Flights from Seoul, KR (ICN) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG)

List of all flights from Seoul, KR (ICN) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG), list of airlines operating on the route from Seoul, KR (ICN) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG), departures from ICN and arrivals to HKG. The flight on this route is an international flight (from South Korea to Hong Kong). There are 103 flights on this route. The distance from Seoul, KR (ICN) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG) is 2,070 km (1,286 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Incheon International Airport - is GMT+09:00. The current time is Tuesday 2018-01-23 03:02 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Chek Lap Kok International Airport - is GMT+08:00, The current time is Tuesday 2018-01-23 02:02 PM.

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List of 103 flights operating on the route from Seoul, KR (ICN) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
7C* 2101Jeju Air9:55 AM12:55 PM2018-01-23
7C* 2103Jeju Air8:35 AM11:15 AM2016-10-29
7C* 2107Jeju Air9:25 PM12:25 AM2018-01-22
7C* 2143Jeju Air7:55 AM10:35 AM2017-05-08
7C* 2163Jeju Air1:25 PM4:25 PM2016-12-31
9W 4653Jet Airways (India)8:25 AM11:20 AM2018-01-23
9W 4654Jet Airways (India)11:00 AM2:05 PM2018-01-23
9W 4655Jet Airways (India)1:45 PM2018-01-23
9W 4656Jet Airways (India)7:45 PM10:30 PM2017-04-14
AA 125American Airlines10:35 AM2018-01-06
AI 317Air India11:00 PM1:05 AM2018-01-22
CX 2411Cathay Pacific10:45 PM1:30 AM2017-04-18
CX 2415Cathay Pacific11:50 PM2:35 AM2017-10-08
CX 2419Cathay Pacific10:50 AM1:35 PM2017-10-03
CX 2431Cathay Pacific11:50 PM2:35 AM2017-10-07
CX 2439Cathay Pacific10:50 AM1:35 PM2017-10-05
CX 2449Cathay Pacific6:45 AM9:40 AM2017-01-27
CX 35Cathay Pacific10:15 PM1:10 AM2018-01-20
CX 411Cathay Pacific3:05 PM6:15 PM2018-01-22
CX 415Cathay Pacific8:45 AM11:45 AM2018-01-23
CX 417Cathay Pacific10:10 AM1:15 PM2018-01-23
CX 419Cathay Pacific7:50 PM10:50 PM2018-01-22
CX 433Cathay Pacific2:15 PM2018-01-23
CX 439Cathay Pacific1:35 PM4:20 PM2017-10-28
CX 449Cathay Pacific1:50 PM4:40 PM2016-10-27
CX 855Cathay Pacific9:30 AM1:50 PM2017-09-17
DL 7897Delta Air Lines8:00 PM10:55 PM2018-01-22
DL 7915Delta Air Lines8:25 AM11:20 AM2018-01-23
ET 609Ethiopian Airlines12:45 AM6:15 AM2018-01-22
EY 8503Etihad Airways1:45 PM2018-01-23
HX 1327Hong Kong Airlines1:50 PM4:35 PM2018-01-10
HX 1551Hong Kong Airlines10:10 AM1:00 PM2018-01-23
HX 1553Hong Kong Airlines10:00 AM12:40 PM2017-10-10
HX 1565Hong Kong Airlines7:35 PM10:30 PM2018-01-22
HX 1569Hong Kong Airlines8:10 PM10:50 PM2017-09-21
HX 623Hong Kong Airlines11:40 PM2:30 AM2018-01-22
HX 6258Hong Kong Airlines4:10 PM7:30 PM2017-10-03
HX 627Hong Kong Airlines6:30 AM9:20 AM2018-01-23
HX 629Hong Kong Airlines4:10 PM7:15 PM2018-01-20
HX 6458Hong Kong Airlines3:35 PM5:55 PM2017-10-20
HX 647Hong Kong Airlines5:40 AM8:25 AM2017-10-26
KE 307Korean Air11:20 AM2:00 PM2016-10-28
KE 309Korean Air10:25 PM1:10 AM2016-10-28
KE 313Korean Air10:30 PM1:25 AM2018-01-22
KE 601Korean Air1:45 PM2018-01-23
KE 603Korean Air8:25 AM11:20 AM2018-01-23
KE 607Korean Air8:00 PM10:55 PM2018-01-22
KE 613Korean Air11:00 AM2:05 PM2018-01-23
KP 1118ASKY1:55 AM2017-10-28
LD 119AHK9:00 PM11:55 PM2017-02-04
LD 129AHK9:50 PM12:45 AM2018-01-22
LJ 113Jin Air9:25 AM12:20 PM2018-01-23
LJ 701Jin Air10:50 PM12:20 AM2017-05-06
LJ 705Jin Air5:50 PM8:55 PM2017-10-08
OS 8058Austrian10:00 AM12:40 PM2017-04-24
OZ 6377Asiana Airlines1:50 PM4:35 PM2018-01-22
OZ 721Asiana Airlines10:10 AM1:00 PM2018-01-23
OZ 7213Asiana Airlines10:20 PM1:10 AM2017-10-05
OZ 723Asiana Airlines10:00 AM12:40 PM2017-10-10
OZ 745Asiana Airlines7:35 PM10:30 PM2018-01-22
OZ 749Asiana Airlines8:10 PM10:50 PM2017-09-21
OZ 9291Asiana Airlines11:40 PM2:30 AM2018-01-22
OZ 9293Asiana Airlines4:10 PM7:15 PM2018-01-20
OZ 9295Asiana Airlines6:30 AM9:20 AM2018-01-23
OZ 969Asiana Airlines9:30 PM12:10 AM2018-01-22
OZ 9767Asiana Airlines12:45 AM6:15 AM2018-01-22
PO 237Polar Air Cargo7:20 AM9:30 AM2017-09-17
PO 735Polar Air Cargo5:35 AM8:20 AM2016-12-08
PO 769Polar Air Cargo5:15 AM8:15 AM2017-09-14
PO 927Polar Air Cargo5:45 AM11:14 AM2017-09-15
PO 947Polar Air Cargo8:10 PM12:20 AM2016-12-05
PO 949Polar Air Cargo10:55 AM2:45 PM2017-09-14
PO 959Polar Air Cargo5:25 AM8:25 AM2017-09-14
PO 969Polar Air Cargo5:15 AM8:00 AM2016-12-08
QR 5801Qatar Airways3:10 PM5:55 PM2017-10-28
QR 5829Qatar Airways2:15 PM2018-01-23
QR 5831Qatar Airways7:50 PM10:50 PM2018-01-22
RU 331AirBridgeCargo4:25 PM7:25 PM2018-01-17
RU 339AirBridgeCargo1:05 PM9:40 PM2017-03-22
RU 649AirBridgeCargo11:00 PM2:10 AM2018-01-20
SA 7171South African Airways10:10 AM1:00 PM2018-01-23
SA 7173South African Airways10:00 AM12:40 PM2017-10-10
SA 7215South African Airways7:35 PM10:30 PM2018-01-22
SQ 7870Singapore Airlines9:20 PM1:20 AM2017-07-22
TG 629Thai Airways International10:50 AM1:50 PM2018-01-23
UA 2724United Airlines12:30 PM3:08 PM2017-08-23
UA 7306United Airlines10:10 AM1:00 PM2018-01-23
UA 7308United Airlines10:00 AM12:40 PM2017-10-10
UL 3165SriLankan Airlines10:00 AM12:40 PM2017-04-24
UO 1665Hong Kong Express3:55 PM6:45 PM2018-01-22
UO 351Hong Kong Express6:25 AM9:55 AM2017-11-20
UO 3603Hong Kong Express7:00 AM9:55 AM2017-03-26
UO 3619Hong Kong Express2:35 PM5:10 PM2016-10-28
UO 3627Hong Kong Express10:30 PM1:05 AM2017-10-28
UO 3643Hong Kong Express6:55 AM9:40 AM2017-10-27
UO 3681Hong Kong Express6:45 AM9:55 AM2017-10-29
UO 5603Hong Kong Express10:10 PM12:55 AM2017-01-31
UO 615Hong Kong Express4:55 AM8:10 AM2018-01-22
UO 619Hong Kong Express12:35 PM2018-01-23
UO 627Hong Kong Express10:05 PM12:55 AM2018-01-22
UO 64Hong Kong Express6:45 AM9:55 AM2017-04-14
ZE 931EASTAR JET9:10 AM12:10 PM2018-01-23
ZE 933EASTAR JET10:35 PM1:30 AM2017-05-07
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