Flights from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Memphis, US (MEM)

List of all flights from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Memphis, US (MEM), list of airlines operating on the route from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Memphis, US (MEM), departures from DFW and arrivals to MEM. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 202 flights on this route. The distance from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Memphis, US (MEM) is 693 km (431 miles). Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Memphis International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-05:00). The current time on both airports is Monday 2018-04-23 02:29 AM.

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List of 202 flights operating on the route from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Memphis, US (MEM).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 217NetJets Aviation6:57 PM2017-06-14
1I 320NetJets Aviation2:33 PM2017-12-14
1I 361NetJets Aviation10:15 AM2018-03-02
1I 377NetJets Aviation4:09 PM2016-11-10
1I 381NetJets Aviation8:00 AM2017-05-19
1I 695NetJets Aviation4:57 AM2017-07-28
1I 788NetJets Aviation1:00 PM2017-05-26
5X 9708UPS5:58 PM2017-01-06
5X 9716UPS7:05 AM9:30 AM2017-09-08
5X 9782UPS6:50 AM8:53 AM2017-09-07
5X 9843UPS6:13 PM2017-09-07
5X 9844UPS12:52 AM12:56 AM2016-12-08
6G 2103Southern Airways Express2:00 PM4:00 PM2017-04-06
6G 3103Southern Airways Express7:00 PM2017-04-22
6G 8002Southern Airways Express10:00 AM5:00 PM2018-04-19
6G 8003Southern Airways Express1:30 PM2:50 PM2018-02-02
6G 8006Southern Airways Express2:30 PM2018-04-19
6G 9814Southern Airways Express8:00 PM2018-04-03
6G 999Southern Airways Express11:00 AM2017-04-01
AA 1005American Airlines10:40 AM2017-05-26
AA 1087American Airlines12:55 PM6:12 PM2016-11-27
AA 1093American Airlines7:05 AM12:44 PM2016-11-27
AA 1165American Airlines7:20 PM9:02 PM2018-04-23
AA 1240American Airlines8:14 PM10:48 PM2017-12-14
AA 1377American Airlines12:10 PM1:34 PM2018-04-22
AA 1451American Airlines6:16 AM8:10 AM2018-01-08
AA 1495American Airlines10:30 AM12:39 PM2016-11-24
AA 1568American Airlines1:12 PM2:41 PM2018-04-02
AA 165American Airlines3:40 PM8:32 PM2016-11-28
AA 1734American Airlines6:45 PM8:19 PM2018-04-23
AA 1807American Airlines6:30 AM7:34 AM2017-03-20
AA 1809American Airlines2:50 PM4:52 PM2018-01-08
AA 1815American Airlines12:25 PM8:22 PM2018-01-06
AA 2188American Airlines11:59 PM4:49 AM2017-12-14
AA 2190American Airlines5:21 PM7:21 PM2017-01-09
AA 2267American Airlines6:45 AM10:51 AM2017-12-15
AA 2297American Airlines6:55 AM2016-12-14
AA 2316American Airlines7:15 AM8:59 AM2016-12-15
AA 2357American Airlines7:02 PM9:54 PM2017-01-09
AA 2394American Airlines2:25 PM2016-10-03
AA 2445American Airlines10:07 AM4:10 PM2017-12-14
AA 2485American Airlines5:04 AM6:12 AM2018-04-03
AA 267American Airlines11:25 AM2017-03-12
AA 2671American Airlines6:20 PM8:51 PM2016-11-24
AA 2709American Airlines7:05 AM11:18 AM2017-11-27
AA 2724American Airlines6:51 PM9:21 PM2017-08-07
AA 2744American Airlines5:15 AM10:40 AM2017-07-01
AA 2752American Airlines10:25 AM2:06 PM2018-04-03
AA 2792American Airlines2:10 PM4:57 PM2017-05-05
AA 3252American Airlines9:50 PM2017-01-08
AA 331American Airlines6:45 PM7:56 PM2016-11-04
AA 3358American Airlines9:55 PM11:25 PM2017-06-01
AA 3567American Airlines7:15 PM2017-05-27
AA 3576American Airlines10:12 PM2017-08-21
AA 3646American Airlines6:14 AM7:32 AM2017-08-22
AA 3669American Airlines1:51 PM4:51 PM2017-06-02
AA 3745American Airlines1:30 PM2016-11-27
AA 3795American Airlines1:03 PM1:53 PM2017-01-08
AA 4028American Airlines4:30 PM6:14 PM2018-04-22
AA 4030American Airlines9:15 AM10:52 AM2018-04-22
AA 4031American Airlines8:55 PM10:30 PM2018-04-23
AA 415American Airlines3:25 PM10:45 PM2017-05-28
AA 471American Airlines7:05 PM9:57 PM2018-01-07
AA 5710American Airlines10:25 PM11:53 PM2017-01-08
AA 5712American Airlines6:35 PM7:51 PM2017-10-04
AA 5722American Airlines7:15 PM8:58 PM2018-04-03
AA 5731American Airlines6:15 AM7:47 AM2016-12-12
AA 5771American Airlines6:30 PM2017-10-05
AA 5795American Airlines2:35 PM2017-08-03
AA 5830American Airlines9:30 AM11:12 AM2018-04-02
AA 5864American Airlines3:30 PM8:01 PM2018-01-06
AA 5890American Airlines9:46 AM11:16 AM2017-01-03
AA 5903American Airlines12:45 PM1:58 PM2017-08-22
AA 5919American Airlines5:59 PM7:07 PM2017-08-21
AA 5925American Airlines7:15 AM10:36 AM2018-01-02
AA 5954American Airlines11:00 AM2016-11-03
AA 5961American Airlines5:20 PM2016-09-30
AA 5991American Airlines8:59 AM2018-04-02
AA 74American Airlines8:05 PM10:37 PM2017-04-30
AA 861American Airlines5:00 AM7:51 AM2018-01-06
AS 4131Alaska Airlines8:55 PM10:30 PM2018-04-23
AS 4157Alaska Airlines10:30 AM11:33 AM2017-11-27
AS 4783Alaska Airlines4:45 PM6:14 PM2018-04-23
AS 4784Alaska Airlines2:25 PM3:59 PM2018-04-22
AS 6006Alaska Airlines12:10 PM1:34 PM2018-04-22
AS 6011Alaska Airlines9:15 AM10:52 AM2018-04-22
AS 6013Alaska Airlines6:45 PM8:19 PM2018-04-23
AS 8061Alaska Airlines2:25 PM3:59 PM2018-04-08
AS 8392Alaska Airlines9:15 AM10:52 AM2018-04-08
AS 8459Alaska Airlines6:43 PM9:10 PM2016-12-14
BA 1780British Airways2:25 PM3:59 PM2018-04-22
BA 1988British Airways12:24 PM2:09 PM2017-11-27
BA 4650British Airways6:45 PM8:19 PM2018-04-23
BA 4852British Airways4:45 PM6:14 PM2018-04-23
BA 5137British Airways8:55 PM10:30 PM2018-04-23
BA 6616British Airways12:50 PM3:14 PM2016-12-14
BA 6634British Airways11:55 PM2018-01-02
BA 6678British Airways12:10 PM1:34 PM2018-04-22
DL 8869Delta Air Lines9:05 AM2017-10-08
DL 9940Delta Air Lines7:00 AM9:50 AM2018-04-15
EY 3539Etihad Airways6:35 PM8:07 PM2018-03-25
FX 1159FedEx4:00 AM2017-11-15
FX 1201FedEx9:45 PM11:02 PM2018-04-21
FX 1207FedEx9:53 PM1:02 AM2017-12-29
FX 1214FedEx9:15 PM10:43 PM2017-01-12
FX 1218FedEx11:01 PM11:44 PM2017-03-10
FX 1220FedEx9:01 PM12:15 AM2017-03-10
FX 1222FedEx7:10 PM12:15 AM2017-12-05
FX 1240FedEx7:12 PM12:14 AM2017-03-10
FX 1259FedEx9:43 PM11:20 PM2017-07-04
FX 1267FedEx9:43 PM10:46 PM2017-07-04
FX 1280FedEx9:15 PM10:41 PM2016-11-23
FX 1282FedEx9:30 PM10:47 PM2017-09-09
FX 1311FedEx6:55 PM11:50 PM2017-12-21
FX 1315FedEx8:25 PM11:26 PM2017-07-01
FX 1318FedEx9:01 PM10:47 PM2016-12-17
FX 1319FedEx10:55 PM12:14 AM2018-04-21
FX 1344FedEx6:53 PM11:22 PM2018-02-14
FX 1352FedEx6:55 PM11:50 PM2017-11-07
FX 1365FedEx10:55 PM12:19 AM2018-04-20
FX 1370FedEx7:58 PM11:12 PM2016-12-29
FX 1375FedEx10:23 PM11:29 PM2017-12-05
FX 1379FedEx11:29 PM12:57 AM2018-03-06
FX 1380FedEx9:30 PM10:37 PM2018-02-28
FX 1381FedEx10:53 PM11:35 PM2017-08-04
FX 1382FedEx10:30 PM12:05 AM2017-12-22
FX 1383FedEx6:45 PM2017-10-20
FX 1384FedEx11:00 PM2018-04-03
FX 1385FedEx12:15 AM1:07 AM2017-11-29
FX 1386FedEx11:00 PM12:28 AM2017-07-19
FX 1387FedEx11:30 PM11:36 PM2017-08-30
FX 1388FedEx11:30 PM1:00 AM2017-06-22
FX 1389FedEx10:00 PM2016-11-02
FX 1391FedEx7:30 PM2017-04-05
FX 1471FedEx2:36 AM4:02 AM2017-02-07
FX 1588FedEx6:30 AM8:57 AM2016-09-14
FX 1685FedEx4:30 PM6:54 PM2017-01-24
FX 1723FedEx4:10 AM5:14 AM2017-10-18
FX 2201FedEx9:38 PM2016-12-28
FX 2334FedEx11:21 PM12:44 AM2017-12-09
FX 2355FedEx10:42 PM2016-12-24
FX 2365FedEx10:55 PM12:10 AM2016-12-31
FX 2368FedEx9:10 PM10:35 PM2017-06-03
FX 2394FedEx6:30 PM11:43 PM2016-12-31
FX 401FedEx9:15 AM2016-12-31
FX 408FedEx6:34 AM8:50 AM2017-12-30
FX 41FedEx4:07 PM11:51 PM2017-03-10
FX 410FedEx8:00 AM9:18 AM2018-04-18
FX 425FedEx6:06 AM11:33 AM2016-11-26
FX 464FedEx9:15 AM10:51 AM2018-04-21
FX 472FedEx7:00 AM8:50 AM2018-04-20
FX 473FedEx7:00 AM8:22 AM2018-04-21
FX 5277FedEx1:05 AM2:44 AM2017-12-26
FX 531FedEx4:05 PM5:37 PM2018-02-05
FX 608FedEx7:52 AM9:03 AM2018-04-22
FX 612FedEx7:26 AM10:39 AM2017-01-21
FX 628FedEx3:30 PM4:42 PM2016-11-26
FX 629FedEx9:16 AM10:51 AM2017-04-30
FX 640FedEx8:00 AM9:33 AM2017-12-22
FX 643FedEx7:30 AM8:21 AM2017-08-31
FX 807FedEx8:30 AM9:45 AM2016-12-29
FX 838FedEx1:30 PM1:47 PM2016-12-27
FX 852FedEx7:00 AM8:49 AM2017-12-28
FX 861FedEx10:35 AM2:40 PM2017-06-15
FX 880FedEx9:00 AM9:49 AM2017-12-10
FX 881FedEx6:02 AM2017-07-07
FX 882FedEx9:00 AM10:09 AM2017-12-24
FX 884FedEx8:00 AM9:17 AM2017-02-12
FX 885FedEx9:45 AM10:29 AM2017-12-17
FX 886FedEx10:47 AM11:33 AM2017-09-14
FX 887FedEx9:00 AM10:12 AM2017-12-12
FX 888FedEx10:01 AM2017-06-21
FX 889FedEx9:12 AM11:01 AM2017-11-26
FX 890FedEx9:30 AM10:27 AM2017-09-06
FX 892FedEx12:45 PM2017-01-05
FX 895FedEx8:00 AM10:14 AM2017-10-22
FX 96FedEx11:00 PM11:12 PM2017-03-10
GF 4319Gulf Air12:15 PM2:47 PM2016-12-14
GF 4386Gulf Air4:45 PM6:14 PM2018-04-23
GF 6629Gulf Air5:03 PM6:33 PM2018-04-03
GF 6669Gulf Air8:40 PM2018-03-11
JL 7260JAL12:10 PM1:34 PM2018-04-22
JL 7262JAL6:45 PM8:19 PM2018-04-23
LXJ 92Flexjet12:51 PM2018-03-02
MQ 3358Envoy Air12:22 PM2:02 PM2017-05-30
MQ 3567Envoy Air10:20 PM10:43 PM2017-05-25
MQ 3609Envoy Air11:35 AM12:19 PM2017-05-28
MQ 3669Envoy Air5:05 PM2017-05-30
MQ 9805Envoy Air5:30 PM8:00 PM2016-11-09
QF 3025Qantas2:05 PM3:25 PM2017-12-14
QF 4111Qantas6:45 AM9:21 AM2016-11-24
QF 4119Qantas7:10 AM9:37 AM2016-12-14
QF 4667Qantas4:45 PM6:14 PM2018-04-23
QF 4726Qantas9:15 AM10:52 AM2018-04-22
QF 4779Qantas8:55 PM10:30 PM2018-04-23
QF 4780Qantas7:20 PM9:02 PM2017-08-22
QF 4781Qantas12:10 PM1:34 PM2018-04-22
QF 4783Qantas6:45 PM8:19 PM2018-04-23
QF 4899Qantas2:25 PM3:59 PM2018-04-22
SY 8133Sun Country Airlines8:45 AM11:20 AM2017-02-24
SY 8173Sun Country Airlines9:00 AM2017-07-27
YV 5919Mesa Airlines6:29 PM2017-05-30
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