Flights from Las Vegas, US (LAS) to New York, US (JFK)

List of all flights from Las Vegas, US (LAS) to New York, US (JFK), list of airlines operating on the route from Las Vegas, US (LAS) to New York, US (JFK), departures from LAS and arrivals to JFK. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 201 flights on this route. The distance from Las Vegas, US (LAS) to New York, US (JFK) is 3,609 km (2,243 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - McCarran International Airport - is GMT-07:00. The current time is Saturday 2018-10-20 07:38 PM. The time zone of the destination point - John F Kennedy International Airport - is GMT-04:00, The current time is Saturday 2018-10-20 10:38 PM.

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List of 201 flights operating on the route from Las Vegas, US (LAS) to New York, US (JFK).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
9W 8271Jet Airways (India)10:21 AM6:20 PM2018-10-19
9W 8272Jet Airways (India)6:15 AM2:19 PM2018-08-31
AA 1003American Airlines7:36 AM2018-04-29
AA 1263American Airlines1:00 PM3:58 PM2018-06-06
AA 1347American Airlines6:04 AM9:37 AM2017-05-30
AA 2American Airlines9:15 AM5:46 PM2018-03-09
AA 200American Airlines7:51 AM4:03 PM2018-10-01
AA 210American Airlines2:15 PM4:02 PM2018-06-06
AA 2229American Airlines9:45 AM12:32 PM2018-04-02
AA 4American Airlines11:30 AM8:08 PM2018-02-21
AA 65American Airlines6:30 PM2018-10-20
AA 9667American Airlines10:30 AM12:01 PM2018-08-05
AA 969American Airlines11:06 AM7:14 PM2018-10-20
AB 4511Air Berlin8:05 AM4:06 PM2017-03-25
AB 683Air Berlin11:30 AM7:33 PM2017-03-24
AF 2164Air France5:45 PM7:18 PM2018-09-30
AF 2275Air France8:35 PM10:00 PM2018-04-24
AF 2506Air France1:43 PM4:40 PM2018-09-28
AF 2578Air France12:41 PM2:48 PM2018-04-02
AF 5740Air France2:44 PM5:00 PM2018-09-29
AF 5785Air France4:15 PM7:22 PM2017-11-18
AF 5805Air France5:40 PM7:10 PM2017-06-30
AF 6833Air France3:11 PM4:05 PM2017-06-29
AF 8673Air France12:20 PM8:33 PM2018-07-07
AF 8847Air France7:02 AM2017-02-16
AS 1260Alaska Airlines10:05 PM5:57 AM2018-10-20
AT 9639Royal Air Maroc7:00 AM2018-10-19
AT 9641Royal Air Maroc3:56 PM11:58 PM2018-09-21
AT 9643Royal Air Maroc2:36 PM10:45 PM2018-06-09
AY 5746Finnair7:51 AM4:03 PM2018-10-01
AZ 3276Alitalia4:48 PM12:54 AM2018-09-01
AZ 3310Alitalia10:21 AM6:20 PM2018-10-19
AZ 3313Alitalia12:10 PM8:16 PM2018-09-30
AZ 3380Alitalia10:55 PM6:47 AM2018-10-20
AZ 5890Alitalia4:59 PM12:53 AM2018-10-20
B6 1224JetBlue Airways4:43 PM2017-12-11
B6 124JetBlue Airways8:01 AM4:30 PM2016-11-13
B6 1248JetBlue Airways11:48 PM7:50 AM2018-10-20
B6 1748JetBlue Airways2:40 PM10:49 PM2017-05-27
B6 1996JetBlue Airways1:46 PM9:46 PM2018-04-06
B6 2048JetBlue Airways8:30 AM4:19 PM2016-12-28
B6 24JetBlue Airways5:45 AM2:12 PM2016-10-20
B6 2478JetBlue Airways8:00 AM3:59 PM2016-10-23
B6 2748JetBlue Airways2:28 PM10:18 PM2018-02-25
B6 2945JetBlue Airways3:56 PM11:50 PM2018-10-21
B6 2948JetBlue Airways2:36 PM10:22 PM2018-06-14
B6 48JetBlue Airways10:55 AM7:00 PM2017-10-28
B6 6120JetBlue Airways7:40 PM8:25 PM2017-09-03
B6 6148JetBlue Airways10:00 AM10:45 AM2016-10-10
B6 6208JetBlue Airways10:00 AM6:00 PM2018-10-10
B6 748JetBlue Airways11:40 AM7:35 PM2018-10-20
B6 8004JetBlue Airways11:00 AM6:30 PM2018-07-05
B6 8048JetBlue Airways12:30 PM8:25 PM2018-01-13
B6 8145JetBlue Airways8:35 AM4:35 PM2018-07-09
B6 948JetBlue Airways7:00 AM2018-10-20
BA 1773British Airways10:25 PM6:29 AM2018-10-20
BA 1783British Airways5:29 PM7:31 PM2017-09-06
BA 5442British Airways7:51 AM4:03 PM2018-10-01
BA 5551British Airways11:06 AM7:14 PM2018-10-19
BA 8666British Airways11:20 AM7:27 PM2017-10-31
DL 1057Delta Air Lines7:39 PM9:25 PM2018-06-15
DL 1216Delta Air Lines5:35 AM12:44 PM2018-08-13
DL 1262Delta Air Lines3:05 PM4:56 PM2017-11-04
DL 1322Delta Air Lines7:52 PM2017-02-16
DL 1352Delta Air Lines2:25 PM4:11 PM2016-11-12
DL 1427Delta Air Lines11:19 AM1:00 PM2018-02-15
DL 1490Delta Air Lines6:30 PM9:03 PM2017-01-07
DL 1512Delta Air Lines8:55 AM10:12 AM2018-06-14
DL 1529Delta Air Lines3:37 PM7:30 PM2016-11-01
DL 1593Delta Air Lines3:30 PM5:42 PM2017-12-20
DL 1665Delta Air Lines10:47 AM1:07 PM2018-06-14
DL 1666Delta Air Lines1:10 PM3:19 PM2017-01-07
DL 1728Delta Air Lines2:04 PM7:44 PM2016-11-05
DL 1754Delta Air Lines5:45 PM6:39 PM2016-09-30
DL 1763Delta Air Lines3:29 PM6:06 PM2018-10-01
DL 1795Delta Air Lines11:38 AM12:48 PM2017-02-16
DL 1881Delta Air Lines10:12 PM2016-09-30
DL 2010Delta Air Lines8:05 PM2018-01-02
DL 2045Delta Air Lines3:18 PM4:59 PM2018-04-02
DL 2053Delta Air Lines5:30 PM7:53 PM2018-03-11
DL 2057Delta Air Lines1:06 PM2:16 PM2018-07-08
DL 2077Delta Air Lines6:12 AM8:37 AM2018-07-07
DL 2103Delta Air Lines7:25 PM10:53 PM2017-01-07
DL 2259Delta Air Lines7:25 AM9:31 AM2017-06-30
DL 2294Delta Air Lines4:59 PM12:53 AM2018-10-20
DL 2303Delta Air Lines10:45 PM2018-04-30
DL 2347Delta Air Lines11:35 AM1:34 PM2018-05-01
DL 2348Delta Air Lines10:45 PM6:14 AM2018-08-31
DL 2382Delta Air Lines8:10 AM9:29 AM2018-01-03
DL 2423Delta Air Lines8:30 AM8:55 AM2018-06-14
DL 2492Delta Air Lines12:10 PM8:16 PM2018-09-30
DL 2619Delta Air Lines5:35 PM8:27 PM2018-09-30
DL 2742Delta Air Lines1:39 PM4:09 PM2017-11-27
DL 2764Delta Air Lines11:00 AM11:43 AM2018-03-31
DL 2800Delta Air Lines8:15 PM9:46 PM2016-11-29
DL 343Delta Air Lines6:30 AM11:47 AM2018-09-30
DL 371Delta Air Lines7:00 AM8:20 AM2018-08-31
DL 4Delta Air Lines7:36 PM2017-10-28
DL 416Delta Air Lines10:00 PM9:57 AM2017-04-30
DL 44Delta Air Lines10:15 PM2016-10-31
DL 464Delta Air Lines9:10 AM11:16 AM2018-09-01
DL 508Delta Air Lines10:55 PM6:47 AM2018-10-20
DL 523Delta Air Lines5:28 PM6:26 PM2017-02-17
DL 539Delta Air Lines8:12 AM10:20 AM2018-08-19
DL 545Delta Air Lines12:35 PM2:28 PM2018-07-06
DL 659Delta Air Lines6:02 PM8:38 PM2017-03-21
DL 694Delta Air Lines11:01 AM12:09 PM2018-01-09
DL 714Delta Air Lines5:25 AM7:47 AM2018-06-15
DL 735Delta Air Lines7:45 PM10:38 PM2017-01-08
DL 738Delta Air Lines8:40 PM2017-03-30
DL 752Delta Air Lines2:55 PM4:33 PM2018-01-11
DL 775Delta Air Lines10:34 AM12:59 PM2018-08-12
DL 776Delta Air Lines11:30 AM2:15 PM2018-03-01
DL 798Delta Air Lines1:45 PM3:15 PM2018-07-07
DL 860Delta Air Lines6:45 AM12:19 PM2017-01-08
DL 8877Delta Air Lines6:45 PM9:00 PM2018-09-28
DL 935Delta Air Lines10:21 AM6:16 PM2018-10-20
DL 943Delta Air Lines4:30 PM7:23 PM2018-04-02
DL 989Delta Air Lines9:54 AM2018-01-11
DL 997Delta Air Lines7:00 AM8:45 AM2017-02-17
EK 6130Emirates11:48 PM7:49 AM2018-09-05
EK 6132Emirates1:21 PM9:13 PM2018-02-17
EK 6134Emirates11:40 AM7:35 PM2018-10-19
EY 3013Etihad Airways8:05 AM4:06 PM2018-03-24
EY 3177Etihad Airways1:15 AM7:25 AM2017-09-06
EY 3309Etihad Airways11:25 AM7:26 PM2018-03-24
EY 8241Etihad Airways4:35 PM5:59 PM2016-12-28
EY 8262Etihad Airways4:30 PM2016-10-23
EY 8288Etihad Airways5:03 PM6:25 PM2017-01-08
EY 8290Etihad Airways5:09 PM7:00 PM2018-08-24
EY 8292Etihad Airways12:34 PM3:22 PM2018-05-01
EY 8299Etihad Airways11:40 AM7:35 PM2018-10-17
EY 8300Etihad Airways11:40 AM7:35 PM2018-10-19
EY 8316Etihad Airways11:59 PM8:31 AM2018-06-11
EY 8318Etihad Airways7:00 AM2018-10-19
EY 8320Etihad Airways11:48 PM7:50 AM2018-09-30
EY 8331Etihad Airways6:11 AM8:37 AM2017-09-05
EY 8334Etihad Airways6:25 PM8:42 PM2017-09-21
EY 8335Etihad Airways2:54 PM6:13 PM2017-06-15
EY 8337Etihad Airways4:29 PM7:23 PM2018-02-15
G3 8083Gol10:21 AM6:20 PM2018-10-19
G3 8085Gol12:10 PM8:16 PM2018-09-30
HA 2320Hawaiian Airlines7:00 AM2018-10-19
HA 2322Hawaiian Airlines11:48 PM7:50 AM2018-10-20
HA 2324Hawaiian Airlines11:40 AM7:35 PM2018-10-19
HA 2326Hawaiian Airlines3:56 PM11:50 PM2018-10-20
HA 2500Hawaiian Airlines9:50 PM5:37 AM2018-01-01
IB 4267Iberia7:51 AM4:03 PM2018-10-01
IB 4373Iberia11:06 AM7:14 PM2018-10-19
IB 9035Iberia10:23 PM6:29 AM2018-08-07
JJ 2181LATAM Airlines Brasil7:51 AM4:03 PM2018-10-01
JJ 2267LATAM Airlines Brasil7:55 AM4:04 PM2018-06-06
JJ 2341LATAM Airlines Brasil10:50 AM6:59 PM2017-05-31
KE 7338Korean Air12:10 PM8:16 PM2018-09-30
KE 7530Korean Air10:55 PM6:47 AM2018-10-20
KL 5053KLM10:21 AM6:20 PM2018-10-19
KL 5153KLM12:10 PM8:16 PM2018-09-30
KL 5681KLM6:15 AM2:19 PM2018-08-31
KL 6649KLM6:00 AM7:30 AM2016-11-14
KL 7317KLM5:10 PM8:16 PM2016-09-30
KL 8063KLM10:55 PM6:47 AM2018-10-20
KL 8489KLM10:55 PM6:53 AM2018-09-30
KL 8515KLM6:45 AM2:45 PM2017-11-27
LY 8660El Al7:00 AM2018-10-04
LY 8662El Al11:40 AM7:35 PM2018-10-18
MU 4170China Eastern Airlines6:15 AM2:19 PM2018-08-31
MU 8806China Eastern Airlines10:21 AM6:20 PM2018-10-19
MU 8818China Eastern Airlines12:10 PM8:16 PM2018-09-30
OAE 207Omni Air International1:00 PM2018-01-05
QR 3916Qatar Airways7:00 AM2018-10-19
QR 3918Qatar Airways11:48 PM7:50 AM2018-10-20
QR 3946Qatar Airways3:56 PM11:50 PM2018-10-20
QR 5311Qatar Airways12:35 PM2:15 PM2017-09-06
QR 5319Qatar Airways8:50 PM10:00 PM2018-03-24
QR 5399Qatar Airways12:50 AM8:57 AM2017-05-30
RJ 7017Royal Jordanian7:51 AM4:03 PM2018-09-30
RJ 7042Royal Jordanian3:57 PM6:10 PM2018-06-06
RJ 7091Royal Jordanian11:06 AM7:14 PM2018-10-18
RJ 7094Royal Jordanian12:25 PM2:35 PM2018-06-06
RJ 7537Royal Jordanian11:25 AM7:26 PM2018-04-01
SA 7361South African Airways11:48 PM7:50 AM2018-10-20
SQ 1508Singapore Airlines10:55 AM7:00 PM2017-10-25
SU 3465Aeroflot12:10 PM8:16 PM2018-09-30
SU 3467Aeroflot6:15 AM2:19 PM2018-08-31
SU 3587Aeroflot6:29 AM2:26 PM2018-06-07
TP 8022TAP Portugal11:40 AM7:35 PM2018-10-19
TST 117Trast2016-12-06
UX 3330Air Europa6:15 AM2:19 PM2018-08-31
UX 3808Air Europa10:21 AM6:20 PM2018-10-19
UX 3809Air Europa12:10 PM8:16 PM2018-09-30
VS 4770Virgin Atlantic10:21 AM6:20 PM2018-10-19
VS 4774Virgin Atlantic4:48 PM12:54 AM2018-09-01
VS 4818Virgin Atlantic12:10 PM8:16 PM2018-09-30
VS 4830Virgin Atlantic4:59 PM12:53 AM2018-10-20
VS 4834Virgin Atlantic10:55 PM6:47 AM2018-10-20
VX 1260Virgin America10:00 PM5:59 AM2018-04-24
VX 260Virgin America10:01 PM5:59 AM2017-09-06
XL 6227LATAM Airlines Ecuador12:30 AM4:41 AM2017-08-30
XL 6230LATAM Airlines Ecuador11:06 AM7:14 PM2018-10-18
XL 6259LATAM Airlines Ecuador11:06 AM7:14 PM2018-10-19
XOJ 769XOJET6:09 PM2017-11-09
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