Flights from Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL) to Montréal, CA (YUL)

List of all flights from Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL) to Montréal, CA (YUL), list of airlines operating on the route from Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL) to Montréal, CA (YUL), departures from FLL and arrivals to YUL. The flight on this route is an international flight (from United States to Canada). There are 55 flights on this route. The distance from Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL) to Montréal, CA (YUL) is 2,231 km (1,386 miles). Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-04:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2018-05-21 02:47 PM.

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List of 55 flights operating on the route from Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL) to Montréal, CA (YUL).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 606NetJets Aviation6:00 PM2017-02-06
1I 677NetJets Aviation8:00 AM11:18 AM2018-03-20
AC 1601Air Canada6:30 AM9:48 AM2018-04-02
AC 1603Air Canada11:30 AM2:48 PM2018-04-30
AC 1605Air Canada6:30 PM9:48 PM2018-05-01
AC 1607Air Canada1:00 PM4:15 PM2018-02-28
AC 1609Air Canada7:05 PM10:23 PM2018-05-21
AC 1611Air Canada6:55 PM10:13 PM2018-03-31
AC 1637Air Canada11:40 AM2:41 PM2017-04-17
AC 1995Air Canada10:45 PM2:10 AM2017-10-02
AC 2061Air Canada7:15 AM8:42 AM2016-11-18
AC 7042Air Canada11:00 PM12:10 AM2017-12-31
AC 7082Air Canada4:15 PM8:09 PM2017-12-22
AC 7083Air Canada11:00 AM12:03 PM2016-10-21
AF 3016Air France2:00 PM4:23 PM2016-09-23
AF 3743Air France1:45 PM2:58 PM2018-03-23
AF 6561Air France8:00 AM10:16 AM2016-12-05
EAL 5240Eastern Air Lines10:30 PM2016-11-14
KFS 15Kalitta Charters7:20 AM2017-04-07
LXJ 450Flexjet9:30 AM2017-09-19
LXJ 570Flexjet12:21 PM2017-02-19
LXJ 572Flexjet12:28 PM2018-03-11
LXJ 574Flexjet2:56 PM2018-04-24
LXJ 581Flexjet10:19 PM2017-03-31
RV* 1605Air Canada Rouge2:45 PM2017-05-30
RV* 1609Air Canada Rouge6:10 PM9:28 PM2017-05-23
RV* 1993Air Canada rouge4:30 PM2016-11-18
RV* 1995Air Canada Rouge3:20 PM2018-01-06
RV* 1996Air Canada Rouge9:20 PM2017-04-21
RV* 1999Air Canada Rouge8:00 AM2017-12-12
RV* 7088Air Canada Rouge10:00 PM2018-02-22
RV* 7097Air Canada Rouge10:00 AM2017-07-11
SN 9642Brussels Airlines11:30 AM2:48 PM2018-04-30
SWG 25Sunwing1:10 PM4:35 PM2018-04-21
SWG 63Sunwing12:30 PM3:55 PM2018-04-22
SWG 9073Sunwing3:35 PM7:00 PM2018-02-03
SWQ 2263Swift Air9:30 PM2017-03-22
SWQ 2952Swift Air1:00 PM2018-03-18
TS 2843Air Transat11:20 AM2:40 PM2018-05-19
TS 5843Air Transat12:05 PM3:30 PM2017-09-08
TS 843Air Transat11:30 AM2:50 PM2017-10-28
TS 935Air Transat11:20 AM2:45 PM2018-04-29
TS 943Air Transat12:10 PM3:30 PM2018-04-28
TS 945Air Transat11:20 AM2:45 PM2018-04-27
UA 8023United Airlines6:30 AM9:48 AM2018-04-02
UA 8029United Airlines10:05 AM2017-04-30
UA 8166United Airlines9:20 AM2017-04-12
UA 8691United Airlines11:30 AM2:48 PM2018-04-30
UA 8693United Airlines8:40 PM11:58 PM2018-05-01
UA 8695United Airlines12:10 PM2018-03-01
VTE 207Contour Aviation5:00 PM2018-01-08
WS 1055WestJet8:45 PM12:12 AM2018-04-27
WS 1059WestJet7:40 PM11:09 PM2017-04-29
WS 4255WestJet4:30 PM7:33 PM2018-01-08
WS 8977WestJet1:45 PM2016-12-19
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