Flights from Jacksonville, US (JAX) to Orlando, US (MCO)

List of all flights from Jacksonville, US (JAX) to Orlando, US (MCO), list of airlines operating on the route from Jacksonville, US (JAX) to Orlando, US (MCO), departures from JAX and arrivals to MCO. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 76 flights on this route. The distance from Jacksonville, US (JAX) to Orlando, US (MCO) is 232 km (144 miles). Jacksonville International Airport and Orlando International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-05:00). The current time on both airports is Saturday 2018-02-17 06:40 PM.

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List of 76 flights operating on the route from Jacksonville, US (JAX) to Orlando, US (MCO).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 150NetJets Aviation3:30 PM4:12 PM2017-08-11
1I 229NetJets Aviation4:30 PM4:24 PM2017-12-04
1I 345NetJets Aviation8:06 AM8:24 AM2016-10-25
1I 364NetJets Aviation6:27 PM8:15 PM2017-05-23
1I 371NetJets Aviation6:53 PM9:17 PM2017-04-18
1I 527NetJets Aviation5:30 PM4:36 PM2017-05-08
1I 550NetJets Aviation4:00 PM2016-11-17
1I 552NetJets Aviation1:06 PM2017-07-06
1I 565NetJets Aviation8:00 AM10:30 AM2017-02-28
1I 568NetJets Aviation7:11 AM7:53 AM2017-09-01
1I 574NetJets Aviation2:36 PM2018-01-30
1I 588NetJets Aviation10:00 AM11:30 AM2016-11-15
1I 611NetJets Aviation11:18 AM1:06 PM2016-08-30
1I 615NetJets Aviation9:30 AM11:24 AM2018-01-13
1I 640NetJets Aviation3:51 PM2017-03-03
1I 643NetJets Aviation8:30 AM2017-01-18
1I 669NetJets Aviation4:00 PM2017-10-30
1I 686NetJets Aviation6:39 PM2016-12-03
1I 764NetJets Aviation12:15 PM1:27 PM2017-03-30
1I 899NetJets Aviation1:00 PM2017-06-07
1I 907NetJets Aviation11:00 AM12:42 PM2017-02-27
1I 918NetJets Aviation6:30 PM8:00 PM2017-10-30
1I 935NetJets Aviation1:24 PM2017-01-30
1I 948NetJets Aviation8:30 AM2016-11-20
1I 982NetJets Aviation8:00 AM9:00 AM2017-12-21
5X 1320UPS5:20 AM6:53 AM2017-12-23
5X 1328UPS3:33 AM5:19 AM2017-12-29
5X 2321UPS5:53 AM8:08 AM2017-12-18
5X 2404UPS6:20 PM6:51 PM2017-05-10
5X 4322UPS8:42 PM9:17 PM2017-09-26
5X 4328UPS9:40 PM10:31 PM2017-09-08
5X 9723UPS5:15 PM6:04 PM2016-12-17
5X 9727UPS7:51 PM2018-01-16
5X 9755UPS4:18 AM8:01 AM2017-11-21
AA 2381American Airlines8:20 AM4:19 PM2017-07-05
AA 2433American Airlines5:28 PM2017-08-06
AC 1864Air Canada8:35 AM4:05 PM2017-07-05
B6 119JetBlue Airways3:26 PM6:35 PM2017-01-23
B6 1211JetBlue Airways10:58 AM1:22 PM2017-07-05
B6 2027JetBlue Airways8:05 AM11:03 AM2017-07-19
B6 655JetBlue Airways7:20 AM10:36 AM2016-12-10
B6 927JetBlue Airways10:45 AM1:38 PM2017-01-23
DL 17Delta Air Lines9:35 AM1:33 PM2017-07-05
DL 1731Delta Air Lines9:05 AM2017-01-23
DL 177Delta Air Lines4:55 PM6:25 PM2017-07-05
DL 982Delta Air Lines7:52 PM9:15 PM2017-01-23
FX 1585FedEx5:30 AM7:55 AM2017-03-02
FX 1587FedEx5:45 AM8:14 AM2016-10-26
FX 1760FedEx4:15 AM2018-02-13
LXJ 453Flexjet2:30 PM2017-07-04
LXJ 579Flexjet7:38 AM2016-11-05
O2* 4745Linear Air8:00 AM9:11 AM2017-11-11
O2* 4746Linear Air10:00 AM11:11 AM2017-11-16
O2* 4747Linear Air1:00 PM2:11 PM2017-11-16
O2* 4748Linear Air4:00 PM5:11 PM2017-11-15
O2* 4749Linear Air8:00 PM9:11 PM2017-11-17
OPT 361Flight Options7:48 AM2016-12-20
RV* 1864Air Canada rouge6:45 PM2017-07-05
SY 8114Sun Country Airlines12:05 PM2018-02-03
SY 8134Sun Country Airlines9:00 AM2017-09-27
UA 234United Airlines9:05 AM5:22 PM2017-07-21
UA 2686United Airlines1:00 PM2:47 PM2017-04-06
WN 1636Southwest Airlines7:45 AM2017-06-28
WN 2183Southwest Airlines11:40 AM12:40 PM2017-07-18
WN 2576Southwest Airlines4:05 PM2017-07-05
WN 2590Southwest Airlines7:35 AM2017-08-06
WN 3806Southwest Airlines6:30 PM11:35 PM2017-01-23
WN 4835Southwest Airlines8:30 PM2017-07-04
WN 5663Southwest Airlines10:15 PM12:20 AM2017-01-23
WN 769Southwest Airlines6:25 PM7:55 PM2017-07-18
WN 798Southwest Airlines7:45 PM9:55 PM2017-05-31
WN 8502Southwest Airlines7:00 AM2016-12-17
WN 8504Southwest Airlines8:20 AM2017-06-08
WN 8661Southwest Airlines5:13 PM2017-04-29
WN 8700Southwest Airlines11:00 AM3:40 PM2017-07-09
WS 1044WestJet4:50 PM7:47 PM2017-01-23
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