Flights from New York, US (JFK) to Paris, FR (CDG)

List of all flights from New York, US (JFK) to Paris, FR (CDG), list of airlines operating on the route from New York, US (JFK) to Paris, FR (CDG), departures from JFK and arrivals to CDG. The flight on this route is an international flight (from United States to France). There are 120 flights on this route. The distance from New York, US (JFK) to Paris, FR (CDG) is 5,833 km (3,625 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - John F Kennedy International Airport - is GMT-04:00. The current time is Wednesday 2019-07-17 09:23 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Charles de Gaulle International Airport - is GMT+02:00, The current time is Wednesday 2019-07-17 03:23 PM.

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List of 120 flights operating on the route from New York, US (JFK) to Paris, FR (CDG).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
9W 4795Jet Airways (India)4:25 PM5:50 AM2019-04-20
9W 4797Jet Airways (India)7:00 PM8:20 AM2019-04-21
9W 4799Jet Airways (India)9:55 PM11:20 AM2019-04-21
9W 4801Jet Airways (India)7:15 AM2017-03-03
9W 4902Jet Airways (India)11:50 PM1:10 PM2019-04-21
9W 8059Jet Airways (India)5:48 PM7:30 AM2019-04-20
AA 120American Airlines1:45 PM2017-10-29
AA 150American Airlines7:05 PM10:05 AM2017-06-04
AA 44American Airlines6:25 PM7:45 AM2019-07-17
AA 48American Airlines5:10 PM9:25 AM2016-11-16
AF 11Air France9:55 PM11:20 AM2019-07-17
AF 21Air France11:55 PM2017-11-05
AF 23Air France4:25 PM5:50 AM2019-07-16
AF 3Air France8:05 PM9:15 AM2017-03-26
AF 3577Air France5:54 PM7:30 AM2019-07-16
AF 3634Air France8:02 PM9:45 AM2019-07-17
AF 380Air France2019-03-09
AF 382Air France11:20 PM3:25 PM2018-01-07
AF 384Air France2018-02-18
AF 386Air France5:00 PM2018-12-07
AF 392Air France2018-12-05
AF 4013Air France5:10 PM6:20 PM2017-04-09
AF 4030Air France4:40 PM12:30 PM2018-08-08
AF 4031Air France1:25 PM2018-08-28
AF 4033Air France12:05 AM1:30 PM2018-05-01
AF 4071Air France1:45 PM2017-01-01
AF 4073Air France7:30 PM10:30 PM2017-04-06
AF 4075Air France7:05 PM10:00 PM2017-04-09
AF 4080Air France10:30 AM12:50 PM2017-12-02
AF 4081Air France11:40 AM2019-06-07
AF 4083Air France2:00 PM2019-06-08
AF 4085Air France10:00 PM10:45 AM2019-06-08
AF 4087Air France10:00 PM2018-07-18
AF 4089Air France9:10 AM2018-12-20
AF 4091Air France7:45 PM9:10 AM2018-01-07
AF 4093Air France7:05 AM2018-02-07
AF 4099Air France11:10 PM12:30 PM2018-02-08
AF 4149Air France5:15 PM7:15 PM2018-01-06
AF 65Air France2:55 PM10:40 AM2017-03-11
AF 7Air France7:00 PM8:20 AM2019-07-17
AF 9Air France11:55 PM1:10 PM2019-07-17
AY 5808Finnair9:10 PM9:40 AM2017-10-29
AY 5810Finnair6:25 PM7:45 AM2019-07-17
AZ 3717Alitalia4:25 PM5:50 AM2019-07-16
AZ 3718Alitalia7:00 PM8:20 AM2019-07-17
AZ 3719Alitalia9:55 PM11:20 AM2019-07-17
AZ 3720Alitalia11:55 PM1:10 PM2019-07-17
AZ 5910Alitalia5:54 PM7:30 AM2019-07-16
AZ 5947Alitalia8:02 PM9:45 AM2019-07-17
BA 1534British Airways6:25 PM7:45 AM2019-07-17
BA 1570British Airways6:15 PM9:15 AM2017-10-29
CX 94Cathay Pacific7:05 AM5:55 PM2016-11-07
CX 98Cathay Pacific7:55 AM1:55 AM2017-11-06
DL 1014Delta Air Lines9:55 PM11:20 AM2019-07-17
DL 1015Delta Air Lines7:00 PM8:20 AM2019-07-17
DL 1016Delta Air Lines4:25 PM5:50 AM2019-07-16
DL 1017Delta Air Lines11:55 PM1:10 PM2019-07-17
DL 1018Delta Air Lines8:50 AM10:00 AM2017-03-26
DL 118Delta Air Lines11:57 AM7:55 AM2018-01-03
DL 20Delta Air Lines6:28 PM7:55 AM2018-09-25
DL 228Delta Air Lines6:04 PM8:15 AM2017-12-30
DL 230Delta Air Lines5:43 PM7:45 AM2017-01-22
DL 262Delta Air Lines5:54 PM7:30 AM2019-07-16
DL 264Delta Air Lines8:02 PM9:45 AM2019-07-17
DL 404Delta Air Lines7:06 PM8:10 AM2018-10-26
DL 82Delta Air Lines3:47 PM2017-01-26
DL 8274Delta Air Lines7:25 PM12:05 AM2017-03-26
DL 8326Delta Air Lines1:10 PM2017-11-05
DL 8327Delta Air Lines5:30 PM8:00 PM2016-11-06
DL 84Delta Air Lines10:55 PM1:10 PM2018-10-16
DL 9858Delta Air Lines3:10 PM4:02 PM2018-03-01
DL 9941Delta Air Lines11:00 AM1:00 PM2018-03-01
DY 7020Norwegian Air Shuttle11:30 PM11:20 AM2019-03-30
DY 7022Norwegian Air Shuttle11:15 PM12:20 PM2019-07-17
DY 72Norwegian Air Shuttle12:30 AM2019-03-17
DY 7920Norwegian Air Shuttle1:30 PM1:13 AM2017-11-03
DY 7922Norwegian Air Shuttle1:15 AM2018-05-19
DY 7951Norwegian Air Shuttle12:30 PM2017-11-01
DY 7960Norwegian Air Shuttle1:30 PM2017-06-13
EY 3064Etihad Airways11:20 AM12:35 PM2018-03-25
EY 3315Etihad Airways9:10 PM9:40 AM2017-10-29
GF 6644Gulf Air6:25 PM7:45 AM2019-07-17
IB 4158Iberia6:25 PM7:45 AM2019-07-17
IB 4230Iberia7:40 PM2017-10-29
KL 2376KLM7:00 PM8:20 AM2019-07-17
KL 2377KLM9:55 PM11:20 AM2019-07-17
KL 2378KLM11:55 PM1:10 PM2019-07-17
KL 6099KLM8:02 PM9:45 AM2019-07-17
KL 6173KLM5:54 PM7:30 AM2019-07-16
LY 12El Al2:15 AM7:45 PM2018-07-16
LY 4El Al1:00 PM6:25 AM2019-07-11
LY 8022El Al6:25 PM7:45 AM2019-07-17
LY 8063El Al9:10 PM9:40 AM2017-10-29
QR 5170Qatar Airways9:14 AM4:25 PM2017-10-29
QR 5306Qatar Airways8:35 PM9:55 PM2016-11-04
QR 5336Qatar Airways10:30 PM5:15 AM2018-03-25
QR 5408Qatar Airways9:10 AM2017-04-29
QR 5439Qatar Airways9:15 AM2018-01-07
RJ 7043Royal Jordanian6:25 PM7:45 AM2019-07-17
RJ 7138Royal Jordanian8:37 AM10:29 AM2017-10-29
RJ 7365Royal Jordanian1:25 PM4:15 PM2017-08-25
RO 9462TAROM4:25 PM5:50 AM2019-07-16
RO 9526TAROM7:00 PM8:20 AM2019-07-17
RO 9528TAROM11:55 PM1:10 PM2019-07-17
RO 9530TAROM9:55 PM11:20 AM2019-07-17
SE 11XL Airways France1:00 AM2:10 PM2019-05-28
SE 21XL Airways France11:59 PM1:10 PM2019-05-29
SE 31XL Airways France1:00 AM2:10 PM2019-05-30
SE 41XL Airways France11:59 PM1:10 PM2019-05-31
SE 51XL Airways France11:59 PM1:10 PM2019-06-01
SE 61XL Airways France11:59 PM1:10 PM2019-06-02
SE 71XL Airways France11:59 PM1:10 PM2019-06-03
SV 20Saudia2:00 PM8:40 AM2017-04-04
UL 3020SriLankan Airlines9:10 PM9:30 AM2016-10-30
VS 3972Virgin Atlantic5:54 PM7:30 AM2019-07-16
VS 3982Virgin Atlantic8:02 PM9:45 AM2019-07-17
VS 6775Virgin Atlantic7:00 PM8:20 AM2019-07-17
VS 6776Virgin Atlantic11:55 PM1:10 PM2019-07-17
VS 6777Virgin Atlantic9:55 PM11:20 AM2019-07-17
VS 6778Virgin Atlantic4:25 PM5:50 AM2019-07-16
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