Flights from Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG) to Buenos Aires, AR (EZE)

List of all flights from Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG) to Buenos Aires, AR (EZE), list of airlines operating on the route from Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG) to Buenos Aires, AR (EZE), departures from GIG and arrivals to EZE. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Brazil to Argentina). There are 91 flights on this route. The distance from Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG) to Buenos Aires, AR (EZE) is 1,996 km (1,240 miles). Rio Galeão – Tom Jobim International Airport and Ministro Pistarini International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-03:00). The current time on both airports is Tuesday 2019-02-19 12:47 AM.

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List of 91 flights operating on the route from Rio De Janeiro, BR (GIG) to Buenos Aires, AR (EZE).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
AR 1205Aerolineas Argentinas11:20 PM1:35 AM2019-01-28
AR 1251Aerolineas Argentinas7:00 PM10:20 PM2019-02-19
AR 1255Aerolineas Argentinas3:35 PM5:55 PM2019-01-26
AR 1257Aerolineas Argentinas9:20 PM2019-02-18
AR 1293Aerolineas Argentinas11:50 AM3:10 PM2019-02-13
AR 1295Aerolineas Argentinas10:20 PM1:40 AM2018-04-01
AR 1299Aerolineas Argentinas10:25 AM1:45 PM2019-02-17
AR 2251Aerolineas Argentinas6:50 PM2017-12-17
AR 2295Aerolineas Argentinas10:20 PM1:35 AM2018-04-02
AR 7701Aerolineas Argentinas11:55 AM2:20 PM2019-01-26
AR 7713Aerolineas Argentinas9:30 PM2019-02-18
AR 7715Aerolineas Argentinas7:45 AM2018-04-07
AR 7717Aerolineas Argentinas5:35 PM8:05 PM2019-01-26
AR 7724Aerolineas Argentinas7:35 AM11:10 AM2019-02-18
AU 2251Austral5:50 PM9:10 PM2017-05-24
AZ 4704Alitalia3:35 PM5:55 PM2019-01-26
EK 247Emirates7:10 AM2019-02-17
G3 3012Gol9:20 PM2019-02-18
G3 3014Gol10:25 AM1:45 PM2019-02-17
G3 3016Gol3:35 PM5:55 PM2019-01-26
G3 3020Gol11:50 AM3:10 PM2019-02-13
G3 3026Gol11:20 PM1:35 AM2019-01-28
G3 3059Gol7:00 PM10:20 PM2019-02-19
G3 6012Gol10:10 PM1:30 AM2018-05-15
G3 6020Gol11:50 AM3:10 PM2018-05-14
G3 6046Gol6:45 PM2018-05-15
G3 6059Gol5:45 PM9:10 PM2017-04-02
G3 6531Gol10:20 PM1:35 AM2018-04-02
G3 7644Gol5:35 PM8:05 PM2019-01-26
G3 7648Gol9:30 PM2019-02-18
G3 7650Gol7:35 AM11:10 AM2019-02-18
G3 7652Gol11:55 AM2:20 PM2019-01-26
G3 7654Gol8:35 AM2:25 PM2017-10-28
G3 7668Gol2:05 PM4:35 PM2019-02-16
G3 9243Gol2:30 AM7:15 AM2016-10-16
G3 9246Gol8:00 AM2018-04-07
G3 9248Gol2:00 AM5:00 AM2017-11-29
G3 9269Gol3:35 AM2018-01-01
G3 9280Gol2:40 PM7:20 PM2018-02-19
G3 9285Gol11:00 PM2:25 AM2018-03-20
G3 9291Gol1:45 PM2017-01-29
G3 9297Gol11:05 PM1:30 AM2018-02-17
G3 9306Gol9:25 PM2018-04-15
G3 9318Gol12:40 PM4:10 PM2018-05-01
G3 9748Gol1:05 AM2018-04-06
G3 9767Gol5:20 AM9:20 AM2017-04-08
G3 9773Gol7:55 AM11:35 AM2017-04-13
G3 9775Gol4:20 AM2016-11-25
G3 9776Gol1:20 AM2017-08-30
G3 9778Gol8:05 PM11:30 PM2018-04-04
G3 9779Gol12:20 AM5:05 AM2016-10-07
G3 9808Gol9:05 PM2017-08-29
JJ 1308LATAM Airlines Brasil1:35 PM4:00 PM2019-01-30
JJ 724LATAM Airlines Brasil10:25 PM11:15 PM2017-03-12
JJ 734LATAM Airlines Brasil5:00 PM6:55 PM2017-03-11
JJ 8022LATAM Airlines Brasil6:05 PM9:35 PM2018-03-25
JJ 8032LATAM Airlines Brasil1:25 PM3:50 PM2018-12-29
JJ 9748LATAM Airlines Brasil1:00 PM2017-03-26
JJ 9756LATAM Airlines Brasil12:05 PM2:25 PM2018-01-29
KL 9205KLM9:20 PM2019-02-18
KL 9207KLM11:20 PM1:35 AM2019-01-28
KL 9222KLM7:00 PM10:20 PM2019-02-19
KL 9226KLM10:20 PM1:40 AM2018-04-01
KL 9244KLM12:50 PM2019-02-13
KL 9382KLM7:35 AM11:10 AM2019-02-18
KL 9501KLM9:30 PM2019-02-18
LA 1308LATAM Airlines5:00 PM7:00 PM2019-01-30
LA 1309LATAM Airlines11:00 PM2017-04-01
LA 1310LATAM Airlines10:30 PM2019-02-16
LA 1312LATAM Airlines10:10 PM12:10 AM2018-07-31
LA 724LATAM Airlines7:40 PM2016-11-06
LA 8032LATAM Airlines1:25 PM3:50 PM2019-02-16
LA 8118LATAM Airlines11:20 PM1:45 AM2019-02-14
LA 8122LATAM Airlines8:00 AM10:25 AM2019-02-13
LA 8568LATAM Airlines12:01 AM1:51 AM2017-03-25
LA 8570LATAM Airlines12:45 PM2017-03-25
LA 9470LATAM Airlines1:35 PM2019-02-13
NZ 3001Air New Zealand7:00 PM10:20 PM2019-02-19
NZ 3005Air New Zealand12:15 AM2:35 AM2018-11-07
NZ 3007Air New Zealand11:50 AM3:10 PM2019-02-13
NZ 3009Air New Zealand6:50 PM2017-12-17
NZ 3035Air New Zealand10:20 PM1:40 AM2018-04-01
NZ 3039Air New Zealand10:20 PM1:35 AM2018-04-02
NZ 3041Air New Zealand10:25 AM1:45 PM2019-02-17
PZ 722LATAM Airlines Paraguay12:20 AM1:10 AM2017-03-09
PZ 724LATAM Airlines Paraguay10:50 PM12:50 AM2018-02-10
PZ 726LATAM Airlines Paraguay12:50 AM2:50 AM2018-02-01
PZ 734LATAM Airlines Paraguay10:15 AM12:20 PM2018-01-31
PZ 736LATAM Airlines Paraguay7:55 AM2016-10-29
PZ 8568LATAM Airlines Paraguay7:40 PM11:05 PM2017-03-12
PZ 8570LATAM Airlines Paraguay5:20 PM7:15 PM2017-03-11
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