalitta Air10:45 AM8:55 PM2018-01-14
K4 277Kalitta Air5:05 AM2018-03-06
K4 823Kalitta Air2:35 PM2018-02-12
K4 9247Kalitta Air12:45 AM2017-05-01
KE 7401Korean Air12:25 PM7:44 PM2018-07-20
KE 7527Korean Air10:55 PM6:07 AM2018-07-21
KL 6748KLM10:55 PM6:07 AM2018-07-21
KL 6768KLM8:40 PM10:26 PM2017-04-30
KL 8018KLM2:40 PM9:56 PM2018-07-18
MU 1743China Eastern Airlines4:20 PM2018-05-27
MU 1748China Eastern Airlines7:00 AM10:50 AM2018-07-08
MU 1750China Eastern Airlines7:59 PM10:35 PM2018-06-02
PO 238Polar Air Cargo11:45 PM1:52 AM2018-02-23
PO 243Polar Air Cargo9:30 AM2018-06-24
PO 718Polar Air Cargo7:10 AM12:52 PM2018-06-25
PO 7680Polar Air Cargo9:30 AM7:18 PM2017-12-11
PO 8958Polar Air Cargo4:25 AM2018-02-10
PO 916Polar Air Cargo2:50 PM2018-07-07
PO 927Polar Air Cargo5:45 AM9:40 AM2018-01-04
PO 968Polar Air Cargo10:55 AM2017-08-28
PO 997Polar Air Cargo5:45 AM9:13 AM2017-10-06
SOO 276Southern Air3:05 PM2017-12-17
SOO 96Southern Air4:00 AM2018-03-01
SOO 9778Southern Air4:00 PM2018-07-18
SWQ 9017Swift Air3:06 PM2017-01-09
UA 2237United Airlines11:09 PM7:33 AM2016-09-01
VA 6412Virgin Australia2:35 PM3:39 PM2017-09-04
VA 6416Virgin Australia8:20 AM9:50 AM2017-09-02
VA 6421Virgin Australia2:45 PM4:20 PM2017-11-22
VA 6422Virgin Australia7:00 AM8:04 AM2017-09-09
VA 6423Virgin Australia9:25 AM2017-09-03
VA 6432Virgin Australia8:34 AM10:25 AM2018-04-28
VA 6434Virgin Australia8:10 AM11:08 AM2018-04-01
VA 6450Virgin Australia7:30 AM2:53 PM2018-01-03
VA 6459Virgin Australia2:40 PM4:42 PM2017-12-20
VA 6460Virgin Australia9:15 AM11:27 AM2018-03-02
VA 6462Virgin Australia10:20 AM2018-01-02
VA 6463Virgin Australia4:30 PM7:13 PM2018-04-01
VA 6465Virgin Australia11:30 AM2018-07-21
VA 6468Virgin Australia8:12 AM9:35 AM2018-07-16
VA 6519Virgin Australia9:51 AM11:35 AM2017-11-21
VA 6520Virgin Australia10:24 PM12:05 AM2017-07-05
VA 6521Virgin Australia10:05 PM5:53 AM2018-01-01
VA 6522Virgin Australia8:10 AM9:40 AM2018-07-20
VA 6523Virgin Australia4:40 PM2017-08-26
VA 6527Virgin Australia3:05 PM2017-06-11
VA 6528Virgin Australia9:20 PM10:57 PM2016-09-10
VA 6532Virgin Australia2:06 PM2017-09-08
VA 6534Virgin Australia7:28 PM10:05 PM2016-12-17
VA 6535Virgin Australia5:30 AM12:53 PM2018-05-20
VA 6537Virgin Australia4:40 PM8:10 PM2017-03-09
VA 6540Virgin Australia1:55 PM4:58 PM2017-03-13
VA 6542Virgin Australia9:55 AM1:00 PM2016-11-05
VA 6543Virgin Australia1:45 PM3:34 PM2018-06-07
VA 6544Virgin Australia9:11 PM11:01 PM2017-02-19
VA 6545Virgin Australia8:20 AM9:54 AM2017-08-19
VA 6546Virgin Australia10:40 PM12:37 AM2016-09-03
VA 6547Virgin Australia9:55 PM11:35 PM2017-11-18
VA 6553Virgin Australia7:10 PM8:33 PM2018-05-04
VA 6554Virgin Australia12:17 PM4:00 PM2016-09-04
VA 6555Virgin Australia5:00 PM10:08 PM2017-06-08
VA 6565Virgin Australia10:30 PM5:55 AM2017-08-12
VA 6566Virgin Australia12:18 PM2:19 PM2017-06-24
VA 6578Virgin Australia9:10 PM12:25 AM2017-09-01
VA 6579Virgin Australia4:35 PM2016-09-02
VA 6591Virgin Australia10:55 PM6:07 AM2018-07-21
VA 6593Virgin Australia9:30 AM12:15 PM2018-04-10
VA 6608Virgin Australia7:40 PM11:10 PM2018-03-01
VA 6617Virgin Australia7:45 PM11:00 PM2017-08-23
VA 6618Virgin Australia8:25 AM11:16 AM2016-11-05
VA 6620Virgin Australia7:25 PM9:25 PM2017-05-16
VA 6621Virgin Australia5:55 PM11:44 PM2017-08-25
VA 6622Virgin Australia7:59 AM11:23 AM2018-07-07
VA 6634Virgin Australia4:30 PM6:21 PM2017-04-01
VA 6639Virgin Australia12:15 PM2:06 PM2016-09-29
VA 6640Virgin Australia6:30 AM8:46 AM2016-12-29
VA 6652Virgin Australia2:30 PM4:32 PM2017-08-14
VA 6663Virgin Australia1:41 PM5:22 PM2018-01-07
VA 6683Virgin Australia10:45 AM2017-03-31
VA 6685Virgin Australia1:50 PM2016-12-28
VA 6687Virgin Australia3:30 PM5:10 PM2017-03-07
VA 6688Virgin Australia6:20 PM12:10 AM2017-01-01
VS 2206Virgin Atlantic11:30 AM2018-07-21
VS 2207Virgin Atlantic12:25 PM7:44 PM2018-07-20
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