Flights from Düsseldorf, DE (DUS) to Palma De Mallorca, ES (PMI)

List of all flights from Düsseldorf, DE (DUS) to Palma De Mallorca, ES (PMI), list of airlines operating on the route from Düsseldorf, DE (DUS) to Palma De Mallorca, ES (PMI), departures from DUS and arrivals to PMI. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Germany to Spain). There are 132 flights on this route. The distance from Düsseldorf, DE (DUS) to Palma De Mallorca, ES (PMI) is 1,342 km (834 miles). Düsseldorf Airport and Palma De Mallorca Airport are in the same time zone (GMT+01:00). The current time on both airports is Tuesday 2018-11-20 07:41 PM.

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List of 132 flights operating on the route from Düsseldorf, DE (DUS) to Palma De Mallorca, ES (PMI).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
4U 5434Germanwings2:40 PM5:05 PM2017-10-28
4U 5604Germanwings11:10 AM1:30 PM2017-05-26
4U 9580Germanwings10:05 AM12:25 PM2016-11-10
4U 9582Germanwings12:00 PM2:20 PM2016-10-15
4U 9586Germanwings2:30 PM4:50 PM2016-10-29
4U 9588Germanwings12:50 PM3:10 PM2016-10-27
4U 9590Germanwings2:45 PM5:05 PM2016-10-29
AB 2386Air Berlin11:55 AM2:15 PM2017-04-30
AB 2736Air Berlin11:45 AM2:05 PM2017-04-30
AB 3028Air Berlin9:15 PM11:40 PM2017-10-27
AB 3046Air Berlin12:15 PM2:30 PM2017-10-26
AB 3080Air Berlin10:50 AM1:10 PM2017-10-27
AB 3286Air Berlin3:45 PM6:10 PM2017-10-27
AB 3290Air Berlin5:50 PM8:05 PM2016-10-10
AB 3574Air Berlin5:50 AM8:10 AM2017-10-27
AB 7514Air Berlin5:15 PM7:40 PM2017-10-27
AB 7622Air Berlin5:55 AM8:20 AM2017-10-23
AB 7764Air Berlin8:00 AM10:20 AM2017-10-27
AB 9580Air Berlin12:40 PM3:05 PM2017-05-30
AB 9586Air Berlin4:10 PM6:35 PM2017-05-21
AB 9588Air Berlin6:10 AM8:35 AM2017-05-30
AY 5375Finnair10:55 AM2017-03-25
AY 5381Finnair11:00 AM1:20 PM2016-10-29
AY 5383Finnair1:10 PM3:25 PM2016-10-29
AY 5391Finnair5:15 PM7:35 PM2016-10-23
BT 5382Air Baltic5:10 PM7:25 PM2017-03-19
BT 5824Air Baltic5:20 PM7:35 PM2016-10-16
BT 5992Air Baltic5:15 PM7:35 PM2016-10-23
D8* 6695Norwegian Air International11:05 AM1:30 PM2018-11-18
D8* 6697Norwegian Air International8:45 PM11:10 PM2018-11-17
D8* 6701Norwegian Air International5:25 PM2018-10-27
DE 1514Condor5:55 AM2018-11-19
DE 1516Condor6:10 AM2018-11-02
DE 1560Condor5:35 AM7:50 AM2017-04-08
DE 1774Condor5:50 AM8:25 AM2018-10-27
DE 1778Condor7:05 AM9:40 AM2018-10-21
DE 1848Condor4:55 PM2018-10-18
DE 3538Condor5:50 AM2018-04-22
EW 1580Eurowings10:05 AM2017-03-23
EW 1582Eurowings12:35 PM2:55 PM2016-10-23
EW 1584Eurowings12:05 PM2:20 PM2016-11-10
EW 1586Eurowings12:55 PM3:15 PM2017-03-25
EW 1588Eurowings3:15 PM5:35 PM2016-10-29
EW 5292Eurowings3:15 PM2018-03-03
EW 5358Eurowings8:20 AM10:40 AM2018-03-25
EW 5412Eurowings2:00 PM4:25 PM2018-04-28
EW 5434Eurowings2:40 PM5:05 PM2018-11-17
EW 5612Eurowings4:50 PM7:15 PM2017-10-28
EW 6007Eurowings12:05 PM2:25 PM2018-07-29
EW 6841Eurowings11:40 AM2:00 PM2018-10-25
EW 9548Eurowings8:25 AM2018-03-24
EW 9556Eurowings12:35 PM2018-03-15
EW 9560Eurowings6:10 AM2017-10-11
EW 9568Eurowings4:50 PM7:15 PM2018-10-27
EW 9572Eurowings8:20 AM10:45 AM2018-10-22
EW 9574Eurowings12:55 PM3:20 PM2018-10-27
EW 9576Eurowings8:20 AM10:45 AM2018-11-11
EW 9578Eurowings4:15 PM6:40 PM2018-10-26
EW 9580Eurowings10:40 AM1:05 PM2018-11-20
EW 9582Eurowings7:30 AM9:55 AM2018-11-19
EW 9584Eurowings6:05 AM8:30 AM2018-10-27
EW 9586Eurowings2:15 PM4:40 PM2018-10-27
EW 9588Eurowings3:20 PM5:45 PM2018-10-27
EW 9590Eurowings1:45 PM4:00 PM2017-06-17
EW 9592Eurowings12:15 PM2:40 PM2018-10-27
EY 1501Etihad Airways6:05 AM8:25 AM2016-10-30
EY 1502Etihad Airways5:50 AM8:10 AM2016-10-29
EY 1590Etihad Airways6:10 AM8:30 AM2016-10-28
EY 1592Etihad Airways5:10 PM7:25 PM2017-03-25
EY 1614Etihad Airways10:55 AM2017-03-25
EY 1617Etihad Airways5:20 PM7:35 PM2016-10-30
EY 1618Etihad Airways8:45 AM11:00 AM2017-03-25
EY 1836Etihad Airways12:05 PM2:25 PM2016-10-28
EY 1838Etihad Airways5:15 PM7:35 PM2016-10-23
EY 1840Etihad Airways3:40 PM2016-10-24
FR 2149Ryanair9:10 AM2018-08-31
FR 4720Ryanair7:30 AM9:50 AM2018-11-19
GM* 1924Germania Flug2:30 PM4:55 PM2016-10-01
HG 2386NIKI7:00 AM9:10 AM2017-04-30
HG 2736NIKI10:00 AM2017-11-10
HG 3028NIKI9:15 PM11:40 PM2017-10-28
HG 3046NIKI12:15 PM2:30 PM2017-10-26
HG 3080NIKI10:50 AM1:05 PM2017-10-29
HG 3286NIKI5:00 PM7:20 PM2017-10-29
HG 3290NIKI11:55 AM2017-11-13
HG 3574NIKI5:50 AM8:10 AM2017-10-27
HG 7514NIKI5:10 PM7:30 PM2017-10-28
HG 7622NIKI5:50 AM2017-12-16
HG 7764NIKI4:55 PM7:10 PM2017-12-17
HR 220Hahn Air7:20 PM9:30 PM2018-09-28
JU 8378Air Serbia8:45 AM11:00 AM2017-03-25
JU 8964Air Serbia10:55 AM2017-03-25
JU 8966Air Serbia6:10 AM8:30 AM2016-10-28
JU 8988Air Serbia6:05 AM8:25 AM2016-10-30
JU 8990Air Serbia5:10 PM7:25 PM2017-03-24
JU 8992Air Serbia5:50 AM8:10 AM2016-10-29
JU 8994Air Serbia5:20 PM7:35 PM2016-10-30
LDM 140Laudamotion6:10 AM8:20 AM2018-08-23
LDM 150Laudamotion8:45 AM2018-10-25
LDM 166Laudamotion5:15 PM7:40 PM2018-10-27
LDM 172Laudamotion3:20 PM2018-10-25
LDM 182Laudamotion4:00 PM6:15 PM2018-10-21
LDM 300Laudamotion1:55 PM5:10 PM2018-10-27
LDM 302Laudamotion11:15 AM12:35 PM2018-10-27
LDM 522Laudamotion6:50 AM2018-10-27
LDM 524Laudamotion3:40 PM6:15 PM2018-10-27
LDM 7622Laudamotion4:55 PM7:25 PM2018-11-18
LDM 7764Laudamotion4:50 PM2018-11-20
SDR 2298SundAir11:45 AM2:10 PM2018-10-27
ST 1648Germania5:50 AM8:10 AM2016-10-31
ST 2796Germania10:35 AM2017-11-05
ST 3244Germania5:30 AM7:15 AM2016-11-05
ST 4264Germania6:05 AM8:30 AM2016-10-23
ST 6146Germania4:40 PM7:05 PM2018-05-20
ST 6230Germania3:05 PM2018-11-02
ST 6514Germania6:05 AM2017-11-04
ST 6776Germania9:40 AM2018-04-08
ST 7352Germania4:45 PM7:10 PM2016-10-23
ST 9618Germania10:25 AM12:50 PM2017-06-06
X3 2024TUIfly1:10 PM2018-03-10
X3 2028TUIfly5:50 AM2018-11-11
X3 2102TUIfly5:50 AM8:15 AM2018-03-20
X3 2112TUIfly4:35 PM7:00 PM2018-11-18
X3 2312TUIfly5:50 AM8:15 AM2018-10-30
X3 2318TUIfly6:10 AM8:35 AM2018-10-27
X3 2322TUIfly5:50 AM2018-10-29
X3 2354TUIfly5:10 PM2018-10-22
X9 1516JSC Avion Express8:20 PM10:45 PM2017-05-30
XG 2811SunExpress Deutschland5:55 AM2018-10-29
XG 9584SunExpress Deutschland6:10 AM8:30 AM2017-05-30
XG 9586SunExpress Deutschland4:25 PM6:50 PM2017-05-30
XG 9590SunExpress Deutschland5:05 PM7:45 PM2017-05-29
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