Flights from New York, US (JFK) to Charlotte, US (CLT)

List of all flights from New York, US (JFK) to Charlotte, US (CLT), list of airlines operating on the route from New York, US (JFK) to Charlotte, US (CLT), departures from JFK and arrivals to CLT. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 248 flights on this route. The distance from New York, US (JFK) to Charlotte, US (CLT) is 870 km (541 miles). John F Kennedy International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-05:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2018-01-22 10:57 PM.

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List of 248 flights operating on the route from New York, US (JFK) to Charlotte, US (CLT).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 212NetJets Aviation2:30 PM3:42 PM2017-11-13
1I 262NetJets Aviation5:48 PM6:30 PM2016-09-03
1I 336NetJets Aviation3:22 PM2017-06-19
1I 619NetJets Aviation11:45 PM2016-11-10
1I 656NetJets Aviation10:18 AM10:54 AM2017-05-19
1I 729NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2017-09-02
1I 776NetJets Aviation10:00 AM2017-06-15
1I 827NetJets Aviation7:51 PM2017-06-21
9E 4061Endeavor Air6:05 PM6:45 PM2017-05-30
9E 4090Endeavor Air4:19 PM2016-11-07
9E 4093Endeavor Air8:33 AM10:46 AM2017-05-30
9E 4128Endeavor Air7:27 PM9:51 PM2017-05-25
9E 4197Endeavor Air3:55 PM2016-11-09
9E 6028Endeavor Air9:40 AM11:35 AM2017-01-17
9E 6030Endeavor Air6:30 PM2017-01-18
9W 8179Jet Airways (India)11:15 AM1:15 PM2017-02-12
AA 101American Airlines10:15 AM1:25 PM2018-01-07
AA 1152American Airlines5:00 PM2017-12-12
AA 1153American Airlines8:33 AM10:44 AM2018-01-22
AA 1242American Airlines4:45 PM7:02 PM2017-05-04
AA 1260American Airlines6:39 AM8:44 AM2018-01-22
AA 1397American Airlines1:00 PM3:03 PM2018-01-22
AA 1443American Airlines9:10 AM10:41 AM2017-11-04
AA 1451American Airlines4:52 PM7:05 PM2018-01-22
AA 1465American Airlines7:49 PM9:42 PM2017-11-01
AA 1467American Airlines4:45 PM7:29 PM2018-01-01
AA 1469American Airlines4:40 PM11:21 PM2017-01-08
AA 148American Airlines9:55 AM11:59 AM2017-04-03
AA 1495American Airlines10:34 AM2:00 PM2016-11-03
AA 1496American Airlines5:59 PM9:18 PM2016-12-11
AA 1508American Airlines12:25 PM3:15 PM2017-10-04
AA 1519American Airlines7:35 AM4:04 PM2017-12-14
AA 1520American Airlines2:35 PM7:36 PM2017-12-12
AA 1592American Airlines10:40 AM12:46 PM2017-06-01
AA 1635American Airlines9:20 AM10:41 AM2017-01-09
AA 1646American Airlines11:24 AM11:39 AM2016-11-27
AA 1649American Airlines11:05 AM1:11 PM2018-01-21
AA 1717American Airlines8:00 PM9:58 PM2017-08-28
AA 1720American Airlines3:35 PM7:18 PM2016-12-10
AA 1749American Airlines2:38 PM3:44 PM2017-05-01
AA 1811American Airlines3:35 PM6:32 PM2017-03-05
AA 1845American Airlines1:54 PM5:14 PM2017-01-08
AA 1854American Airlines10:35 PM11:49 PM2016-12-15
AA 1865American Airlines10:20 PM12:04 AM2016-10-06
AA 1873American Airlines7:15 AM10:08 AM2017-08-22
AA 1878American Airlines3:05 PM2016-10-01
AA 1885American Airlines5:44 PM9:03 PM2017-05-29
AA 1888American Airlines1:30 PM4:43 PM2018-01-07
AA 1893American Airlines8:50 PM2016-11-04
AA 1902American Airlines6:26 PM9:30 PM2017-07-31
AA 1940American Airlines10:14 PM2016-10-29
AA 1964American Airlines10:56 PM6:57 AM2017-01-07
AA 1970American Airlines7:05 PM8:38 PM2016-11-26
AA 1998American Airlines7:17 PM9:32 PM2017-08-04
AA 2012American Airlines10:29 PM12:11 AM2017-06-02
AA 2015American Airlines8:35 PM2017-04-03
AA 2035American Airlines10:29 PM11:46 PM2017-02-16
AA 2038American Airlines6:09 PM8:06 PM2017-09-04
AA 2043American Airlines7:52 PM9:24 PM2016-11-28
AA 2045American Airlines7:59 PM2017-10-05
AA 2053American Airlines1:52 PM3:40 PM2017-02-26
AA 2218American Airlines3:05 PM5:06 PM2017-11-04
AA 2235American Airlines5:23 AM6:55 AM2017-08-21
AA 2529American Airlines11:10 AM12:37 PM2017-04-30
AA 2530American Airlines1:10 PM3:26 PM2017-03-04
AA 2540American Airlines4:56 PM7:19 PM2016-11-04
AA 2597American Airlines3:57 PM5:33 PM2017-09-07
AA 2669American Airlines5:55 PM2017-05-04
AA 2761American Airlines8:00 AM9:48 AM2018-01-01
AA 305American Airlines5:30 PM2016-09-04
AA 338American Airlines11:06 AM1:12 PM2018-01-22
AA 344American Airlines7:00 PM9:14 PM2018-01-22
AA 380American Airlines9:30 AM12:37 PM2017-11-26
AA 391American Airlines1:05 PM4:04 PM2017-12-14
AA 399American Airlines9:35 AM11:40 AM2017-11-26
AA 435American Airlines7:20 PM9:14 PM2017-11-08
AA 544American Airlines10:29 PM12:07 AM2017-10-02
AA 557American Airlines10:00 AM11:14 AM2016-08-29
AA 602American Airlines5:00 AM8:43 AM2016-09-03
AA 641American Airlines1:36 PM9:28 PM2017-10-01
AA 647American Airlines7:00 PM9:10 PM2018-01-08
AA 760American Airlines3:30 PM2017-01-07
AA 785American Airlines8:00 AM9:38 AM2017-08-21
AA 793American Airlines11:06 AM11:54 AM2016-11-26
AA 843American Airlines7:55 AM11:20 AM2016-12-14
AA 858American Airlines4:35 PM7:38 PM2016-12-11
AA 879American Airlines11:45 AM2017-03-04
AA 885American Airlines11:30 AM2:40 PM2017-01-08
AA 890American Airlines10:15 PM2016-10-01
AA 9611American Airlines12:30 PM5:00 PM2016-12-10
AB 507Air Berlin8:05 AM10:26 AM2017-03-25
AB 524Air Berlin5:00 PM7:14 PM2017-03-25
AB 568Air Berlin9:39 AM11:54 AM2017-03-24
AB 587Air Berlin4:20 PM6:40 PM2017-03-25
AB 595Air Berlin7:10 PM9:17 PM2017-01-08
AB 615Air Berlin7:00 PM9:08 PM2017-03-25
AB 632Air Berlin12:59 PM3:06 PM2016-12-10
AB 649Air Berlin6:30 AM8:41 AM2017-03-25
AF 2076Air France3:56 PM6:30 PM2017-09-29
AF 2100Air France5:00 PM6:30 PM2017-10-22
AF 5851Air France2:59 PM5:25 PM2018-01-02
AF 7094Air France2:59 PM5:13 PM2016-12-16
AF 8490Air France7:40 PM9:53 PM2016-12-17
AF 8498Air France7:40 PM9:53 PM2016-11-28
AF 9486Air France2:59 PM5:25 PM2017-12-31
AF 9492Air France7:28 PM9:53 PM2018-01-23
AT 9612Royal Air Maroc8:00 AM10:03 AM2018-01-21
AY 4072Finnair6:39 AM8:44 AM2018-01-22
AY 4076Finnair1:00 PM3:03 PM2018-01-22
AY 4082Finnair4:52 PM7:05 PM2018-01-22
AY 4108Finnair1:00 PM3:07 PM2018-01-07
AY 5720Finnair11:06 AM1:12 PM2018-01-22
AY 5722Finnair7:00 PM9:14 PM2018-01-22
AY 5724Finnair8:33 AM10:44 AM2018-01-22
AY 5758Finnair6:55 PM9:06 PM2016-11-04
B6 1119JetBlue Airways5:16 PM7:21 PM2018-01-22
B6 219JetBlue Airways8:00 AM10:03 AM2018-01-22
B6 6145JetBlue Airways12:00 PM2016-12-30
B6 8023JetBlue Airways10:45 AM2017-09-11
DL 2006Delta Air Lines3:10 PM2017-02-12
DL 3573Delta Air Lines6:40 PM2017-09-25
DL 4002Delta Air Lines4:05 PM5:55 PM2018-01-02
DL 4025Delta Air Lines9:28 PM2017-09-29
DL 4035Delta Air Lines1:59 PM2017-01-31
DL 4039Delta Air Lines3:25 PM4:52 PM2017-04-30
DL 4045Delta Air Lines10:00 PM11:19 PM2017-12-18
DL 4053Delta Air Lines7:28 PM9:53 PM2018-01-23
DL 4056Delta Air Lines6:25 AM7:38 AM2016-11-28
DL 4061Delta Air Lines7:27 PM11:01 PM2017-06-11
DL 4070Delta Air Lines12:35 PM2:52 PM2018-01-22
DL 4076Delta Air Lines8:30 AM10:47 AM2018-01-22
DL 4077Delta Air Lines2:55 PM4:30 PM2017-11-27
DL 4085Delta Air Lines5:45 PM2017-03-05
DL 4086Delta Air Lines9:44 AM12:21 PM2016-11-06
DL 4090Delta Air Lines2:58 PM5:25 PM2018-01-22
DL 4093Delta Air Lines10:59 AM12:58 PM2017-12-20
DL 410Delta Air Lines7:37 PM2017-02-16
DL 4101Delta Air Lines1:02 PM2:30 PM2016-12-16
DL 4105Delta Air Lines8:55 PM10:19 PM2017-03-09
DL 4123Delta Air Lines9:05 AM11:50 AM2017-04-01
DL 4128Delta Air Lines7:28 PM9:56 PM2017-12-20
DL 4148Delta Air Lines8:23 AM10:15 AM2016-11-05
DL 4149Delta Air Lines7:35 AM9:16 AM2016-11-04
DL 4165Delta Air Lines2:55 PM2017-03-31
DL 4178Delta Air Lines3:50 PM5:43 PM2017-01-06
DL 4189Delta Air Lines2:59 PM5:25 PM2018-01-02
DL 4195Delta Air Lines3:47 PM7:00 PM2017-01-06
DL 4197Delta Air Lines1:45 PM2016-11-28
DL 4241Delta Air Lines8:45 AM2017-02-16
DL 4242Delta Air Lines2:55 PM4:30 PM2016-11-05
DL 4246Delta Air Lines8:28 PM11:11 PM2017-08-25
DL 4254Delta Air Lines8:59 AM10:47 AM2017-04-30
DL 4268Delta Air Lines8:21 PM2017-03-08
DL 427Delta Air Lines9:25 PM2017-02-05
DL 63Delta Air Lines5:10 PM7:23 PM2017-09-12
DL 9190Delta Air Lines9:04 AM11:00 AM2018-01-13
EAL 940Eastern Air Lines7:00 AM2016-10-15
EI 5042Aer Lingus5:16 PM7:21 PM2018-01-22
EK 6719Emirates1:59 PM4:01 PM2017-02-15
EK 6721Emirates5:16 PM7:21 PM2018-01-22
EY 8240Etihad Airways7:58 PM2016-12-31
EY 8249Etihad Airways5:32 AM7:00 AM2016-12-18
EY 8257Etihad Airways10:45 PM2016-10-29
EY 8258Etihad Airways8:00 AM9:24 AM2017-02-28
EY 8259Etihad Airways5:32 AM7:00 AM2017-02-15
EY 8261Etihad Airways1:34 PM2:58 PM2016-10-28
EY 8266Etihad Airways6:55 PM8:13 PM2017-09-16
EY 8267Etihad Airways12:03 PM1:08 PM2017-09-21
EY 8271Etihad Airways11:08 AM2:07 PM2017-11-03
G7 4246GoJet Airlines7:30 PM2017-08-20
HA 2006Hawaiian Airlines5:20 PM7:25 PM2018-01-03
HA 2008Hawaiian Airlines5:16 PM7:21 PM2018-01-22
HA 2010Hawaiian Airlines8:00 AM10:03 AM2018-01-22
IB 4301Iberia5:08 AM7:00 AM2017-08-21
IB 9026Iberia6:39 AM8:44 AM2018-01-22
IB 9052Iberia4:52 PM7:05 PM2018-01-22
IB 9201Iberia7:00 PM9:14 PM2018-01-22
JJ 2034LATAM Airlines Brasil11:06 AM1:12 PM2018-01-22
JJ 2080LATAM Airlines Brasil8:33 AM10:44 AM2018-01-22
JJ 2168LATAM Airlines Brasil1:00 PM3:03 PM2018-01-19
JL 5824JAL5:10 PM7:16 PM2017-01-03
JL 7458JAL1:00 PM3:03 PM2018-01-22
KL 5518KLM7:28 PM9:53 PM2018-01-23
KL 7142KLM2:58 PM5:25 PM2018-01-22
KL 8438KLM7:28 PM9:56 PM2017-12-20
KL 8464KLM3:11 PM5:29 PM2017-03-31
LA 6500LATAM Airlines4:44 PM7:00 PM2018-01-07
LA 6524LATAM Airlines1:00 PM3:07 PM2018-01-07
LA 6568LATAM Airlines8:33 AM10:44 AM2018-01-22
LA 6583LATAM Airlines1:00 PM3:03 PM2018-01-22
LA 6614LATAM Airlines6:59 PM9:15 PM2017-08-04
LA 6784LATAM Airlines11:06 AM1:12 PM2018-01-22
LA 6785LATAM Airlines4:52 PM7:05 PM2018-01-22
LA 6859LATAM Airlines6:39 AM8:44 AM2018-01-22
LA 6868LATAM Airlines2:09 PM4:01 PM2018-01-01
LA 8246LATAM Airlines7:00 PM9:08 PM2017-03-25
LA 8625LATAM Airlines8:05 AM10:26 AM2017-03-05
LA 8786LATAM Airlines8:05 AM10:26 AM2017-03-10
LA 9003LATAM Airlines5:00 PM7:14 PM2017-03-25
LA 9014LATAM Airlines8:02 PM11:04 PM2016-12-15
LA 9030LATAM Airlines12:59 PM3:04 PM2017-03-25
LXJ 454Flexjet9:30 AM2017-09-25
LY 8631El Al5:16 PM7:21 PM2018-01-22
LY 8633El Al8:00 AM10:03 AM2018-01-22
SA 7356South African Airways5:16 PM7:21 PM2018-01-22
SQ 1475Singapore Airlines5:16 PM7:21 PM2018-01-22
TK 8945Turkish Airlines5:16 PM7:21 PM2018-01-22
TP 8017TAP Portugal8:00 AM10:03 AM2018-01-20
VS 2178Virgin Atlantic8:30 AM10:47 AM2018-01-22
VS 2777Virgin Atlantic2:58 PM5:25 PM2018-01-22
VS 2891Virgin Atlantic7:28 PM9:53 PM2018-01-23
VS 936Virgin Atlantic12:30 AM2017-09-24
WS 6362WestJet1:25 PM2:23 PM2017-02-05
WS 6363WestJet9:45 AM12:31 PM2017-01-22
WS 6367WestJet9:15 PM12:01 AM2017-02-12
WS 6407WestJet8:15 PM2017-02-26
WS 6551WestJet11:00 AM12:26 PM2016-11-05
WS 6574WestJet5:50 PM7:48 PM2017-01-08
WS 6657WestJet6:40 PM9:09 PM2016-12-01
WS 6672WestJet9:10 AM12:29 PM2017-02-06
WS 6674WestJet11:43 AM2:50 PM2017-02-13
WS 6678WestJet10:18 AM12:45 PM2017-01-30
WS 6680WestJet6:50 PM2017-01-09
WS 6782WestJet9:09 AM12:41 PM2017-02-16
WS 6786WestJet9:59 AM2017-02-15
WS 6814WestJet1:05 PM4:21 PM2017-01-11
WS 6829WestJet5:05 PM6:44 PM2017-02-09
WS 6838WestJet6:29 PM8:35 PM2017-01-19
WS 6839WestJet12:26 PM2:17 PM2017-02-14
WS 6841WestJet12:20 PM2:15 PM2017-02-01
WS 6931WestJet6:45 AM8:30 AM2016-12-17
WS 6932WestJet9:25 AM2:45 PM2017-01-10
WS 6939WestJet6:25 AM8:50 AM2017-02-11
WS 6940WestJet10:15 AM3:57 PM2017-02-17
WS 6943WestJet1:24 PM3:45 PM2017-01-14
WS 6958WestJet9:55 PM10:54 PM2017-02-04
WS 6966WestJet6:15 PM2017-01-31
WS 7124WestJet5:45 PM8:19 PM2017-03-01
WS 7321WestJet10:59 AM12:15 PM2016-11-29
WS 7443WestJet5:00 PM2016-11-01
WS 7556WestJet7:28 PM9:53 PM2018-01-23
WS 7695WestJet12:35 PM2:52 PM2018-01-22
WS 7697WestJet8:30 AM10:47 AM2018-01-22
XL 6241LATAM Airlines Ecuador7:00 PM9:14 PM2018-01-22
XL 6245LATAM Airlines Ecuador11:06 AM1:12 PM2018-01-20
XL 6251LATAM Airlines Ecuador8:33 AM10:44 AM2018-01-20
XL 6253LATAM Airlines Ecuador6:39 AM8:44 AM2018-01-21
XL 6254LATAM Airlines Ecuador4:52 PM7:05 PM2018-01-22
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