Flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Baltimore, US (BWI)

List of all flights from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Baltimore, US (BWI), list of airlines operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Baltimore, US (BWI), departures from LAX and arrivals to BWI. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 179 flights on this route. The distance from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Baltimore, US (BWI) is 3,740 km (2,324 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Los Angeles International Airport - is GMT-07:00. The current time is Sunday 2018-07-22 07:23 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport - is GMT-04:00, The current time is Sunday 2018-07-22 10:23 AM.

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List of 179 flights operating on the route from Los Angeles, US (LAX) to Baltimore, US (BWI).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 269NetJets Aviation7:00 PM2017-10-13
5P* 777ACM Air Charter6:15 AM2017-12-12
5Y 4846Atlas Air8:55 PM2017-02-27
AA 7143American Airlines10:05 PM6:08 AM2017-02-01
AS 740Alaska Airlines9:35 PM5:40 AM2018-07-21
CA 7268Air China9:50 PM5:56 AM2018-07-22
EJM 37Executive Jet Management2:30 PM2017-07-06
EJM 585Executive Jet Management8:30 AM4:11 PM2018-06-29
LA 5076LATAM Airlines9:35 PM5:40 AM2018-07-21
LA 5108LATAM Airlines9:10 PM5:12 AM2017-08-26
LA 9328LATAM Airlines9:05 PM5:00 AM2017-03-25
NK 128Spirit Airlines11:40 PM7:44 AM2018-07-22
NK 148Spirit Airlines3:40 PM11:46 PM2018-05-24
NK 8523Spirit Airlines6:05 AM8:35 AM2017-09-12
NK 8606Spirit Airlines7:00 PM9:10 PM2018-01-16
SQ 1247Singapore Airlines9:35 PM5:40 AM2018-07-21
UA 1193United Airlines12:42 PM3:43 PM2016-10-30
UA 1529United Airlines6:45 PM2017-06-08
UA 1701United Airlines9:50 PM5:56 AM2018-07-22
UA 1989United Airlines7:10 AM2018-01-07
UA 2020United Airlines12:05 PM2017-12-20
UA 2048United Airlines7:25 PM8:40 PM2017-05-05
UA 306United Airlines11:35 AM2:58 PM2016-12-15
UA 346United Airlines1:59 PM8:19 PM2017-11-26
UA 482United Airlines8:07 AM2017-01-04
UA 490United Airlines3:33 PM5:40 PM2017-06-07
UA 706United Airlines12:36 PM9:04 PM2017-04-04
WN 1034Southwest Airlines6:40 AM2:35 PM2018-07-20
WN 1071Southwest Airlines9:40 PM11:05 PM2017-04-24
WN 1224Southwest Airlines11:45 AM3:25 PM2017-11-03
WN 1225Southwest Airlines10:40 PM12:50 AM2018-01-08
WN 1243Southwest Airlines2:55 PM6:20 PM2018-02-04
WN 1303Southwest Airlines8:25 PM9:20 PM2017-03-04
WN 1311Southwest Airlines8:35 PM9:50 PM2017-03-08
WN 1318Southwest Airlines7:45 PM10:55 PM2016-11-26
WN 1393Southwest Airlines12:35 PM8:45 PM2018-07-20
WN 1410Southwest Airlines6:25 PM12:15 AM2016-11-27
WN 1423Southwest Airlines10:05 PM10:30 PM2016-11-04
WN 1459Southwest Airlines9:05 PM11:55 PM2017-12-24
WN 1474Southwest Airlines7:55 PM10:45 PM2016-12-31
WN 1514Southwest Airlines5:00 PM9:10 PM2017-05-29
WN 1515Southwest Airlines8:00 AM2017-08-14
WN 1531Southwest Airlines9:10 PM12:05 AM2016-12-31
WN 1537Southwest Airlines7:45 PM1:00 AM2016-11-05
WN 1541Southwest Airlines3:55 PM11:55 PM2018-07-21
WN 1696Southwest Airlines7:50 PM2017-06-02
WN 1711Southwest Airlines6:45 PM8:45 PM2017-03-08
WN 1721Southwest Airlines5:05 PM6:05 PM2017-04-24
WN 1792Southwest Airlines10:45 PM12:05 AM2018-04-06
WN 1808Southwest Airlines8:50 PM2017-08-14
WN 1817Southwest Airlines3:40 PM4:55 PM2018-07-04
WN 1833Southwest Airlines5:30 AM6:40 AM2018-04-06
WN 1839Southwest Airlines4:05 PM7:25 PM2018-04-06
WN 1944Southwest Airlines1:55 PM3:10 PM2017-06-02
WN 199Southwest Airlines1:45 PM6:50 PM2017-03-09
WN 2001Southwest Airlines10:50 PM12:15 AM2018-03-07
WN 2023Southwest Airlines8:30 AM10:50 AM2016-11-24
WN 2128Southwest Airlines5:30 PM6:55 PM2017-09-23
WN 2160Southwest Airlines8:35 AM11:05 AM2017-09-23
WN 2190Southwest Airlines11:05 AM12:15 PM2017-01-03
WN 2203Southwest Airlines9:25 AM10:35 AM2017-12-30
WN 2225Southwest Airlines6:05 PM2017-06-02
WN 2247Southwest Airlines8:15 AM12:10 PM2018-04-07
WN 2281Southwest Airlines11:00 AM12:15 PM2018-04-01
WN 2345Southwest Airlines8:05 PM9:20 PM2018-01-06
WN 2348Southwest Airlines9:10 PM2017-11-04
WN 2350Southwest Airlines6:35 PM7:55 PM2018-06-03
WN 2355Southwest Airlines6:50 PM2018-03-10
WN 242Southwest Airlines2:55 PM2016-12-24
WN 2477Southwest Airlines8:40 PM10:25 PM2017-11-04
WN 250Southwest Airlines10:40 AM11:50 AM2017-09-30
WN 2536Southwest Airlines6:40 AM2018-06-03
WN 2641Southwest Airlines11:10 AM2017-04-22
WN 2683Southwest Airlines6:55 PM10:15 PM2017-06-03
WN 2729Southwest Airlines6:05 AM8:35 AM2017-08-12
WN 2776Southwest Airlines7:25 AM2017-06-03
WN 2787Southwest Airlines6:05 AM7:25 AM2018-03-03
WN 2804Southwest Airlines11:00 AM2018-03-04
WN 2848Southwest Airlines6:40 PM8:05 PM2017-05-21
WN 2902Southwest Airlines8:50 PM10:40 PM2018-04-07
WN 2934Southwest Airlines4:35 PM2018-03-10
WN 2945Southwest Airlines9:40 PM11:00 PM2017-01-04
WN 2971Southwest Airlines6:15 PM7:20 PM2016-11-04
WN 2988Southwest Airlines7:45 PM10:25 PM2018-05-27
WN 3033Southwest Airlines8:25 PM10:05 PM2017-10-28
WN 3143Southwest Airlines3:40 PM6:10 PM2017-04-23
WN 3154Southwest Airlines3:40 PM2016-11-05
WN 3160Southwest Airlines10:40 AM12:55 PM2017-04-23
WN 3288Southwest Airlines8:10 PM11:20 PM2017-01-04
WN 3384Southwest Airlines6:45 PM8:15 PM2018-01-07
WN 3403Southwest Airlines8:45 PM11:35 PM2017-12-31
WN 3458Southwest Airlines8:20 PM11:25 PM2017-09-03
WN 3490Southwest Airlines7:55 PM2017-02-05
WN 3585Southwest Airlines10:05 AM6:20 PM2018-07-21
WN 3632Southwest Airlines5:10 PM8:45 PM2017-09-03
WN 3651Southwest Airlines8:05 PM9:45 PM2018-06-02
WN 3678Southwest Airlines6:50 AM9:25 AM2017-08-13
WN 3683Southwest Airlines9:45 PM12:10 AM2017-09-24
WN 3689Southwest Airlines8:45 AM2017-10-29
WN 3695Southwest Airlines3:40 PM5:45 PM2018-03-04
WN 3704Southwest Airlines9:05 AM10:35 AM2017-10-29
WN 3771Southwest Airlines6:50 AM2:50 PM2018-07-21
WN 3787Southwest Airlines6:05 PM2017-08-14
WN 3851Southwest Airlines2:00 PM6:25 PM2016-12-17
WN 3873Southwest Airlines4:05 PM2017-11-23
WN 3884Southwest Airlines7:10 PM7:55 PM2016-12-25
WN 3896Southwest Airlines11:05 AM2017-09-24
WN 3982Southwest Airlines6:05 PM9:35 PM2016-12-17
WN 404Southwest Airlines10:05 PM12:05 AM2017-04-25
WN 4108Southwest Airlines7:30 AM2018-07-22
WN 4113Southwest Airlines3:15 PM2017-05-28
WN 4134Southwest Airlines6:45 PM9:30 PM2017-08-13
WN 416Southwest Airlines6:20 PM7:40 PM2016-11-08
WN 4233Southwest Airlines10:05 AM11:15 AM2017-03-08
WN 4332Southwest Airlines11:20 AM5:45 PM2018-01-07
WN 4443Southwest Airlines9:15 PM10:50 PM2018-01-07
WN 4482Southwest Airlines7:40 AM7:55 AM2017-10-29
WN 4506Southwest Airlines1:25 PM3:35 PM2017-05-28
WN 451Southwest Airlines7:50 PM11:10 PM2018-03-08
WN 455Southwest Airlines3:25 PM5:10 PM2017-01-04
WN 4601Southwest Airlines7:20 AM8:25 AM2017-11-03
WN 4614Southwest Airlines8:30 PM11:15 PM2017-08-12
WN 4626Southwest Airlines10:55 PM12:40 AM2017-09-24
WN 4658Southwest Airlines6:20 AM9:40 AM2017-12-30
WN 4661Southwest Airlines7:25 AM8:55 AM2017-04-23
WN 4676Southwest Airlines8:05 AM2018-06-02
WN 4685Southwest Airlines11:30 AM2017-03-05
WN 4718Southwest Airlines2:15 PM3:20 PM2018-01-06
WN 4729Southwest Airlines5:25 AM7:30 AM2017-02-14
WN 473Southwest Airlines9:30 PM2017-11-03
WN 4750Southwest Airlines3:40 PM4:45 PM2016-12-10
WN 4834Southwest Airlines10:05 AM2016-11-25
WN 491Southwest Airlines1:20 PM2:05 PM2017-11-25
WN 493Southwest Airlines9:10 AM10:35 AM2018-01-05
WN 4988Southwest Airlines11:35 AM2018-02-14
WN 4998Southwest Airlines2:05 PM2017-04-24
WN 5029Southwest Airlines4:15 PM2018-02-14
WN 5078Southwest Airlines6:35 AM8:25 AM2018-07-15
WN 508Southwest Airlines6:10 AM9:20 AM2018-03-07
WN 5091Southwest Airlines10:30 PM12:20 AM2017-01-02
WN 5158Southwest Airlines7:55 AM2018-01-02
WN 5159Southwest Airlines6:40 AM7:20 AM2017-08-14
WN 5176Southwest Airlines7:15 PM8:25 PM2018-04-07
WN 529Southwest Airlines8:55 AM2017-09-29
WN 5387Southwest Airlines6:05 PM7:40 PM2017-07-05
WN 5406Southwest Airlines11:25 AM2018-03-03
WN 542Southwest Airlines12:45 PM1:30 PM2018-06-06
WN 5435Southwest Airlines1:05 PM9:20 PM2018-07-15
WN 5445Southwest Airlines10:40 PM1:10 AM2018-06-06
WN 5450Southwest Airlines10:50 AM2018-03-03
WN 5457Southwest Airlines8:10 AM2018-01-05
WN 5458Southwest Airlines7:35 PM8:10 PM2017-07-04
WN 550Southwest Airlines7:30 PM7:50 PM2016-11-27
WN 5619Southwest Airlines9:30 AM10:35 AM2017-03-04
WN 5663Southwest Airlines7:55 PM10:50 PM2017-08-12
WN 5689Southwest Airlines10:00 AM2016-11-29
WN 5704Southwest Airlines5:50 AM11:50 AM2018-06-06
WN 5770Southwest Airlines12:15 PM8:30 PM2018-07-21
WN 5782Southwest Airlines12:05 PM2:20 PM2016-12-17
WN 588Southwest Airlines3:20 PM5:15 PM2017-10-31
WN 59Southwest Airlines10:45 PM11:40 PM2018-03-10
WN 5974Southwest Airlines6:35 PM7:10 PM2017-09-29
WN 6162Southwest Airlines3:20 PM5:45 PM2017-01-02
WN 6168Southwest Airlines4:40 PM7:10 PM2018-01-05
WN 6197Southwest Airlines10:50 AM7:05 PM2018-06-03
WN 6280Southwest Airlines9:55 PM11:35 PM2017-04-22
WN 6301Southwest Airlines9:20 AM2016-11-07
WN 6345Southwest Airlines6:05 PM8:25 PM2017-07-03
WN 672Southwest Airlines9:55 PM12:45 AM2017-01-05
WN 677Southwest Airlines9:25 PM10:55 PM2016-11-26
WN 6874Southwest Airlines2:05 PM9:55 PM2018-01-02
WN 717Southwest Airlines2:05 PM5:10 PM2016-11-25
WN 745Southwest Airlines8:25 PM11:25 PM2017-12-17
WN 8012Southwest Airlines7:50 AM11:15 AM2017-04-01
WN 828Southwest Airlines8:30 AM2017-09-30
WN 868Southwest Airlines7:45 PM10:35 PM2018-03-07
WN 869Southwest Airlines7:05 AM8:20 AM2016-12-24
WN 940Southwest Airlines10:35 PM1:20 AM2016-11-04
WN 957Southwest Airlines6:15 PM11:00 PM2016-09-03
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