Flights from Kalispell, US (FCA) to Seattle, US (SEA)

List of all flights from Kalispell, US (FCA) to Seattle, US (SEA), list of airlines operating on the route from Kalispell, US (FCA) to Seattle, US (SEA), departures from FCA and arrivals to SEA. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 42 flights on this route. The distance from Kalispell, US (FCA) to Seattle, US (SEA) is 608 km (378 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Glacier Park International Airport - is GMT-07:00. The current time is Sunday 2017-12-17 11:45 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Seattle Tacoma International Airport - is GMT-08:00, The current time is Sunday 2017-12-17 10:45 PM.


List of 42 flights operating on the route from Kalispell, US (FCA) to Seattle, US (SEA).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 514NetJets Aviation9:30 AM10:36 AM2017-05-22
1I 651NetJets Aviation7:15 PM7:39 PM2017-07-12
1I 818NetJets Aviation3:00 PM2017-09-29
AA 7516American Airlines8:57 PM9:37 PM2017-12-18
AA 7581American Airlines6:00 AM6:43 AM2017-12-18
AF 9627Air France6:17 AM6:48 AM2017-05-26
AS 2033Alaska Airlines7:55 AM2016-11-05
AS 2049Alaska Airlines8:57 PM9:37 PM2017-12-18
AS 2075Alaska Airlines7:39 AM8:26 AM2017-08-27
AS 2079Alaska Airlines7:23 AM8:11 AM2017-08-26
AS 2155Alaska Airlines5:55 AM6:41 AM2017-11-05
AS 2157Alaska Airlines1:12 PM1:48 PM2017-12-18
AS 2175Alaska Airlines5:03 PM5:38 PM2017-10-02
AS 2285Alaska Airlines5:06 PM5:36 PM2017-03-11
AS 2289Alaska Airlines6:00 AM6:43 AM2017-12-18
AS 2549Alaska Airlines10:53 AM11:30 AM2017-08-27
DL 9049Delta Air Lines12:42 PM1:15 PM2017-05-01
EK 3034Emirates10:42 AM11:35 AM2017-10-29
EK 3035Emirates9:28 AM10:58 AM2017-06-01
EK 3040Emirates11:46 AM12:49 PM2017-10-27
EK 3083Emirates9:20 PM5:41 AM2017-10-22
EK 3130Emirates1:30 PM4:27 PM2017-06-04
EK 3166Emirates11:46 AM12:49 PM2017-08-27
EK 3238Emirates1:40 PM2:35 PM2017-05-08
KE 6032Korean Air6:00 AM6:43 AM2017-12-18
KFS 725Kalitta Charters9:30 AM2017-09-28
KL 8791KLM12:58 PM1:35 PM2017-09-21
KL 8827KLM6:20 AM6:55 AM2017-09-21
KL 8887KLM5:45 AM6:16 AM2017-08-27
OPT 304Flight Options3:30 PM2017-04-08
QX 2075Horizon Air1:03 PM1:25 PM2017-08-23
QX 2285Horizon Air5:06 PM5:36 PM2017-03-12
QX 2289Horizon Air6:17 AM6:48 AM2017-05-30
QX 2371Horizon Air8:51 PM10:26 PM2016-12-25
QX 2985Horizon Air1:15 PM1:55 PM2017-01-14
QX 9370Horizon Air9:30 AM11:30 AM2016-12-31
QX 9371Horizon Air12:15 PM1:00 PM2016-12-25
QX 9985Horizon Air10:15 AM12:05 PM2017-01-14
QX 9988Horizon Air12:15 PM1:00 PM2017-03-12
QX 9989Horizon Air8:00 AM8:45 AM2017-03-10
QX 9992Horizon Air10:40 AM2017-05-10
SY 8251Sun Country Airlines4:25 PM2017-03-23

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