Flights from Edinburgh, GB (EDI) to Amsterdam, NL (AMS)

List of all flights from Edinburgh, GB (EDI) to Amsterdam, NL (AMS), list of airlines operating on the route from Edinburgh, GB (EDI) to Amsterdam, NL (AMS), departures from EDI and arrivals to AMS. The flight on this route is an international flight (from United Kingdom to Netherlands). There are 85 flights on this route. The distance from Edinburgh, GB (EDI) to Amsterdam, NL (AMS) is 666 km (414 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Edinburgh Airport - is GMT+01:00. The current time is Wednesday 2019-04-24 01:43 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - is GMT+02:00, The current time is Wednesday 2019-04-24 02:43 AM.

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List of 85 flights operating on the route from Edinburgh, GB (EDI) to Amsterdam, NL (AMS).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
9W 8589Jet Airways (India)5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
9W 8590Jet Airways (India)8:20 AM10:55 AM2018-07-28
9W 8591Jet Airways (India)10:55 AM1:30 PM2019-02-14
9W 8592Jet Airways (India)1:10 PM3:45 PM2018-07-31
9W 8593Jet Airways (India)3:40 PM6:10 PM2018-07-31
9W 8594Jet Airways (India)5:30 PM8:00 PM2018-07-31
AZ 3975Alitalia5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
AZ 3977Alitalia1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-23
BE 1284Flybe9:35 PM9:55 PM2017-03-23
BT 6023Air Baltic3:25 PM6:15 PM2018-10-26
BT 6024Air Baltic5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
BT 6025Air Baltic1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-23
BT 6026Air Baltic8:20 AM10:55 AM2017-10-28
BT 6027Air Baltic11:00 AM1:35 PM2017-10-28
CZ 7631China Southern Airlines9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
CZ 7672China Southern Airlines1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-23
CZ 7787China Southern Airlines5:30 PM8:00 PM2018-10-26
CZ 7829China Southern Airlines5:05 PM7:35 PM2019-03-29
CZ 7831China Southern Airlines5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
DL 9354Delta Air Lines1:20 PM3:45 PM2018-03-24
DL 9387Delta Air Lines5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
DL 9445Delta Air Lines9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
DL 9446Delta Air Lines6:50 AM2019-02-14
DL 9656Delta Air Lines1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-23
EY 7370Etihad Airways5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
EY 7382Etihad Airways9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
EY 7387Etihad Airways9:30 AM9:30 AM2017-10-28
EY 7390Etihad Airways2:20 PM3:40 PM2017-03-23
EY 7394Etihad Airways2:20 PM3:45 PM2016-10-28
EY 7400Etihad Airways5:05 PM7:35 PM2019-03-29
G3 5527Gol5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
KK 7642Atlasglobal5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
KK 7644Atlasglobal9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
KK 7646Atlasglobal10:55 AM1:30 PM2019-02-14
KL 1276KLM5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
KL 1278KLM9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
KL 1280KLM10:55 AM1:30 PM2019-02-14
KL 1282KLM1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-23
KL 1286KLM5:05 PM7:35 PM2019-03-29
KL 1290KLM5:25 PM7:55 PM2019-04-23
KQ 1276Kenya Airways5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
KQ 1278Kenya Airways9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
KQ 1286Kenya Airways5:05 PM7:35 PM2019-03-29
MF 9158Xiamen Airlines5:25 PM7:55 PM2019-04-23
MF 9328Xiamen Airlines9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
MF 9330Xiamen Airlines10:55 AM1:30 PM2019-02-14
MF 9614Xiamen Airlines6:10 AM8:10 AM2016-10-29
MF 9664Xiamen Airlines5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
MF 9668Xiamen Airlines7:00 AM8:55 AM2016-10-29
MF 9670Xiamen Airlines1:20 PM3:55 PM2016-10-29
MF 9742Xiamen Airlines1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-23
MF 9746Xiamen Airlines5:05 PM7:35 PM2019-03-29
MK 7751Air Mauritius9:20 AM2019-03-30
MK 7753Air Mauritius10:55 AM1:30 PM2019-02-14
MK 7755Air Mauritius1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-22
MK 7757Air Mauritius5:05 PM7:35 PM2019-03-29
MK 7759Air Mauritius5:25 PM7:55 PM2019-04-22
MU 1828China Eastern Airlines9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
MU 1830China Eastern Airlines1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-23
PS 9455UIA9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
PS 9476UIA5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
PS 9486UIA5:05 PM7:35 PM2018-03-24
SU 3135Aeroflot7:00 PM9:10 PM2016-10-29
SU 3157Aeroflot8:35 AM10:00 AM2017-03-25
SU 3219Aeroflot5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
SU 3221Aeroflot9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
SU 3223Aeroflot10:55 AM1:30 PM2019-02-14
SU 3225Aeroflot1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-23
SU 3227Aeroflot5:25 PM7:55 PM2019-04-23
SU 3229Aeroflot6:30 AM2018-10-26
SU 4343Aeroflot2:10 PM2017-03-25
SU 4345Aeroflot5:45 PM2017-03-25
SU 4347Aeroflot3:40 PM4:30 PM2017-03-23
SU 4348Aeroflot7:25 PM8:15 PM2017-03-24
U2 6921easyJet11:45 AM2:20 PM2019-04-21
U2 6923easyJet4:25 PM6:55 PM2019-04-22
U2 6925easyJet7:40 PM10:15 PM2019-04-22
VS 7025Virgin Atlantic5:50 AM8:25 AM2019-03-29
VS 7026Virgin Atlantic9:10 AM11:45 AM2019-04-21
VS 7028Virgin Atlantic1:25 PM4:00 PM2019-04-23
VS 7029Virgin Atlantic5:05 PM7:35 PM2019-03-29
VS 7030Virgin Atlantic5:25 PM7:55 PM2019-04-23
WA 1282KLM Cityhopper1:15 PM3:50 PM2019-04-07
WA 1286KLM Cityhopper3:30 PM5:55 PM2017-05-30
WA 1290KLM Cityhopper5:30 PM8:00 PM2017-05-30
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